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A female with a low tied pony tail hurriedly ran to school. "Oh no! Luka's going to be late!" The female said. She dodged all the people walking in front of her, she was about to reach the entrance of the school but didn't notice the person in front of her and bumped into him. She yelped and fell right on her behind. The person she bumped into grunted and glared down at her. "Hey! Watch where you're going!" He shouted at her angrily. She stood up and rubbed her behind. "Luka's sooo sorry~!" She said and looked over at the person.

She gasped as a huge blush formed on her cheeks. In front of her is a GOD! She lets out a squeal while he just stares at her weirdly."Y-You're a god!" She said jumping up and down. He sweat drops and slowly backs away. While she was in 'Lala land' she didn't notice him walk inside the entrance of the school and going into the building. She finally snaps out of it and noticed he was no where to be seen. She pouts and slowly walks into the entrance but runs when hearing the bell, she opens the door of the school and runs in and towards her homeroom she's suppose to be in. Opening the door, she steps inside and lets out a puff of air.

"You're late on the first day of school~" A female that stood in front of the class said sweetly. She had on a white dress shirt, a black bow tie around her neck, and black pencil skirt and heels. "Now get in a sit before you get detention." She said before looking at her clip board. "Y-Yes, Ma'am.." Luka said before walking towards an empty seat next to a female with blue hair. "Hi! My name is Sorano Aoi! You can call me Aoi!" She said giving her a welcoming smile. Luka grinned back at the female and waved at her. "My name is Seijuro Luka, but just call me Luka~" She said before sitting down.

"Alright," The teacher began looking around the class, "I'll start doing role call, but first, my name is Afuro Miyu, call me Afuro-sensei, okay~?" She said smiling at all of her students. Everyone said their hellos and his before quieting down. "When I start role calling, I want you to stand up and say something about yourself, yer?"

"But first before we start with that, got any questions about me?" Sensei Afuro asked sweetly. Luka rose her hand making the sensei look at her in question. "Yes what is it?" She asked. Luka puts her hand down before speaking. "Are you dating Coach Gouenji~?" She asked tilting her head slightly to the side. Afuro-Sensei blushed deeply and shook her head quickly. "W-What?! What makes you say that?!" She stuttured out nervously. Everyone in the class started snickering. Afuro cleared her throat. "... Lets skip that part and get to the role calling part." She said calmly.

I know the Prologue sucks, but who do you think Luka ran into? :D