Love, care harmony... All living things come from a mother...

Life and existence all revolve care and survival, the want for existence. But there are those who wish to destroy this bond...

Nearly a year ago, I was chosen along with three of my other friends managed to put a stop to an alien's invasion to completely destroy our entire world and rule under it with an iron fist.

WE thought it was over... how foolish we were to think such a thing would end so easily...


A lone shadowy figure dashed across the spires of the darkened city. Rain poured down as the figure ducked into an alleywith large attack helicopters flying by, searchlights shining down onto the streets in search of the mysterious figure.

The figure breathed a sigh of relief. "Looks like I lost them... for now at least." He said to himself. He pulled out from behind his back what he had been hiding; a large green orb of some sort. It seemed to pulsate with some sort of rhythmic glow.

"At least that alien freak and pig king won't get their hands on this.." He said. "Now if the old man can get that portal up and running, hopefully I can send this back in time before all this to warn them about this."

Soon sirens started blaring as a spotlight flashed on the figure's position. "Shoot!" He said, stashing the orb back and hitting a button on his wrist. Two large black bat wings popped out from his pack, and then he took off away from the search copters. Bullets spewed from the machine guns across the sides of the copters at the figure.

"C'mon old man, get that portal open...!" The figure said as a bullet grazed by his right shoulder. His right hand soon then became cloaked in energy and began firing back at the attack helicopters. "Running out of time here...!"

Soon an electrical surge shot up into the air and ripped open the fabric of time and space itself. The figure saw his chance and attached something to the orb before kicking it hard into the portal mere seconds before the portal closed.

The figure smirked before diving out of the way of the helicopters. He jetted around a corner of another tall building before the copters lost sight of him.

He nodded to himself. "Hopefully one of the heroes of the past will receive the message I attached... god, help if it's my brother..."


"...and Boney's still as active as ever. Heh, he seriously been a lot more active ever since the world revival. I guess it filled everyone with a sort of second wind when everyone found out they were alive.

I've been thinking of visiting Kumatora lately. I've barely seen her this past year other than her occasional visits to the town. Maybe it'll cheer her up a bit to visit her.

Well, guess that'll be it for the day. End journal entry."

The young boy closed the journal, his thoughts still lingering on past events. It was hard to believe just a year ago they had completely overthrown a tyrranical overlord trying to destroy the world by force. The boy and his allies managed to narrowly stop him before his ambitions could be achieved, but it had come at a price of losing his mother and his brother in the process. And while the dragon's revival reset to before the invasion, it didn't have the power to revive his mother and brother.

"I should go pay my respects to mom..." The boy thought to himself. "It's on the way to Kuma's, so it shouldn't take too long." He got up from the desk where his book sat and got his shoes on. He donned a new part of his normal attire; a short-sleeved red and yellow striped jacket, with thicker stripes than his shirt, and a small, almost ribbon-like scarf around the collar of the jacket. He headed out the door, only to be greeted by a large brown dog licking his face.

"Heh, hey Boney." The boy said, lightly pushing him off and rubbing up his fur. "Good to see you too. I'll be out for a bit. If dad comes back, make sure to tell him he has nothing to worry about, ok?" The dog, Boney, barked, and the kid smiled. "That's a good boy!" He said. "I'll see you in a bit."

The walk through the village was nothing too special, just a bit more lively with the construction projects going. After getting to the crossroads, he crossed north to the cemetery in front of Osohe Castle. From there, he took a right and headed up the hill to a single grave at the top of the hill. A patch of sunflowers grew nearby the grave, and carved onto the grave as a single name, "Hinawa".

The boy kneeled in front of the grave and closed his eyes. He drew a deep breath before praying.

"Mother," The boy said. "May your soul find rest in the great Aether above, and please, look after Claus if he is up there with you too.." He breathed again. "Your guidance in spirit has led be this far, and I still pay my respects to you as often as I can. I love you... and I know you loved me too. Thank you..."

He stood up and headed back down the hill. Before he even got back to the graveyard, a large portal opened up and a green orb smashed into the side of Osohe Castle. The boy gasped, and took off for the castle as fast as his feet could take him.

The resounding sounds of punches could be heard all throughout the castle walls as an older girl was busy practicing her fighting arts. The large blue hooded jacket she normally wore was over a chair, and what she wore were black compression shorts and her pink knee-high boots, and sports tape wrapped around her chest and wore cyan and white gloves. Her pink hair fell slightly in front of her face while she was fighting.

She then delivered a roundhouse kick to the punching bag, causing the entire mount to topple. She smirked to herself. "Heh, looks like I still got that tiger blood in me." She said, before turning to another set of three targets on the wall. "Now, let's try this..."

She held up her hand and pointed at the targets. A blue spark started to form, then a bolt of electricity shot out of her hand and split, striking all three targets at the same time. She smiled a bit. "Good thing to know PK Thunder is still useful." She turned and went to the chair her jacket was hung over. The jacket was quite large, the bottom of it usually going down to her knees. At the connection of the hood was embedded a small white badge with a golden border and a dark blue lightning bolt in the center of it.

"Hm, maybe I'll head back into town today," The girl said to herself, putting on the jacket. "It's been a while since my last visit, and hey, I'll visit ol' Lucas, see how he's doing." The girl opened the door to the hallway and started to head down it, but then noticed the odd green glow coming from the windows.

"What the...?" She said to herself, before the orb collided with the side of the castle, breaking it open and flinging the girl back against the wall hard. She sunk to the ground and rubbed the back of her head in pain. "The hell was that, a freight train?"

"Kuma!" She heard a voice yell before someone rushed to her side. She could tell from the red and yellow stripes it was Lucas.

"Oh, hey Luc'," The girl, Kumatora, said while being helped up."Fancy meeting you here,"

"Wish I could say the same," the boy, Lucas, said. "You ok?"

"Eh, I've been worse," She joked, but that only seemed to make the boy worry more. She laughed. "I'm fine!"

"Oh, that's a relief," Lucas sighed, before looking over where the odd orb crashed. "But what the heck is this thing?"

"You got me there," she said while Lucas picked it up. "I finish my daily training, next thing you know, that thing comes crashing through the wall."

"It's definitely odd... Hm?" Lucas said before noticing an odd disc on the side of the orb. "This doesn't look like part of the orb." He said, pulling it off. "What is it?"

His question would soon be answered as the device opened up from the top and started displaying a holographic image of another boy of his age, with a similar hair lift, but wore a black leather jacket and orange pants with black boots. Lucas couldn't believe his eyes. "C-Claus?!"

"To whoever this message reaches to, hopefully it's you, brother," the figure started. "Your world is in danger again. Twenty years from now, that fat pig managed to enslave the entire world with the help of an alien tyrant to use as his play box. The only thing that can stop him from potentially invading all past time periods are the eight Melody Orbs, one of which you should have with this message."

" Be wary. That tyrant's spies are across all time periods at this point. The future is counting on you hero. I am hoping to meet with you in person." The figure smirked. "End transmission." The message then cut out.

Lucas couldn't believe what he was hearing. That fat pig, Porky, still alive, and not only that, his brother Claus too? This was too much for him to process.

"So, that fat bastard's still alive, huh?" She said, cracking her knuckles. "Well, looks like we better get to work on finding those orb-things. Let's go."

Before the could even leave, an ear- splitting sound filled the air. Lucas and Kumatora covered their ears in pain before the noise got even sharper. And then, just as soon as it started, it stopped.

"What the heck was that?" Kumatora asked. Lucas shook his head. "I dunno, but it seems like the only answer we'll get is by finding these orbs."

Kumatora nodded. "Let's go find Duster. I've got a feeling this is one of those events..."

Lucas nodded. "If my brother is still alive and that fat pig somehow escaped that capsule, we're in trouble." Kumatora nodded, then the two headed out of the castle to get Duster..

"Dammit, c'mon Duster!" Kumatora gritted her teeth while pounding on the front door. "Another world crisis and you're sound asleep?"

"Maybe he's not here, Kuma," Lucas said, tugging on her coat. "He could be off somewhere practicing his thief skills. We all disbanded after the world reset, so he could be somewhere else at the moment." Soon after Lucas finished his sentence, an electrical blast resounded out from the forest. "... case in point." He said.

"Isn't that off in the direction of Andonuts Lab?" Kumatora asked.

"I think so," Lucas said. "Did one of his Thunder Bombs go off prematurely?"

"Dunno, let's go check it out." Kumatora said, before the two took off.

Out from behind a rock a small floating camera orb tracked the two's location as they left for the forest. "Well," the voice from the camera said. "It appears that the heroes are already on their way. I look forward to their extermination..."

"That the lab up ahead?" Lucas asked, the two rushing ahead in the forest.

"I think so," Kumatora said. "But it looks like there's someone in front of it.."

Indeed, an odd figure was in fact standing in front of the lab itself. The figure - whatever it was - was a tall one, and had an extremely silvery body. It's long arms had human-like hands at the end of them, but it's anatomy in full was not completely similar to a human.

The figure looked up near the top of the lab before extending it's hand as it transformed into a tentacle. An odd glow formed at the end of the tentacle before blasting forward at the lab, taking off a large chunk of the lab.

"Hey!" Lucas yelled, grabbing the stick off his back from his previous adventure. "What do you think you're doing?!"

The figure turned and looked at the two through its pitch black visor. He scanned the two in front of the creature.

"Pink haired one: PK Level Threat Moderate. Yellow haired one: PK Level Threat... Extreme." The figure said. "Neutralizing threat immediately."

"What's he blathering about?" Kumatora asked, her fists cloaked in electricity. Lucas kept his eyes on the figure, right before the figure fired another beam straight at Kumatora. Kumatora barely managed to dodge to the side, the beam merely singing her coat.

"Oh, so we're playing like that, are we?" She growled. "Let's see you take this!" With that, bot Lucas and Kumatora rushed at the figure at near blinding speed, Kumatora bearing her fists, and Lucas wielding his weapon. The figure mere held up it's arms before blocking the two's attacks, then flinging the two backwards. Kumatora caught herself and flung herself back to her feet, while Lucas spun backwards and landed flat on his face.

"Ok, what the hell was that?" Kumatora asked to Lucas, clearly shocked at this figure's ease at blocking them.

"Dunno," Lucas said, getting up. "but let's try that again, from behind!" The two dashed behind the figure and tried another physical assault. The figure merely ducked and delivered a harsh kick to each of the two's chest, flinging them sideways over the figure.

"You know, we really shouldn't be announcing out battle strategy-" Kumatora started.

"Rush it!" Lucas said, landing on his feet and darting straight at the figure.

"Dammit Lucas!" Kumatora said, landing and dashing at the figure with him. "Can we at least try to dodge him this time?!"

"Dodge what?" Lucas said, right before the figure fired a powerful bean out of each arm. "Whoa, jeez!" He said, as both he and Kumatora dodged their respective lasers.

Kumatora jumped back from the figure. "Alright, I've got one last technique I've trained for a while now, I think this'll end him."

"So, how quick will this be?" Lucas said.

"Distract him, I'll need time to charge it up." Kumatora said as she put two fingers of her right hand to her forehead. "And considering how fast that thing was beating us to a pulp in less than two minutes, this'll probably hurt."

Lucas nodded. "Ok, here goes nothing!"

Lucas dashed head-on at the figure anod proceeded to stall it while Kumatora focused her energy into hand. A bright blue spark formed on the tip of her fingers as she concentrated her energy into her technique.

Lucas got behind the figure and gave it a solid crack in the back of it's head with his weapon. "You almost ready, Kuma?" Lucas called, restraining the figure from behind it.

"Just about!" She yelled back, the blue spark on her hand glowing brightly.

"Just give me the signal to get out of the way!" Lucas yelled back. "I'm right behind it!"

Kumatora nodded. "Ok, here it goes..." She pointed the fingers with the spark at the figure. "PK Thundaga Cannon!" She cried, before loosing the blast of electricity at the figure. "Lucas, NOW!" She cried.

Lucas dashed out of the way from behind the figure right before the beam impacted. The beam tore through the figure's chest, slamming it against the lab wall before it collapsed face down onto the ground, dead.

"You ok Lucas?" Kumatora asked as Lucas landed on his feet beside her.

"Yeah," Lucas said. "But what was that thing?"

"Dunno," Kumatora said, crossing her arms. "But I've got a bad feeling about this..."