The day was dark, and the room was even darker. It was empty, besides a huddled lump slumped against the back wall. Course breathing echoed and with each shaky breath, the small figure shuddered.
Suddenly, light flooded the chamber, and the sounds of heels clicking against the floor...
A new figure entered into the center of the room. The huddled shape lifted its head, eyes glinting defiantly.
Dipper Pines twisted to sit up more, his hands restrained against the wall by chains. He was extremely malnourished, his bones jutting out from his flesh, and he looked sickly, like a dying cancer victim who had few days left.
Gideon smirked, the complete opposite of the scrawny boy. "Ready to give me the first journal?"
Dipper glared and said nothing.
Gideon took a step forward, and something gleamed in his hand. "Well?"
Dipper stiffened a little, giving a shaky breath. "I don't have it." He snapped, his voice a dry croak.
Gideon giggled softly, holding up a small, plastic water bottle. Dipper's eyes did not leave it. "That's a shame. I thought you might be thirsty. How long can people survive without water? Three days? Clock is ticking, boy."
Dipper swallowed and his stomach growled. He frowned and stared at the floor.
Gideon shook it, and the water splashed and churned in the bottle.
Dippers voice rose, suddenly desperate. "I'm not trying to hide it. I really don't have it. I never..." He drifted off, eyes getting slightly unfocused.
Gideon shrugged and unscrewed the cap before chugging down the contents of the container. When he finished, he tossed it over to the brunette who stared at it remorsefully.
He was dehydrated. He didn't known how long it'd been since he'd last eaten and drunk anything, and it was impossible to tell.
He knew it couldn't have been more than three days, since he hadn't dropped dead yet, but he also knew it wouldn't be long before he did.
Gideon wasn't done. He strode right in front of his chained enemy and grabbed the boys face, pulling him closer. "You know, Dipper, I never got back at you for attacking me inside my robot like that."
Dipper stared coldly, but his heart sped up, pounding nervously in his chest. Would Gideon actually have the nerve to beat him like this, helpless and starving?
Apparently he did.
He let go of Dipper's face only to kick him in the stomach. Dipper jolted and gave a huff as the wind was knocked out of him. Gideon kicked him again, and his stomach churned, even worse because of his lack of nutrients.
He refused to make eye contact with Gideon, as the young fraud grabbed him around his throat and threw several harsh blows at his face. His head throbbed from being hit so many times, and his stomach wasn't feeling much better. Gideon straightened and spat on him, and Dipper shivered, unable to do anything. There was blood in his mouth now, and he was so tempted to bite his lip, to make himself bleed more...
He was just so thirsty.
Dipper closed his eyes as Gideon left. He needed to rest, recharge...
A mistake on his behalf, although, to be fair, he was never informed it was the third day.

I'm very well aware he might not die as soon as he's asleep, he could even wake up. It's just very unlikely.