I know Kirino and them are older than Tenma and them but in here their the same grade and age.

"Alright class! What I want you to do is once I call your name is to stand up, say your name again, and give me your favorite subject and your LEAST favorite subject." Homeroom sensei said sweetly before looking at her clip board. "Kamijou Sayaka!" She called out and looked around. A tall slender female with Short blue hair nervously stood up and looked down at her desk. "M-My name is Kamijou Sayaka, and my favorite subject is Math and my least is History." She said quietly but loud enough so we can hear. "Hello Kamijou-chan~ you may take your sit." She told the short haired female and in return Sayaka nodded and sat back down.

Looking down at her clip board, she called out a name, "Hayashi Youta!" A male dark blue hair jumped up from his sit. "My name is Hayashi Youta, my favorite subject is Science while my least is Language Arts." He said happily with a large smile on his face. Miyu walked up to him and gave him a bear hug. "Awe~ You're so adorable~" She said while nuzzling his cheek. A large blush formed on his face as he squirms around, the whole class sweat dropped at the scene. Miyu finally let go of him and walked back to the front.

"Alright you may sit down, Hayashi-kun~" She said while smiling happily. Youta slowly nodded with a startled look on his face. "H-Hai... Sensei.." He said before slowly sitting back down on his sit. Luka who watched the scene with pure amusement looked at her sensei from the top to the bottom. 'This woman has the curves in the RIGHT places' she thought as her jaw dropped.

"Lets get back to role calling, because we won't leave until we're finished~" Miyu began and looked down at her clip board, "Kurotsuki Kiriga!" She called out. A female with long blue hair slowly stood up from her sit. "My name is Kurotsuki Kiriga, my least favorite subject is English, and my favorite is Science." The female said softly. Miyu nods her head at her, smiling softly. "Thank you, Kurotsuki Kiriga, please take your seat." She said before looking at her clip board while Kiriga sat back down.

"Kawamura Manako" The sensei called out. A female with straight lavender hair stood up slowly. "My name is Kawamura Manako, my favorite subject is Math and Science, and my least is History." Kawamura Manako said formally. "Alright, thank you, you may sit back down." Miyu said. Manako sat back down while Sensei looked down at her clip board. "Kurosaki Necro." The sensei said softly.

A very curvy female stood up and flipped her very curly teal hair, "My name is Kurosaki Necro, you can call me Nene, and my least favorite subject is nothing because I'm good at everything, and my favorite subject is English." The female said with a snobby tone. Miyu smiled at her and nodded her head. "Thank you, Nene-chan, please take your sit." She said kindly to her. The female sat back down in her seat, while having her arms crossed.

The sensei began calling out the other student's names and they replied back with their least and favorite subject. Once she finished with them she noticed that she forgot someone. "Seijuro.. Luka~" She said. Luka shot up from her seat startled that she called her name, "H-Hai, Sensei...?" She asked nervously. The sensei smiled kindly at her. "So... You're the school's 'clown', ne?" She asked and in return Luka slowly nodded her head. "You better not act up in my class, or I'm going to have to punish you~ Yes?" She said with a scary closed eyes smile. Everyone in the class paled at her words and sweat dropped. Luka slowly nodded her head, "H-Hai... Afuro-sensei..." She said nervously. Miyu opened her eyes once again and grinned childish at the younger female. "Good~ Now tell me your least and favorite subject~" She said sweetly. "H-Hai! My name is Seijuro Luka, my least favorite subject is Math while my favorite is English." She said. Miyu nodded and walked over towards her desk, "Thank you, Seijuro-chan, now take your seat." She said calmly and in return Luka quickly sat down.

BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEPPPPPP The bell rung making everyone pack up. Miyu quickly walked towards the door and slid it opened. "Alright, it's time for some of you to go to first period~ Have a nice day and see you in the afternoon~" She said kindly. Everyone hurriedly walked out of class and towards their next class. Luka looked down at her schedule. "Hmmm.. First period is History room 118 four down sensei Afuro's room." She said while walking down and looking at the room number.

She finally found her destination and slid opened the room door to see everyone in front of the class and the teacher on his desk. "I'm going to assign seats." The teacher said formally while standing up.

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