So, I decided to start a new story and make it a crossover this time. I absolutely love Supernatural and the idea for this story popped into my head one day and I decided to write it. It does take place after the ninth season, so if you haven't watched the newest season yet, just beware that this contains spoilers, especially a rather large one. Anyways, now that I'm done with that, please enjoy this story.

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Chapter 1: Just what we need

"Dammit, the son of a bitch got away again!" the man practically yelled as he stomped up to stairs and flopped into one of the wooden chairs. "How the hell did he get away?"

"I have no idea Dean. I thought I knew what we were going up against, but apparently I didn't know everything," the other brother said as he joined Dean in a similar wooden chair across from him. "You shouldn't have attempted to use the First Blade Dean. It could have ended worse than it had."

Dean rubbed one of the wounds he had acquired on tonight's hunt, streaking the blood across his temple and into his hair. "It would have turned out worse if I hadn't, Sammy. I can handle it now."

"No you can't, Dean. Do you remember what happened to Caine when he used it to much? You've been barely able to handle your new abilities now, we don't need more problems," Sam said, leaning forwards and resting his arms on the table. "Give me back to Blade so you won't feel compelled to use it again."

"Fine, whatever. I'm too tired to argue over this right now," Dean growled, knowing he wouldn't win an argument against Sammy. He reached for the Blade that was strapped to his belt and threw it across the table to Sam. Sam wrapped the Blade in a cloth and stuck it in the pocket of the jacket he was wearing. Dean's eyes flashed black as the blade left his hand. "I'm gonna take a shower to get all this shit off of me and then go to bed. Wake me up if you find anything else about whatever the hell we're hunting."

As Dean moved to get up, Sam quickly stopped him by saying, "Wait, I managed to grab something from whatever that was tonight. It must have dropped it or something. I think that it's what it was using as a weapon."

Sam drew something out of his back pocket and tossed it in the center of the table so Dean was able to see it also. All it looked like was a long stick. It was battered and looked like it would break at any moment, but other than that it didn't look special at all. Dean picked it up and twirled it around in his hand.

"Are you sure this is what it was using as a weapon? All it is a stick, and a pretty shitty looking one at that," Dean said, flipping it in his hands. There was suddenly a crack and a purple beam shot out of the end of the stick, hitting a bookshelf and knocking it over. Dean yelped and threw the stick across the room, where it hit a wall and fell to the floor. "What the hell was that? I swear I didn't do anything!"

"Well, whatever that thing is, I don't think it's a normal stick," Sam said, cautiously walking towards the thrown stick.

"Sammy, what the hell are you doing? Didn't you just see what it did? Don't go grab it!" Dean exclaimed, reaching forwards to grab Sam to stop him from moving towards the stick, but Sam evaded him and continued to the stick. He bent and picked it up, examining it.

"Dean, don't tell me you're afraid of a stick. Look, it isn't doing anything," Sam said, holding the stick by what he assumed was the end of it and pointed it at Dean, who instinctively stepped to the side out of the way of the stick. Sam chuckled at him and Dean moved forwards, standing next to Sam. He leaned forwards and took a closer look at the stick. Suddenly, the tip of the stick started to glow. Both Sam and Dean felt a wave of sleepiness wash over them and before they knew it, darkness enveloped them.


Sirius and Remus were sitting at the kitchen table in Grimmauld Place. Remus sat across from Sirius, filling him in on what was going on in the outside world, seeing how Sirius was forbidden to leave Grimmuald. His mother's painting had been quiet all day, which made it a good day in everyone's book. Remus just got done talking when they both heard the flutter of wings and they instinctively looked around for an owl.

"What do you think that was?" Remus asked when he didn't see an owl around them. "It sounded like an owl, but I don't see one anywhere."
"I thought it was an owl too. I wonder what it was," Sirius replied, still looking around. Then, as if on cue, they heard a loud thump and both turned back to the table, falling off the chairs in surprise and reached for their wands. Laying on the table were two boys. One had short hair, looking about Harry's age and was dressed in a large leather jacket. The other boy, this one younger and with longer hair, was wearing a large flannel and jacket that enveloped his small frame.

"Where the hell did they come from?" Sirius exclaimed, pointing his wand at the two unconscious boys. "Remus, go get Molly."

Remus disappeared out the door to find her while Sirius stayed on watch, making sure neither boy tried anything. Sure they were kids, but you can't trust anyone these days, especially when You-Know-Who was back. Sirius heard noise outside the door and turned to see Remus walk back in, closely followed by a short red haired woman. When she saw the boys, she gasped.

"What in the world happened to them? Why are they covered in blood?" the woman asked, her voice full of concern. Sirius scoffed. Even when the children were complete strangers, Molly still cared for them like they were her own.

"We didn't do anything. The two of them just appeared on the table after we heard the flutter of wings," Remus said. "We have no idea who either of them are or why they're covered in blood."

"Well, whatever the reason is, we have to get their wounds taken care of and make them feel comfortable until they wake up," Molly said, walking towards the boys even after both Remus and Sirius tried to stop her. When she got close enough to see the boys more clearly, she noticed a piece of white paper sitting on the chest of the older boy. She picked it up and read it aloud: "I'm counting on you to watch over the moose and the squirrel. Just a warning, they will probably try to kill you when they wake up, but once they get that out of their systems, they'll be fine. Good luck!"

"What the hell is that about?" Sirius asked, reading the letter again over Molly's shoulder.

"I'm guessing that it is from whoever dropped them off here," Remus responded, looking at the boys again. That was when he noticed something else on the chest of the younger boy and he picked it up, holding the golden feather for the other two occupants of the house to see. "Why did they have a feather on them? It doesn't resemble any birds' feather that I've seen."

"One of you get ahold of Dumbledore and the rest of the Order as I take care of the boys. The other one of you help me," Molly ordered, setting the note to the side as she turned her attention back to the two children still on the table. Remus made a move to help her, grabbing ahold of the younger boy beneath the arms to pull him up when something fell from his pocket. Carefully setting the boy back down, Remus stooped down the pick up the mystery object wrapped in a cloth. Curious, he unwrapped it and gasped when he saw what it was.

"What do you have there, Remus?" Sirius asked, seeing his surprise. Remus passed the object over to Sirius so he and Molly could see it. Sitting in the white piece of cloth was some sort of half a jaw, sharpened on the underneath to be used as a weapon. Sirius sat the thing down on the table and checked for other weapons. He found some sort of muggle weapon on both boys that he recognized as guns, and another knife on the younger boy. Molly stared at the collection of weapons in surprise.

"Why in the world would boys their age have so many weapons?" Molly asked in surprise, sounding slightly sad. "They shouldn't have them."

"You-Know-Who is back. Maybe they have them because of him," Sirius suggested.

"They're muggle weapons, which most likely means that both boys are muggles also and don't know about You-Know-Who," Remus said, staring at the two boys, still unconscious on the table.

"I don't care to find out now. First thing's first, help me get them to another room. FRED, GEORGE! GET OUT OF HERE!" Molly yelled as two twin sons popped into the room. It was obvious when they saw the boys on the table, but their fear of their angry mother overpowered it and they Apparated out of the room with a loud pop. "Those boys."

Remus quickly went to help Molly before they had any other trouble.


"So, there's two unconscious boys laying on the kitchen table down stairs," Fred and George said together as the Apparated into the room where Ron and Hermione were. Ron yelped in surprise and fell out of his seat while Hermione almost followed suit, only managing to catch the table in time.

"What the bloody hell are you doing? I swear you're going to give me a bloody heart attack one of these days!" Ron said, still sitting on the ground and clutching his chest, trying to calm his heart. "Wait, what about two unconscious people in the kitchen?"

"We just popped down into the kitchen so get some food-," one of the twins started.

"-and we saw two boys down there before mum kicked us out," the other one finished. "We think it's time to come up with a plan."

"Do you guys really think that's a good idea? I mean, there is probably a reason why Mrs. Weasley didn't want you down there."

"Yeah, probably," Fred said, soon joined by George, "but what fun is it to not know? So, what do you say, little brother? Are you in?"

"Of course I am," Ron said and when he saw the look Hermione was giving him, he sighed. "Come one, 'Mione, don't tell me that you aren't bored either. You already read practically every book in the library."

Hermione thought for a moment before finally saying, "Fine, but if we get caught, I'm blaming you. I'll go get Ginny,"

"Awesome!" the twins exclaimed together. "Time to break out the Ear!"


The first thing that Dean noticed when he awoke was that he was on a soft bed. Which wasn't right at all. Last he remembered, he passed out on a hard floor. Realizing this, Dean's instinct flared to life and he sat straight up, fully awake now. Looking around, he noticed that he was in an unfamiliar room. It was dirty and dusty, with two closets and a door that he assumed lead out of the room. A broken dresser was pushed up against the wall with a dusty mirror next to it. There was a bed next to him, which he saw Sammy laying on, curled up in the blankets. Dean got off his bed, feeling the cold wood floors under his feet as he walked towards Sammy. As he got close enough to finally see Sam's face, he gasped in surprise. Sam looked like he went through a time machine, sending him back to his thirteen year old body. Suddenly realizing something, Dean ran over to the mirror and wiped a section of dirty off it with the sleeve of the black shirt he had on that wasn't his. Staring back at him was a fifteen year old version of himself. Not believing what he saw, Dean quickly ran back over to Sammy, shaking him awake.

"Dean, leave me alone. I don't care what it is, just tell me when I'm awake," Sam mumbled, burying deeper into the blankets.

"Sure, I can wait, but I think you want to know why you're about to go through puberty again," Dean said, crossing his arms and smirking.

"Wait, what?" This caught Sam's attention and he quickly sat up, staring at Dean with wide eyes. "Why do you look fifteen? And why are you smiling?"

"Take a look in the mirror, bitch. You'll love it," Dean said, still smirking. He couldn't wait to see Sammy's reaction."

"Jerk," Sam replied and got up to go to the mirror. He looked around at the room also in confusion. When he finally looked into the mirror, he gasped in surprise and stumbled back from it. "What the hell happened?"

"How should I know? Last I remember was you holding the stick and then we blacked out. I don't even know where we are," Dean said. Dean suddenly thought of something and yanked the collar of his shirt down and saw that the anti-possession (which was pretty much useless now) was still there. He did the same check with the hand scar that Castiel had left, which was also still there. "It looks like we still have the scars and everything, however that works."

"Yeah, we still do," Sam said, after he checked his anti-possession tattoo and the scar on his hand also. "We also don't have our weapons. I'm guessing whoever put us here have them."

"Son of a bitch!" Dean swore, angry. "We need to get them back. Ruby's knife and the Blade are the only things that kill demons. Come here and help me find something to use as a weapon."
Together, the two brothers looked around the whole room for something to use as weapons. Dean suggested that they just break the mirror and use the shards of glass, but Sam quickly shot the idea down, saying that it was stupid and they would probably hurt themselves instead of the enemy. Dean just replied with 'Bitch' and Sam chuckled and said 'Jerk'. They finally found suitable weapons. Dean broke off the metal bars that held up the cloths in the closets and passed one to Sam. Armed with the metal poles, the brothers snuck over to the door and pressed their ears against it do listen to any sounds of people outside. When neither of them heard anything, Dean slowly opened the door, making it creak loudly. Poking his head out into the hallway, he saw it was completely deserted and snuck out, Sam close behind him. They stayed low to the ground as they slowly made their way towards where they saw the stairs. The stairs creaked under them, but after years of hunting, both men were able to make the stairs quiet when they were just a few steps down. About halfway down, Dean motioned for Sam to stop when they heard voices.

"So they just 'appeared'?" a man's voice asked.

"Yes. Sirius and I were just sitting at the table talking when we heard the sound of wings and them the boys were on the table," another man said, but his voice sounded more tired than the first voice.

"They could have been Death Eaters! Why didn't you question them right when you saw them?" a deeper, angrier voice of a man demanded. "Remember, constant vigilance!"

"Moody! They are children! They are not Death Eaters and I will not let you treat them as such," the warm voice of a woman said the deep voiced man.

"You can't know for sure. I say we use veritaserum," the deep voiced man said.

"Moody, trust Molly. We checked for the Death Mark on both boys and neither of them had it. All they had were some scars and a weird tattoo on their chests, which, don't worry Moody, we already checked them out and the tattoos don't seem to mean anything," a new voice said, this one a man also.

"It doesn't matter! With You-Know-Who back, no one who isn't in the Order can't be trusted," Deep-voice man, Moody, said again.

"They are children, just as Molly said, Moody, not to mention that one looks the same age as Harry, Ron, and Hermione, and the other one looks even younger than that," the voice from an older woman said.

"You-Know-Who has children in his leagues, it doesn't matter whether they have the Mark or not," Moody angrily said. Damn, Dean thought, that guy really doesn't like us.

"They aren't even wizards, Moody," the tired sounding man said, finally speaking again. "The weapons they had on them were obviously muggle made, except for the weird jaw knife thing that the younger boy had on him. We still don't know what it is, but given everything we know, both boys are muggle."

Dean looked back at Sam and mouthed 'What the hell does muggle mean?' Sam shrugged his shoulders and both boys turned their attention back at to the conversation below them. It sounded like Moody was about to disagree once more, but the older woman interrupted him, "I think we wait for Dumbledore to come and see what he thinks."

"I agree with Minerva," the tired sounding man said. "Dumbledore in the leader of the Order and knows what's best."

"Fine," Moody said, huffing in angry.

Sam and Dean heard movement downstairs and decided that it was time to make their move. Clutching the poles in their hands, they snuck quietly down the stairs, careful not to alert any of the people in the room below them of their presence. The brothers were surprised when they got to the bottom of the stairs and saw the people in the room. They were all crowded around a table, but that wasn't the weirdest thing. All the people were dressed in weird clothes, and if Sam and Dean were saying that they were weird, then they were. No one in the room had noticed that yet, but Dean was about to change that. After making sure Sam was ready, Dean stepped forwards.

"Y'know, it isn't very good manners to talk about people behind their backs," Dean said, his voice loud. The people in the room turned and looked at them in surprise. "The two of us don't really appreciate in either. Now, if you don't mind, I want to know where the hell we are."

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