A/N This is what happened to Charming at the wedding ball

He did not even have time to recover after Fiona had knocked him out and he had seen the unfortunate fate of the fairy godmother. They had gone into song and while he was trying to leave something happened. A grotesque man like woman of the most hideous proportions stopped him and said "Hey gorgeous" before putting a finger to his lip and leaning in to kiss him. She pushed him over and as they fell she began kissing him on the mouth. Charming could smell the putrid smell of her molding teeth in contrast to his minty whites. As she kissed him her tongue demanded entrance and after she cracked him in the ribs he complied. Nobody in the crowd would help him out of this he had to just wait until she was done. Eventually she asked "Whats wrong baby never kissed a girl" she was hardly a girl in his opinion. Soon she picked him up and proudly proclaimed that they were going to her house the poison apple where she would teach him everything she knows and be prepared for the next week they would get plenty of exercise but rarely leave her bed.