Chapter Eleven: Slavery  (Was called Psycho)

Note: I borrowed some lines (they aren't exactly the same) from Sherrilyn Kenyon's Fantasy Lover. You'll know when you see this Callie turned her head and gasped. *~ the lines throughout here and then ~* So just to warn you!


She was definitely in heaven. She was lying on soft, fluffy, whiteness, with a golden veil hanging over the bluest sky she'd ever seen. Callie lifted her nose and sniffed the sunflower scented air.

"Good you're up," a soft soothing, yet exotic voice filled the air.

Callie stiffened as she recognized the voice. She clutched the cotton sheet to her chest and slowly lifted herself up from the bed of soft clouds.


She dropped her eyes down to her lap.

"What? Now you're silent? Cat got your tongue? After everything you choose now to not say anything?" Julian snickered. "Pathetic!"

Callie clenched her teeth. "You want to know what's pathetic? Someone who doesn't know how to forgive and forget! Someone like you that has to go to such drastic measure to get a person to love you, God you must be really disgusting!"

"That was a little too far. You'll pay for that," he whispered and vanished.

Callie threw her hands in the air in exasperation. "Again with disappearing! Can't you people ever face anyone?"

"Can't you people?"

*~Callie turned her head and gasped at the view she saw. "You're naked!"

Orion grinned, his green eyes twinkling in male amusement as he sauntered over in all his male perfection towards the bed. "And?"

"But-I-you're naked!"

"Okay, yeah, we've established that."

"But no, you're naked and happy!"

Orion licked his lips as confusion spread across his face. "What?"

"You're naked and HAPPY!" she blushed as she jerked her head to his lower regions.

"So that's what they're calling it up there. Hmm, I'll have to make a note of that!"~*

Callie clenched her teeth and felt a deep body blush flow through her as she allowed her eyes to linger over his body.

~*~ Whoa baby! Shadow Men are really made for perfection!

Orion chuckled. "Thank you!"

Callie jerked her gaze up startled. "What?"

Orion tapped his temple. "I can read your mind…all of us can."

Callie snorted as she began to fan her face. "Was that supposed to comfort me?"

His dark oak green eyes turned serious as his gazed pierced her eyes. "I can think of numerous, much better, ways to 'comfort' you. All you have to do is say the word."

Callie turned her head to the side, studying Orion. "Are you offering me something? And could you please put on some clothes?"

"Does it bother you? I know it's uncomfortable for most humans, but you're different, right? You saw naked men on your movie set all the time."

Callie shook her head. "It was completely different. It was work."

Orion gestured with his hand. "And this isn't? I mean you are a slave to Julian now aren't you? You also really shouldn't be worried about my nudity. Julian can do anything he wants with you, you know, anything!"

Callie lifted her eyebrow and smirked. "Lucky for me he hates my guts!"

"Oh I don't know about that! Hate is such a strong word. Anyhow...if you want a friend you better be nice to me."

Tossing her, now chin length hair, over her shoulder she glared at him. "Oh and by being nice to you, you mean you want me to have sex with you? Is that it?"

Orion rolled his eyes. "What is the big deal about this sex thing with you humans? For humans sex is all your minds revolve around," he paused and gave a soft grin. "but if you're offering-" he gave her a hopeful look.

"No," Callie spoke with a steady voice.

Orion clicked his tongue. "Damn! I guess I'll just have to warm you up to the idea," he said as he disappeared and then reappeared on the bed just inches away from Callie's face.

A cry of shock escaped Callie's lips. Orion grabbed her chin and pulled her to his mouth. He bit her lip drawing blood, causing Callie to gasp in pain. He hungrily suckled the red liquid as it flowed from the cut.

"Owe," Callie cried.

Her one word opened her mouth to him allowing him access. He darted his tongue in and wrapped his hand around Callie's neck, practically lifting her off the bed and onto him.

A throat cleared. "Excuse me! What do you think you are doing with my slave?"

Orion groaned and pulled away, giving one last lick to Callie's lips before he let her go. "Oh gods, I swear her blood is..."

"Addictive," Julian suggested giving Orion a half smile. "I agree…it's very sweet."

Callie's lip curled in disgust. "What do you guys like drink blood to live? Are you vampires?"

They both ignored her. "Julian, I'd like to have her one night out of every week."

"What?" Callie practically screamed at what Orion said.

Julian stroked his chin. "Hmm, what will you do with her?"

Orion turned his head and grinned at Callie. "Anything that comes up."

"Na-ah! Don't even! No! I won't do it!" Callie folded her arms over her cotton shirt and tossed her head to the side.

Julian lifted a dark charcoal eyebrow at her haughty response. "You can have her all to yourself on the nights of the full moon. She will return to me when the sun pierces the night sky."

Callie glared. "Speak English!"

Orion squinted at her. "You are delightful!" he said grinning.

Callie growled in anger and sat on the back of her legs on the bed. "I'll try not to be!"

Julian bowed his head and smirked at the ground.

"That naked dream boy bit my lip, which is still bleeding by the way, and-and I think I've bled enough for one night, so could you do that healy thing?" Callie asked Julian.

"I'm going to have to get a gag for her," Julian commented lightly as he lifted his evil glinted eyes up to meet hers. "Do you not know the meaning of 'speak when spoken too?' You will be quiet until I say you can talk, or—"

"Or what?" Callie challenged angrily.

Julian roared with anger and appeared in front of her instantly. "SHUT-UP!"

Callie jerked back in surprise as his loud shout shook the walls, the bed, and pierced her ears. Her back straightened at full attention and she blinked again. "Okay, okay, just stop with the strobe light thing!" Callie wined. "It makes me have black outs."

Julian glared at her curiously and flicked his hand towards her. Callie flinched, fearing he would hit her, but what she got instead of a bashing was a jellied ball in her mouth and ties going around the back of her head.

Callie groaned in distress as she adjusted her face to the gag.

"Perhaps I shall chain you to the floor?" Julian lifted his eyebrow in question.

~Is he giving me a choice?

Callie felt her eyes widen as we walked closer to her, gazing into her eyes. She shook her head, hoping she was getting a choice.

He patted her on the head. "Then be a good girl and clean up my dinner."

Callie lifted her eyebrow up in shock, and then watched him point to the corner of the room.

"Nothing there," she mumbled around her gag.

He gave her an evil grin and Callie looked back to see pieces of gnawed flesh, pools of blood, and bones. The smell of rotting flesh and coppery blood made Callie gag and she clutched her stomach as she began to cough and gag furiously.

She pulled at the gag, gasping for breath and falling to her knees.

"Would you rather be chained?" Julian smirked.

Callie shook her head yes without even thinking about it and within seconds large chains yanked her to the floor.

The pain of her knees clashing into the floor brought tears of pain to her eyes. She had a chance to sit up and lift her head, but she chose not to. She didn't want to give them the satisfaction of seeing tears in her eyes.

"Enjoy being able to sit down while you can," Julian warned as he started to walk away.

"I'll repay the favor," Callie whispered softly.

Julian turned half way around. "Pardon?"

Callie slowly lifted her eyes to meet his. "Just that the saying 'paybacks a bitch' is so true."

"Are you threatening me Miss Locke or just making a promise?" Julian snickered down at her.


Julian lifted an eyebrow and gave her a tight-lipped smile. "You have guts, but you'll do well to remember that if you want to keep them, don't piss me off."

Callie swallowed as fear poured into her stomach and through the rest of her body. She had no idea how she was going to survive…not that she would anyway.

To Be Continued…

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