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Vendors' Bazaar - 12:30 Hours

Jane hated sitting around. She especially hated sitting around waiting to be brought attention. Kate hated it too which is why she tapped her partner on the shoulder and they quietly snuck away. Within a few minutes Kate was showing her the various clothing and equipment for sale at the bazaar.

She hated shopping and grumbled as Kate lead her there but as soon as she'd seen the various types of useful merchandise she got on board real quick. Kate had selected four sets of cargo's and placed an order for some new equipment to be delivered next year. She turned around and her partner wasn't standing behind her. She glanced around and found Jane sitting at the tactical boot display, slipping her foot into what Kate knew for fact were not comfortable boots.

She paid for her merchandise and headed over. She quickly yanked a set of Ariat tactical boots off the shelf and set them at Jane's feet.

"These are much better for what we do than those cheap things."

Jane looked up at her and regarded the boots. "Those are like a hundred bucks. These are sixty and they'll get me through a whole year."

Kate put one of her boots next to her, "They're a hundred and thirty and I've had mine for six years."

"I wear mine every day I work," She argued, "I've tried some of the better boots, they never last."

Kate picked up the bargain boot box, noted the size and set the box down again. She picked up the better ones and exchanged them for the right size and paid for them on her credit card. She returned to see Jane boxing up the other boots. Kate held up the bag that prominently displayed the Ariat Logo on it.

"Here's the deal." She said, "It's no risk. If they flop on you, it's on me but if they last you two years, you can pay me back for them."

Jane stared at her; "Are you kidding me? I can't take those."

"I'll just ship them to you in Boston if you don't take them now. I'll bet I can get Frost or Isles to ditch your original boots when you're not looking."

Jane growled low and snatched the boots out of her hand. She looked at the price tag and grumbled, "Pushy ass New Yorkers."

Kate smiled, "Just put them on and let's go before they call the CQB and we miss it."

Jane grumbled the entire time she laced them up and as she stood up, she stopped bitching. She looked down at her feet and up at Kate, "They're comfy."

"See?" Kate said.

"No, they're brand new off the rack, and their comfy." She stared incredulously, "No boot is comfy until they're broken in."

Kate waved a hand at her, "You'll thank me when they are broken in. Tuck your cargo's and let's go."

She grumbled again at Kate's jested pushiness and they headed back to the Amphitheater just in time to see Captain Marcus taking stage next to Colin.

He promptly steeped up to the microphone, "Good afternoon. My name is Captain Marcus and I was selected by Mr Huff, Colonel Sanchez, and Sergeant First Class O'Malley as an impartial observer of the CQB Round Five. After a careful review of the video and personally observing both teams in action, I have rated the final contest. If I could have our last four teams come to the stage at this time, we shall make the announcements."

Jane and Kate hustled up to the stage where they met SVU, Miami Narc and LAPD. Slightly embarrassed with the shopping bags, Griggs rescued them by taking the bags.

All four teams stood proudly as O'Malley took the small crate of trophies from Griggs and carried them to the small table.

He picked up a plaque and handed it to Captain Marcus who held it up, "Springfield Arms is proud to present this wall trophy to both semi-finalists' teams. The plaque is made of 100% Mahogany and the plating is brass made from the very shells you have fired in the CQB plus a few more."

He turned it to face him and read it aloud, "The Plaque bears the cannon and shield of Springfield and in a circle around the symbol reads 'Springfield Arms Training Center, Fort Justice Illinois. 2008.' Below is a statement dictated my CEO Gilbert Huff. It reads, 'In commemoration of the inaugural year of the Close Quarters Battle Competition, Springfield Arms is honored to present this award to the semi-finalists of 2008, Miami Police Department's Narcotics Detective Mateo Reyes and Narcotics Detective Marco Vargas. May you always watch each other's backs while protecting us all.' Miami Narcotics Team finished round four with a grand total of four hundred seventy two points."

He handed Colin the plaque and Colin carried another one as well. He presented both men with one and shook their hands while the crowd applauded.

Reyes held it up proudly and pushed up to the mike. "We had a lot of fun this year and we just wanted to say that we'll be back."

Vargas jumped in on the mike, "Yeah, it's been fun but next year we're coming for the first place trophy."

Captain Marcus laughed although it was clear that he hadn't appreciated the hocking of the microphone. He shook both men's hands and they headed back to their spot near the edge of the stage.

Marcus took the next plaque and it was the same thing. "'This honor is awarded to the semifinalist of 2008, Los Angeles Police Department's Division 1, Homicide Detective Sergeant Dani Reese and Homicide Detective Charlie Crews.' LAPD 1 finished Round Four with a grand total of four hundred and eighty three points."

Since Miami had jacked the mike, Marcus took a step back and allowed Colin to guide them up.

Reese looked out on the crowd and smiled, "I have to say that I honestly wasn't expecting to have this much fun and finishing in third is no small feat when you consider that we were against 29 other great teams."

Charlie nodded, "It's been an honor to compete with these fine officers and I'd just like to say that it was truly a blessing of life itself that allowed us to get to know such fine partners and fellow officers."

Colin grinned as more applause rang out. He passed around the plaques and shook their hands while Griggs set two trophies on the table.

Captain Marcus took one and held it up. It stood almost two feet high, made of a deep red mahogany with brass plating. Standing on top were two brass images of uniformed police officers at parade rest.

"The plating here reads, 'In gratitude of your participation in the Inaugural Year of the Close Quarters Battle Competition, Springfield Arms is honored to present this award to our Finalists of 2008, from the New York Police Department, 15th Precinct, Special Victims Unit Detective Olivia Benson and Special Victims Unit Detective Elliot Stabler'. SVU completed Round Five with a total of 587 points."

They came forward to applause and whistles as Jane and Kate hugged them both as they headed towards the microphone.

Elliot cleared his throat, "You know, this was one of the hardest competitions that we've ever had the privilege to participate in and it's been a heck of a challenge." He turned to O'malley, "I can't wait to see what you come up with next year."

Liv smiled and nodded. "As my partner said; this year was a challenge and I think it's important to remember that we train and we practice so hard for these things, not just for these annual competitions. This training isn't about the victorious triumph over our competitors." She sighed and her thoughts turned toward Jane.

Her memories of her cold in the shower, her fight with herself and how she and Kate had stood by her to offer comfort the surly detective would never accept. She hoped that she got through this time as she turned her attention back to the crowd.

"I think I can say that we each learned a lot about our partners and our friends," She held a hand out to NYB, "What we've learned was that we have a better chance of coming home each night because of the trust we have and I hope each of you gets to experience that kind of trust and commitment that I have this year; the kind that can bring friendship from the most unlikely places, even from rivalries."

She looked dead at Jane, "Go Yankees."

Jane scoffed at her as cheers, jeers, and a roaring applause echoed throughout the crowd. Liv could hear several other MLB team names being hollered but the point wasn't lost on Jane. She could tell by the warm smile on the young woman's face.

Marcus watched Colin present the trophies as Griggs put two more up. Both stood over two feet high. The first tier had the Springfield Logo molded in brass. The second tier had two men in flak jackets, badges on hip and guns drawn in a defensive posture.

"'In gratitude of your participation in the Inaugural Year of the Close Quarters Battle Competition, Springfield Arms is honored to present this award to the Championship Team of 2008, From the New York Police Department 12th Precinct, Homicide Detective Katherine Beckett and from the Boston Police Department Division 1, Homicide Detective Jane Rizzoli'. The New York – Boston Taskforce Team completed round five with a total of 589 points."

Jane groaned as the wolf whistles started up as she and Kate stood at the mike. Jane nodded to her partner.

"Truthfully, I didn't expect such a challenge and like Benson was saying, all of the fun things we do here are always in preparation for those times when you're in that situation where the only one you can count on is at your back." She turned to her partner, "Even though you're from Boston, I'd stand back to back with you any day, any situation."

Jane smiled as Kate took a step away from the mike, "You know, the thing about it is that I was expecting one of those sorry CSI seminars where you get five minutes in and start looking for the bar. My partner found me at that bar and told me she was going to show me the fun side of LETO and she did. And now it's almost over and I'm kinda bummed out because I found some great friends here and I don't want to wait until next year to see them again." She looked at Kate. "'My life for my Partner's, with no regrets.' We've said it in the CQB so many times and my only regret is that I can't say it out there on the street because I'm in Boston and you're in New York. But what I can tell you is that if you ever need me at your back, I'll be on the first thing smoking to get to you." She looked over to SVU, "Go Sox."

Kate slung an arm over Jane's shoulder as they walked away. The Amphitheater exploded in thunderous applause and cheers. Colin led the teams off the stage where handshakes and some drinks were passed out as other event leaders began presenting their awards.

They all agreed to drinks at the Shield when Jane felt a tap on her shoulder.

She spun around to find LT. Logan standing behind her. The tall Armory CO smiled as he held his hand out, "Nice going representing Boston, Detective."

She smiled and shook his hand, "Thanks LT."

He nodded, "The BPD order is ready so we can get it loaded and start heading back tonight."

She bit her lip. Even though she had grumbled the whole way here she found that she really didn't want to leave. She took a breath and looked up at him, "Hey, LT I'll make you a deal. You let us stay tonight and I'll drive the whole way back."

He looked at her as if she just sprouted a second head, "I thought you said the earlier we leave the better."

She nodded, "I know but that was before I knew." She hated admitting she was wrong but she took it like a trooper. "We're not scheduled to be back until Tuesday."

He smiled wide, "I had a feeling. I take it that you want to come back next year?"

She looked at him oddly, "Yes Sir, I would."

"Then I'm going to tell you a secret and if you can keep it, I'll make sure the ticket is always in your name."

He put an arm over her shoulder and pulled her close enough to speak directly into her hear, "Aside from registration, I haven't been on post until today."

She looked up at him, "Sir?"

He nodded, "My brother lives in Peoria. I don't get to see him except during LETO. So if you cover for me. Tell anyone who asks that you've seen me sign in, which you have, and that you didn't see me because you were doing your own thing. I'll make sure you come back every year."

She stared at him, "But I though Hill was your guy to come here with."

"Nah, he just wanted the paid vacation and he's hard to duck out on if you know what I mean."

She smiled, "He doesn't know."

"Nope," He said, "Because he can't keep his mouth shut. I knew that when I met him. You on the other hand, you know how to keep it quiet. I've seen you with your, um, relationships."

She looked at him, How in the hell could he know about me and Martinez?

He nodded, "We can stay till Sunday and you drive back. Deal?"

She looked at him wearily and held up her hand, "Deal."

He shook it, silently congratulating himself. "Go have fun, Detective. I'll see you Sunday."

She nodded and met with the New York cop that she had been in the games with. He nodded to them both and headed back to the parking lot. Silently pleased with himself and his assumptions of her.

Rizzoli could keep a secret with the best of them. She'd seemed uncomfortable when he mentioned that he knew about her relationship. Half of BPD had already made the assumption that Jane Rizzoli was seeing Dr. Isles and even though he'd never say anything, he knew that he had her secret and she had his about visiting his brother. They were partners in their own little conspiracy. He smiled as he climbed into his brother's caddy and headed away from Ft. Justice.

Ft. Justice LETO Parking Area

The weekend passed far too quickly for Jane's comfort and before she knew it, it was Sunday. Elliot was loading the cases into the Taxi as Liv hugged Colin, then Kate, and finally her.

Liv lingered a bit with Jane because they had a different kind of friendship. Jane had been there emotionally when she needed it these past ten days and although they didn't discuss it, Liv had been there when Jane needed it too.

She smiled warmly at the muscular woman. "Now don't forget that if you need me, even if it's just to listen, all you have to do is call."

Liv nodded, "Remember that when you're going through your own troubles. I'm just a phone call away."

She hugged her again, "You got it, Babe."

Elliot came over and held out his hand. "Jane, it's been a pleasure meeting you and I hope we'll see you soon."

She smiled at him, "Liv has my number for if I can help you guys out with anything. I'd give it to you but…'

He shook his head, "Oh no, my wife would have a fit if I came home with the number from a girl from Boston."

Liv laughed, "The only reason he has my number is because we're partners. I have to be the one to call Kate if we need something from 12."

Jane laughed, "She's a bit insecure, huh?"

"Only when it comes to Liv and I'm sure you already heard the story." He said with a grumble.

Jane looked thoughtful, "Oh you mean the crush. I think someone might have mentioned it."

He frowned, "Yeah, the crush." He shook his head as he held the door to the Taxi open for his partner. "It was just a crush."

"You're still a dumb ass." She said in good humor.

He shut the door after Liv settled in and waved, "I am that some days. That just happened to be the big one."

She waved as he climbed in and shut the door. The cab drove through the main gate and headed towards the freeway to carry them to O'Hare.

Jane smirked happily to herself. She had come up with the ultimate payback. Since Elliot had had so much fun with her over Maura. She had made a phone call to an agency in NYC. Dressed as a courier the male stripper would bring a packet to him and strip to the funeral dirge in front of his coworkers. Her only regret was that she couldn't be there to see it.

"I can't believe that you let Elliot go without trying to get back at him." Kate said from a few feet away.

Jane smirked, "Who said I let him go." The evil glint in her eyes said that letting Elliot go was the last thing on her mind.

"Oh boy." She said as she sat on her Softtail and patted the back seat, "Last chance, nonstop to New York City."

"Girl, that's not far enough east for me." She said, "and I've suffered the indignity of looking like your girlfriend enough this week on post. I don't need to kill my rep riding bitch on your bike across the country."

Kate laughed as she pulled out her helmet, "I told you before, I'll make you look good."

Colin chuckled, "Okay, I want invitations to the wedding," he laughed.

Kate looked to see if Jane was going to be angry and oddly enough, she wasn't.

"I'm not wearing a dress honey, so you get to be the girl." She joked.

Kate laughed again, "Darling, if we were gay, one look at me in a dress and you'd fall in love all over again. I'd ruin you for all men and women."

Jane laughed at the boast. "Honey, you wouldn't know what to do with this much Italian except get heartburn."

Kate smiled as she realized Jane had developed a sense of humor about being gay. She just hoped her new friend came to terms with actually being gay soon.

"Call me when you get back to Boston." She said, "We'll figure out which games we can hook up on."

She nodded, "Sounds good; can't wait to take you to Fenway."

"Likewise about Yankee Stadium."

As uncharacteristic as it was for her, Jane hugged her new friend and patted her on the back, "By the way, my bed at home sucks worse than the one here."

"I call the couch." Kate said and fired up her bike.

Jane took a step back and waved as her friend rode off.

She watched the bike disappear into the trees and sighed, "I think she's the coolest person I ever met."

Colin chuckled next to her, "Funny, she said the same about you."

Jane looked over at the Boston Police cargo van idling a few yards away. She didn't want to drive all the way back but she'd made the offer. Lieutenant Logan sat in the passenger seat after having courteously loading Jane's gear into the back.

She turned around and held her hand out to Colin. "It's been fun."

He shook his head and held out his arms, "We don't say goodbye like that in my house."

She laughed and stepped into his arms. He hugged her tightly and let go but rested his hands on top of her shoulders. "You take care out there and keep your head down. I want to see you back here safe and sound next year."

She nodded, "I'll be back."

Colin patted her shoulder and let her go. "You're a badass Jane Rizzoli. Don't let no one tell you different."

She waved to him as she climbed into the driver's seat and hooked up her seatbelt. She passed him another smile as she put it in gear and pressed on the gas pedal. In the rear view mirror she could see him standing there, watching her leave as she had her friends.

He waited until the van was out of sight before he schooled his face. Another year of being the ridged, unyielding soldier but he had made a new friend in Jane and he couldn't wait to see her and Kate take on the ideas already spinning through his head that he intended to put into the CQB. He smiled as he sat on his Harley. It had been a good year and he knew next year would be even better.

Two Weeks Later

Jane sat in the chair in Dr. Kirsch's Rhode Island office and she hated it. But she had made a promise to Maura and as much as she didn't want to think about why she wanted to give her friend whatever she asked for, she knew that Maura was only trying to help.

She had made plans with Maura to have breakfast the weekend after she got back from LETO but it had been a bad night. She had ended up passing out in her shower after a particularly bad episode. Having missed breakfast Maura had come over and found her nearly blue in the shower.

Maura gasped as she realized the temperature was set to cold. Maura had turned the shower up to a better temperature and awoken her friend. Jane had come out of her torture but Maura wouldn't let her leave the tub without explaining it.

Jane had finally given in and told her about the nightmares and the cold sweats and all the times she could feel Hoyt's scalpels in her hand. Maura had disappeared for a few minutes and came back with the anonymous email she had received.

Jane had gasped as she realized someone had sent it to Maura on purpose and she had a good idea who it was because she had only had one episode outside of her home. It also explained why the older woman had always been within arm's reach from that night on before putting Kate next to her.

But Liv hadn't said a word about it. Maura had researched and found that Dr Kirsch was the best person suited for Jane's PTSD and that the blonde woman would be discreet. Maura also swore that she would never reveal what she had seen that day.

True to her nature, Jane refused to acknowledge that she fought with it until Maura looked at her with those hazel eye shedding tears for her. Jane had been screwed from that point on, which left her siting in this office.

She rubbed her palms together as the platinum blonde psychiatrist calmly watched her.

"I really don't know what I'm doing here." She said sheepishly.

Dr. Kirsch didn't say anything as she watched Jane stroke the red scars on her hands.

"Well, I guess that's not true." Jane said as she looked at her hands, "I promised a friend I'd talk to someone. I…"

She sighed and ran both hands through her black hair and looked up at the doctor. "I can't do this if you're going to stare at me." She said defensively.

Kirsch merely nodded and in a smooth voice she said, "Close your eyes, Jane."

Jane eyed her wearily but complied, reluctantly. The thought of Liv's throaty voice saying those exact words was the reason she did.

"Keep them closed and just tell me why your friend made you promise to come see me."

She didn't know where to begin so she did the only thing she could think of, even though she'd rather face him again rather than do what she was about to do. But she had made a promise and for Maura, she would give her life to keep it.

Jane took a deep breath to steady herself and held up her scarred palms, "A man gave me these and… ever since then… I've been haunted by him… even though he's in prison. He's in my mind and in my soul and I can't get rid of him…"

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