Papa, he would be so proud. So proud of you.

You had to make him proud. So very proud. The idea of him not being happy with you could not cross your mind, no, you would put everything you have into making it right. You would make everything better. Everything right. And when he saw what a glorious job you were doing, he would love you.

Yes. He would.

Landing on top of the highest building perch, gaze down with black eyes scouring all below. Like a predator on the hunt, your skin crawled, it burned from the corruption below. Darkening your skin even more, changing further from humanity into a huntress. Into a seeker.

Into a Devour of Sins.

Their sins filled the air like sweet honey, it enthralled you in its webs of poison. Growling lowly with bared fangs, your dark nails no longer nails, now sharp and pointed. Almost talon like, dig into the solid concreate like it was paper. Your wild and unruly white hair like a lions wild mane blew in the wind of the voices haunting you, their gleeful voices twisting everything inside. Nothing else but their voices, urging you to feed. To go and make your father proud.

Make him so very proud.

Standing now step out and walk, a small construct disc platform of dark fire appears under you. With each step you took, it remained even when you stopped. Your eyes still scouring deciding which to feed upon first. The longer you waited, the more your hunger became irresistible. It needed to fed, yet...there was something small inside that held you back from acting. Unsure what it was, there was this other was faint but strong.

This wouldn' wouldn't make your father proud if you stayed. If you didn't feed. He needed to be proud, you had to make it better. If you didn't then...swallowing hard at the thought, jump off upon your first unexpected victim. Hunger was all your yes saw, all it could. Nothing but sin and nothing but food. Nothing more.

Talons outstretched pierce the flesh of your chosen victim like butter before your weight pushed them down. Their painful screams were deaf on your ears, all of it was...all you saw was their immoral act of transgression. All you saw was food. Wrapping a hand around their throat hold them up like a feather, their feet dragged on the ground. Their terrified eyes gained no sympathy from you, you remained unhinged. Snarling instead of words tighten your grip as it starts to burn your victim. Their screams where silenced before it they could escape their mouth, they were completely silenced. The body you held drops and remains still. Licking your lips slowly, than your fangs step over the body and go to find another.

The next couple of ones put up a fight, but you easily subdued them. With each flick of the wrist your fire ensnared, they burned...all of them. They burned from your touch, it wasn't enough. It wasn't to satisfy you, nor would it be to please your father. Bodies dropped, empty bodies, you left a trail of them behind. Moving to the sound of the the pleasure of your father. To see him, to hear him say he was proud.

To make wouldn't happen. Running your talons along the brick wall, leaving a deep gashing trail behind. Pick up more...alert manifest your wings and fly to it. Your blood pumped through like rushing water, this would be it...all of this would be enough. Seeing each one, swoop down grabbing one throw them hard into car, their body, their bones crushed and shattered from the impact. Made them unable to attack or flee. Good. It would be easy, landing in the street feel a surge all around, they were so many around. could feed on them all. Every single one. They would be yours, you would clean it all...all of it!


A voice boomed sharply, your legs locked and remained grounded. Every part of you. That voice spoke to you, it did. It was your resistance. Why? Searching through the other voices, through all...try to find it, but in this mess you saw nothing but a pool of ink. Of those you housed, but, not a voice of the one who called. But, their presence was knew it had to be in order for it to be this strong and prevent you from feeding.

Vi, don't do it.

Hearing it a bit clearer, their words pleading grievingly. The care it carried, the sincere was protective too. Their words soft and gentle. It reminded you of something..someone years ago...when everything was cold and alone.

Trying yo fight against it, stepping to your crippled prey hear it again. "Enough!" you screech unleashing a blast of fire at the victim incinerating them. This time their screams reached you, realizing what you did disperse the flames but the damage was done. Their crisp body falls and smell charred flesh filled the air.

Gasping a bit, step back shakily. This...what was going on? Grabbing your head, everything was pounding all over. Unsure what way to go, expel an inferno all around the flames decimated your current surroundings like a storm. What once stood burned to the ground, what was once strong crumbled into pebbles. Everything was gone...everything. You saw no one. Anyone. Where did they all go? The voices screamed painfully in your head like sharp daggers stabbing all around. Falling to your knees, unleash another inferno this time larger than the last and this time it stayed. Dark flames of hell moved with a mind of their own devouring all in their way. Acting up on your will. Upon your torment.

Your screams screeched all through the city, it put a cruel smile upon Destiny's face. The dark wizard smiles absorbing the fears of girl, it powered him. He could feel her essence through his dreamstone. It was delicious. Fear could affect even the most powerful. She was no doubt cowering now, like a whimpering child from the horrors she was in. What made it better...his link. She decided to dive into a world unknown, came to seek him out. So he gave her the glimpse needed, seeped himself into her. Till he leashed her.

A God needed their own pet. Remaining in his magical sphere of protection moved over to see his work at hand. Her flames danced in his eyes, Hell on Earth was coming faster than he anticipated. The ground shook from her raging fear screaming, he saw it...the glory before him. His rod, absorbing in everything. All.

This was a Sin Eater.

Watching sadistic joy decides to add further. Shooting a crimson energy beam strikes her, her screams erupt as her flames do the same. "That is a good girl." Turning around heads back to continue his siege of fear and chaos.

They were ripping you apart, pulling every part of you away. Ripping and clawing with vengeance, your mind was being torn. Your screams did nothing to help, your cries nothing...there was no one there. No one. No figures. No names. Nothing. Everything was just gone. Except this Hell, more and more voices came. They crowed everything inside. Trying to find a sense of peace...some find nothing but darkness.

Darkness dragging you down, you try to scream for someone..anyone...why did you come here? Why did you follow? Where was...those faces...those feelings you couldn't sense them. But, those eyes you could ones...light blue ones...violet ones...hazel...they stayed. They looked. They called. You tried to fight back, to reach them but couldn't. You didn't want to go back, you didn't want back to the abyss. You didn't want to feed

Using a Latin incantation a golden shield surrounds them, pushing back the flames. Pushing them back, keeping them at bay. They had to be quick, they had to do this fast. Though the spell was strong, these flames were stronger. Now. Fueled and spreading, with a rushing run dive towards the middle. Their willpower had to be stronger to get through, it needed to be.

Destiny was a dead man. They'd make sure of it, right now though vengeance needed to stay out of the mind, less the flames feed on it. Dismissing the thoughts, plow forward. Repeating the spell again and again, their hand outstretched it was true they couldn't see what was in front of them...they never did. Not even day one, did they see. Wrapped up in their own sorrow and grief. Their selfish repentance. To right the wrongs they've done, not realizing what they had done.

They just didn't see. They never saw...John, he didn't.

The temperature rose the closer he got, the hairs on his skin began to burn. Tethers of his clothes too, it didn't matter. Stretching his arm further in front, a blast of fire whips fiercely at him. It nearly knocked him back, but he kept going.

"Vi, if you can 'ear me," he shouts into the darkness. "I'm right here...'lright." Nothing but anguish lashing was returned. Grunting he kept going. Trying to reach you. "Vi! Violet! Listen to me!" His voice raises. "You need to stop, okay? You're..." A shoots out phasing through his protection and grips his throat. Straggling him. He knew who the dark hand belonged to. Between breaths he kept speaking. "V-Vi...listen..listen to me. I know you're still in there..."the grip tightens. He had to be fast. Ignoring the shorting of breath and life slipping away, kept it up. This wasn't the time to be guarded, no, with little strength he had his eyes softened. And the words the last words that came out he just hoped reached you.

His daughter.

A answer he didn't get to see, with his throat crushed air stopped reaching and everything black. Everything was black...for second, he heard something...whimpering...his name. It was a collaboration of the two. Someone was crying...for him? Opening his eyes slowly, it took a second for his vision to come back, looking around first saw no flames. But, the destruction was there, it was all around. Not a single soul in sight. The damage left behind was...sitting up rubbing his neck that still hurt a bit, remembered..."Violet!"

He stands up fast, the whimpers steady his heart, his eyes find you there in the middle laid out on the ground, still in your demonic form. From head to toe, he walks over steadily. Swallowing hard the color drained from his face at the sight of you motionless, besides your mouth that utter his name over and over again. Crying, he saw the tears trickle down your eyes onto the burnt ground. You were alive, good, but alright..that was yet to be determined. Kneeling down he scoops you in his arm, his eyes scan you over making sure nothing was wrong physically. Pulls you close, his nose in your neck...anger trembled through him. If he wasn't holding you, he sure would have...

Destiny...John's face darkened in the direction of the mad man. Standing up carefully with you cradled in his arms waves a hand before him, a magical portal appears, he steps in and mere seconds steps out back into the madness. Looking around he goes and places you next to Jason now split from Etrigon.

"Whoa!" Boston gasp surprised at you, the saw the damage...on you..."Is she..." he stops himself, his eyes fall to John who had a look Boston hadn't seen before. There was something in the harden look he transfixed on Destiny that sent shivers through the ghost. The 'God' was getting more powerful by the second, which Boston pointed out to John.

Turning to his friend John an idea flicked behind that dark look. "I say we talk to a man about a horse."

"Did you hit your head or something?" Boston wasn't following, rather confused. "You're babbling."

"A Trojan Horse. Come on." John leads, Boston follows. To get Destiny's attention, John hurls fire balls, the man turns his attention to the annoyance. "Over here you wanker!" John baits.

"You are puny and disrespectful." Destiny comes over angered at the man. "Let me see you madness." Grabs him with a mystical hand bringing John into the protective shield.

John smirks. Retorting."Yeah, that's the trouble with me, been there done that."

"Then I shall make you beg, for death," Destiny shifts his eyes towards you down below. "Just as I did your daughter."

John still kept his smirk on. "Can I beg you to stop talking?" Destiny grabs and pulls him closer. "I mean all wizards are touch, but you, your a full blown nutter."

"I will tear your soul apart."

"What happened to not frauduling with mortals eh? You chat like my grandmother at book club."

Distracted by his insulted words gave John the perfect opening. "Now, Boston!" Boston leaps from John's body and straight into Destiny's surprising the wizard. Wounding him, they fall out the sky, his shield down. Boston jumps out, goes over to John they watch and wait. Destiny angered readies to attack them, Jason stabs his sword in him from behind through the chest. Knocking the dreamstone out. Onto the street.

"Is that a sword in your chest? Or you just glad to see me." John quips, smirking.

Falling to knees with the sword lodged in his chest, Jason leans over with a few words to say. "Merlin sends his regards, oh, and by the lose."

Taking over John recites a Latin incantation forming his golden seal, casting it under Destiny. The 'God' engulfs in flames screaming in agony as his body burns away. He tries to reach for the stone, Batman comes and destroys it. The spirit of Destiny disperse, Ritchie returns surprised himself. John and the others stand before him, John stared harder, his face darken. Ritchie saw the fury in his eyes burning with vengeance he wished to take, instead allowed something else to take have Ritchie.

Feeling a cold presence Ritchie turns around in horror, the Shrouds circled him. Hissing deliciously. "Johnny, I-I.." Ritchie panics and pleads trying to get away. "I was under a compulsion. You gotta save me! You owe! me. You owe!"

"Sorry, mate can't take a chance Destiny is still pulling your strings." John said coldly. His eyes slide quickly to you in Batman's arms. He wasn't going to intervene, no, he wasn't kidding when he told Ritchie...not to touch you. He watched his former friend's soul be taken and dragged to Hell.

Everything ended. It was over. Except for one...Jason. He topples over suddenly, John manages to catch him, sets him down gently. His former wound centuries before came back, succumbing to it. There was little time he had left, surrounded by everyone Jason dies away peacefully.

Mourning his fallen friend John's eyes flicker back to you, still in your demonic form, you hadn't awoken. Where you dead? Reading his thoughts, Batman answers the question.

"She's fine. Faint, but she's fine."

Relieved John sighs, turning back to Jason his last breath leaves and his soul now free.

A few days after John, along with Zatanna, Etrigen, and Boston use the House of Mystery to go and bury Jason back near the town he was born. Leaving a tombstone in honor of him. They pay their respects once more, Etrigen even commenting Jason was more of a brother whom he would gladly go into battle with again. With his final words the demon takes his leaves though not before inquiring about you. Bringing you with him for further tutelage. John declined. Understanding the demon leaves.

He and Zatanna remain a few moments longer at Jason's grave, head back to the house. Which Zatanna informs him that she has been given a membership to the League and that Batman had requested John to be apart too. To his surprise. About to say something when Boston comes rushing out.


"What? What is it?" He asked his panicked friend. Who tries to get the words, but delayed them. John saw the answer, what Boston was trying to say. The door to the house opens and to his joy and surprise you walk out Black Orchid behind you, dressed in large white shirt. Rubbing your eyes, looking well.

Tired. But well.

Most importantly, you were you. No longer in your other form, there were still traces physically of your demon heritage you had. The white hair, markings, dark nails and tail had returned. But, your eyes...your eyes where your own.

"John..."you mumble walking out, your steps a bit staggered.

Nearly caused you to fall forward. "Whoa, I got you luv." John catches you, his arms wrap around. Zatanna stood back watching the moment, smiling softly to herself. The way he held Violet in his arms.

"Here." She comes over helping too. "You okay?" She asked tenderly tucking hair behind your ear.

You nod at them both, though your eyes looked past them at Jason's tombstone. Your eyes fall mournfully as you read his name. Your mind couldn't help but wonder...if you caused this...this to happen...if you did then maybe...your chest tightens. Your head drops, this was your fault. You knew it, you could feel it. If you hadn't...trying hard to hold your tears in, quickly wipe them away. Feel a hand on your shoulder, it pulled you close. Holding you tight.

"It's want's your fault." John whispers, assuring you. "It never was."

Zatanna comes to the other side placing a hand on your shoulder. Giving it a squeeze. Her eyes smile at you assuring you what John said to be true. It allowed your tears to fall freely. "Come on, let's go." John said, turning you back around to the house.

Nearly a week passed since what happened, you had your laptop opened and decided to call on Damian. He answered right away, you smile glad to see him. He returns it along with a question.

"How are you doing? My father told me what happened, I knew it wasn't good for you to be there..."he stops noticing the effect it was having on you. Careful not with his words and tone. Speaks with more understanding and compassion. "Violet, you know what happened it wasn't you. You're not a bad person," tears began to stream down.

Times like this Damian wished to be there. To see you cry because of...of the angered him as well. Hearing you being used, it hard enough on you with your powers, you've been working so hard with them. Your rooted insecurities you did your best to overcome, to have everything come falling down. He wasn't sure really what words he could say. All he knew was he needed to be by your side, he always was. Just as you were with him. It ached being unable to. Taking a deep breath he opens his mouth to speak when a knock came to your door.

"Hey, Vi, it's me." John said on the other side.

Your head lifted, you and Damian stare at the door. "I believe you should get that." He smiles a little. "We'll talk later." You nod nervously. It was hard for him not to chuckle. "You'll be fine."

His words calmed you. A smile came, you look back finding him smiling back too. "Okay." With a few more seconds, together you both sign off. "Come in." You tell John, he opens the door.

There was something heavy about him, you could feel it and see it on his face. He was nervous. His eyes kept looking and moving around. "Vi, look..."he starts. "I think we need to talk. About.." he gestures between you and him. "Is your little boyfriend gone?" Referring about Damian.

You nod.

"Good. Well," he walks in and sits on your bed. His eyes remained to the floor, a heavy sigh fills the silence in the room. You wait patiently for him to collect himself. He ran his fingers through his hair, and rubbed his neck. The bottom of his lips trembled. This was was a struggle for him. Normally he'd have something to say, it came easy.

He takes a deep breath a few more times before starting. "Violet," his eyes move from the floor to you. Locking with them. "I want you to know something, okay? About what Ritchie said, about you, you're not my Sin Eater. You never were." You weren't sure why your heart dropped. He clears it up. "Look, when I was younger...after what happened at Newcastle, well...I was in a dark place. My guilt was heavier than I thought and well...I seeked a way out. Which is how I meet your mother, she sensed it in me. She offered me redemption. I took it, without giving it a second thought. She told me it would involve cleansing from a higher demon of Hell."

You knew who he was talking about. "So, I took it. Demons can take away sins, so I was told. I signed away and well, one thing led to another. I became the vessel, your convincement wasn't out of malice. I know that now. When I found out what deal I made, I was horrified." Your heart dropped again. "I was horrified because..because.."he bites his lip. "I brought something so innocent into this be tainted already. To bare my sins, to bare the sins of others. The mistakes I made, are not yours Violet. They aren't. They are mine and mine alone. I wanted you to live a life...better than my own."

He shuts his eyes with a frustrated sigh, "I'm soo sorry, for the life you were born into, because of me. I'm a crappy father, been one since day one. Selfish bastard I am. You never asked for any of this...and I-I.."

"Shhh..."your arms wrap around him. "Shhh..." Burying your face into his hair. His body stiffens, then relaxes. His arms around their way around you. He was trying hard to hold back his tears, which was alright. You didn't mind. His words were enough.

The two of you remained like that for what seem like hours. When it broke he stood up and placed a hand on your cheek. His eyes no longer filled with grief but with soften joy and pride. "My baby girl," his thumb wipes away the single tear you shed. "Ritchie was right, you are the best thing that has happened to me. You always have been. And..." he sighs again.

Sensing him about to say something you didn't want to hear beat him to it. "John, I don't want to go yet." It surprised him and caught him off guard. "I want to stay here with you, for a bit longer. If that's alright..."

He didn't know what to say, accept smile and nod. "Yeah, of course you can."

"And...during our time together...I promise..I'll find away to were we both can be together despite our sins. You saved me, it's the least I can do for"

John was speechless again, he leans down putting his forehead on yours. "Alright. Luv."

That is the end of Justice League Dark hope you liked it, I will end up doing Constantine City of Demons with Violet. Thank you all.