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-Leah by Michelangelo !

Ch. 1-Meet Midori Yamamoto

I snarled, clenching my fists with frustration. Why do they ALWAYS have to get me riled up! It's like they just don't know when to stop! They're on my case 24/7! I just—UGH!


Wait what was that? I quieted and listened carefully. The thud was followed by a muffled groan. I canted my head. Then I heard the quiet sounds of blades spinning. I jumped over a couple of rooftops towards the sounds. I cautiously peered down into an alleyway, not quite sure of what I'd find.

My eyes widened in shock. Foot Bots! And they were attacking…a girl?

One of them punched her in stomach and she stumbled backwards. Two of them with blades began approaching her from behind. I grabbed my sai about to jump in when I got a better look at her.

Wow. She's hot. What? No! Not what I should be doing right now. Then her posture caught my eye. She had one foot pressed against the building, obviously planning to launch herself at them, using the push for extra momentum. Interesting. I took a look at the alley. I can't just jump right in or she'll see me. Well it is pretty dark down there. If I stay in the shadows maybe…

There was aloud commotion from below snapping me out of my thoughts. She had launched herself off the wall and was attempting to fight them. The girl made quite a few good strong hits, but the Foot soldiers, being robots, were unaffected. One of them grabbed her from behind, holding onto her, while the other pointed its blades at her, ready to go in for the kill.

My bright green eyes narrowed. All right, that's it!

One of the Foot soldiers grabbed me from behind and I fought with all my might. One of them pointed its blades at me and I closed my eyes, preparing for the end.

I heard a furious battle cry and opened my eyes. The blade that had been headed straight for me was met not even an inch away from my chest. I stared at my giant green savior for a moment, in complete awe.

It was a giant…turtle. And he was wearing a mask, a red mask. He glared heatedly at the Foot soldier that had been about to kill me and I shuddered. Boy, if looks could kill that guy would dead ten times over, at least. The turtle had intercepted that killing strike with some kind of ninja weapon. A sai-my mind supplied, an ancient sword breaker. The turtle growled viciously before throwing a sai at the Foot soldier, hitting it right in the head. I stared in shock and horror as the form fell to ground, but when I looked closer, I realized that the area around the wound was sparking. A robot? My eyes widened. So that's why they're so strong.

More of the Foot Robots moved towards him, and I struggled to get away from the one that was holding me, but it continued to hold me back. Suddenly the turtle turned towards me and threw one of the sai into the Foot's head, just over my shoulder. I gulped. He's got good aim. I contemplated the weapon for a moment and pulled it out of the robot's head before pushing its destroyed frame off of me and onto the ground. I smiled at the sai in my hand and charged one of the other robots, avoiding its strikes masterfully before going on the offensive, sweeping my leg and stabbing the Foot Bot in the head. I spun the weapon a couple of times with a grin. I could get used to this.

I felt a gentle tap on my shoulder and I turned, sai at the ready. My eyes widened again as I saw the turtle standing in front of me, its hand outstretched. I looked behind him and saw a pile of destroyed Foot Bots. Wow…he works fast.

"Ya mind?" He said, putting his hand out yet again.

My eyes widened even more. "You can talk?!"

His eyes narrowed and I stared into them. They had to be the most attractive eyes I'd ever seen. Neon green, framed and accentuated by the slightly faded, battered mask he was wearing.

The turtle took a step towards me and I pulled away, not out of fear, but rather instinctively preparing for attack. The red-masked turtle stared at me for a moment before speaking again. "Look, I know you're about to run off screaming, but would ya mind giving me my weapon back first?"

"I'm not going to run off. And I definitely won't scream." He gave me a rather shocked stare before it turned to a more dubious look. I crossed my heart, "I swear."

He raised an eye-ridge. "Yeah, right. You telling me you're not scared?"

"Of your fighting prowess, yes I am rather intimidated, but scared? Nope. And afraid of you? Not at all." I said, stepping even closer to him to prove it. I held onto the end of the sai's middle prong, the handle pointed towards him. He eyed it cautiously for a moment before taking it. "What no thanks?"

"Why should I?" He stared at me.

"Because it's rude not to and I did take one of those robots out for you."

He waved his hand, as though disinterested. "Psh. Please, I could have handled one more no problem."

"Sure of you yourself, much?" I stated.

"I can afford to be."

"Really?" I said, thoroughly amused.

"Yeah, I'm not over-confident, I'm just that good." He preened.

I rolled my eyes. Boys. "Yeah, keep dreaming, green eyes."

"Mind my asking why you're not afraid of me?"

I looked at him seriously. "You haven't given me any reason to be."

The turtle stared at me for a moment in silence, before he turned back to the pile of Foot Bots. "We should get out of here, no telling whether or not they called for back-up."

"What's the matter, tough-guy? Think you can't handle a couple more?" I elbowed him good-naturedly.

"Of course I could take it, but I'm not even supposed to be up here." He grinned and I assumed it was some kind of inside joke. We climbed up the fire escape and onto the roof. I leaned heavily against the railing on the last flight, really feeling the after effects of the beating I'd taken. Two three-fingered green hands reached out to steady me and help me up the last few steps. "Something tells me you won't be able to get home by yourself." He stated.

"Thanks Captain Obvious." Green eyes rolled at me and I giggled softly. He looked up and our eyes met briefly for a moment.

"Why were they after you?"

"I'm not sure. I think it has something to do with…" I paused, this turtle had saved my life, maybe he'd be interested in helping me. "I've been investigating a series of isolated incidents among recent shipments of antique artifacts from Japan. I know the Foot are involved somehow. I just know it and I'm going to get them, once the police know about their illegal activities, the Foot Clan will no longer be able to operate in New York." The turtle stared at me. "I don't suppose you'd be interested in helping me?"

"I might be." He answered slowly. The emerald green amphibian looked at me, his eyes piercing my very soul. "Why are you doing this?"

"The Foot…killed my father." I stared at the ground.

"I'm sorry." He said softly. I felt the gravity of the statement settle in my stomach. There was such emotion, such passion in the words, almost as though he had experienced the same.

"Thank you." I whispered.

"You're welcome."

I tried to take a step forward onto the rooftop without his support and I nearly stumbled from the sheer amount of pain from my already forming bruises. Again the emerald green arms reached out to steady me and I sighed dramatically before turning to look at him. "You mind seeing me home? I don't think I can make it on my own."

My red-masked companion shrugged with indifference. "Sure thing." He turned his towards me and bent down slightly. "Grab onto my shell."

On eyebrow shot up as I stared at him with a look that said 'are you crazy?' The turtle chuckled.

"Just do it."

I stepped forward slowly but stumbled and ended up falling against his carapace. I wrapped my arms gently around his neck to keep myself from slipping further. The next thing I knew the turtle was running towards the end of the rooftop. "What are you doing?!" I yelled.

"Relax and enjoy the ride." He responded as he jumped off the building. I closed my eyes, holding on for dear life. Suddenly we were on another rooftop and the reptile was running once again.

"How did you do that?!"

"Eh, it comes with practice. This is kinda late to be asking this but where to you live?"

"Just north of Eleventh and Bleaker."

"Then we shouldn't be going this way." He stated as he turned and jumped off the building we were currently on, heading in another direction. This time I kept my eyes open and watched the city flying beneath us. I looked forward and saw the beautiful lights of New York City in the nighttime. This was the world that this turtle lived in, a world of bright lights, nighttime excursions. I wonder how many lives he's saved bedsides mine. It seems so incredible, so amazing.

The next thing I knew he was climbing down the fire escape just across the street from our apartment.

"Over there." I pointed to the fire escape across the way. "That's the window to my room." The turtle jumped to the fire escape, and landed quietly. He helped me open the window and I climbed in carefully. I turned back to look at him. "Thanks."

"Don't mention it." Came the reply. "I should get out of here before someone sees me."

"Wait. When I say thanks I mean it. If there's anything I can do-"

He cut me off midsentence staring at something in my room. "Sorry, I kinda have ta go." I didn't have to look over my shoulder to know that he'd seen the clock by my bedside. He must have somewhere to go…

"Oh." I replied, feeling strangely disappointed. "Will I ever see you again?" I asked with genuine interest and he hesitated, his green eyes examining me warily.

"You said something about the Foot being involved in shipping antiques?" He said quietly, "You mind explaining that to me?"

"Not shipping antiques, smuggling antiques." I corrected. Suddenly I heard movement in the next room, my parents' room. "You should go, come back tomorrow night at eleven and I'll tell you everything."

The reptile nodded slowly with understanding and turned to leave. He jumped down into the alley and I forced my way to the window when I realized, "Wait!" The turtle turned and looked up at me. "Midori."


"My name, it's Midori Yamamoto."

He turned and continued down the alley before stopping and turning his head back slightly, "Call me Raph." The emerald green turtle said before he threw something at the ground and disappeared in a puff of smoke.

"Pff. Show off." I said with one last roll of my eyes as I moved away from the window.

It was almost two o'clock in the morning before I got back to the lair. It had been almost three hours since I'd gone out. Aw shell. Leo is so gonna lecture me.

See we'd always had a kind of unspoken agreement that any turtle who went out alone (namely me) should try to get home before midnight. And I was two hours late. If Lame-o-nardo doesn't kill me, Sensei is so going to finish me off. I stepped warily into the lair, hoping that they'd all gone to sleep. It was all dark, so far, so good.

My hopes were dashed away when the lights snapped on revealing all three of my brothers and Sensei sitting on the couch. Leo and Sensei's eyes narrowed. Leo stood, obviously he was going to speak first. Oh goody.

My blue-masked older brother approached me slowly without a word. He stopped about half an arm's length across from me and stared down into my eyes. I steeled myself, prepared for a lecture, but none came. SMACK! A stinging pain flared through the right side of my face, but I took it without a flinch staring blankly back at my brother, concealing my shock and amazement. Did Leo just bitch-slap me?!

"Raphael Hamato where the hell have you been?!"

"I was gone three hours, Leo. Big deal, I've had longer nights."

"But not without making contact with someone."

"Are you kidding? I go off on my own all the time."

"Don't you think I know that?! But at least you messaged you'd be breaking curfew!"

"Why do you even care, Leo?! I seem to remember you telling me to just run off like the coward I was!"

"We all say things we don't mean when we're angry." He said quietly before whispering, "You scared me this time Raph." Deep blue eyes looked up into mine. "I thought you weren't…"

"I'll always come back Leo, and…" I calmly put a hand on my older brother's shoulder, "I said some things I didn't mean too. Don't sweat it. I'm fine. Though I could use an ice pack."

His eyes widened. The others had remained silent throughout all of this, even Mikey which was surprising, but Donnie shot up and was at my side in the blink of an eye. "Are you injured?"

"Oh please don't tell me you got in over your head." Leo groaned.

"Hey, don't even go there, Fearless, I had everything under control."

"Yes of course and obviously you were topside when you weren't supposed to be…again."

"You're no fun, Leo. And you have no way of proving that I was topside."

Leo gave me an unamused 'are you kidding me' look. "Of course, meathead, you can't get injuries like those in the sewers."

"That a challenge, Fearless?"

Leonardo's eyes narrowed. "No."

"Raphael." I tensed and turned towards my Sensei. "You went to the surface despite my warnings. And worst of all you went alone. You could have been attacked, or worse. Raphael you must learn to be more cautious. There are some things you just aren't ready for, failing to accept that will risk not only your lives but the lives of your brothers as well."

"Hai, Sensei I understand and I'm sorry." My brothers' eyes widened as did Sensei's.

"You seem…calm, my son."

"Hai Sensei, and I have something important to tell you guys." He looked at me before nodding slowly for me to proceed. "The Foot are smuggling ancient Japanese artifacts into the country."

Leo's eyes widened, then quickly narrowed. "You were spying on the Foot? ALONE? Raphael are you insane?! You-you—you could have been k-killed!"

"It was only a dozen Foot Robots," I corrected before preening, "Didn't even break a sweat."

"My sons," they turned to their father, "I must meditate on what I have heard."

The four turtles nodded and watched him retreat to the dojo and his room. Mikey approached me from behind and started poking my head. I growled a warning, which he, of course, ignored. "So, Raphie, why are you so calm?"

I smiled, a rare genuine smile and my brothers seemed slightly surprised. Not only by the smile but also by the way I pushed Michelangelo away without smacking him. I stood up and headed for my room, and my bed. Sleep was starting to sound good right about now. I looked back at them and smirked, "I don't know Mikey, maybe it's just my day."

The red-masked turtle went straight to his room, he didn't turn around again, which is unfortunate. For if he had, he would have seen a look of epiphany and a smile spreading across his little brother's freckled face.