Title: Anger

Author: nostalgia

Summary: T'Pol

Rating: PG

Disclaimer: Not mine. Alas.

Author's Random Shit: Fifth of the Seven Sins - 165 words.

- -

Of course she gets angry, of course she hates and fears and worries. Of course.

She hides it though; she hides it oh so well. No one would ever guess that she is fuming inside, that the snide remarks and the petty squabbles slice into her, set her heartbeat racing.

They're only human, known as xenophobes and hypocrites. She would tell them this, if she was the type to show her feelings. She would deliver them a litany of the stereotypes and the assumptions, tell them how well they conformed sometimes to the characterisations others have created for them.

But she doesn't. She pulls the words back down into her stomach, allowing herself a raised eyebrow as her only outward show of disapproval.

She will never respond as they do - a sharp slap across the cheek, an archaic obscenity, a bitter questioning of parentage. She holds it back, she holds it in.

She keeps it all inside. She is T'Pol, it's what she does.

- - -