Title: Eyes of a Lover

Author: Aya

Rating: 15+

Spoilers: The Forbidden Game

Disclaimers: I own all the characters not recognized. L.J. Smith characters from The Forbidden Game are hers.

Note: I'm getting tired of seeing all these stories where Jenny changes her mind and goes with Julian or she brings him back. Personally I think Jenny and Tom are perfect for each other, why not bring in a daughter and let Julian have a real chance. So instead of making this a challenge I decided to take it up for myself!

Summary: After three years of film making Callie Locke is coming home. The ambitious, successful, and sexy actress rocks the world of her small hometown when she returns, but someone's back from her mother's past and he's rocking Callie's world.

Second note: I'm pretty much just writing this story for fun and to get my mind off the others in which people are demanding parts for.so enjoy. I do plan on updating this one more than the others, because it's for fun. Not that my other stories aren't for fun, they are but I just need something to get my mind off my other ones for a while and hope something will come to me.

Part one: Child Hood

"Oh, mommy wook!" Callie Locke pointed to the television excitedly.

Jenny glanced from her daughter to the screen to see The Land Before Time IV playing and beautiful eyes covering the screen.

"What about them?"

"Aren't they prettyful?" Callie sighed with pure innocence.

"Honey I think you mean beautiful," Jenny corrected her daughter.

"No. When I grow up I'm going to fall in wove with eyes wike dat."

Jenny smiled tenderly at her three year old. "Good, then you can have a wedding and watch Mama cry all over Daddy. I think we need to work harder on your pronunciations."

"No prunciations!" she demanded and then giggled. "Daddy wooks funny when you cry!"

"He does doesn't he?"

"He moves away!" Callie squealed in delight.

Jenny shook her head and looked to the kitchen entrance as Tom came out.

"I don't move away! I just don't want to deal with the tears," He informed.

A scream came from Callie as she got up and leapt in to his arms. "Daddy!"

"Hi sweet pea."

"How did you and mommy fall in wove?"

Tom's eyes widened. "Smart little gal aren't you? Do you even know what love means?"

"Yes! It means two people meet and have babies," Callie informed seriously.

Tom, who had been taking a drink from his Sprite and juggling Callie in his other arm, spit out the contents in front of him.

"Ewe! Daddy got sick!" Callie's face scrunched up as she tried to struggle out of his arms. "Do you have a tempature?"

"Temperature honey!" Tom corrected.

"Tempature honey," Callie repeated.

"No, no, temperature."

"No, no tempature."

"Now Callie, Daddy does not want to play shadow."

"Now Callie, Daddy does not want to pway shadow."


"Stop!" Callie screamed a giggle.

"Do you want to go in the corner?"

Dread crept into Callie's face. "Okay, okay, don't pop a top!"

Tom's eyes widened he then looked at Jenny. "And where has she heard that I wonder."

Jenny rolled her eyes trying not to laugh and Tom's irritation. "I can't very well control what comes out of Dee's mouth, you know! And Callie worships Dee so she's going to say anything that comes out of her mouth."

"Yeah, yeah. Anyway kidlet, love is more than just meeting someone and having a baby."

"Cut back on the details," Callie demanded.

Tom shook his head in awe of his three-year-old daughter.

"Aunt Dee is always talking about bed wife! How can a bed have a wife, you only sweep in it?"

"Dear lord!" Tom whispered in awe.

Jenny just sat at the coffee table laughing and shaking her head she then proceeded to correct her daughter. "Life honey, life!"

"Why do woman always have to talk about that? I swear they wouldn't know the meaning of 'private' if it hit them in the ass."

"Ohh, Daddy said bad word!" Callie scolded shaking her finger at him.

Tom's heart softened. His daughter had become just like her mother and knew how to wrap him around her fingers. He reached up and gently ran his fingers through his daughters honey blonde ringlets of hair and watched as her jungle green eyes lit up in playfulness. Her baby cheeks grinned in a smile and dimples formed.

"Let's pway wing awound the wosie!"

"Ring around the Rosie," Tom corrected this time.

Callie glared and slammed her hand down on the table in front of her. "Stop! No more!"

"Okay honey, just for today though."

Jenny jumped up from the table smoothed her hand over her long sky blue skirt and then over her Casmir matching sweater. "I have a good idea how about we go play it at the park?"

Callie's eyes lit up. "Can we walk?"

Since fall was just beginning the leaves had started to change to gold, reds, and browns. The wind was gusty, but perfect for a stroll to the park. The crisp colors of autumn would add to the lovely walk as well.

"I don't see why not!" Tom said as he went to get the coats and then opened the door.

As they got out onto the side walk Callie moved in between her mother and father grasping each hands. "Don't wet me step on the cracks or I'll break my mama's back!"

Callie chanted and musical laughter dripped from her mouth as they swept her up in a swing then brought her back down over the crack. They continued to do so all the way to the park.

"We should have brought food," Jenny said suddenly.

"I'm not hungwe."

"I think we just want to have fun anyhow," Tom smiled as he slipped his wife's hand into his.

"You guys aren't going to get aw gushy are you?" Callie asked as she slightly turned and glanced over her petite shoulder.

"Oh you better run!" Jenny yelled as she started chasing her squealing daughter.

Callie started yelling. "Uncle Zack, Uncle Zack, help mama's going to kiw me!"

She launched herself into her uncle's welcoming arms.

"Don't worry I'll protect you!" Zack hollered as he started running with Callie in his arms.

Zack stumbled and fell to the ground blocking Callie's body from the ground. He turned over breathing heavily, with Callie giggling uncontrollably. "I think we're dead now!" she informed.

"Me too!"

Jenny smiled down at them and looked at Tom then hand in hand they both fell down beside Zack and Callie. Callie turned her whole body around and placed her head on her mother's stomach. Jenny stroked Callie's hair.

"I love you mommy!"

Jenny smiled down at Callie. "I love you too kitten."

"I'm a kitten," Callie sighed sleepy pleasure.

All four of them stayed in position and most was silent except for the harsh gust of the wind, Zack and Tom talking sports, and the rustling of Jenny's finger's through her daughters hair. After a while Tom looked at his two girls and smiled.

"Jen she's sleeping. I think we should be going home," Tom said.

Zack looked at his watch. "Yeah, I have a date with Summer anyhow."

"You guys are giving it another shot?"

"Yeah, we decided that sine we aren't under those intense circumstances anymore than we don't need to plastered together out of expectation."

"Okay, whatever," Jenny giggled.

"Yeah sure whatever. How 'bout I give you and doll face a ride and just leave your wife behind," Zack spoke to Tom.

"Hey! This doll face is attached to me and won't let go."

"Darn!" Zack cried as he opened his car door for Jenny to scoot in.

"Tell me again how you afforded this Lexus?" Tom said sighing in pleasure as he sank into the seats.

"Work Tommy boy! Work! Something you wouldn't know about since you inherited you filthy rich parent's money when they decided to go live in a retirement home."

"Hey, I still have to pay that retirement home too!"

"Oh you poor thing."

"Mama," Callie murmured against her mothers shoulder.

"I'm here sweetie," Jenny's voice soothed.

Callie fell back asleep.

"Hmm, this was a good day," Jenny sighed.

"Yes it was." TBC.