Harry Potter needs time away from the Wizarding World and ops out of returning to Hogwarts after the war to get a muggle education.

Harry Potter/ Iron Man 1,2 and 3/Avengers Movie crossover

Harry Potter/Tony Stark Slash

It had been 18 months since the war ended and Harry Potter defeated the dark wizard Voldemort. Everyone in the Wizarding World spent the first few months on edge, always looking behind them, not truly believing the Dark Lord was gone, but that slowly changed. The community started rebuilding, and now finally everything was getting back to normal.

With the whole Weasley family helping with the rebuild of Hogwarts School the Golden Trio had decided to move into Gimmauld Place. Harry, Ron and Hermione then spent their nights fixing the old house, modernizing it and placing new wards. With the help of Kreacher, the goblins, and Harrys' Gringott Vaults, the old house had started to become livable again and was practically a new home. The only item that reminded anyone of the old headquarters was the portrait of Mrs. Black, even goblin magic could not remove it.

It had been the last year or so that Hermione had been worried for her friend Harry. At first she thought it was the war, he needed time to adjust but when a month after the war had ended he had told her he was seeing a mind healer so she let it go. It was five months after that that Harry would leave Grimmauld for hours at a time without a word that her worry truly started.

The trio had decided to return to Hogwarts to finish their 7th year once the school reopened, now that day had final come. Hermione had got early so she could talk to Harry before leaving for the train to Hogwarts, wanting to clear the air, she wanted to make sure her friend was okay before leaving. As no one had really seen Harry in the last 18 months she know platform would be swamp with reports and students wanting to see him.

When she enter the kitchen she didn't get her usual morning greeting of the smell of pancakes, eggs and bacon and Harry. Instead she was greeted with letter laying on the table.

Hermione quickly pick it up, she read it twice before calling for Ron,

"Ron, get down here." Hermione shouted for the kitchen of number 12 Grimmauld Place. Ron slowly made his way downstairs still half asleep.

"What's up?" Ron grumbled as he entered the kitchen, he's head still in the comfortable bed upstairs.

"What happened? What's wrong 'Mione?" Now that Ron had gotten a good look at Hermione, he was wide-awake and very worried.

"He's gone," Hermione said in barely a whisper.

"I know he was up to something but not in a million years…, Harry's gone Ron." With that Hermione handed Ron the letter she had found on the kitchen table and began to crying.

Ron, Hermione,

I'm sorry I'm writing this in a letter and not saying it to your faces but you know me, I'm no good at goodbyes.

First I want you guy to know that you're the best friends I could ever ask for and I love you two so much. You are my family and that will never change no matter where I am.

I know we were talking about going to Hogwarts and getting our NEWTS but I can't do it, I can't even bare to think about going back to Hogwarts. So for the last year, all that sneaking away after the war was because I was studying for my SAT'S, that's a muggle thing Ron, Hermione will explain it to you I'm sure. Anyway, I got a 2350 'Mione, I know, unbelievable right?!

Anyway, you know that fascination I have with muggle Science and Engineering?

I got into M.I.T, I'm going to be studying Nuclear Science & Engineering and Physics.

I promise I'll write as much as I can and I'll be back for Christmas, but I have to do this. Not only is it something I know I'm going to love doing but I think it'll give me the time I need away from the Wizarding public, The Daily Prophet and hopefully come to terms with my sexuality as well.

Ron, tell your family I'm sorry for not saying bye and that I love them, and tell Ginny that I'm sorry for everything. I mean it, she means so much to me and I hate that I've hurt her.

I've got to go now. My flight leaves soon.

I miss you both already.

I'll write soon.



Ron was silent, looking at the letter in hands. He had read it twice now and was no long doing so, but just staring at it with a frown. His best friend was gone, just a stupid letter to say goodbye. "Well, I'll have something to say about that at Christmas" Ron thought to himself.

"Christmas!" Ron said aloud starting Hermione. His frown now replaced with a slight smile.

"What?" she said with a light hiccupped.

"Christmas 'Mione, were gonna see Harry at Christmas. That's what, three Months away?"

"Yes Ronald, it is."

"Well, that's not that long." He said putting his arm around her, "We'll see him soon 'Mione."

Hermione smiled "I know Ron."

Ron frowned at her with a half-smile, completely confused with his girlfriend's tries, "So why are you crying?"

Hermione turned in Ron's arm and look at him sternly,

"Because he never told me he was studying for anything, he didn't ask for my help, he didn't tell us that he had a brain and he NEVER showed any of this at Hogwarts. If he'd worked like this at school he'd of got all O in his OWLS and I'm happy for him." She turn and at Ron in the eye "A 2350 on his SATS! I can't believe it." She said all this very fast, making Ron smile as he thought back to their first train ride to Hogwarts. His smile turned into a frown when Hermione started to laugh mumbling away that she could not believe it.

After a minute or two Ron asked, "um, 'Mione? What are sats?"

Hermione straightened herself up and began to explain the exams to Ron. By the end of her explanation, Ron was just as confused as Hermione about Harry's newly founded brain power as she was.

"When did he get as much as a know-it-all as you?" He winced as Hermione hit him on the arm, but both Ron and Hermione where still smiling.