You know something funny, I never expected something like this. Sure, you read stories about how it happened to other people and how they would've reacted, but trust me, nothing can prepare you for it. Oh, you must be wondering what 'it' is, well by 'it' I mean reincarnation. And not just reincarnation into another living being, but into another world altogether.

Now I will spare you all the gruesome and frankly traumatizing details of my 're-birth' and just get to the part where I'm held in the arms of a strange woman, who I assume to be my body's mother. Don't get me wrong, she was a beautiful woman, when I say strange I mean her freaky white eyes. She had extremely long black hair, fair skin tone, very strange featureless white eyes and her face was stoic but I could see a playful smile on her lips. Her hair was bit disheveled, there were dark circles under her eyes and it was clear that she was exhausted, which is understandable seeing how she just gave birth to my new body.

Now don't judge me, but until you've seen it yourself you won't realize just how freaky those eyes look up close and personal. And she was not the only one with those strange eyes, no, there were several other people in the room with the same eyes.

I was exhausted from this whole situation but was determined to stay awake and learn what the heck was going on right now. Several people were surrounding the bed and looking at me and my new mother. All of their faces showed very little emotion and they all looked kinda similar to my new mother, so I assume that they are somehow related.

"Hitomi, you gave birth to a very healthy and strong son, Hitoshi would've been proud." said one of the older looking people in the room in Japanese, with a slight accent I was not familiar with.

"Yes, too bad neither of us will live to see him grow up." said Hitomi with a small smile on her face but clear sadness in her eyes "How long do I have left?"

"An hour at most. The medic-nin tried to do what they could, but your internal bleeding is too heavy." said the person to her left.

"What will happen to him once I die?" asked Hitomi while still intently looking at me.

"He's a son of a main branch member, he will be raised as one, you have my word." said the person to her right.

"Oji-sama, thank you." said my mother with a very tired voice.

"Now, what would you like to name him, Hitomi?" said same person, who I suppose is my mother's uncle and therefore my great uncle.

"I will name him Hiroshi in hopes that he will have better luck than either of his parents." said Hitomi.

"Hmm, its a good name, a strong name. Hyuga Hiroshi it is." now when my great uncle said that everything came into place. The white freaky eyes, the stoic faces and most importantly where I am.

"Let us leave, let Hitomi spend her last moments with her son." said one of the elderly looking people and they all shuffled out of the room. My mother was looking at me with sad and tired eyes, but at the same time they were full of love. While I did not know her for long, that hour that I spent alone with her, will eventually become one of my most cherished moments and her last words always stuck with me for the rest of my life.

"Hiroshi, neither me nor your father will live to see you grow into a strong and happy man. But even though you might not remember, I want you to know. I want you to know that we both love you very much, nor matter what happens in the future we will always be proud of you. No matter what happens, know that we are always looking over you." and with that, the woman who I would never be able to get to know and call mother, died.

But the most weird and confusing thing was what happened next.

Passive Skill acquired

"Mother's Last Words"
+10 WIS
"You heard the last words of your mother, she imparted great wisdom to you."

Passive Skill acquired

+10 DEX
+5 INT
"You were born into a prominent Hyuga Clan."

Title acquired
"Young Orphan"
+10 VIT
+5 DEX
+5 STR
"Both of your parents died before you got to know them."