Name:Violet Greyson



Family:Bruce Wayne(ward), Alfred Pennysworth(caretaker), and Dick Greyson(1st cousin)

Looks: Violet-blue eyes with shoulder length black hair, slightly scrawny

Personality:Quiet, sweet, content, calming, happy go lucky, helpful and greatful. She doesn't let things get to her, always does her best to look on the bright side of things, compassionate to a fault


Skill(s): Baking, she makes a real mean batch of chocolate chip cookies, drawing, a novice in gymnastics, ice-skating,ballet, swimming, bird calling, gardening, piano playing, and video gamer.

Abilities:Gymnastics, swimming, diving, ice-skating, and ballet

Powers:Negative Emapth

School Classes:


2)Honors Chemistry

3)Home ED

4)World History





History: Violet is the ward of Bruce Wayne, for the last three years. He took her in after Nightwing aka Dick Greyson asked him to. She is a cousin of Dick, she found by Dick. Though not in the best circumstances, she now lives with Bruce as his ward, she enjoys her life there. Despite her background she is as Alfred puts it a sunray


Bruce Wayne/Batman: She greatful to him and respectful to him for all he has done for her. She is aware of his alter-ego as well. Bruce is not hard on her like he was to the others, he is a bit more softer to her, Violet treats him as a father often calling him such. He does not mind.

Alfred:He cares for like anyone in the Wayne manor, she has grown a liking to him. Violet does not mind helping Alfred though mainly in the kitchen. Alfred greatly enjoys her company. Alfred feels she brings a bright ray to the manor.

Dick:They have a bond of more a brother and sister, her cares for her greatly and does reaguler check ups on her. Violet is fully aware of his alter-ego. Dick gave her his last name.

About the movie:

Batman learns that he has a violent, unruly pre-teen son with Taila al Ghul named Damian Wayne who has secretly been raised by Ra's al Gual and the League of Assassins. When Ra's al Ghul apparently dies after a battle with his former right-hand man Deathstroke, Batman must work to stop his long-lost son from taking revenge and guide him to a righteous path, in order for the pair to truly acknowledge each other as family.