The scene opens on chaos. Yami-WSJ has Zutsokaki (still a flower) in her hands, and is running madly from a Man-Eater Bug. WSJ (still a house fly) and Fuu Fuu Choco Taco are dodging thrusts sent at them by a giant Man-Eater Plant.

Yami-WSJ: AIBOU! You are a complete and utter moron!!! Just WHY did you go against Brood's warning and pull the kuso string?!

WSJ: Because I thought Brood was too nice to actually send a Man-Eater Bug & Plant after us!

Zutsokaki: *snorts* You? Maybe. Me and the chibi over there? She'd feed us to them in a second!

Mystery Voise: Hey! I would not! You may be a pain, but I wouldn't intentionally harm you...

In a corner of the room, a door that no one had noticed before opened. Heero (Gundam Wing) and Ryou walk out, followed by none other then Brood Mayran herself. Brood sees the chaos and raises an eyebrow in WSJ's direction.

Brood: You just had to pull the string, didn't you...

WSJ: *growls as well as a bug can* Shut up you! I swear, I was being controlled!

Brood: *snorts* Sure, likely story...

Malik: *snickers in the shadows and strokes the Rod lovingly* Prrrrreeessssssssssiiiiiiiiiioooooouuuuuussssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss...

Ryou: *blinks* Did you just hear a Gollum-esque voise coming from the shadows?

Brood: -.-;; Yes, and I have a good idea of who it is... Hey Heero, go flush 'im out for me, m'kay?

Heero: Mission accepted. *cocks his gun and heads for the shadows*

WSJ: You know Brood, it'd be nice if you helped instead of standing there ordering the muses around.

Brood: Aw, poor 'SJ... Would you feel better if I stood around snickering instead? *does so*

Yami-WSJ: -_-; That's it! I'm taking us all into the Shadow Realm! *the shadows around the room begin to deepen*

WSJ: Have you cracked Yami?! That'll make this stupid Plant & Bug even stronger!!! And besides, you're forgetting that sixth-sevenths of the people in this room are mortal!! I dunno if it'd effect Fuu Fuu or not, but I doubt you're very eager to find out, and furthermore- *stops and blows a rasberry as her yami finishes taking them to the Shadow Realm* Omae wo korosu!

Heero: *from somewhere in the shadows* Hey, that's my line... And now I get to say it! Omae wo korosu! *sounds of gunshots and wild yelling are heard*

Yami-WSJ: *continuing like the 01 pilot hadn't spoken* Oh yes, it'll make the Bug & Plant stronger, but it also allows me to summon my own monsters that much easier. *pulls a Duel Monsters deck out of her pocket*

WSJ: *_* I was wondering where that got to when I turned into a bug...

Yami-WSJ: *draws a card* I summon the Celtic Guardian! Help us out here Celtie!

Celtic Guardian: *looks vaguly annoyed* Celtie? What do I look like, a bishonen?

Brood: *clears her throat* Actually, yes...

WSJ: Just shut up and help us, will you!?

Celtic Guardian: Jeez, see if I ever respond to your commands again... *grumbles, but proceeds to slice up the Man-Eater Plant. The Bug, however, presents something more of a challenge* I can't attack it or it'll eat me!!!

Zutsokaki: *gets excited* Hey! Let's throw Brood & WSJ to it! Maybe then it'll be so full it'll leave the rest of us alone!

Brood & WSJ: *.*;; Thanks a lot Zutso!!!

Ryou: *chuckles dispite himself, and draws a card from his own deck* I summon the Change of Heart to turn the Buggy-thing to our side. *Change of Heart appears, winks at Ryou, then disappears into the Man-Eater Bug. It immediatly becomes tame*

Brood: *casting a side-ways glance at Ryou* Ya' know, it's really very intresting how you were able to know that that was the Change of Heart card without your sight...

Ryou: @.@; Yes, it was, wasn't it... Er, psycic powers?

Brood: *shrugs* Good enough for me...

Heero: *hauls Malik into the center of the room, holding the Rod in his other hand* I do believe this is what you wanted, Miss Brood?

Brood: Ah yes, arigato Heero. Mission complete.

Heero: STOP STEALING MY LINES!!!!!! *sees everyone staring at him and sweatdrops* Er...

WSJ: *sighs* See, I told you Brood! MALIK made me pull the string! Can I be human again now? Pleeeeease? *gives Brood puppy-dog eyes*

Brood: Aarg! Yes, yes, hai!!! Just don't look at me like that!!! Puppy-dog eyes look really disturbing on a fly, and besides, it makes you look too kuso much like Tea!! *snaps her fingers*

WSJ: *now human again* YAY!!!!!!! BROOD-SAMA, I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! *begins to do the Happy-Authoress Dance*

Brood: *sweatdrop* *gets hit on the back of the head* Hey!

Zutsokaki: *now also human* Took you long enough...

Ryou: *sighs* Chaos supreme... Even without rampaging Duel Monsters... WSJ still doesn't own YGO. On to the last chapter of ASN!


All Saints' Night

Chapter 7 -- All's Well That Ends Well


Ryou turned his head slightly to acknowledge Yugi's quiet question. "Hm?"

"What the hell did you just do?!"

Yami's jaw dropped. "Aibou!"

Ryou was quiet a minute. "To be perfectly honest, I'm not entirely sure. I knew Bakura was hurt, and the power was just there, so..."

"Is that what you did earlier too?" Yugi asked. "What is it anyway?"

"Psycic manifestation," Bakura supplied. "We recently found out that Ryou's a pcyche. He can teleport, speak mentally, create force-blasts, give and receive visions, perceive the future, cause himself and other objects to levetate, and, apparently, heal. We really don't know how much he can do, or how strong, " he paused, then cleared his throat. "There was also one instance where he was able to erase very select memories in a lot of people and plant false ones in their place. That left him extremly exhausted,"

Bakura watched as a look of slight amazment dawned on each of their faces, one by one, as they realized what he was referring to.

"So what happened in the alley to make you so mad?" Yami asked.

Ryou was quiet for a moment as he senced the questioning stares of Bakura, Malik and Yugi, and their yamis on him. "I-I'm not sure... I had some sort of a dream/flash-backie thing, and-"

"Whoa, hold up," Bakura said, pulling himself into a sitting possition. "You had one too?"

"You did?"

Bakura pretended to scowl. "I asked you first, but yeah, I did. Of my life back in ancient Egypt," He said no more about it.

"Mine was..." Ryou ducked his head slightly. "Of last Halloween, at Duelist Kingdom..."

Bakura let out a long, low whistle and pulled his hikari into a hug. "Oh aibou... I'm so sorry you had to relive that..." There was a pained expression on his face. "If I could go back and undo that day, I would!"

Ryou sniffled and nodded into Bakura's chest. "I-I know,"

Yugi was frowning slightly in thought, and suddenly memory kicked him in the head, causing him to gasp. "Oh great Gaia! That night! No wonder you attacked us for betrayal..." He dropped his head in shame, and even Yami looked remorseful.

"What did you do?" Bakura asked sharply, hugging Ryou closer to him.

A flash of indignation appeared on Yami's face, but he quickly forced it down. Yugi spoke up before the pharoah could. "We saw what happened, and watched... But we didn't do anything about it, because at the time we couldn't! You've got to believe us!"

"I do," Ryou said quietly, pulling away from Bakura a little. "It just hurt that you didn't even say anything... And then when she told me to attack you, I just sort-of snapped... Please forgive me,"

Yugi's eyes widened slightly. "You're asking us to forgive you?!" But he was quickly overpowered by Yami, Ishtar, and Bakura's combined "Her?"

Ryou nodded to both questions, and shuddered slightly. "Yes. She told me to kill you, Yami, because you ruined her love life, or some such thing. And you, Bakura, because she wanted revenge. And I, I couldn't stop her!" He looked ready to burst into tears.

"It's okay aibou," Bakura quickly assured him. "They're fine, so am I, thanks to you. But who is she? Do you know?"

The Blind One shook his head, his bangs flopping into his face. "No, I don't. She just said that she wanted revenge, because you wrecked her plans,"

Bakura drew in a sharp breath, and then let it hiss out through his teeth. "Briar-Rose, I'll bet," he growled. "She used the same sort of mind-control spell on Kaiba when we were in the Shadow Realm..."

"Briar-Rose?!" Yami's eyes widened. "She's in the Shadow Realm?"

"Yeah, what's it to you?" Bakura asked, blinking at the Spirit of the Puzzle.

Yami pressed his lips together and leaned back in the chair he'd dragged in from the kitchen. "In Egypt Briar-Rose was, believe it or no, a preistess to the god Set. Second-Highest, if I remember correctly. Ringing any bells?"

Bakura groaned. "Right, Kaiba was High Preist... So you think they had an affair or something?"

"Actually, yes," Yami said. "That's why Kaiba, er, Seth, started to go bad. It was the influence of Briar-Rose. I sent Seth to the Shadow Realm, and she must have been able to tag along. If she's working for the Shadow Realm, then we could be in trouble," He seemed to think of something, and sat up straiter. "But how would you know about her Bakura?"

Ishtar looked back and forth between the two of them curiously, and finally spoke up. "You never did explain what happened in the Shadow Realm during the Locking Rituals, Bakura. Maybe it's time you did."

Bakura closed his eyes a moment, then shook his head slowly. "No, not now. But I will say this much: Briar-Rose was the one who pin-pointed Ryou as the heart she wanted, and she was mind-controlling Kaiba to make him do the sacrifice." He inclined his head slightly to Ishtar. "You got us out literally just in time,"

Through this Yami's frown had been deepening, and now he sighed. "Well, we can't do anything about it right now... But I do have another question," To the surprise of everyone else, he turned toward his hikari. "What did you do Yugi? I know you helped out somehow,"

Yugi blinked and looked back and forth around the circle of faces. "I helped mend time," he said in all seriousness. No one laughed, so he continued. "This guy named Lobsang showed up and told me I had to fix this 'Web of Time' thingamajigger. It was all tangled up, and I had to straiten it out. He told me that I was the only one who could help, because my Puzzle was forged in Time itself,"

Malik was nodding slowly. "Right, I remember that... 'Ring, Rod, Puzzle, Tauk, Eye, Scales, Ankh. Fate, Hatred, Time, Death, Desire, War, Passion.' Was that it?"

Yugi nodded, slightly in awe, while both Yami and Ishtar gave the blond long looks. "How could you know that?" Yami asked.

Malik snorted and turned around in his chair, pulling his shirt over his head and reveiling the hiroglyphics scored into his back. "Section 2, paragraph 6," he said dryly.


Ishtar chuckled and smacked Malik's shoulder. "Put your shirt back on hikari, I think you're making the almighty pharoah get grossed out,"

"No way," Yami said indignantly, but Malik put his shirt back on anyway, much to the displeasure of the fangirls.

"So Kuroi's really dead?" Yami asked, and Yugi nodded.

"The only reason he came back was because time got all screwed up."

Thinking about time, and in particular, the Web of Time, Yugi began to worry. The things he'd seen and heard while he held Ryou's string worried him. Particularly that gunshot. He hadn't senced any pain, but that didn't mean that no one was hurt. He'd have to stick close to Ryou to make sure nothing happened to him. Maybe he'd talk to Yami and see what he thought...

In the silence that followed, Ryou spoke up. "I have a question,"

"What is it?" Ishtar asked.

There was a pause, punctured by a yawn from Yugi. Ryou chuckled. "Case in point. Can we go to sleep?"

Malik blinked and jumped up. "Oh gosh, yeah. Sorry. Ryou, you and Bakura can have the guest room, and there's a pull-out couch in the den for Yugi."

There were thanks all around, and then Yugi and Ryou phoned home to say they were spending the night at a friend's. Twenty minutes later everyone were on their way to their various rooms/soulrooms, doing their best to ignore the loud music blasting from Isis's room. "Does she always sleep with loud music?" Bakura asked just before he entered the guest room behind Ryou.

Malik chuckled. "No, not usually. Kaiba's probably over again,"

Bakura sputtered, nearly choking on his own spit. "Wha'? Wh-which Kaiba?"

"Seto," Malik said, grinning at the theif's discomfort. "In his false form," He desided that Bakura was already disturbed enough, so he might as well go all the way. "When they do it that way, chances of getting pregnant are zero," The Egyptian nearly fell over laughing as the usually-infallible Bakura turned a rather unplesent shade of green at this thought.

"What's so funny?" Yugi asked, coming out of the bathroom.

To everyone's surprise, Ryou poked his head out of the guest room and said, "Now that's what I call 'Sweating to the Oldies'," He then inserted a rather steamy mental picture into everyone's minds, and even Malik looked a little sickened. Bakura on the other hand...

"AIBOU!?! Since when are yo such a hentai?!"

Ryou shrugged, winking at the room in general. "Oh, since I lost my physical sight, I have to do something to occupy my mind..."

Ishtar went pale. "You mean, right at this moment, they're actually-"

Yami frowned and placed his hands over Yugi's ears. "That is enough, all of you, I will not have my hikari disturbed in this way..."

Ryou again snickered. "In that case, you wouldn't want to see the memories I'm getting from your aibou's mind. You are aware, aren't you Yugi, that you're practically shouting telepathicly? You may be able to shut out Yami, but you didn't think about anyone else,"

Yugi blushed crimson to the roots of his hair. "A-am I?"

"Oh yes," Ryou said, grinning rather sadisticly. "Hm... Joey + Tristan + a certain video that I do believe you shouldn't have been watching..."

Yugi blushed further and his eyes widened. "Shutup-shutup-shutup!"

Ryou laughed and turned around, closing the door to the guest room before anyone else could say anything. There was silence, and then Bakura spoke up rather sheepishly. "Spending too much time around me, I guess..."

"TOMB ROBBER!!!!!!!" With that, Yami dived at said tomb robber.

In the guest room, Ryou leaned against the door and smiled at the crashes coming from the other side. He chuckled lightly to himself. "I just may be called upon to heal again tonight..." The Blind One paused and listed to the music still coming from Isis's room, although it had now quieted somewhat. He smiled and quietly sang along with the well-known (at least to him) lyrics. Thank Ra they were no longer true about his life...

Distraught with tears, I wander with aimless stares
Does it matter where I am? Nobody cares…

Bleeding hearts weep crimson tears
Please take away my pain and fears

Crouching near dead bodies galore
Hysteria envelops the surrounding gore

Giggles ensure every now and then
Blocking me reality, my only true friend

Hidden violence is revealed
Close the door, my soul is sealed…

And so continues the lives of the far-from-normal occupants of Domino City...


WSJ: Hey, Yami, you can get us out of the Shadow Realm any time now...

Yami-WSJ: *snickers* Why should I? It's too much fun to see you mortals suffer...

Over in one corner Celtie the Celtic Guardain is being glomped by Fuu Fuu. Heero is making friends with the Man-Eater Bug. Ryou and Brood are discussing something or other with Malik tied up at their feet, and Zutsokaki is standing by himself and looking sulky.

WSJ: *sighs deeply* Anyway, I hope ya'll liked ASN. I'd like to now invite you over to Sacrifice of Shadows, where the third story of the trilogy is currently underway. Arigato! *bows* Now see here yami...

God bless minna-san!