Streets; Nome, Territory of Alaska

09:21 AKDT; Saturday April 21st, 1928 (20 minutes earlier from the previous chapter)

Author's Notice: Alaska and the Soviet Union are not only in different time zones, but are on the opposite sides of the international date line. To avoid confusion, the time will always be in Nome time.

Jenna just woke up from her sleep as she left Rosy's window, to see what's in the newspaper. Many of the local dogs were awake and they were concerned. The paper is showing about a crisis in the Kamchatka peninsula, where Jenna's son and husband is right now! "Oh no! Balto! Dingo!" yipped Jenna, staring at the paper for what seemed to be an entire hour.

Streets; Village in Kamchatka, Soviet Union

13:14 AKDT (Less than 4 hours later)

Steele and Balto had just been patched up after the commotion they couldn't counterbalance. Balto's pups, Dingo and Aleu were waiting outside and they reunited with them, until right beside them is a view of angry people outside of their homes shouting things in Russian which only Steele can understand.

Steele relayed the information to them. "Guys, the Soviet army is here to control the people after the inflation of necessity prices and unemployment rate," he said, looking ahead.

"What's gonna happen now?" yipped a curious Aleu.

"I'm not sure, but It's going to be more than trouble!" replied Steele, "The Soviet government is currently funding for military equipment, and they're printing a crud load of Rubles!"

"What are those?" asked Aleu.

"They're the currency here," replied Steele, "People can no longer buy food or anything due to massive prices! People are losing their jobs, and unemployment is falling like an anvil!"

Up the road to their left, soldiers were armed, and villagers were holding signs for protest, shouting, and shouting.

13:21 AKDT (More than 5 minutes later)

The villagers then lost it, and then they started throwing random objects at the soldiers.

Balto announced, "Pups, we have to get out of here!"

"Should we take the fast but dangerous way, or the slow but boring way?" asked Aleu.

The fast way was a very long road filled with other villages that was heading to the mountain that they just slid down from the avalanche. It is currently a very dangerous route.

"Obvious," said Balto. They walked back the way they came until the path was blocked by torn trees that accidentally got lit up in flames.

"Alright. Let's go through the fast way!" said Aleu.

Balto inhaled, "Alright... We go." Then all four of them ran across the road, running through all the violence and the fights!

Steele, Balto, and his pups ran as fast as their life as incinerating buildings surround them due to protesters with torches getting shot, burning the place while they're going through the middle of the roads, dodging everything, going through people's legs, tripping them! "What have I done!" whined Aleu.

"I will decide your punishment on a full scale, my baby!" barked Balto to Aleu. Steele grinned.

Balto, Dingo, and Aleu found a train going their direction from their right. The tracks are blocked by a fence. "Don't worry team!" said Balto, "We can make it!" They kept running so that the train doesn't outrun them, but they have to climb that fence fast otherwise they miss it!

Dingo found a balcony with a staircase of a house which isn't burning to his right that can lead them over the fence! "Guys! Climb the stairs! We can get over the fence!" he barked.

"Good idea, Bingo!" replied Steele.

"Dingo!" said Dingo, raising a stink-eye.

They were hitting their large paws on the stairs like a hummingbird as they were climbing! The train is dead ahead if they jump off the balcony which takes them to the other side of the fence.

The train was going much faster than they were, so the dogs had no time to waste! As they neared the caboose of the train, Balto said, "Now!" and he jumped onto a ladder leading to the roof of the caboose. Then jumped Steele, Aleu, and finally, Dingo.

Roof – Train caboose – Heading down the tracks; En route out of the dock village, Soviet Union

All their energy felt drained as they finally made it to the roof. "Yes!" panted Aleu as all of them made it.

"I knew we can do this! What did she tell ya'?" panted Dingo. All of them relaxed on the caboose roof, enjoying the ride and the sound of the train moving. But Steele walked to the front of the roof.

13:24 AKDT (Less than 1 minute later)

It appears that their train was going over a wooden truss bridge, which just after they made it on the bridge, a grenade exploded right behind the caboose on the part of the bridge they boarded on! Balto quickly woke up his pups before they get tipped over! Half of the train made it off the bridge wreckage slipping Balto and his pups off the train because it was icy slippery!

They fell off, while Steele managed to act fast and jump over all the coaches to the steam engine pulling the train! He pushed with his medium paws as hard as he could down on the engine roof! The added weight helped the front half of the train pull the back half back on the tracks. Steele's destiny awaits on the railroad after the bridge that was no more.

Mountain; Kamchatka, Soviet Union

Balto, Aleu, and Dingo were falling out of the foggy sky expecting not to survive the terrorizing impact! So they all held paws with each other, barking their last barks, filling their eyes with tears, until...

A big river with a pool large enough to catch Balto and his pups caught them, then the current was leading them down the mountain, and down a few waterfalls. That was what was able to catch Balto and his pups so they don't take casualties hitting the ground so hard.

13:26 AKDT (About 1 minute later)

When they finally made it down, Duke's plane was right there. just 15 metres away from them! Dingo pulls the last that his legs can, and so does Aleu. They were speechless to find Boris at the plane and with Duke there too! They completely forgot about him in the village when they left him at a house!

Cockpit – The "Balto Flyer – Parked in the forests; Kamchatka, Soviet Union

Balto hopped into the pilot seat, while Dingo & Aleu went into the cargo spot. Boris makes it and joins Aleu & Dingo in the cargo spot. "Uncle Boris!" they barked giving him a nuzzle.

Balto puts on Duke's goggles, and said, "OK, Balto. You can do this. This will defy the laws of common logic, but it's your strongest trait!" After flying with Duke many times, he starts the plane up and lifts off!

Aleu looks down at her paws, finding out she's going back to her real home: Nome.

Cockpit – The "Balto Flyer"; En route from Kamchatka, Soviet Union, to Nome, Alaska

13:38 AKDT (Less than 1 minute later)

Duke wakes up after hearing the sound of his plane in real life. He cannot believe his eyes or ears. "Balto?" he said, "Are you flying my plane? How?"

Balto just winks back until the plane finally runs out of fuel and becomes a silent glider. "We have to land someplace and get my exhausted team back to Nome without swimming!" said Balto.

A small cargo ship shows up. Balto said, "We can land in that cargo ship! I think there's enough room to land!"

Deck – Cargo Ship; En route from Kamchatka, Soviet Union, to Nome, Alaska

Balto lands his crippled team onto it, trying to find the spot where the plane needs the least friction to land. The skis drag on the ship deck until they finally make a stop. Balto and his pups fall asleep while Duke wakes up keeping a watch over his plane. He sees a couple of sailors and thinks about an idea.

"Hey! Over here! Can youse lend us some fuel?" called Duke. The sailors notice him, and then they run below deck to find some spare jet fuel. The sailors come back to deck holding a jug. "Here you go!" says one of the sailors. He filled the tank with fuel. They give him enough to get back to Nome.

"Let's get out of here!" announced Balto. The plane then taxied from the ship deck and took off from the water.

Cockpit – The "Balto Flyer"; En route from Kamchatka, Soviet Union, to Nome, Alaska

14:06 AKDT (More than 20 minutes later)

Duke wakes Balto up hours later, telling him to "make an intro" while he makes it back to Nome showing the Nomeites how he can.

Deck – Balto's Boat; Nome, Territory of Alaska

23:53 (Less than 10 hours later)

Jenna, very depressed makes it with Mel & Dipsy to Balto's boat, where Muk & Luk were, crying, because they weren't told about Balto or Uncle Boris' absence.

They all join into a blanket until they all hear a grinding sound. They all raise their Rave Faces until they look to their left which was just the sawmill again. Then they all get their sad looks again and sleep weeping.

Later, another grinding sound comes in, but this time it sounds more like a plane, and Jenna just thought it was the sawmill again. So she ignored it... Until she heard a howl from the sound, Balto!

Near Balto's boat – Nome Beach; Nome, Territory of Alaska

23:55 (Less than 2 minutes later)

Balto landed Duke's plane near his boat, and departed everyone, broken down tired.

Jenna & co. jumped and ran with their best Rave Faces coming in! Aleu woke up from her in-flight sleep, and rushed to her mother just ten metres away! She howled, "Mama!" Then they nuzzled very tenderly, after not seeing each other for a year and a half.

Muk & Luk came rushing, "Aleu!" she ran to them with a jump while Luk caught her, and Muk flanked form the other side with a hug, then Luk licks her, and she gets out. Then Muk & Luk head for Uncle Boris.

Balto just came out of the plane with his legs crashing when he gets out. Jenna made her 2nd best bedroom eyes, the best is the one after Balto saved Rosie's life. Then they nuzzled.

Jenna whimpered in happiness, "I cannot tell how much I'm proud of you for rescuing my son, surviving such violence, and bringing back our daughter that I haven't seen for over a year and a half!"

"Thanks. I always manage to do the coolest things in life," replied Balto.

After Muk & Luk gave Boris their best hugs, they move to Balto. Balto asks, "Muk, Luk, can youse carry me to my boat?"

"Yes," replied Muk.

Me and the others are going to sleep like babies, thought Balto, snuggling up.

Deck – Balto's boat; Nome, Territory of Alaska

23:57 (More than 1 minute later)

Balto, Aleu, Dingo, Muk, Luk, Boris, Stella, Mel, and Dipsy make it into Balto's boat and squeezed the last pieces of energy in their joined in next to Balto, and decided to sleep with him for the night. He accepts.

While coming up to the deck are Nikki, Kaltag, and Star, very aged and old. "Did someone say there's a sleepover?" asked Nikki.

"This is gonna be awesome; this is gonna be so cool; this is gonna be nice; this's gonna be—" panted Kaltag before he got interrupted by Star again, saying, "Let's sleep!"

Then Kaltag bonked Star on the head like always.

They then all slept like little babies, for 14 hours straight!


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Written by Paul Stompbox

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