"Oww..." Ninten said as he held his head in pain as he sat up in the sand. "What happened...?"

"Oohhh..." Ana groaned. "That hurt..." She looked around at the surrounding area, gone was the snow-capped mountains of Snowman, and now they were in a southern... tropical area?

"How... how did we end up here?" Ana asked, getting up from the sand. "This place doesn't look familiar..."

"I know..." Ninten said, getting up from the sand. "Weren't we on our way to Marysville just a few minutes ago?"

"Yeah.." Ana said. "Now we're here for some reason. Where are we?"

"I don't know," Ninten answered, tightening his fist. "But I bet we'll get some answers as to where we are. Let's take a look around."

Ana nodded, before the two started walking around the area. It was rather hot for a southern area, and the fact that Ana was wearing only winter clothing wasn't helping.

After about ten minutes, they only had found out that they were in a location known as Summers, a southern beach resort just south of Eagleland. But no one knew what they meant when they asked about 'America'.

"Ninten, can I go change?" Ana asked. "I feel like I'm overheating." Being a girl raised in the north, she was not used to the hotter climates of wherever Summers was.

Ninten nodded. "Let's just make it quick. We've gotta figure out how to get home and find Loid so we can get to the bottom of this."

Ana nodded, then quickly rushed inside a large building labeled Hotel de' la Summers with her backpack.

Ninten sighed and then leaned against a palm tree for shade. So much insanity has happened within the last couple of hours, could this get any worse?

His question would soon be answered as a large metallic orb crash landed on the beach. Ninten jumped at the sound, then turned to see the giant orb transforming into a giant, four legged walker. A small turret lowered out of the bottom before the mech lumbered off towards a large building that looked like a Parthenon. Ninten realized what was going on and rushed off towards the building as the mech crashed through the entrance.


"What do you mean you failed to catch that traitor?!" A fat man slammed his hands into the console of the communications center.

"King P, he got away," A Pigmask soldier had said. "And with that orb to boot. As of now, it could be anywhere along the timeline."

"Find it, now," the man growled. "And if you run into that renegade toy, make sure you break it, into a million, tiny irreparable pieces."

"Yes, my liege." The Pigmask said before cutting the transmission. The man gritted his teeth in anger. First his best toy rebelling against the empire, then losing one of the orbs throughout time, what more could go wrong this day?

"At least that alien sent a Death Walker to Summers to secure that orb." He said. "I wouldn't be surprised that that town is nothing but a smoldering crater by now. Speaking of that alien,let's check on his recovery, shall we?"


Soon the Sky Runner touched down onto the sandy beaches of Summers, and not a moment too soon that it did.

"Looks like we've got company!" Kumatora said, pointing at the hole in front of the museum. "And they may already be after the orb."

"Then let's get moving!" Ness said, hoping out of the ship. "Paula, Lucas, Kumatora, let's go!" And then the four took off inside the museum...

The four rushed inside to find a menacing sight: a gigantic mech, towering over them, smashing a glass case that contained the Red Melody Orb that they needed.

"Hey, Boltbrain!" Kumatora yelled. "Back off!" The mech stopped and swiveled around to see the three behind it. It stopped trying to grab the orb and switched to fighting the three.

"Kumatora, I don't know if you're trying to kill us, but if you have a plan, I'm all for it." Ness said, grabbing his bat.

"Get it distracted, my PK should be able to fry it." She said, a blue spark surrounding her hand.

Both Ness and Lucas nodded. Lucas took off for the foot, while Ness jumped up the leg of the mech and went for the main center. Lucas bashed his weapon over the leg of the mech, but it didn't even seem to scratch it. Ness ran up the leg and delivered a swift crack of his bat to the head of the mech, but that only seemed to dent it slightly. Ness gasped as the mech grabbed him and threw him off, slamming him into the wall at the side.

"Ness!" Lucas yelled as Ness slumped to the ground, unconscious.

"Keep it distracted Lucas!" Kumatora yelled to him. "It's not ready yet!"

"We can't just leave him hurt like that!" Lucas said. "We've gotta help him!"

"I'll take care of him!" A voice said. Lucas' eyes swiveled to see a boy that looked similar to Ness, although he had some differences to Ness. "You guys just stop that mech!"

Lucas nodded, then turned and ran up the side and bashed one of the turrets with his stick, breaking the turret off of the mech.

"Hey, you ok?" The boy said as he released a PSI Lifeup Gamma on Ness.

"Uh... yeah, now I am." Ness said, getting up. "Thanks..."

"No problem," The boy said, before another large crash was heard when Lucas bashed against the side of the mech. "We'll get the formalities out of the way later, let's get this thing taken down!"

Ness nodded, then rushed at the mech with a small red, yellow, and blue light at his hand. "PSI Rockin' Gamma!" Ness yelled before unleashing the psionic power on the mech. The lights bounced all over the mech before eventually it dispersed.

"Kid, I don't think fancy light shows are gonna phase it!" Kumatora yelled. "Let's try this! PK Thundaga Cannon!" She yelled, before releasing the beam of concentrated electricity onto the mech. The beam collided square with the front of the mech, knocking it backwards and digging into its armored plating a couple of inches. But the mech didn't seem to stop there, getting back up before firing off missiles at the four. They all barely managed to dodged to the side before Kumatora collapsed to her hands and knees.

"Kuma!" Lucas cried before rushing to her side. She was breathing very heavily.

"Eh, don't worry about it Luc'," Kumatora chuckled a bit. "Just exhausted my power, that's all."

"I-I don't think it's done!" Ness said as the gigantic mech started to get back up.

"Can't anything destroy this thing?!" The other boy said. The mech rerightened itself and aimed a large laser cannon at the four...

"PSI Laser OMEGA!" Cried a voice from behind them before a large red beam shot over their heads, colliding with the mech, tearing through the center of it. The mech collapsed, nonfunctional and completely destroyed. The four looked behind them to see a girl a bit younger than Paula, wearing a pink tank top with black shorts and a long-sleeve denim jacket. Her blonde hair was tied up into two ponytails, and she wore long white socks with red shoes, a red glow coming from her hand. Clearly from the look on her face, she was mad about something.

"I leave for five minutes and you already make a wreck of the town?" The girl said, agitated. "My god, Ninten, I thought you were better than that.."

"Hey, sorry," The boy, Ninten said. "We had a situation, and we needed to take care of it. Plain and simple."

The girl sighed. "Ok, fine." She said. "Who are your friends?"

"Oh!" Ninten said, before turning to Ness, Lucas, and Kumatora. "Didn't get the formalities out of the way. I'm Ninten."

"Ness," Ness said.

"I'm Lucas," Lucas said. "Nice to meet you."

"Name's Kumatora," Kumatora said.

"I'm Ana." The girl said. "Pleased to make your acquaintance."

"So, you're PSI users too?" Ness asked.

"Yeah," Ana replied. "I've had PSI for most of my life."

"So, what brings you guys to Summers?" Ness asked. "If it's a vacation, well, sorry if it was ruined."

"Nah, we're not here on vacation." Ninten said. "Clearly we're lost."

"We were on our way to meet up with our friend Loid at Marysville." Ana started. "Then there was a huge earthquake, and we wound up here."

"Earthquake..." Lucas said. "That sounds like the same thing that happened to us."

"This has gotta be something to with the giant landmasses falling out of the sky." Ness said. "And Lucas, you mentioned something about the orbs, right?"

"Yeah," Lucas said, pulling out the green Melody Orb. "My brother had attatched a message to this one and told both me and Kumatora that these need to be gathered in order to save the future."

"Save the future?" Ana asked. "Is something wrong with it?"

"He mentioned something about an alien tyrant and a fat pig." Kumatora said.

"I can only assume that the fat pig is Porky, but I have no clue who that alien tyrant is..." Lucas said.

"Giygas?" Both Ninten and Ness asked instinctively, before looking at eachother.

"Well, that's awkward..." Ana said.

"So what you're saying is both Giygas and Porky are now trying to get at us?" Paula asked after the three came back out with the crimson Melody Orb.

Ness nodded. "But what I don't understand is how? I'm certain we killed Giygas nearly a year ago..."

"Wait, you killed him?" Ninten asked. "I thought Ana and I sent that alien back to space."

"Wait, so you're saying you sent him back to space..." Jeff said. "Oh no, I fear that the worst has happened..."

"What?" Lucas asked. "Is something wrong?"

"Yes, something is wrong!" Jeff said. "Our time periods are colliding!"

"Wait, how?" Ana asked. "I thought peace should have been restored after you killed Giygas!"

"Well, whatever it is, we can't afford to waste any time." Kumatora said. "We're all from different timelines, but we're PK users with a common enemy. We need to find those orbs or otherwise our times are completely done for!"

"Ness, we should really get back to the lab." Jeff said. "If we can find the sender of the message attached to the first orb, we may be able to track it backwards and find the orbs easier."

Ness nodded. "Hope that Sky Runner's got enough room for these guys..."

With two orbs down, our heroes plan to rejoin back in Winters for a plan of attack on the dystopian future in hopes of retrieving answers and the locations of the Melody orbs they have left to find. But things are starting to get tense. Is Claus, Lucas's brother, alive in this dystopian time? And, if so, has he rebelled against the pig? What about Giygas?