Title - Envy
Author - nostalgia
Rated - PG
Summary: Hoshi and the burdens of knowledge. (Drabble)
LD Codes: S/T'P, A/T'P, S/R (Wow, all in 100 words...)
Notes: Cos, yeah, this mental idea to do a ficlet for each of the seven deadly sins. May never all emerge, but here's Hoshi anyway. (And what is it with these femslash bunnies lately?)
- - - - -

She will tell herself that ignorance is not bliss. She will tell herself that ignorance is a negative, a lacking, a failure.

In the corridor, they will walk past her, oblivious. He will be frowning and shaking his head, damage-limitation for his ego.

She will watch as the woman she loves blinks too quickly, eyebrow raised. Hoshi will translate actions. She will close her eyes and wish for blindness.

She will take a lover with the wrong name and the wrong sex. He will smile, innocent.

She will swear under her breath in twenty-seven languages.

She will envy the ignorant.