As a side-project I made a soundtrack to this fanfic. Half the scenes I could easily feel a theme associated and decided to go ahead and assign every chapter a theme. Some themes go along better than others, but all the songs are from the Assassin's Creed franchise. I used songs from every soundtrack. If you have any questions, let me know. I spent a lot of thought and work on it, so I hope you guys like it. If you disagree or have no interest in this, then ignore it. I just did this for fun and for the heck of it.

Key: scene/theme (chapter it is used in) – franchise song

Main theme – Aphelion

The Purge (Chapter 1) – Ratonhnhaké:ton

The Death of a Brotherhood (Chapter 2) – Prosperity and Decay

Lost Will (Chapter 3) – No Hope

Haytham Kenway (Chapter 4) – Welcome to Boston

Templars (Chapter 5) – A Speck of Dust

Escape (Chapter 6) – Escape In Style

William de Saint-Prix (Chapter 6) – I'll Be With You

Flight Through New York (Chapter 7) – Patriot Messengers

Clash of Ideals (Chapter 8) – Rather Death Than Slavery

Selah VS Haytham (Chapter 8) – Prepare to Board

Kenway Manor (Chapter 9) – Homestead

Change Is Never Easy (Chapter 10) – Cityscape

Robert and Selah (Chapter 11) – Florence Tarantella

Making Amends (Chapter 12) - Versailles for Sore Eyes

Uncaged Bird (Chapter 13) – Fight or Flight

Colonial Life (Chapter 13) – Beer and Friends

Corporal Matthew Mallow (Chapter 14) – A Bitter Truth

Quincent (Chapter 14) – Freedom Fighter

Selah VS Eleanor (Chapter 15) – Trouble In Town

The Raid (Chapter 16) – Prelude to a Storm

Haytham and Selah (Chapter 17) – On Father's Watch

Shay Cormac (Chapter 18) – From the Shadows

The Morrigan (Chapter 19) – A Pirate's Life

Naval Battle (Chapter 20) – Dangerous Waters

Bar Fight (Chapter 21) – Fight Club

Shay and Selah (Chapter 22) – Echo of the Roman Ruins

Attack on the Camp (Chapter 23) – The Guardian

Nightmares of the Past (Chapter 24) – Nightmares

Attack on the Assassins (Chapter 25) – Fight the Tyranny

Stalking Shay (Chapter 26) – Stay Low

Shay and Selah VS Redcoats (Chapter 26) – Run, Shay! Run!

Welcome to the Caribbean (Chapter 27) – Black Flag Main Theme

Spaniard Party (Chapter 28) – Alemanda in F# Minor

Under Attack (Chapter 29) – Conqueror

Promises (Chapter 30) – The Hard Cell

Ambush (Chapter 31) – The Order and the Creed

The Assassins (Chapter 32) – The Home of the Brotherhood

Hallucinations (Chapter 33) – Maysaf in Danger

Shay VS Babtunde (Chapter 34) – Wild Instincts

Babatunde's Death (Chapter 34) – Farewell

Decision (Chapter 35) – Enough For One Life

Final Battle (Chapter 36) – The Brotherhood Escapes

Mentor's Death (Chapter 36) – Of Life and Death

Epilogue – Ezio's Family/Aphelion