Surprise One shot!

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Inspired by the song 'Your Touch' by Blake Lewis. I suggest listening to it.

Standing in the court yard of their high school Kanda blocked the only entrance back into the school, the bell had rung just as Kanda had gathered enough bravery to confront the boy, and he wasn't letting him go until he'd gotten his point across.

"KANDA! MOVE!" Allen yelled frustratedly, trying to dodge past the older male.

"Allen please just read it!"

Looking down at the paper Kanda had handed him at the beginning of lunch, he noticed the letters at the top.

'We belong together'


"PLEASE JUST- just read it all!" He said tears threatening to spill from his eyes.

Allen's eyes flickered over the paper, it was breaking his heart, how heartfelt the words were. How beautifully it was written. How clear his feelings were.

Allen looked up at the senior student.

"Is this the truth Kanda? You really feel like this?"

Without speaking Kanda dropped his bag to the floor and pulled out a deep red sketch book, some of the most beautiful and detailed hearts he'd ever seen drawn carefully onto the cardboard cover.

He thrusted it towards Allen, looking away as tears traveled down his cheeks.

Taking the book silently, Allen flipped it open to revel a beautiful sketch of himself.

The next page was of him too.

And the next.

And the next.

Allen was soon furiously flipping through the sketch book, every page an amazingly detailed drawn sketch of him.

"Ka-Kanda I... I don't know what to say I... their beautiful."

"L-last pa-page." Kanda choked out.

Looking down at the book, Allen carefully turned to the very last page in the book.

The entire page was a random mixture of his name and Kanda's.

'A + K = love'

'Kanda Walker'

'Allen Walker'

'Allen and Kanda forever'

'Allen Kanda'

'I love Allen'

All these words where thrown about the page covered it's every possible surface.

Some words in hearts, some not.

And in the biggest letters possible 'I LOVE ALLEN WALKER' sat boldly in the middle of the page.

Allen looked up at the crying boy astonished.

For a second their eyes locked both quiet as Allen studied him, Kanda closed his eyes and then the sound of the sketch book hitting the ground echoed around them.

He opened his eyes to face his rejection, but when he did the gorgeous gray orbs that could only be Allen's where right there, inches away.

And then Allen brushed his lips against Kanda's.

"I love you too Yuu."