Title : Dragon's Heart, Griffin's Mind

Summary : Harry goes to Hogwarts to follow a special training and learn more about his past.

Disclaimer : Harry Potter Rocks, but is isn't mine. The plot is mine, all the rest belongs to J. K. Rowling.


Dragon's Heart, Griffin's Mind : Chapter 01

Harry Potter had only been home a week and already he wanted to go leave. It's not that his family was nasty to him. Well, no more than the usual, anyway.

Harry Potter was not an ordinary boy. Physically, he was quite short and skinny, with raven-black hair that couldn't be tamed, and bright, emerald-green eyes. On his forehead was a lightning-bolt shaped scar. And this was probably what was the strangest thing about Harry.

Harry was a wizard, as were both his parents. When he was one year old, a very evil dark wizard, called Voldemort, came to where Harry was living and killed his parents. He then tried to kill Harry, but the spell rebounded on Voldemort, stripping him of his body and magical powers. Harry had then gone to live with his uncle and aunt, as well as his cousin. They were muggles, people with no magical powers, and they hated with a passion everything that was even remotely to do with magic.

Because of this, Harry had spent most of his childhood sleeping in a cupboard under the stairs. But that had changed when he had recieved a letter from Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. There, he made friends, and has had a lot of adventures. And whilst he stayed there during the school year, he was forced to return to stay with his family during the summer holidays.

So there he was, slaving away working in the garden as his aunt Petunia had told him. His fat-as-a-whale cousin, Dudley, was sitting in front of the telly watching one of his 392 favourite television programs on the new TV Vernon had bought when Dudley had thrown a temper tantrum. His uncle had gone to work, and his aunt was cooking in the kitchen. This left Harry relative peace as he worked. After having cut the grass, he was busy weeding the flowers that ran along the fence. He had already painted the fence (twice), cut the grass (once), weeded (once), and had been forced to help his aunt arrange the rocks in the garden.

He didn't really mind all that much. His cousin was no longer on that ghastly diet of his, so they were all eating normally now. Harry even managed to have proper helpings most of the time. At they left him alone in the evenings, so he managed to carry on his homework. He still managed to keep his personnel objects in his room, as the threat of Sirius coming round to hex them all still worked. He had already finished his charms essay and his transfiguration essay ('Name and describe 3 different inanimate to animate object spells'). Strangly, he was starting to find his transfiguration lessons rather easy. He wasn't rubbish in transfiguration, but he nadn't been brilliant either. Charms, also, seemed to be coming easier to him, but it wasn't as noticable as transfiguraion.

At 6 o'clock, he had finished in the garden, although his aunt would probably find many mistakes and make him undo everything he had already done. He entered the house, took a quick shower, and was washed and dried in time to eat dinner. He was ravenous, and managed to eat a relatively hearty meal before his cousin wolfed everything down.

After dinner, Harry went up to his room to carry on his homework. He was feeling guilty about what happened att the end of the third task of last years tri-wizard tournament, and had sworn to work hard and learn the most he could so that he wouldn't be as weak any longer. He was going to start his potions essay (' Give 4 different transformation potions and their uses'). He sat at his desk and prepared the parchment and ink. He was about to start reading from his potions book when he heard a light knocking at his window. Looking over, he saw a dark brown owl. Harry rushed over and opening the window, allowing the owl to enter, drop the letter on Harry's bed, and fly back out of the window. It was still relatively light outside, letting Harry watch the owl in flight for a little while before turning to the letter. Opening it, he read :

Dear mr Potter,

I hope your return to your family was uneventful.

I know that you are looking forward to going to mr Weasleys house during the summer holidays. This will, unfortunately be impossible as you will have to return to Hogwarts. Remus and Snuffles will pass by Tuesday morning (Crikey, that's tomorrow' Harry thought) at 9 o' clock to pick you up and bring you here. The reason for your return will be explained at that time.

See you soon,

Yours truly,

Albus Dumbledore

(Headmaster of Hogwarts, ordre of Merlin first class, supreme mugwump)

Wow, I wonder why I have to go back already' Harry wondered. Returning to his desk, he wrote a quick note to Ron and one to Hermione, explaining where he would be spending the holidays. Hegwig was on a perch next to the desk. Harry tied the letters to her leg as she patiently waited. "Now, after you have delivered these letters, I'll meet you at Hogwarts. Okay, girl ?" Hegwig gave a small hoot in reply, before flying off into the fading light, leaving Harry to pack all his belongings …


Harry was packed and rearing to go. He had brushed his teeth and was dressed by 8. Coming down the stairs, he was greeted, although that may be too strong a word, by the rest of his family. He was actually completely ignored, but it was better than being insulted. Dudley was, by Harry's guess, trying to break the record for having the most sausages in your mouth at the same time, while Vernon was reading the newspaper and Petunia was nibbling on a buttered piece of toast.

Harry calmly sat down and helped himself to a normal meal. Petunia didn't say anything, but glared at Harry as he ate.

Vernon eventually put his paper down and look at Harry. "Okay, boy, I've got your list of todays chores."

"I won't be able to do them uncle. I'm leaving soon."

"Oh. And where are you going ? Over to one of your freak friends ?" Dudley sniggered at his fathers remark.

"No actually. A teacher is coming over to bring me back to the school."

"In trouble before school starts, eh ?"

"No. I wasn't explained why I would be going back."

"Humph. And when will they arrive, these … people ?" Vernon all but spat. Harry resisted the urge to roll his eyes at his uncles words.

"They'll be here at 9 o' clock, in half an hour."

"Well good ridance. Why can't you stay there every summer holiday."

'Like I want to come back at all' Harry thought. "I don't know uncle."

They didn't say much after that. Harry finished his plate and rinsed his plate before putting it in the washing machine. 9 o' clock came, when the door bell rang. Harry ran to the door and opened it to see the face of Remus Lupin, ex-Hogwarts DADA teacher.

"Good morning Harry."

"Hello professor."

"Quit with the professor, already. I'm no longer a teahcer. Remus is fine."

"Ok. Hello Snuffles."

Snuffles, which was really Sirius – Harry's godfather, convected-yet-innocent murderer and prizon escapee – gave a joyous bark.

"Erm, Remus, how will we be going back ?"

"By portkey. I know you're not fond of them, but it's the easiest way to go. We'll arrive in Hogsmead, and walk to the castle from there."

"Okay. I'll just let them know that we're off."

Harry went to tell his aunt, who just muttered a "good ridance" under her breath. Harry, Remus and Sirius all went up to Harry's room. All three placed a hand/paw on the boot/portkey, Harry holding tightly onto his belongings, while Remus muttered a small incantation. They felt the familiar tug-behind-the-navel sensation as they left Harry's room behind …


Harry had placed his belongings in the Gryffindor commonroom for now. There was no password for the fat lady, since school term had just finished and not yet restarted. Harry had wanted to speak to Hagrid, but the gentle half-giant wasn't there, and no one could tell Harry where he had gone off to. Remus and Sirius were having a private meeting with Dumbledore, Mcgonogal, Snape, Flitwick and Charlie Weasley. Harry wondered what Charlie was doing here. Not that he was angry to see him or anything, just curious.

Instead, Harry had taken to wondering around the school. The past week of absence was one week too much, as far as Harry was concerned. He hadn't gone to the library yet, but swore he would go within the week. And since he was at Hogwarts, he surely wouldn't get into trouble if he used magic during the holidays.

At lunchtime, Harry had gone to the great Hall. It was a strange feeling, being the only person eating there. Harry was half-tempted to go sit in Dumbledores chair, but he was more comfortable being at the Gryffindor table. He had just finished lunch when Dumbledore entered, along with Mcgonogal and Charlie. They went to Harry.

"Hello Harry. I'm happy to see that you weren't too bored during the meeting. I asume you kept yourself occupied."

"Yes, sir."

"Good. Now, you probably are wondering why you came back early, no ?"

"Yes, sir."

"The answer is simple. We are living in difficult times Harry, you even more so." Harry bowed his head as he guiltly remembered Cedric Diggory. Guilt washed over him. "Harry, you must know that what has happened, what is happening and what will happen is in no way of your doing. Voldemort (Mcgonogal and Charlie flinched) is the only person responsable. Okay ?" Brief nod. "Good. Now, the best way to react is to prepare. That is why you will be recieving a special training here at Hogwarts." Harry looked up at this, surprise written on his face. "You will, at first, be concentrating on transfiguration, charms, and magical creatures, which will be taught respectively by professors Mcgonogal, Flitwick and Charles Weasley. I will give you your schedule tomorrow morning. Any books or other equipement you will require will be provided for you."

All through Dumbledores explainations, Harry just stood there, gobsmacked. HE was going to be specially trained. Why him ? Was it because of Voldemort ?

"Erm, sir, is this because of, you know, … ?"

"Voldemorts return is only part of the reason. The other part will be explained shortly. Now, I suggest you spend some time with Remus and Sirius. Tomorrow will be tiring, I'm sure. They are waiting for you in the Gryffindor commonroom."

"Yes professor." Harry ran out to meet his godfather and friend.

Watching him leave, Charlie asked, "Are you sure he should know so soon, professor ?"

"I'm sure. He should learn a bit more before he knows what will befall him. You will start by teaching him about Gryffins, before moving onto dragons. I know you would like to start with dragons, but we are slightly pushed for time."

"I understand professor."

"And Minerva, you will be teaching the theory of how to become an animagus. He has to understand the concepts, as well as what happens after the first transformation."

"Yes professor."

"Good. Now, if you will excuse me, I have some other business to attend to." With that, Dumbledore left the great hall, while Charlie and Minerva went their seperate ways.


And so Harry's training began. Harry saw, accoring to his schedule, that the month of July would include Magical Creatures with none other than Charlie, Transfiguraion with Mcgonogal, Charms with Flitwick and DADA with Sirius and Remus. Harry was amazed that all his lessons seemed to be coming almost naturally to him now, even the more advanced curses and counter-curses from Remus and Sirius.

His favourite was Magical creatures. Not only was Charlie a great teacher, with a good sense of humour, but he also knew his subject well and would teach it in an interesting way. He had started by teaching about Griffins, explaining their physical and magical characteristics, their habitats and way of living, and many other things. Next came dragons. He taught about the main types, their abilities, as well as the properties of different dragon body parts. There was so much to learn that is was almost the end of July till they finished just 2 animals.

Transfiguration was too much theory for Harry's liking. He had had to review different transformation spells, and was learning the theory about becoming an animagus, although he was told not to attempt any kind of self transformation for now.

Charms was okay. Harry was learning more practical spells and charms, such as the conjuring charm and the like. But his favourite was DADA. Sirius and Remus worked great together as a team, almost communicating by mind-reading with each other. Harry was learnt more than a few useful dueling charms, such as the freezing charm, some fire spells, the counter curses for several painful hexes (learning the hexes at the same time) and 2 different shields. So far.

There was still 2 days to go before Harry's birthday when Dumbledore called harry up to his office. Harry went up with Sirius, Remus and Charlie and were all soon seated in front of Dumbledore's desk.

"How's your training going, Harry ?"

"Very well thanks, professor."

"Not finding it too hard, are you ?"

"Not really sir. Is there a special reason for that ?"

"There is actually. And now is the time to tell you." Dumbledore paused and stared of into space for a moment, gathering his thoughts. "You know what an animagus is, don't you Harry ?"

"Yes sir. It's a person who can change his shape to become an animal. Some more powerful wizards can also turn into a magical creature, as opposed to most who turn into non-magical."

"Good. You also know some people have involontary transformations ?"

"Yes sir, like …" with a slight glance at Remus, "like werewolves sir, who change into a large wolf every full moon."

"Very good. I see that nothing is wasted on you. Now, do you know whan a Humanigus is ?"

"Er, no, sir. What is it ?"

"Every so often, a creature with magical powers can turn themselves into a human. They are extremely rare, however, and powerful. None have been recorded in over 800 years. And it's not just mythical creatures that can have this ability. Some non-mythical, but nevertheless magical, creatures, have been recorded."

Harry wasn't the only one who was amazed at what he was hearing. Sirius was also gaping, and Charlie was listening intently to whatever Dumbledore was going to say. Remus did seem surprised, but not overly so. "But, sir, what does this have to do with me ?"

"You, Harry, are the descendant of 2 Humaniguses, a griffin from your fathers side and a dragon from your mothers …"


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