Author's Note/Disclaimer: Well, this is it. This is the last short fanfiction I'm posting in response to the Disney Themes Challenge I took up three years ago. It's nice to finally be at the end so I can put these prompts to rest, at least for a while. In this case, I knew that my response to this song would be Little Shop-related. "Part of Your World" is, to me, a revised "Somewhere That's Green." Even Alan Menken compares the two songs a lot. I wondered how to approach the theme of longing for something impossible though, and came up with this scenario: What if Seymour moved on without Audrey?

I do not own "Little Shop of Horrors" or "The Little Mermaid." I just love the hell out of them both. Thank you, and enjoy!

*S. Snowflake

"Wandering free

Wish I could be

Part of that world"

-The Little Mermaid

As the bus she was on pushed through suburban town after suburban town, Audrey could only feel regret. She knew that it was never easy to tell someone you loved about your feelings–especially when that someone was so sweet, considerate, and ultimately better than you. Yet, she still regretted not being strong enough to tell him that she cared.

In light of all that happened, she longed for the days when they both were dirt-poor shop hands, surviving the boredom of customer-less days with chitchat and humming little tunes. Then, everything changed–all because of one strange and interesting new breed of plant life that Seymour named Audrey II. Their boss adopted Seymour and became his business partner just before he became a botanical star and the firm made more money than any of them could have imagined. A strange surge in human disappearances happened too, including Audrey's boyfriend and Mr. Mushnik, but they were just coincidences…

And then Seymour sold the shop. With barely any notice to any of his employees, including her, Seymour moved uptown with his plant. She would see him only occasionally on the magazine covers at the subway stations and corner stores as he continued to move past her. When the newspapers reported an electrical fire that had burned the Audrey II and his apartment to a crisp, she skipped work to try to find him at the hospital where he was receiving care. She never saw him face to face, but was told by a receptionist that visiting hours were almost up and Seymour's sweetheart was planning on staying there as long as she could. She staggered in her high heels as she left that day, rejected.

She heard many rumors about Seymour as time went by; that he had moved out of town and used his remaining fortune to buy a tract house. She heard he was happily married and had started a family. It made her so happy for him, but so longing on the inside.

She needed to know the truth, for only that would tell her where she and Seymour stood. She knew it would hurt, but she simply had to know. She was surprised that he had somehow found her number, and furthermore bothered to call her, but her heart still skipped a beat on that day when she heard his voice on the line. She could barely speak, and neither could he it seemed, but he invited her to visit for a family barbeque at some little house in some little town called Greenville.

Of course she would go, no matter how many buses it took to get to this little green town and of course to Seymour. But as she drew closer to the place, with all the neat and perfect little tract homes with happy little families to greet her, the pain became all the greater. She would have to pull herself together for when she got to Seymour's house, but she couldn't help but cry for now, knowing she could never be part of his world.