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Emotions Chapter 1


Draco smirked as the remains of Pansy and Harry's potion slid off the Gryffindor's now green hair, due to the fact Pansy had dumped it over Harry's head right in front of the irritated Potions Master.

"Potter! What did you do?"

"I didn't do anything, sir," he protested, feeling suddenly ill.

Snape was gracing him with a lecture that went unheard as Harry struggled to keep his stomach's contents where they were. He winced as he felt Snape's temper flare. Behind him he could dimly hear Ron and Hermione protest to whatever was said; Ron's fury blazed hotly behind him with Hermione's echoing it with a dash of frustration and embarrassment. The Gryffindor Seeker clutched his head when anger, concern, and other unrecognizable emotions swamped him.

"Stop," he snapped out, distracting all three. One hand slid to his stomach when the emotions were suddenly focused on him with worry and confusion taking the front. "I." he gasped, standing up so quickly his stool fell over. "Sorry." Fleeing the room, Harry ignored his name being called and took refuge in the lack of conflicting emotions.

Quickly making his way to the hospital wing, Harry called out for Madam Pomfrey, who was absent. Settling back on the nearest cot in emotional exhaustion, Harry rested until cool concern washed over him, announcing the Medi-Witch's return. He opened his eyes and smiled reassuringly at her, feeling concern and anxiety fade into relief.

"To what do I owe this honor?" she questioned, taking in his new appearance.

"A potion." Harry could feel annoyance rise, with a faint mixture of disgust.

"When will that man learn?" She reached forward to take his pulse. The moment she came in contact with him, he ripped away from her hand violently and rolled over to the side of the bed to throw up in a clean bedpan.

"What's the matter, dear?"

"Stop," he was suffocating under her concern and curiosity. "Please, don't," he nearly sobbed, backing away from her approaching hand. "You feel too much."

Surprised, she backed away, pausing as she debated what to do. She finally decided on a barrier spell before heading out to get the headmaster, not certain how magic would react in his current condition. On her way out she spotted Snape stalking towards the infirmary wing, intent on finding his lost student. She nabbed his arm, telling him to hush when he protested her dragging him to the Headmaster, who was waiting for them outside his office.

"Poppy, Severus, what can I do for you?"

"Albus, Mr. Potter is in the hospital wing once again, due to another potion accident. This time I am not certain what to do. He seems to be reacting strongly to emotion based touch and perhaps emotions in general." She quickly explained her suppositions from the outburst in the hospital. Both of the men were silent as they processed her words.

"You can't create an empathy potion from a color changing potion, no matter what ingredient is added to it," Snape said finally. When the witch opened her mouth to protest his words, he added, "Of that I am positive. None of the Death Eaters - not even Crabbe and Goyle - are stupid enough to allow their children near any of the more disreputable items that they might keep in their possession in case a teacher confiscates it and turns it into the ministry and the item is used against them."

"I see. His orders?"

"Yes. He is laying low. Now that Fudge is having much more trouble covering up his messes, he doesn't want the public to know for certain that he is back."

"What about Harry?" Poppy asked, interrupting the familiar type of conversation. "Nothing is impossible with that boy."

"Let's go speak with him and determine the problem and a solution," Albus said, motioning for the Medi-witch to lead the way. They walked down to the wing in silence.

Opening the door silently, Madam Pomfrey allowed the pair to precede her. On the bed where she had left him, Harry was curled up in a ball, the covers pulled up over his head. The faint smell of sickness reached their noses and with a wave of her wand, Madam Pomfrey dealt with it. As they got closer in their silent approach, Harry peered out from under the covers at them.

"Hello there, Harry," Albus greeted.

"Hello, sir."

"How are you feeling?"

"Exactly what you are feeling," Harry replied almost cynically. This took everyone by surprise. "Sorry, I don't know how I feel."

"Poppy has informed us of your predicament. However, if you would oblige me and start with what happened this morning, up until now, it would be of great help. We will not interrupt."

Harry glanced briefly at Snape before turning his attention back to the aging Headmaster. "Umm, everything started out normal enough, no nightmares, nothing really out of the ordinary at breakfast. Hermione, Ron, and I left the great hall a little early to get to potions to avoid Malfoy's normal rant. In potions, I was paired with Pansy Parkinson." Harry trailed off and glanced back at the Potions Master.

"Go on, as I said, no one will interrupt or remove points in any way with this event in mind."

"She called my parents weak fools that didn't know what they were up against so I responded she was of uncertain lineage. She returned that I should not, I believe the words were 'continue to have a threesome with that Weasel and Mudblood because it is ruining my social standing and sexual allure' so I retorted that Draco only kept her around to keep his boots clean. She obviously didn't want to exchange words any more when she picked up our cauldron as I had turned to get the last ingredient and dumped it over my head.

"Then everything kind of fell out of focus for a minute, so I didn't hear so much as feel Professor Snape approach. He asked me what I was doing. I said that I didn't do anything. I could feel something from everyone around me and it was starting to make me feel like I was being pulled apart. It got too much and I excused myself from class. As I headed up here, I figured out that it was their emotions I was feeling or something like them. Madam Pomfrey was out so I just picked a bed. I could feel her come in, it felt cool. When she tried to take my temperature, it felt like I was hit by the Cruciatus. I could feel every emotion that she was feeling ten fold. She left - after putting up a barrier which helped considerably - and I felt mostly normal again. Then when you all came in I could feel you come inside." Harry shrugged one shoulder.

"Can you describe what we 'felt' like when we came in?"

Harry thought for a moment before, remembering. "Worry, curiosity, annoyance, and a little bit of fear."

"Do we 'feel' different now?"

"Yes. You feel like curiosity and a little bit of worry. And surprise now. Madam Pomfrey feels interested and frustrated with concern and disbelief. Professor Snape feels annoyed, mildly curious, a little of anger and something else I can't place."

"Really? I'll have to look into that something else." Harry wisely remained silent. "Until we can find a cure for you or at least something to suppress it, you'll have to stay in a protected room here in the hospital wing. Your books and homework will be delivered to you and your friends will be informed of your location, although, they will not be able to visit, only as a precaution."

"Of course, sir."

"Poppy, a moment if you would."

"Certainly. I'll be back to show you your room in a moment, dearie. And maybe a dreamless sleeping potion, too." She smiled gently at him and followed the other two professors into her office, shutting the door behind her.

"Do you think this is some new power like his other abilities?" Snape was asking quietly. "He's never shown signs of it but he didn't for parseltongue either."

"I still think it was your potions," Poppy grumped.

"That doesn't make sense," Snape replied, running a distracted hand through his hair. "There were no ingredients available to Miss Parkinson that would have that effect. I suppose that it could be the potion; hypothetically it should wear off in forty-eight hours. If not, we'll have to look for another cause."

"Agreed. I don't need to tell you that this doesn't leave this office. If you are summoned, tell him that Mr. Potter caught the flu."

"I still can't believe that there is no cure for that stupid virus," Madam Pomfrey huffed. "We can heal nearly anything but we can't stop a virus from multiplying?"

"At least wizards are much more resistant. By telling everyone he has caught it, it will give us the time to find a solution without raising suspect as wizards catch only the worst possible cases of the flu. Although, Poppy, this means you'll be spending much of your time in the wing here."

"I don't mind. It will give me an excuse to catch up on the latest medical advances."

"Excellent. Severus, you may return to your class now."

"Very well. I'll have Granger bring up his pack after class."

"Thank you Severus," Poppy pulled back a bookcase to reveal a passage to the Headmaster's corridor, allowing the pair to leave the room. She then bustled out to direct Harry to his new, hopefully temporary, room.

It was decided that as long as Harry could control his actions when surrounded by others, he could return to his dorms and classes. Albus taught him a shielding spell and Poppy had Ron and Hermione brought in to help Harry get used to the onslaught of feelings as the empathy hadn't worn off like the hair color had. Various teachers would pop in now and again to throw in more emotions to the loop. Although, he still couldn't stand having people touch him, Harry managed to sit under his invisibility cloak in the hall without passing out during class changes when all the students were passing though, but only after two and a half weeks of practice.

Three weeks after entering the hospital, Harry was ready to attempt classes. The teachers had all been informed of his condition and would not question if he suddenly left their classes. Ron and Hermione had volunteered to keep others from touching his bare skin in the halls. Although, the other Gryffindors would most likely not touch him if he told them he was still feeling under the weather, he was going to eat his meals in the Common Room with Ron and Hermione until he could stomach all the emotions for the long period of time.

The first day, Harry had to leave his first class, although he attended the rest of them. Afterwards, he headed back up to the warded hospital room for some much deserved rest before he was to return to the Tower. By the end of week, he could successfully sit though his classes, although he was often distracted by everyone around him, the teachers were patient and didn't punish him for such. Ron and Hermione did a superb job of keeping people from touching him, for which he was intensely grateful as when people got too close, he would be swamped by their emotions, overriding his own.

Even Snape, much to everyone's surprise was patient with him, bordering on polite. He passed it off to the Slytherins as not wanting to have vomit all over his floors, which effectively reminded all the students that Harry had been 'sick' and consequently they kept their distance.

The Tuesday evening of Harry's second week out of hospital, Snape was summoned. He glanced down briefly at the burning mark on his arm as he changed and headed out of the castle, after leaving his wand in a bedside drawer and taking another as was his custom. All the Death Eaters had arrived before him, which did not bode well for him. Bracing himself, Snape fell into his position up front, Voldemort watching his every move as he bowed in deference and apology.

"Severus," he hissed, pulling out the 'S's. "Severus the spy. Who are you spying on?"

"Dumbledore, on your orders, my lord."

"What news of Harry Potter?"

"He spent three weeks in the hospital with the flu, my lord, and is still suffering from the aftereffects."

"My loyal children tell me that you are being nice to him, are you Severus?"

"No, my lord, I am merely luring him into a false sense of security while he is still not in total control of his facilities, to prevent any Slytherin from being labeled as cause of."

"Enough." The word was quietly spoken, although it seemed loud in the total silence. "I think you are lying to me, little agent."

"I would never do such a thing my lord."

"I think that you are the knife that is killing my plans. I think you are a spy for that aging fool. What do you think, Avery?"

"I agree, my lord."

"Severus, what do you think?"

"I am a spy only for you my lord, I only do as you ..."

"Severus," the name was almost sung. "Accio wand." The shiny wood was ripped from his robes. "Death Eaters, this traitor is yours to take your revenge upon as you please!"

---- ---- ----

Harry jerked awake from the intense pain in the vision. Without even thinking about it, the Seeker jumped from the bed and after pulling on his jeans and a t-shirt, he grabbed his wand and invisibility cloak. After leaving a note with Ron whom he woke and sent to the headmaster's office, Harry closed his eyes and did what should have been impossible, he Disapparated with a faint pop.

---- ---- ----

In that very office sat one Sybil Trelawnley, her eyes glazed over as she spoke the same two sentences over and over:

Allow the Chosen One His will. His Light can hurt but His Dark can kill.

The knock on the door snapped her out of her trance and she fell back asleep on his couch. The startled wizard opened the door to see one red- headed Gryffindor blinking sleepily at him.

"Yes, Mr. Weasley?"

"Harry told me to give this to you. Can I go back to bed now?"

"Of course. Thank you and goodnight."

"'Night." Ron wandered back down the hallway, keeping to the shadows as he had learned from his past years of mischief with his friends.

Dumbledore opened the ragged piece of parchment.

Snape in trouble. Gone to help.

"Merlin's wand! What has that boy gotten into now?" Shaking his head and praying for the best, he lit a fire. "Minerva, check Severus' quarters then meet me up here." He doused that fire before lighting another. "I'm sorry to wake you Arthur, but I need to you to get to the Ministry. Severus managed to get himself into a spot and Harry went after him without telling me first."

"I'll get some Aurors together and alert those already out on patrol."

"Thank you Arthur." Albus again put out the fire and settled back into his chair. He glanced at the note in his hand then to the sleeping Divinations professor. He quickly scrawled her Premonition onto the back of the Gryffindor's, barely glancing up as McGonagall entered. He explained and they sat down to wait for the long night to give some answers.

---- ---- ----

Elsewhere, Harry Apparated with another faint pop, leaving him sprawled on the ground and blinking in confusion to the sight before him. Voldemort was watching with a sadistic smile on his face as two Death Eaters do their best to pummel something into a paste. It took Harry several minutes to realize that that something was his Professor. He felt his rage grow as the two men stepped back to allow another two to cast the Cruciatus Curse on the nearly unconscious man. Harry dropped the magical shield which kept the emotions out and drew them inward, focusing on the hatred he could feel pulsing in the area. Drawing in all the negative emotions, he compounded his rage into unadulterated fury.

Green eyes blazing with the power he had access to, coupled with his righteous wrath, Harry nimbly climbed to his feet, drawing the attention of the nearest Death Eaters who drew the attention of the remaining figures.

"Decided to save me the trouble of finding a way in, eh Potter? Or have you come to join me?"

"Fuck off." The words were rough, laced with hatred and raw emotion that made the weaker Death Eaters back away and the smart ones run.

"Temper, temper."

Harry allowed the part of him that he had kept suppressed for the past decade and a half to take control, the ruthless part that was what was supposed to go in Slytherin. He smiled, every bit as cold and vindictive as one could imagine; more than what Voldemort could manage. Leaving his wand tucked in his waist band, the Gryffindor made three quick hand movements. The first stopped the Crucio, the second pulled Snape to his side, and the third erected a small barrier in front of them. Raising his right hand once more, Harry focused his energies on the Dark Lord and released all the power he had, creating the magical version of an A-bomb, which eradicated life in the entire area, leaving nothing there, not even a reoccurring evil spirit.

Slumping to his knees, Harry tried to catch his breath and deal with the odd feeling of having no magic to call on, as he had wiped out his reserves and his magical shields as well. He finally decided on his course of action. Harry used the remaining bit of his strength and scooped up Snape into his arms, every muscle protesting, then draped the cloak over them both to render them invisible. The pain from touching the Potions Master was nearly unbearable, each second felt like the most painful moment in his life. What he had felt from Pomfrey was a cat's walk compared to that pain. Harry stumbled across the charred grass, past dead bodies and down the quarter of a mile to the nearest road, stopping every few feet to put the older man down and to catch his breath. Shifting Snape to rest over his shoulder as he reached the lane, Harry raised his wand and used his last bit of magic to summon a very faint light.

A loud bang later and the Knight Bus appeared out in front of him. He pulled off the cloak and stumbled up the two steps to where Stan and Ernie were, setting Snape down onto the bench. "Harry Potter?! What 'appened to you?"

"Can you take us either to Hogwarts or a hospital? Which ever one is closer would be best. I'll pay you back as soon as I." Harry slumped to the floor unconscious.

In the Ministry, every magical tracking device exploded with the sheer force of magic the swept over them, freezing the position on ground zero. Every single wizard in the area jumped awake, wide eyed and wondering what had just happened. Albus and Minerva glanced at one another, jumping to their feet in surprise as Arthur Weasley tried to organize the Aurors while Fudge tried to tell them to go home. Finally, Mr. Weasley punched out the Minister to allow the Aurors to listen to one person and get into some semblance of order. Within ten minutes all available Aurors were Apparating to the scene of the fight. However, it wasn't Arthur who knocked the Minister out, it was Percy.

---- ---- End Chapter 1 ---- ----