Und worin bestand denn überhaupt die Herausforderung? Hier das Wichtigste:

Celebrate Languages Challenge

The Challenge: Write an original Hermione/Severus story in a language other than English. Length, rating, genre, and main plot line are up to the author. Also, it would be nice if the entire fic were in that language but as long as a majority of it happens in something other than English, I'll be satisfied.

Requirements: Must be written in a language other than English

Must include use/mention of the following:
- green socks
- purple underwear
- a raised eyebrow (ala Spock)
- toothpaste
- someone singing
- leather (in any form)

Lines that must be used:
- "Is that appropriate to do in public?"
- "How many first years does it take to brew…" (fill in the blank)
- "I never saw anyone look so…" (fill in the blank)
- "Why don't you owl someone who cares?" (optional)