All Saints' Night

by WSJ

WSJ: *pounding her fists on the desk and chanting* Ma-lik! Ma-lik! Ma-lik! Yay!

Ryou: *scoffs* What's your problem?

WSJ: I finally got to see Malik-chan on TV! Battle City has officially started!!! *cheers*

Malik: *preens*

Bakura: Bu-But I was there too!

WSJ: *eyes light up* Oh I know! *glomps* You were soooooo hot! *squeals* But what's with the cape thing?

Bakura: The what?

WSJ: Everytime a yami takes over from a hikari, their coat flies out into a cape. *scratches head* Does that mean Seto Kaiba is actually a yami, since there is no human way that his coat is supposed to be like that?

Ryou: You're forgetting the other Law of Yami-Hikariness. His hair isn't spiked.

WSJ: *nods sagely* Ah, right. Any yami's hair must be twice as spikey as the hikari's. I only have two rants about this otherwise perfect episode. First, does anyone besides me think that the coach person looks disturbingly like Tristan? And second, what the heck was up with Malik's voice?!? It sounds like he got kicked in the nuts!

Malik: *sweatdrop* Shut up, will ya'?

WSJ: *shrugs* Whatever. This is the second story in what is now a trilogy! *cheers* The Unseeing Hearts Trilogy! It started with Visions of the Heart (VotH), moves on to this one, All Saints' Night (ASN), and finishes with Sacrifice of Shadows (SoS). Actually, I may end up doing something after SoS, but for now it's a trilogy.

Ok, a couple basic facts. This takes place two months after VotH, and one month before SoS. Ryou is still blind, Bakura is still mortal. The rest, I think, I state in the chapter. ^_^ Have fun!

Credit for the inspiration for a couple minor plot details goes to Elanor Pam. She sent me an incredably long and in-depth e-mail. One of her ideas I eventually (with the help of a freaky dream I had on the bus on the way home from our missions trip yesterday) morphed into the "Web of Time" chapter.

A couple things I left hanging in VotH should be explained in this. ^__^ Enjoy!


All Saints' Night

Chapter 1: A Vision of Terror



"I'm sorry..."

Sitting up from where he'd been flopped on the couch, Ryou put a hand on his yami's shoulder. "Bakura, that was a year ago. All's been forgiven."

Bakura stared sullenly down into his lap. "Yeah, by you, but what about the others?"

Ryou sighed. "You'll have to ask them yourself. I can't grant forgivness if it isn't mine to give."

Both teens sat at home in a darkened livingroom, trying to ignore the happy shouts coming from outside. Tonight was Halloween, or All Saints' Night, and most of the population of Domino City who were under twenty-one were out on the streets, begging for candy.

For Ryou and Bakura, this night just brought back unplesent memories of the year before, when they'd been at the Duelist Kingdom on this very night, October 31.

Ryou sighed at his yami's silence and settled back onto the couch, half-asleep with bordum. Most of the lights in the house were off so that no trick-or-treaters would come. Not that that really made a difference for Ryou...

Suddenly, through the darkened corridors of his mind, a picture suddenly flashed in full, living color, accompanied by a scream of terror. Ryou only had time to glimpse the look of pure horror on Yugi's face before the vision was gone, as quickly as it had come.

He became aware suddenly of Bakura's hands on his shoulders, frantically shaking him. "Ryou!"

"I-I'm okay..." Ryou said, taking a deep, yet shaky, breath.

Bakura didn't remove his hands from his hikari's shoulders, and was silent a moment. "What did you see?"

Over the past two months, since Ryou had lost his physical sight, they'd slowly begun to realise that he possessed something more, almost an internal sight. So far, his visions had been few, far between, and only vaguly accurate. Things like seeing his dad come up the driveway five minutes before he did, or that a teacher was going to give a pop quiz.

"I-I saw..." Ryou took another deep breath. "Yugi. He looked like he was in trouble, maybe hurt."

Bakura looked at him in concern. "Are you sure aibou?"

Ryou nodded. "We have to help him! I don't know where Yami was, I didn't have but a glimpse."

"Alright hikari, let's go."


WSJ: Yeah, short, but it'll get better.

Chapter 2: Bakura and Ryou arrive in a dark alley, where Yami is fighting with... Kuroi Karasu? But isn't he dead? Kuroi sends Ryou and Bakura into a dream-world, forced to relive last years Halloween over and over... Will it tear their fraglie bond appart to be forced to remember that night?