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My appreciation for Pokémon wouldn't be possible if it weren't for Smosh, specifically their Game Bang video, "Real Pokémon Fighting Game". Blaziken belongs to Pokémon and Nintendo. The nickname of the Blaziken is Hibana (Japanese for ember/spark) and the name of my OC is Clay.

WARNING: This chapter is a lemon. Read at your own risk.

"How Fire Has Changed Me"

It was 2 in the afternoon, I strolled along the pavement with a handful of items I purchased from the grocery store. I arrived at my flat in 7 minutes and went up the stairs to the 3rd storey where my unit is located. I unlocked my door and put the items on the kitchen table. I went inside my room, removed my footwear, and laid down on my queen bed. I switched on the air conditioner and took a nap as I became exhausted. "If only there is someone who would be there for me, it would take my life to a different approach", I said to myself with my eyes closed.

15 minutes later, I woke up as I heard a sparkling noise on the left side of the bed. I got up and noticed a small group of stars forming a pink circular cloud until, *POOF!*, a ball landed on the bed. I slowly crept and observed the ball which is red on the top and white on the bottom. It even had a black ring in the centre and a grey button on the front. "This looks familiar. Is this what appears to be… a Poké Ball?", my thoughts conveyed as I continued observing it. I pushed the button with my index finger and after a few seconds, it began to tremble and glow brightly on my hand.

I panicked so I threw the Poké Ball on the floor and hid under the sheets. It gave out a distinctive sound effect and suddenly followed by a big and loud cry. As I uncovered myself from the sheets, I saw a bipedal creature with a red body and a yellow patch on its chest, and ivory mane surrounding its upper figure with two long plumes stemming from the back of its head. It also had blue eyes with yellow scleras, a beak with small nostrils, a V-shaped crest on its forehead, featherless grey hands with 3 fingers each and white talons, clawed toes that are covered with yellow feathers on the bottom of its legs, and a red tail.

"Oh my god, it's a Blaziken! Right here in my flat!", I claimed as I carefully walked towards the taller avian Pokémon and interestingly looked at it.

"Are you my Trainer?", Blaziken asked with a feminine tone and curiously stared at me.

"I've never trained any Pokémon before, but I would love to be one for you. In fact, you're my most favourite Pokémon ever. My name is Clay by the way", I introduced myself to her.

"Would it be alright if I call you… Hibana?", I asked her in an awestruck manner. She smiled and nodded, accepting her nickname and Trainer.

"Alright Hibana! Uh, use cuddle?", I commanded her.

She quickly gave me a tight and warm embrace and happily claimed, "I never knew a Trainer like you would be so sweet and kind-hearted to me. And the nickname you gave me sounds beautiful! Thank you so much, Clay!".

I returned the embrace, acknowledging her gratitude, and nuzzled her shoulder.

"Okay then, initiate basic training mode", I ordered.

Hibana positioned her arms and legs as if she were to fight with an opponent. Flames spouted from her wrists and she started with the basic punches: jab, straight, hook, and uppercut.

"How about basic hand-to-hand combat mode?", I asked.

"I dare you to challenge me! Do you have what it takes to become a great fighter?", Hibana said as she looked right at me and confidently clenched her fists.

"Hell yeah, you're on!", I accepted the challenge, positioning my limbs for defence.

I blocked her punches with my arms in front of me and parried them when she was about to hit me in the face. Luckily, her flames had no adverse effects to me since I'm her Trainer so my skin didn't catch fire on them. I punched back as she managed herself with the same defensive movements. We took several turns in punching and defending and when it was her turn, she performed a front knee on my stomach, knocking me down, and I groaned in pain.

"Oh no! I'm so sorry, Clay. Are you hurt?", Hibana apologized.

"I'm fine, don't worry about me. Nice moves though. Let's continue this lesson tomorrow", I articulated as she pulled me up.

"Thanks! Your moves are impressive as well. Let's go outside for an adventure!", she said.

"Sure thing!", I exclaimed as I locked the door, put on my footwear, and opened the window to the balcony.

Both of us went out and I told her, "Okay Hibana, use super jump! Hold me tight and don't let go".

"You got it!", she replied whilst carrying me in her arms.

She leaped out of the balcony and, using her strong and powerful legs, she jumped from one building to another.

"WOOHOO! THIS IS SO MUCH FUN! I LOVE BLAZIKEN!", I exhilaratingly screamed with my arms around Hibana's neck as she leaped over skyscrapers and other tall buildings around Tokyo. In the middle of our bouncy escapade, we decided to take a break by sitting on a park bench.

She beamed at me and queried, "Did you have fun, Clay?".

I beamed back and responded, "Of course I did! And I thank you for that. This is actually the first time I had the most extreme fun of my life". We shared another embrace as we watched the blue skies and the orange sunset.

"It's almost evening. Let's go home", I blissfully said.

Hibana willingly obliged as she carried me once more and used her super jumping ability, going back to where we came from. As we got back to my flat, I took off my footwear again and turned on the lights. We relaxed on the bed and got to know each other through a one-hour conversation.

"I'll be in the kitchen if you need me", I said as I got out of bed.

After organizing my grocery items and eating California maki from the fridge for supper, I whipped up a glass of pink lemonade with ice cubes and a straw and gave it to Hibana. She thanked me and I nodded and smiled at her. Then I went to the bathroom to take a shower. Once I was done, I heard Hibana making atypical noises.

I put on my clothes and got out to see what was happening. My eyes widened as I caught Hibana pleasuring herself with an ice cube.

"…Do you like what you see, Clay?", she asked whilst looking at me in a lustful fashion.

The glass was already empty and I blushed as I noticed that her body became different once she was aroused. She gained big breasts, biceps, abs, toned hips and legs, a beautiful navel, and an alluring flower. Her hands transformed into 5 fingers each with black nails, so as her plumes changed to long hair.

The sight of the red avian trailing the cube around her nipples and pushing it deep inside her made my mouth gape in wonder. To top it all off, her arousal caused her mild and musky pheromones to spread across the room. I dropped my towel on the floor and mesmerisingly walked towards the voluptuous Blaziken.

I laid down next to her and explained, "I know this is too early for me to say this, …but I feel like there's a strong connection between us. My heart skipped a beat that I just couldn't describe how I feel about you… And the way you cuddled me makes me feel so comfortable and realize you're the one for me".

I finally asked her, "Hibana the Blaziken, …will you be my mate?".

She gave a grin and humbly accepted my request, "I'm more than delighted to be with you… every step of the way".

I gently touched her face while she placed her hand on my cheek as we shared a lovely gaze. When Hibana's beak met my lips, I wrapped my arms around her and augmented the kiss, initiating our romantic love scene. We started to swirl each other's tongues while Hibana was on top of me. She blushed and blinked desirously as she felt something that was poking her crotch.

She commenced the foreplay by removing my T-shirt and shorts and smooching me with an ice cube in her mouth. She glided the small block of frozen liquid from my neck to my abdomen, placing it on my navel for it to melt. Hibana ran her hands all over my body and rested her arms on my thighs, staring at my bulge and tickling it with her fingers. Then she slowly took off my underwear and massaged my erection, emitting a bead of speed drop in the process.

I moaned tenderly as Hibana started to go down on me and rubbed my sac. She bobbed her head and hummed around my tip and shaft, enjoying the taste of it without hesitation. The warmth and softness of her beak felt really good. My panting became quicker as my climax was about to get closer. I held on to the sheets while she continued sucking until, "OH HIBANA!", I cried as I shot my smooth load in her mouth. Hibana licked the cream off her beak and gulped it. She switched places with me and spread her legs to reveal her gorgeous flower.

I orally played with her breasts and nipples and planted kisses down her neck and stomach until I proceeded to lick her nub and petals. Hibana moaned ardently as sweet and zesty nectar began to leak out of her. I inserted 2 of my digits to stimulate her G-spot, triggering her to buck her hips and arch her back, as I kept on muff diving her.

She opened her beak with her tongue out, gripped the pillow, and moaned and breathed rapidly, as she was filled with internal and external pleasure. When her pelvic muscles contracted, she roared "AH CLAY!", as she squirted her love liquor on my face. After licking all of her mouth-watering fluids, I crawled on her smooth and feathery skin and she flipped me over to prepare for what's coming next.

Hibana grabbed my rigid tool and put it deep into her sultry slit. She enclosed her arms around me, nuzzled my neck, and cooed naughty words in my ear, squishing her mounds against my chest. Both of us remained still as I felt her moist and elastic muscles performing rhythmic and rippling pulses to create a uniquely pleasurable feeling.

As I stroked her silky hair and squeezed her arse, flames appeared around her wrists and ankles, causing the temperatures of our bodies to rise. Hibana smirked at me and giggled whilst playfully pinching my buds as I panted and moaned irresistibly to savour the sensation of her soft and spicy walls. She went on caressing me as I felt her lubrication oozing from her orifice.

"AAH! NNGGHH! You look so adorable… when you make those facial expressions…", Hibana seductively complimented.

"UNF! AUGH! We should go to an onsen some time… because you are literally on fire…", I complimented back.

We osculated passionately as my member began to throb for release and her hot and slick muscles tightened. We groaned torridly and gasped heavily as she milked a little faster, clasping our hands and keeping our eyes shut, until we both orgasmed.

"BLAZIKEN!", Hibana screamed with her head tilted back while I yelled "FUCK YEAH!", with my head pushed back against the pillow as she gushed her scorching juice on our crotches and I popped my warm seed inside her, sending us over the edge from our volcanic eruptions.

Hibana and I took deep breaths as we unwound amidst the afterglow. The flames around her wrists and ankles faded away gradually. Thanks to the A/C, our bodies returned to their normal temperatures.

As Hibana affectionately hugged me, I whispered, "Aishiteru Hibana… You are the most amazing Pokémon… in the whole world… I'll take good care of you… No matter what happens…".

She smiled at me and whispered back, "Aishiteru mo Clay… I will always be by your side… to comfort you through all the pain… and gently kiss your fears away… forever and ever…".

After I kissed her beak, she turned off the lights and I wrapped us with a blanket. We bid goodnight to one another and went to sleep in an intimate snuggle.

The Pokémon that I've always wanted is finally here. Aside from being a fire and fighting type, what I find interesting about Hibana is that she can build her confidence to reveal her deepest desires to me. Thanks to her unorthodox action, I was brave enough to share my true feelings with her. My Blaziken and I got lucky tonight and we can't wait to do it again in the next days to come.

End of Chapter 1

I would like to thank Mykiio for inspiring me to write this fic. Hibana's design when aroused is based on a muscular female Blaziken he created named Bee. Because of him, I have a newfound love and appreciation for muscular female characters. Bee is featured in his fun and sexy comic called Playing with Fire, so feel free to check it out on his FurAffinity account.