A Call From The Past

?:(Narration) Time... the ebb and flow of life's river... listen close to my story.

Gathered around a campfire, a group of friends sit in silence. A blonde elf stands and walks to a hill, gazing out over the water covered region. The scene fades away and a city of medieval design appears. People gather by a beautifully designed Hylian archway, waiting for someone to come out. To their delight the man emerges and runs to the crowd and speaks to them.

(Our story begins in a machina city. A Hylian machina city, and yes folks I said that right. A Hylian machina city. And not just any city... its the very familiar... Hyrule Castle Town... Well, guess we can't call it a town anymore can we. Well, long story short, it's no longer a city of light, but one of shadows and darkness. Evil has taken control in the form of a very familiar force, whom i think needs no name. Let's see what happens...)

Woman: I've been a big fan of yours. From the very beginning!

?: You Won't be disappointed!

Woman: Th-Thanks!

Male Fan: Hey, how are you feeling?

?: Great as ever! Thanks!

Male Fan: Yeah! We're cheering for you!

Woman: Can I have your autograph?

Link: You got it!

Woman 2: Good luck tonight!

Link: Nothing to worry about. Make sure to keep an eye out, [He pulls out a Deku-Nut]; this will mean it is for you, got that? What seat?"

Woman 2: "East block, in the front row! Fifth from the right!"

Link: Right. [After talking to the fans, Link gets ready to leave.] Well, gotta get goin', cheer for me!

Kid 1: "...two, three!"

Kids: (in unison) TEACH US HOW TO BLITZ!

Link: Whoa, whoa, I got a match to get to!

Kid 1: Then teach us after!

Link: Maybe tonight...um...well...

Strange Boy: You can't tonight.

Link: I mean...tomorrow.

Kid 1: Promise?

Link: Promise!

[Later on, Link heads to the arena, via an empty street. He sees a large banner of a man in a red headband and crossed arms on the side of a building. Link harrumphs and runs down the street.]

Narrative: I was in a coffee shop, running away from home when I heard the news. Our hero, Jecht, gone. Vanished into thin air! My dad must have been his biggest fan. I knew how sad he'd be. Hell, we all were that day. 'Zanar,' I says to myself. 'What are you thinking?' I went running straight back home. We sat up talking 'bout Jecht all night. My dad and I never talked so much. Whoa... Didn't mean to reminisce, folks. Anyway... Ten years later, the Jecht Memorial tournament is today! The two fighters that have won through to the finals are...of course, Link from the Ordona Provence, and Ganondorf from the Gerudo Desert. There's a lot of people here today to see the star of Ordon. In just one year, he's become the provinces' number one swordsman! He's Jecht's blood, and the new hope for Hyrule's blitzball Arena! What kind of super play will he show us today? Will we see his father's legendary sword tech? I don't think I'm the only one excited here, folks!

[As Link arrives at the arena, a mob of people swamp him.]

Link: Move it or lose it people! Coming through, sorry! Hey, I'm gonna be late! Hey, let go of me!

[As Link enters the arena stadium, the roof retracts and people from all parts fill the stands. Link takes his position and the match begins to start up. The crowd roars for Link. Somewhere in the city, a man in a red garb raises a toast to a gigantic creature coming out of the water. Meanwhile, the match has begun and Link is easily outmatching his opponents. Link runs through chopping down octoroks, moblins and stalfos. As this takes place, the gigantic thing coming out of the ocean now starts to rise out... Link finds his next target, a large slow moving Iron Knuckle and gets ready to charge towards it, but the creature fires large spores and starts destroying the city, laying waste to the arena and other buildings alike. Link comes to in the remains of the arena and recognizes the man in red from before, who's now made his way to the front of the stadium. Link spots a familiar face.]

Link: Auron What the hell are you doing here?

Auron: I was waiting for you.

Link: What do you mean?

[Link follows him to a highway and, for a moment, he spots the strange kid from before who 'stops time'.]

Strange Boy: It begins. Don't cry.

[Time starts up again and the street goes chaotic again.]

Link: That was strange... Hey! Wait! (noticing Auron) Hey, not this way!

Auron: Look!

{The creature from the ocean is floating out of the water in a large sphere of water. It's gigantic.}

Auron: We called it 'Sin.'

Link: 'Sin'?

[A building facade explodes as a monster tentacle rips out of it. It shoots tiny scales onto the highway, which turn into mobile monsters. Link tries to fend them off with his hands, but to no effect. Auron hands him a sword.]

Auron: Take it. A gift from Jecht.

Link: My old man?

[Auron now has his large sword slung on his shoulder.]

Auron: I hope you know how to use it.

Link: 'smirks' What do you think...

[The battle starts.]

Auron: These ones don't matter! We cut through! [They start making progress down the highway.} Don't bother going after all of them. Cut the ones that matter, and run!

[They blaze through, swords cutting down the enemies. Over the top of a hill, a large tentacle-like monster is embedded into the ground.]

Link: Get out of my town!

Auron: Some can't wait to die!

[Auron uses his 'Dragon Fang' overdrive and kills the little enemies that appeared with the boss. Link uses a basic backslash sword tech to cut down the boss as well, and head on. The duo head past the electronic banner of Jecht, which is flickering in the destruction. Link looks at the picture.]

Link: What are you laughing at, old man? Auron! Let's get out of here!

Auron: We're expected.

Link: Again?! … The hell... all these monsters.. You'd think Ganon was behind this!

[The two eventually get trapped between two leagues of enemies. Auron directs Links' attention to some large canisters leaning on the edge of the overpass.]

Auron: Hmph. This could be bad. That-knock it down!

Link: What?

Auron: Trust me. You'll see. [Link attacks the oil tanker, it falls and explodes, taking out part of the highway.] Go!

Link: R...right!

[The two run along the collapsing highway. Auron makes it to the other side; Link jumps over but falls short, barely hanging onto the ledge. Sin hovers overhead, sucking in debris and pieces of the highway, which levitates up towards it.]

Link: Auron! Auron!

[Auron looks at the monster.]

Auron: You are sure? (Turns back toward Link) This is it. This is your story. It all begins here.

[Auron grabs Link as if he is going to help him up. Instead, He lifts Link up toward the sky and lets go, allowing Link to float up to Sin. Suddenly there is a flash of light and Link appears is underwater, hearing Jecht's voice.]

Jecht: Hey! Hey!

Link: My...old man?

[Link swims down to the stadium, where he thinks he sees Jecht. When he gets there, a younger version of himself is there.]

Link:(Narration) My thoughts were racing... like where I was, what I'd got myself into. I got light-headed...and then, sleepy. I think I had a dream. A dream of being alone. I wanted someone - anyone, beside me...so I didn't have to feel alone anymore. I've felt this before... the flow of time, the sacred … realm.