A/N: I wrote this ages ago. Just a drabble, written from Loki's 1st person POV. I figured that I might as well upload it in case anyone out there likes it *shrugs*

My brother, Thor, is honest. Never have I heard an untrue word or an insincere thought pass through his lips. He never lies, and he never steals, and he never cheats. These are not qualities that come naturally to him, as they do to me. Indeed, they do not come at all. It is as if he is utterly incapable of deceit.

In keeping consistent with his nature, Thor always assumes that he in turn is being told the truth. It fails to cross his mind, even when dealing with me, his brother, whom he knows to be full of trickery, that the words of another could be less honest than his own words.

Thor is easy to fool. He makes it no challenge. I know that I should laugh at his naivety, that I should rejoice in how simple it is to deceive him, and yet… I do not.

Now, do not mistake me, I have laughed with my brother over many a prank, and have rejoiced in the affectionate roll of his eyes when I use my magic for mischief. It is the true deceptions that give me no pleasure. It is gazing into his trusting eyes and feeding him a lie, one I know he will swallow, as he always does, that burns my heart.

Why is this so? Why can I not simply use my brother's shortcoming to my full advantage? Why do I not smile when I see him accept my words, despite their false nature?

For no one else is this true. Only Thor can cause my stomach to twist and my chest to ache with guilt and pain. In any other, I take pleasure from their fear and unhappiness, I enjoy how it feels to know that for once I am better, that I have won. But not with my brother. It gives me no satisfaction to see his saddened eyes. I do not feel superior to him even when I have won. I somehow feel that I am less.

Why does he make me wish I were not what I am?