An hour later, Jennifer was dressed semi-respectably, Stacie was off somewhere—not sitting down, Beca wagered—and Chloe, dressed in her professional interview attire, was sitting across from Jen in the lawn chairs Beca had gotten off a curb and been using as free furniture forever. Kimmy Jin had left, making the dorm room cozy enough for the three women to co-exist in, Beca snapping the occasional picture as the two talked. As much as she tried to catch Jen at a bad angle, the woman was stunning.

"I suppose what I really want to do is direct," Jen pressed on at minute four of her answer to some softball question about her hopes and dreams. Chloe kept nodding, which was like pumping steroids into Jennifer's answering muscle. "We've had some great directors on Once Upon A Time, and hey, if anyone should be telling pretty people what to do, it's me!"

Chloe laughed dutifully, Beca taking a picture of it. "What about the commencement speech this weekend? Does that kind of, if not acting, public speaking, offer any challenge to a woman of your talents, or is it something you can do in your sleep?"

"Well, Chloe, unfortunately for my schedule, I can't do anything in my sleep." They both laughed. Beca wondered if there was a suicide hotline deal for when you wanted to kill someone else. "But everything has its own challenges, even just standing in the back of the scene, without any lines, you still have to project a certain forcefulness or the audience isn't seeing Emma Swan, they're seeing Jennifer Morrison. And, me, personally, I like to see every acting job as an opportunity to stretch a new muscle. For instance, this weekend, I'll be delivering the commencement speech as a man."

Chloe was awestruck. "Oh my God, I don't think we've ever had a woman deliver a commencement speech as a man before!"

"You gonna grow a beard?" Beca asked.

"Bec!" Chloe snapped her fingers at her like she was a disobedient dog. "I'm sure my friend here would just like some insight into your process. How does one… become… a man?"

"It's very complicated, Chloe. You see, when you're portraying a character, whether it's on film, TV, stage, or motion capture, part of you has to become invisible to let the work of the directors and the writers shine through. But you can't fade away entirely; you have to make a certain part of yourself excessively visible and draw from that to create a whole performance. To play Emma Swan, I rely on our great wardrobe department—we have a great wardrobe department, just fantastic—and some of the work I leave to the jeans, the plaid, the leather jacket, the sidearm. I just let it all act through me. It's like, how do you act that gravity is holding you to the Earth? You don't! You just let the gravity—hold you."


"It's all part of the process," Jen insisted humbly. "Lana reads lesbian porn to get into character, I shoot at stuff. I take a can or an old script and I just shoot it a few times. It's like flicking a light switch. I'm not Jennifer Morrison shooting something anymore, I'm Emma Swan shooting something. Now—excuse me—" Jen stood, Chloe ducking aside to avoid being hit as Jennifer walked by her. "With the commencement speech, I want to perform as absolutely male in every aspect. I've already spent two, three, four hours a day talking online with other men, as a man, but that's all just intelligentsia. You have to let it go, because it's a crutch. At the end of the day, what I need is one of these."

Beca's eyebrows snapped up as she watched Jennifer open a purse and take out a strap-on dildo. She secured it to the crotch of her jeans, snapping the white straps around her hips, then circling the base with her fingers so she was holding it the way a man would hold the real thing.

"As you can see, it's nine inches, which is quite large, but it's like in animation, you have to exaggerate the thing to properly capture its essence."

Chloe pointed her pen at the strap-on. "I notice it's not the most realistic dildo. No skin tone, no veins, no testicles—wouldn't that help it be more effective as an acting aid?"

"Oh, no. See, by buying a nonrealistic green dildo, I can be sure of the unreality of the situation. If I wore a more realistic dildo, and I went through my acting process with it on, I would begin to think I really was a man."

"That's incredible," Chloe breathed.

"Yes. Very not credible," Beca 'agreed.' She got a shot of the strap-on.

Jennifer eyed her before looking at Chloe. "Would you like to touch it?"

"Oh, I couldn't possibly—"

"No, it would help. If I'm going to portray a man, then a woman should help define my manhood."

"You really think I could do that?" Chloe asked.

"Chloe, I just look at you and I feel like a man. Touch my dildo."

Chloe reached out and put her hand on it. "Whoa. I expected it to be cold."

"That's actually a selling point. The material it's made out of is a special kind of plastic that doesn't get cold. In fact—try rubbing it a little—it retains heat for a long time. It's a very Space Age thing, I think they build part of the Space Shuttles out of this stuff."

"I see what you mean!" Chloe said, running her hand up and down Jennifer's dildo. "When I move my hand back over where my hand used to be, I can still feel how warm it was."

"That's called friction," Beca said.

Jennifer shot her a look before returning her gaze to Chloe. "Okay, I'm going to start acting like a man and I want you to tell me if it feels different, okay? Okay—here I go."

Jennifer closed her eyes, her head drifting back. Chloe continued pumping the dildo until Jen gave a soft moan.

"I think it's getting hotter!" Chloe exclaimed.

"Still friction," Beca said.

"That feels really good," Jen said in a deep, gruff voice. "But I could use my own hand if I just wanted to jerk off. Why don't you put your mouth on it?"

Chloe looked from the dildo to Jen's insistent, piercing eyes. "But—then who'll ask you the questions for the interview?"

"Beca can do that. Can't you, Beca?"

"Oh, yeah, I'd love to ask your questions while you give Jennifer Morrison a fake blowjob."

"Then it's settled!" Jen cried, grabbing Chloe's head.

"I think that was sar—" Chloe began, only to have her mouth forced down onto Jennifer Morrison's strap-on. She found it pressed against her face, and without further hesitation, her dry lips opened and her wet, red tongue slithered over the entire head of the plastic phallus. She swirled her tongue all over it, leaving it glistening with saliva, then gripped the shaft in a strong hand and, holding it steady, stretched her lips as far as they could go, easing the thick cockhead inside her mouth.

Not sure what else to do, Beca picked up Chloe's cheat sheet. "'What advice would you give to aspiring actresses out there?'"

Her hands on Chloe's head, Jennifer gently urged the redhead up and down on her dildo. "I would say to just give a hundred and ten percent, always, no matter what you're doing. Prepare as much as possible, every little thing you can, it's ninety percent of your final performance. If you have the luxury of choosing your roles, which you won't always, don't choose the script, choose the director." She rocked her hips, shoving the strap-on into Chloe's throat. "Any good director you'll be working very closely with, so you want someone you can trust. It really is like going into battle, and without a good commander, you can't win."

"Uh-huh," Beca said, now hearing Chloe gagging on the strap-on as it was forced into her gullet. "'Are you presently dating?'"

"Oh, I couldn't possibly talk about my personal life. I especially don't want to comment on rumors that I'm dating Chris Martin, it really is nobody's business but ours."

"Yeah… 'what historical personality would you like to play if the choice was entirely up to you?'"

Jennifer nodded along. "Speaking of that, I think your friend should stop giving me a blowjob—"


"And I should fuck you up the ass."

"Ye—wait, what?"

"Let's quit playing these games, Beca." Jennifer's eyes bored into the college student as Chloe continuing deep-throating her strap-on. "You've been thinking about me fucking your ass since we started this interview."

"I've been thinking about literally everything but that."

"It's alright, Beca. I've been feeling this chemistry between us too. This anal chemistry."

"We don't have anal chemistry. Chloe, you wanna step in here?"

"Huh?" Chloe took the strap-on out of her mouth. Jennifer petted her head.

"Chloe, Beca here wants me to fuck her up the ass."

"I literally—"

"It's fine with me. Beca, you've got to try this strap-on. It's seriously just like interacting with an actual male member."

"That's really not the hold-up for me."

"Wait, Beca—do you not want to have anal sex?"


"Oh. My, I am sorry." Jennifer tapped Chloe on the head and she started fellating her strap-on again. "I suppose I overreached a little there. It's just being in college again, I keep thinking about my own time here. All the things I learned, all the friends I made—and I guess the most that I learned about, and the biggest friend that I made, were myself. I really don't have any regrets from my time in college, not the drugs, not the stealing, not the prostitution—I just wish I had done more to explore who I was and what I wanted from life, because college is this big laboratory where you'd supposed to experiment with everything the world has to offers, and outside of that, your twenties, your thirties—man. It's so easy to get locked in a rut and deny what you really want from…"

"If I let you fuck me in the ass, will you shut up?" Beca asked.


"And I want all the money you have in your wallet."

"I have five thousand dollars in my wallet."

"I'm a backdoor virgin."

"Deal." Grabbing Chloe by the hair, Jennifer pulled her off her dick and tossed her aside. She came for Beca fast, grabbing her by the lapels like fucking Batman and pulling her into an eager kiss. Beca actually whimpered, feeling a tongue invade her throat. Two hands touched her ass, groping it like a subway pervert before slipping under her waistband. She felt a pair of fingers massaging her asshole.

"Fuck, ever hear of foreplay?" Beca asked, tightening up with sudden fear.

Jennifer tapped at her clenched hole one more time before her fingers slid away. "Easy, kitten," she said softly, moving down to caress the lower curves of Beca's ass. She lightly circled her fingers over the join of Beca's legs and hips, then tugged Beca's shorts down to her thighs and fondled Beca's panty-clad ass some more. Her fingers were suddenly strong as steel, dipping between her milky-white cheeks and prying them apart.

Out of sheer stubbornness, Beca tried desperately to keep herself closed, but she was no match for the lust Jennifer Morrison felt. Those hard fingers opened her up and Beca felt a sudden, intense humiliation, knowing that Chloe was behind her, seeing her exposed asshole. Her muscles automatically flexed, trying to protect her, prevent the penetration she knew was coming—Jennifer smiled at her as she extended her middle finger into her puckered asshole.

Beca went "MMMMM!", her lips pressed tightly together, seeing only Jennifer's grin as the first knuckle of her long finger went up Beca's ass.

"Fuck!" Beca cried. "Fuck, that's big…"

Jennifer chortled. "If you think that's big, honey…" She slapped her strap-on against Beca's leg. Beca whimpered helplessly.

She'd committed to this, agreed to it, but she still felt like shivering when she actually thought about it. Just the idea of a huge dildo inside her tiny ass seemed nonsensical.

Jen looked over at Chloe. "You like watching, ho?"

Chloe nodded.

"Then watch this," Jen quipped, driving the rest of her finger inside.

"Shit! Shit, take it out!" Beca gasped, Jennifer wiggling her fingertip around.

"You're gonna have to get used to it, my dear." With little concern for Beca's histrionics, Jennifer's slender finger pushed deeper into Beca's ass. With every little jerk, Beca expected an onslaught of pain that never came. Still, she was scared out of her wits, feeling that deceptively leaden pressure wedge itself in the tight resistance of her ass.

"It hurts-!" she pleaded.

"No, it doesn't. Not yet," Jennifer said confidently. "It'll hurt when I make it hurt, and by then you'll be so far gone, you'll beg to be hurt so good. Motherfucker, your shit is just tight as a drum, ain't it?" Jennifer wormed more of her finger inside and there was nothing Beca could do except—enjoy it? She thought she felt Jennifer's strap-on throbbing against her thigh.

She couldn't clench up her body all night. Jennifer was going to fuck her up the ass, she knew—all that remained to be seen was how it would feel. Like a telephone pole or just a baseball bat? God, God, how had she gotten herself into this mess? How could she think this would be fun? Bit by bit, inch by inch, her ass relaxed, loosened, gave in to the use Jennifer Morrison would put it to. Beca clenched her teeth, ready for the pain at last.

Not that it came. No, Jennifer's finger—her two fingers, now—slid easily into Beca's ass. It took her breath away, but there wasn't much in the way of pain. Just a steady in-out, in-out, as Jen pumped Beca's ass with her fingers, slow then fast, readying it for rougher treatment.

"Chloe, lubricant!" she ordered.

Chloe had been laying on her ass, silently fixated on her best friend and girlfriend being deflowered before her. It took a few calls of her name to get her to respond. She scrambled up, dug through the bags she had brought in for Jen, and found the lubricant she had bought. Cherry-flavored.

"Pour it on my hand, in her ass. Like you're stuffing a turkey."

Chloe did as she was told, pouring out thick dollops of it into Jen's palm so it streamed down her fingers, into Beca's wetly gaping ass. Beca jerked and gasped as the cold fluid piled up on her. It only made her more nervous.

Jennifer leered as she saturated Beca with the silky fluid, spreading it over Beca's crack and cheeks as well. When she was done, she tossed Beca on the bed, where the student automatically scrambled to her hands and knees, her ass facing Jen. She tried to move, but Jen collared the back of her neck with her hand and held her still, pumping three fingers' worth of lube into her ass with her other hand.

"Gonna get your little fuck-hole all nice and wet. Nice and wet for my cock, just like I did Ginnifer Gershon." Jen snapped her head around, glaring heatedly at a mesmerized Chloe. "Yeah, she plays my mom, so what? I wish Josh Dallas would let me fuck him in the ass too!"

"Jesus!" Beca rasped.

Jennifer pressed her dildo along the crevice of Beca's ass. "This is Jesus," she said. She pushed up and down with her strap-on, sliding its lubricated weight up and down Beca's crack, finding Beca moaning in response. When Beca's little ass started to move, Jennifer Morrison knew she was ripe for having her ass fucked. She took one last look at Beca's cute pink asshole, then aimed her cock squarely at the center and shoved forward.

"Shit! No!" Beca squealed as she started to stretch, far more reluctantly than she had for Jennifer's finger. "That's too big, that is too big, I can't take it, I can't get your cock in my ass, you'll rip me in half, it's too big!"

"Goddamn right it's too big," Jennifer replied, tightly gripping Beca's jerking thighs and continuing to strain against her resistant asshole. "It's way too big for a scared little girl to take. You're gonna have to be a big girl to take this dick. Relax and try to enjoy it, bitch, because it's not getting any smaller!"

Beca moaned out the searing pain that shot through her tight little belly as her asshole gave in, the unyielding pressure of Jennifer's rigid pole crushing against her asshole until it stretched open, letting Jen's cockhead pop inside. Beca gurgled, choked, feeling the alien presence where none had been before.

"That's it." The hard part over, Jennifer petted Beca's back. "It's in now. It's in. The rest is going to slide right in."

"Too big…" Beca muttered. "Hurts…"

"I know it does, but there's not much more now." Jennifer actually managed to resist the urge to stuff Beca's bowels with cock, waiting to give Beca a chance to get used to the thick prod in her ass. "It's not too big, Beca. The head's in, you have room for the rest. You just need to relax and let it happen. Let it happen, Beca… it's happening…"

Every fucking thrust so far had ground Jennifer's pussy against the base of the dildo. Now, she found herself unable to go without that pressure any longer. She drove forward, jamming herself into Beca, hearing with some satisfaction the catch in Beca's breath as the strap-on inched up her ass.

Beca's eyelids fluttered, shut tightly, leaving her alone with this strange pain and the stranger pleasure… gasping continuously in neither agony nor ecstasy as the intrusion entered secret places deep inside her, ending in the huge sigh that escaped her when she realized the dull warmth on her bottom was Jennifer's body pressed against her, the full length of the dildo buried between them.

Chloe watched, her own pussy dripping. She wanted it over. She wanted it over so she could take Jennifer Morrison's dildo up her ass. She felt her ass pucker with the thought. "Fuck her! Fuck her hard!"

Beca had enough presence of mind to be sarcastic. "Thanks for the support, Chlo."

Jennifer had fucked enough ass to know when one had weakened enough for her to have her way. Now, she pounded into Beca with long, hard, churning strokes that Beca thought would tear her apart. "I'm in—I'm inside you—I'm fucking your ass, Becky."

"Beca," she corrected.

"Fuck you, I don't care. I'm Jennifer Morrison, bitch!"

Beca shook and pitched with each blow, the pain spiking and receding, spiking and receding, so fast that she felt like it might give her whiplash and Beca thought I'm getting fucked in the ass. Somehow, that knowledge brought on a weird enjoyment—enjoyment of the fact that a monstrous cock was filling her ass up completely.

She tried unclenching herself further and discovered there was no pain in Jennifer Morrison's stiff dildo slicing in and out of her ass. She felt obscene, whorish, thrilling—she undulated her hips, throwing herself backwards, trying to fuck Jen as hard as she was fucking her.

"Feels good," she panted, "I don't believe it…!"

"Thatta girl," Jen hummed, watching Beca's ass roll in a lovely circle that hit an apex grinding the dildo back against her. "Fuck that cock in your ass, beautiful."

"Goooood," Beca moaned again. Somehow, forcing that word out, admitting her enjoyment, had made it feel even better, made it even easier for her to take that oversized dildo in her ass. "I'm gonna come!" she whimpered in a small voice.

Jen gave Beca's ass a celebratory smack. "Same here!" she cried, now thrusting into Beca's hole with all her strength.

Beca felt herself clench once more, deep inside, trapping the heat of Jen's passage inside her, dousing it with kerosene so it burst into flame. Her mind unraveled. "Chloe! Chloe!" she howled, her girlfriend leaping to her rescue, stroking her hair and cheeks, wanting to know what was wrong, what she could do—"Suck my tits!"

Chloe ripped open her shirt, giving her a quick kiss before dropping to suck fiercely at Beca's breasts, Beca squirming around, nearly ripping Chloe's hair out as she clung to her, forced her tits around and over Chloe's hot mouth. Beca was fucked between Chloe and Jennifer, a wicked tongue all over her burning breasts, a pistoning cock in her buzzing, sucking asshole. Her orgasm hit so hard, it shocked her senses like a quick jab to the nose. "How can it feel so good?" she gasped and moaned. "Fuck, this is better than sex!"

"It is sex, d-bag." Jen rammed her dildo home, fucking it into Beca as hard as she could: one hand pulled on Beca's hair like reins, the other reached down to her own clit and rubbed at it like she was playing a lottery scratch-off. Jennifer Morrison went cross-eyed, looking at that tight little virgin ass stretched around the big cock embedded in it and coming her brains out.

"My asshole feels so fucking nice!" Beca exclaimed, falling into Chloe's supporting embrace as her orgiastic delight rendered her nearly unconscious.

Chloe looked down at her lover's face, a sleeping smile filling it as Jennifer Morrison pulled her dildo out of Beca. The more that came out, the wider Beca's smile got.

Chloe looked nervously at the star of ABC's Once Upon A Time. "Is it my turn?" she asked, shaking a little; even she wasn't sure if it was fear or anticipation.

"That depends," Jen replied. "Have you ever heard of ATM?"

"That's… where you get money, right?"

"It can be," Jen nodded, taking out her checkbook.

"And that's how I lost my anal virginity to Jennifer Morrison," Beca concluded.

Everyone was, obviously, taking the news in stride.

"And then she just left?" Lilly asked politely, followed by Fat Amy roaring "And then she just left?"

"Yes," Chloe confirmed. "She just left. What else would she do?" She checked her watch. "I have to go, my Afterellen interview is this evening and I don't want to be late."

"You should get them to start paying you," Beca said. "Other people get paid to interview celebrities."

"Queer representation is not a capitalistic—" Aubrey began.

Beca held up her hand. "Alright, alright, have fun asking the straightest person alive about gay subtext. I'll stay here and answer everyone's questions about anal sex."

Cynthia-Rose was first. "Do you have to shit extra afterwards, since you couldn't shit while you were having it?"

Stacie shook her head knowingly.

"Sorry if I kept you waiting," Chloe said forty minutes later, having checked her hair and make-up, then driven to the hotel where the interview had been scheduled with ample time for red lights and closed lanes. She'd actually made it with five minutes to spare.

"That's alright. I enjoyed collecting my thoughts. Please, make yourself comfortable."

"Thanks." Chloe set down her purse, quickly unpacking her recording equipment. "I hope you'll tell me if there's anything you don't want to discuss; obviously, this interview is oriented towards your queer fanbase, but that's no excuse to make you uncomfortable or, if there are things you'd rather keep quiet…"

A manicured finger touched Chloe's lips. "Shh. Don't speak," Lana Parrilla said. "Jen's told me an awful lot about you…"