Home Is Where The Girl Is

Chapter 18

Title: Inhale

It wasn't long until the early morning started out just as it had with Jenny a few weeks earlier. Enthralled by the woman at her side, Madame Vastra was unable to sleep. Starring at the bare skin that was snuggled next to her, the reptilian peeled away from the fleshy body. Putting just a few inches between them, the lizard woman propped herself up on one elbow and watched in amazement as the morning's glow slowly took over the room, the bed and then her lover's nude form.

Without warning, one of Jenny's hands shielded her eyes from the wide beam of light entering Vastra's bedchamber through a slit in the curtain. Her shoulders and one thigh poked out from under the crimson red duvet. Taken by the sheer essence of the naked woman lying before her, the ancient warrior greedily removed the comforter until the former match girl's entire body was exposed to the sun light.

Fearing the dark hair beauty would awaken too soon, the Silurian remained absolutely still until the human settled again. Thankfully, the willing servant only released a sensual moan of displeasure before burying her eyes under the closest pillow. Unable to contain her building desire, yet again, Vastra allowed her piercing blue eyes to continue to scan the maiden's newly exposed flesh.

The natural light wrapped the girl like a scandalously dressed woman you would read about in those nickel magazines that circulated the lower streets of London. The prestigious Victorian's fingers hovered just above the nude form as they followed her line of site. The flowed and crawled over every curve and dip of the exquisite body before her. The matriarch had to use a warrior's technique of controlling her breathing preventing her labored breathes from revealing her intentions.

At first, she studied the shadows around Jenny's neck. The investigator's stare strayed from time to time as she absorbed the lover before her; never skipping the best parts, in her opinion. Her eyes followed the arches of the human's shoulder down to the petite hand which was resting on the svelte stomach. Tight and firm, Vastra mused at the muscular tummy. "I am responsible for that."

It did not take long for her gaze to drift down the stomach to the curvature of the maid's hips. Absentmindedly Vastra reached out to caress the bare skin, but was able to stop herself before making actual contact. She wanted to wait to caress the lovely skin for later when she could torture her companion equally with the seductive touching.

The wishful hand hovered inches above their subject of interest and to her surprise Jenny's leg lurched upward as if the ancient warrior had in fact stroked it. Releasing a soft moan, the matriarch's attention was ripped away from the small patch of hair that covered the maiden's sensual area. At first, the small lawn proved difficult for the hairless reptilian to adjust to – however since those first encounters, the lizard had come to love threading her long nimble fingers through the unusually soft bush. The Victorian loved the way it felt and how it seemed to capture Jenny's exotic smell within it.

Another deep sigh tore the Silurian's attention back to the maiden's chest. Hypnotized for a few seconds by her lungs expanding and contracting, it was what lay upon the girl's chest that really kept her attention. Roughly the size of large apples, blue eyes grew as big as saucers, as they gazed intently at the well rounded mounds.

Memorized by the absolutely beautiful and soft breasts, the matriarch was utterly captivated for several minutes. Sucking on her bottom lip, Madame Vastra briefly imaged how utterly tantalizing it would be to take them in her mouth; one by one. The bright pink nipples had long been erect from the warm summer sun; especially since the lizard woman had removed the covers.

Combined with the not so faint scent of a sex filled the room, the Silurian thought of how badly she wanted them at that very moment. However as the Victorian's gaze rose to the soft cheeks of her sleeping lover, Vastra began to realize that it was not her lust or desire a lone that had her full and undivided attention. If it had been, she would have ravaged the poor girl some time ago. The blue dilated pupils floated over the closed eyes, pausing on Jenny's cute button of a nose and then finally resting upon her lips.

It was here that the ancient warrior knew she was dangerous territory for her. Those soft and tender lips stole the matriarch's breath more times than she could remember. Focusing on them solely, the matriarch did not realize that her own free hand had begun caressing her own lips. As her nimble fingers dragged seductively across her bottom lip, in the manner in which Jenny's lips had done hours before, the Victorian soon found that no warrior technique offered serenity at this point as she suddenly found herself panting rather heavily.

Madame Vastra had become suddenly aware exactly how badly she desired the former match girl. Unable to image what life would be like without her, the ancient warrior was just about to allow her passion to consume her when a sudden shriek sliced through the air like a knife through butter.

"Are yew goin'to kiss me or what?"