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Wide vivid green eyes stared in disbelief as the now legless Titan fell to the ground with a groan, shaking the forest floor beneath them, yet he couldn't rip his gaze away from the graceful figure that landed only feet away from him.

Eren stiffened when dazzling sky-blue eyes turned to look at him and he couldn't help but to gape when she absolutely beamed upon seeing him. She began to talk quickly to him in an excited voice and it honestly shocked him even more.

She was talking to him in a foreign language – one that sounded very similar to the one that Mikasa used to speak a long time ago.

'What was it?' He furrowed his brows, trying to recall the name of the extinct language, 'Ja-something...' It frustrated him that he could not remember the name, but he pushed it out of his mind for now, "I-I'm sorry, I don't understand." He finally spoke.

The girl blinked, flushing slightly as she sent him a sheepish smile, "I'm sorry," She said in English and he was relieved, "I was just so excited to see another person."

Kagome observed the boy she had just saved, noting that he possessed European features and beautiful green eyes that reminded her of a certain beloved fox. He seemed stunned at her words and she smiled warmly at him, "Do you mind if I ask you a few questions?"

Eren stared for a moment until he slowly nodded, still utterly shocked that this small girl had taken down a Titan so easily with that strange single blade of hers.

And without 3D Manoeuvre Gear at that.

"What year is it?" Kagome asked curiously, "And what country is this?" She watched intently at his reaction, which seemed rather stupefied.

"It's the year 850," Eren slowly answered, noting that her eyes widened, "And what do you mean 'country'?" He asked, vaguely recalling from Armin's book that the lands used to be divided by borders before the Titans came to be.

'850?' Kagome slightly frowned, 'So that means I've travelled almost 1200 years in the past from my original time?' She glanced back at the writhing monster behind her, "What is that thing?" She asked.

Eren's jaw fell open, "A-are you serious?!" A human who didn't know of the existence of Titans!? Was that even possible!? "They are the Titans! They have devoured most of the humans! They are monsters!"

'Titans?' Kagome pondered, 'As in the Greek mythology?' She let out a silent breath, 'Does that mean I'm in Greece?' The thought, however, was vague.

Eren could only stare in disbelief once again, blinking when the Titan behind the girl had managed to flip itself on its stomach, reaching out with its sick grin for her and it was then he noticed something very important, 'Wait a minute!' It felt like the breath had been forcibly been knocked out of him, 'Why hasn't its legs regenerated yet!?'

Kagome sighed, turning around as she walked towards the rather ugly creature. It attempted to grab her, yet flinched away just inches from her person. She stopped before it, staring down at the pathetic creature as she raised her sword over her shoulder, "Sorry." She murmured, slicing downwards through the thick skin of its neck.

'What the fuck!?' Eren's legs shook as the Titan let out a groan before dissolving into a pile of glittering ash, 'WHAT THE FUCK!?' His entire body began to tremble as the girl turned back to him with a concerned look.

What the hell was she?!