Crimson Dream (NarutoxDXDxFairyTail)

Disclaimer: This story is fiction. All the characters, names and places belong to their respective owners.

This story was supposed to be one-shot, but I've expanded it. The pairing is NarutoxErzas since I haven't done any of their paring before. Yes, I put plural on her name. I meant both of them, Erza Scarlet and Erza Knightwalker.



Excruciating pain.

Physical and mentally.

A battered and bruised blond lay flatly on his back under the clear ultramarine sky. It wasn't that clear a moment ago with dusky clouds. Oddly, he questioned whether the sky was always like that? His mind was delirious, and his body had seen much better days.

Time passed by as he watched the heaven. The pain was still there, but not as intense as before.

His weary blue eyes closed fully, allowing them to rest. He had expended much of his magical power to stop a mad man, and he had to destroy it in the end. His ancestral throne before he couldn't claim it.

He exhaled deeply and mustering enough strength to pull his body upright. The tiresome effort cracked his already fractured bones. The pain spiked throughout his body, but it was not more painful than previously.

"Where am I?" the seventeen-year-old blond asked no one in particular, staring at the calming sea before him. Somehow, the tranquility it produced soothed his heart and numbed his pain.

How did he get to this place? His latest memories were still a jumble mess.

Soon enough, his body dropped flatly back down on the sand, taking in several deep breaths and trying to negate the damage that it had accumulated. Playful lightning crackled and jumped over his body in order to enhance his own natural regeneration far beyond its normal limit. Once his flesh no longer bleeding and his bones no longer ached, his mind drifted into sleep in order to recuperate his demonic energy.

A rewarding dreamless sleep, he desired. It'd been a while since he attained a good silence, and he hoped it was not for the last time.


"Erza, please wake up. You've escaped! You can't die here!" An elderly man pleaded desperately. He shook the eleven-year-old's body in an effort to produce a response.

It was useless.

Her breathing became unsteady as numerous cuts and gashes could clearly be seen festering on her tiny body and limbs. They were clumsily hidden by her ragged attire, now dyed reddish. It was the only thing she wore for these past years. Bandages were tightly wrapped most of her small arms and legs beneath the stained fabric; a testament to the harsh condition of her enslavement and forced labor.

Freedom, it was something she yearned for in those days of captivity. And for that reason alone that kept her alive.

"Rob-san… Are we free?" Erza asked weakly, opening her only working eyes since they took the other from her.

The man nodded repeatedly. Sad elderly eyes stared down the girl sorrowfully. Its owner was already transparent, and he was becoming fader each passing second.

"Yes, you are free..." the man assured, trying to touch her face but was unable to. His boney hands went through the little girl's cheek as if he was merely an illusion.

That was the painful truth. His magic represented his own life-force and he used to defend the little girl against numerous dark mages that were trying to quell the revolt. He depleted it all then, but in doing so, he had awakened the little girl's own magic. His physical body expired afterwards and he remained as lingering spirit; a guide to help her through the stormy sea following her escape.

"You're not really here are you?" Erza asked as the man gave a headshake.

The scarlet-haired child remembered clearly what had happened. The revolt was successful during its inception, but the tower's guards, the dark mages, soon arrived to suppress the riot. She watched in horror as countless of her friends were killed in sprays of magical bolts. She would have died as well, but Rob had saved her using the last of his own life force. Her magic awakened in the tragedy, and she was able to turn the tides with it.

Unfortunately, the victory was short lived as Jellal, the kind and compassionate boy she knew, was no longer himself. It was as if the boy was controlled by something dark and sinister. She refused to help him from resurrecting Zeref, and for that defiance, she was cast out of the tower by herself and became lost at sea until she found herself ashore.

"You must try to stay awake, Erza. You must make your way to Makrov at Fairy Tail. He will know what to do, so please don't sleep here," Rob implored heartedly, but it seemed to be in vain.

Erza was exhausted, both mentally and physically. She couldn't move her battered body at all while her eyelids felt incredibly heavy. She wanted to enter the eternal sleep as her heart complied, thumping slower and slower.

Directly above her was a clear sky. When was the last time such beauty showed itself between the bars of her prison? There wasn't any instance in her memory that she had such view with the sounds of the sea drowning out everything while inviting her into its embrace.

"I want to sleep, Rob-san," she muttered lowly and closed her eyes. She could not hear Rob's desperate shouting, urging her to stay awake.

Erza Scarlet died on that day, or that what should have been.


"What kind of demon are you!?" A man shouted as he was clocked across the face. The pain induced by the punch shouldn't have been agonizing, but he was being electrocuted upon impact. Around him were his comrades as they were being assault by the same blond in mass.

How could someone be in multiple places at once? If it was cloning magic, it was definitely a really powerful one to create more than one duplicate.

The human traffickers didn't know what to think as several of them were set alight when touching a different blond. They didn't understand what kind of magic this was. It was as if the clones were fire and lightning given sentient and physical form.

"Die, you monster!" Another man roared and stabbed the blond through the back in a blind spot. The receiver of the fatal blow was too busy beating up another person in front to evade. Unfortunately, the moment he died, his body exploded and erupted into a pillar of lightning, enveloping his attacker as well as the ground. Soaring thunder electrocuted the attacker, stopping his heart as millions of volts run uncontested through his fleshy body.

The trafficker was dead before he realized it, and he wasn't the first to go or the last.

Further away from the heated battle existed iron and wooden cages with dozens of captives. Another blond was checking the prisoners through the bar from outside with a frown. He saw the sorry state these slaves were in. He had no clue where he was, but he couldn't stand by and did nothing when atrocities committed right before him.

With a heavy sigh, he held the side padlock in the palm of his hand. His hand glowed brightly as the surrounding temperature spiked. The metal locking mechanism heated up immediately when millions of degree was flowing through his limbs, turning it into red hot liquids as they streamed out the side of the unburned hand. With that done, he ripped the door out of its hinges as if they were made of paper and threw the door behind him before glancing inside once more.

The prisoners within the opened cage scooted back from the entrance and away from the blond in fright.

"You can go now. They won't able to hurt you anymore. I will make sure of it," the blond assured with the best smile he could muster. Unfortunately, his words did not yield the desired result. The captives were more than just afraid. The person before them had killed everyone around without a shred of remorse or mercy. They watched the brutality of it all from their caged spot. Men turned to ash instantly or their body charred from the lightning.

"Please, don't be afraid. I'm Naruto Uzumaki and I hate people who enslave children, so I would never harm you guys," Naruto said, outstretching both hand in an inviting gesture. Many of them examined the unoccupied palm, hesitating to take it. A young girl finally did shakingly, and a heartwarming smile filled his face. He gently helped her out from the confine, and the rest soon followed behind.

His lightning and fire clones were engaging and killing the rest of the slavers and traffickers. They were useful at cleaning out the trash, and even if they were killed or dispelled, they would still able to inflict severe injuries on their murderers.

"You shouldn't have killed them!" One of the older captives called out as they huddled around in a small circle, holding each other for comfort. Some seemed like they were part of a family. One of the matured female pulled the girl away from Naruto as he turned to check that person with a frown. He examined the rest soon afterward before sighing. Even they, who suffered much, do not condone killing.

It was not what he used to.

"People like that don't change, and the world will be better without them. If I let them go, they might capture another child from another loving family. Do you really want that to happen?" Naruto asked sternly.

The released prisoners looked at the ground. They didn't know the answer to that.

Naruto gave a headshake and began to walk away from them. He had been in this world – Earthland – for at least a month now. The inhabitants disapproved any form of killing, and criminals should be locked up. How long they imprisoned depended on the severity of their crimes. Unfortunately, criminals always managed to escape and caused more trouble later on. The mentality was very different from his world, but did it produce a more peaceful place to live in? Naruto wasn't sure as he dispelled the clones once they finished slaughtering the rest of the scums.

He left the area quickly so those he'd freed would make contact with the authority, and many of them would likely report him as well. The Magic Council had labeled him as a Dark Mage due to his killing policy, but he didn't mind. As long as his conscience was cleared, he wouldn't care what they called him.

"How do I get back home?" Naruto questioned lowly, strolling along the shoreline while kicking a few rocks, turning them over. He had no clue of how to return home, wherever home was. It wasn't here, that much was obvious to him. Magic filled the world so there would be a way to bridge dimensions, but he had no clue where to begin.

He continued down the path, wandering aimlessly before seeing a small body upon the sand as the waves tried to pull it into the sea.

A child? He thought and narrowed his eyes, seeing the bloodstains.

Alarmed, Naruto rushed towards the small body in panic. As he got closer, he saw the ghostly aspiration seated next to it. Naruto blinked at the white-haired old man with pale skin as his pace slowed down to jogging speed.

"Are you alright, Oji-san?" Naruto kneeled over the unmoving child, but looked at the man first.

"You can see me?" Rob asked with a surprise as Naruto nodded. Seeing ghost was not something new to him. They existed in a different spectrum, and his lightning ability amplified his own visions to detect them. The blond quickly checked the girl's pulse and found she was gone. Her hand was still warm, meaning it was only recent, perhaps in last hour or so. He glanced over her bandages and ragged clothing with a deep frown.

"Sorry, but my name is Naruto. Do you know what has happened?" Naruto asked as the man. The old man sighed as his body faded a little more. Rob knew he hadn't had much time left in this world.

"Naruto-kun… I'm known as Rob and as you can see, I don't have much time left in this world. Can you do a dead man a favor? Can you bring this child back to FairyTail located in Magnolia town? She really wanted to be part of that guild and be a mage, but the dream seems impossible now. Even so, I wanted her to go there," Rob requested humbly.

Naruto bit down his lower lip a little as he contemplated. It might be better to bury the child here in his mind.

"I won't promise anything unless you tell me exactly what had happened," Naruto replied.

Rob sighed, but nodded afterwards. The elderly man explained about the Tower of Heaven and its captives along with countless children were still being held there.

Enraged at the story, Naruto was about to run off to that place to turn it to ash, but quickly refrained himself from doing so.

"She has awakened her magic upon my death and gained her freedom, but her dream could never be fulfilled now," Rob mumbled with sorrowfulness that could rival a father losing his child. His astral hands were still trying to feel the girl's face to no avail.

Naruto frowned slightly when seeing the man's fondness of the scarlet-haired girl even though he was not her parents. Even in death, he could not let her go by watching over her.

"If she just recently died, I can resurrect her and give her a new life… but I wondered if she would accept that as she would no longer be human in a sense," Naruto offered a solution finally. Rob blinked at the blond who claimed he could resurrect the dead.

It was an impossible notion. If one could, why was there the need for Tower of Heaven? Still, he hoped that was not a lie.

"You can do that? And what do you mean she would not be human?" Rob asked.

Naruto sighed a little and took out a small chess piece from his pocket. It was the only piece among the set he always carried with him as he was still looking for his Queen. Unfortunately, he hadn't found one and saving a child's life seemed more important. He wanted her consent, but time was of an essence.

Naruto checked the piece closely, rotating it in his fingers and found it had a purplish glow. He read about that before as his mind tried to access the stored knowledge. Mutated! The darn piece must have been mutated. The added effect could not be known beforehand. However, there was no other choice.

"Oji-san. Even though I'm look like this, I'm a devil. This is an evil piece… Ah, don't let the name cause any concern. It's called that because someone thought it was funny. This will reincarnate her as a devil, granting her demonic energy. As long as she does not purposely tap into that power, her appearance would not change and she will not notice anything out of place. But she might figure it out eventually and knowing that will forever set her from humans. It can be a great burden later on as some people I know have lived in denial," Naruto explained and hinted the troublesome nature of the reincarnation against someone's expressed wishes.

"But she would live a full life?" Rob asked after some thoughts.

"Yes," Naruto answered almost immediately. It was the true. She would theoretically have a full life.

"Then please do it, Naruto-kun, I begged of you," Rob requested.

"Are you sure? There's no going back after this," Naruto hinted something could go wrong.

"What the worst that could happen?" Rob asked as the girl was already dead. Was being dead better than alive?

Naruto shrugged at the question and placed the piece on her chess as it submerged into her battered body. Magical circle formed around her on the sand as it reincarnated the crimson-haired child into a devil. The glow died down quickly while the two spectators remained silence. Nothing seemed to have change except her injuries were healed and her heart rhythmic beating had returned.

Erza Scarlet was still unconscious, however, but she was sleeping peacefully.

"She looked the same? Nothing has changed," Rob asked.

Naruto chuckled at the question. "What do you expect? Do devil supposed to be demonic with skulls and bones?" Naruto asked with a smile, but the annoyance in his eyes were clearly visible. He didn't like stereotype, and most of the depiction of devil were created by the opposition to brainwash the masses for their own advantage. It was an annoying propaganda to him, but he could see the efficiency of doing something like that. What the majority believed, it must be the truth.

"Oji-san, I've accept your request. You can rest assure that I will drop her off at Fairy Tail. After that, I'm going give a visit to that Tower of Heaven for some poundings," Naruto assured, picking up the eleven-year-old girl in his arms with care.

Erzan unconsciously squirmed cutely in his embrace. Perhaps she was having a nice dream.

"Thank you, Naruto-kun. I will leave her to you," Rob said before finally fading away.

"Good bye, Oji-san," Naruto told the empty area before he disappeared in an orange flash, leaving the empty beach behind. He already know where Fairy Tail was as it was one of the most rowdy Guild in all of Fiore. That was a bad reputation, but a reputation nonetheless.


Makarov was an extremely short elderly man. He had black eyes and was growing bald with only the outer rims of his head containing white hair. Everything was fine besides the constant brawling that occurred within the guild hall by Fairy Tail's members as usual. It should have been like every other day, but today was different.

A new comer entered the guild with a child adorning tattered clothing. She was unconscious in the arm of a blond-haired man with bright blue and unthreatening eyes. He glanced around the guild with some amusement as the fight continued on. They seemed to be ignoring him for the moment.

"YOU LOT, SHUT UP!" Makarov roared as his form turned into a massive titan. The guild immediately died down after that. Everyone was frozen while still grabbing each other by the collar with the intention of dishing out injuries. They noticed the blond finally and whatever expression they had on quickly was replaced with a deep concerned one.

"We have a visitor," Makarov announced when reverting back to a short old man.

"… It's alright, don't stop on my account," Naruto said before disappearing in an orange flash and reappearing next to the Fairy Tail's third master. Everyone immediately let each other go when seeing the feat. Instant teleportation was something they all interested in.

"That's neat, how did you do that?" A child called out. His most prominent feature besides being half naked was his black-colored hair and dark blue eyes. There was Fairy Tail's emblem on the right side of his chest.

"Tell me why you are naked first?" Naruto asked, raising an eyebrow before placing Erza on the wide counter next to the short man.

Makarov immediately checked over the girl, but found she didn't have any visible wounds on her. The clothes she had on were soaked in blood though. Maybe it wasn't her? He then removed her eye patch to see if anything wrong with her eyes, but there wasn't. Both her brown eyes were fine so Makarov wasn't sure why there was an eye patch. Maybe she was blind in one or had depth perception problem.

There was so many questions he wanted to ask.

"AH CRAP!" Gray finally noticed his indecency while the brown-haired girl, who was way too young to be drinking, snickered at the counter by the side.

"Is there something I can help you…" Makarov said before trailing off once he had a careful examination of the blond. The new comer was oddly familiar. Where had he seen that face before? It must have been recent.

"I just need to drop the girl here on the request of someone named Rob. He had the emblem of your guild on his back so I'm assumed he was once a member of this place. Am I correct?"

"ROB!? Is he okay? Where is he?" Makarov asked with a panicked tone. The once trusted member of Fairy Tail had gone missing for years, and nobody knew where the elderly man went. They did search, but came up emptied.

"Slow down pop. This might be sensitive information so can we talk somewhere in private?" Naruto asked as the midget master nodded. The Guild Master invited him to a back room after telling the more disciplined members of Fairy Tail to look after the girl.

The tasked people did as requested for a while before getting distracted again with the brawl.

Significant amount of time went by before Erza opened her eyes. It was due to the noise and laughter surrounding her. It was getting very loud and rowdy. The child blinked, pulling herself upright and placing her hand to the side. She almost fell off the counter in the process before grabbing onto the edge on reflex and climbed back up.

"Where am I?"

"You're in Fairy Tail! I'm Gray Fullbuster, what's yours? Are you here to join my Guild?" asked the fully clothed Gray. He was waiting for her to wake up as the rest of guild members were busy doing something else; either checking at the Job Placement board, brawling or having a conversation that would inevitably lead to brawling.

"Leave the girl alone! By the way, I'm Cana Alberona," Cana introduced herself while continue to drink.

"Erza Scarlet… how did I get here?" Erza asked, blinking slowly. Her eye patch was gone and she realized she could see through both eyes. She looked around and saw a bunch of people pummeling against each other in the middle of the room with broken chairs and tables.

"Some blond guy carried you in. He could teleport across the room in an instant! Ah crap he didn't tell me how he did that!" Gray shouted in shock before becoming depressed.

Erza didn't know who that was. Maybe someone had found her on the beach. She looked around her again, noticing that Rob was no longer around. Some tears escaped her eyes but she told herself to remain strong as she wiped it away.

"Where is he now?" Erza asked, but Gray didn't know. He was too busy putting on clothes when the Guild Master invited the blond away. However, someone nearby did.

"He and Master went to talk in private in the back, he's…" Cana didn't finish as Erza jumped off the counter and ran to the back corridor. She checked the rooms along the hallway and found one that was opened. She peaked inside and saw a short man standing by an arched window.

"Ah, I see you've woken up, Erza. My name is Makarov Dreyar. I am the third Master of Fairy Tail. Nice to meet you," Makarov greeted and returned back to the chair behind his desk. He was alone in the room as the scarlet-haired girl looked around in order to find who had brought her here.

The Guild Master noticed her scrutiny and smiled.

"He's already gone, unfortunately," Makarov revealed with a sigh. The blond introduced himself as Naruto Uzumaki. That piece of information caused Makarov to be stunned a little. The memory he sought for finally hit him in full.

Naruto was an S-Class criminal that was currently wanted by the Magic Council for countless murders and atrocities. Strangely, the blond was nothing like the ruthless dark mage that the council depicted once they start chatting. In fact, the blond was very polite when talking to Makarov and relaying what had happened to the elderly member of the guild. It was a sad day.

"Who was he?" Erza asked.

"Naruto Uzumaki… a dark mage," Makarov answered truthfully as the girl cringed. She didn't expect it at all. She had suffered greatly at the hand of the dark mages during her enslavement. Many of her friends were killed by those dark mage, yet a dark mage saved her? Why?

"It can't be…" Erza muttered. She was unable to believe that.

"Erza. Can you tell me what happened?" Makarov asked.

The little girl sniffled and nodded.

Meanwhile, Naruto was flying around the ocean using lightning to manipulate the magnetic field of the planet. It was faster than running across water. That was also possible with lightning manipulation as electricity could force all the water molecules beneath his feet to glue together in order to create a solid ground. He found how to do it a long time ago. Anyway, the blond was looking for a certain tower.

"Damn it, where is it!?" Naruto asked, passing several islands while growing more annoyed, furious and frustrated. Unfortunately for him, even though it was called Tower of Heaven, it wasn't an actual tower yet. It would take at least seven more years to complete, and he did passed it several times but made nothing of it at the time. After a while, he gave up and went to do something else more productive.

Author Note:

This is triple crossover because it's a Route Roulette plotline. They all share the same background story, which is set in DXD universe, and have the same main character, who is Naruto (N) Uzumaki. Lightning and Fire manipulation is very powerful. He doesn't have shadow clone, but lightning and fire clones are far more dangerous, especially when they are killed. Might update Red String of Fate next since it been a while. None of the Route Roulette is very lengthy because I don't want to spend months writing one with rehashed cannon storyline. Dragging it out is pointless, and it makes the story stale. See you next chapter.