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Ch. 36-A ring for your finger

Midori hummed quietly to herself as she worked in the kitchen. She had finally managed, after all this time, to persuade Michelangelo to let her cook. April strolled in, her arms laden with groceries. She set them down on the counter as gently as she could, before turning to Midori with a smile.

"Hey there lover girl!"

Midori raised an eyebrow before shaking her head with a chuckle. "Oh come on, April…Just because Raph and I are..." Midori looked down as her cheeks colored.

April smirked. She pushed herself up to sit on the edge of the counter and squealed. "Look, you didn't hear it from me, but Casey said that Raph's been asking a lot of questions about rings." April wiggled her eyebrows suggestively.

Midori rolled her eyes. "Oh come on, why would Raph buy me a ring?" The teenager asked, turning back to the sink. Her long, black hair echoed her movements, the light glinting off of it almost hypnotically.

April slid a little closer to her, "I don't know…maybe he wants to make your relationship permanent? You know…make some vows? Maybe say a little 'I do'?"

Midori's eyes flew wide open, her body completely rigid. "…What?"

April smiled, but she was steadily growing more and more unnerved by Midori's reaction. "Um…well, it's not as if you'd say no…right?"

Midori collapsed onto a stool and brooded. "Well…aw, shell, I don't know…I mean I love him, but…I don't think I'm ready for…"

"Do you want to spend the rest of your life with him?"

There was a long silence. Midori looked April straight in the eyes. "Of course I do."

The red-headed teenager smiled. "Then go for it."

"But—but we're only seventeen…I just…do you really think it'll work?"

April smirked. "Has it worked so far?"

Midori smiled.

April then returned to the task at hand. "Alright, let's get cooking."

Raphael was on his way home. He'd had a long conversation with Casey about rings and he now had some better ideas of exactly what he wanted to do. Of course, Donatello would have to help him, at least with setting the stones. See, once you thought about it, it actually made sense that the turtles had collected some very nice rocks over the years. Rocks meaning expensive jewels, of course. After all, what better place to forage gems? What woman hasn't dropped at least one earring down the sink? And so Raphael had gone on a quest. He had found far more than he needed, at least twenty-seven earrings and even a ring or two here and there. And he now had a very fine assortment of precious gems. Whether they were real or not, Don would have to help him with determining, but at least a few of them were bound to be real.

Of course he wouldn't dream of giving Midori some shabby ring that he'd found in the sewers. He'd melt down their gold, or other respective metal, and forge a new one at the old Farmhouse, the same way they'd made Leo new katanas.

You see, a store-bought ring, in Raph's opinion wasn't good enough for Midori. It had to be something handmade by him. Something genuine that she could touch and feel, that would remind her of how much their relationship meant to him.

Raphael wouldn't settle for anything less than perfection.

Two weeks later…

Today was the day. Today was the day.

Raphael's stomach was tying itself into knots. He'd told Midori to meet him here, on the rooftop where he'd decided to carry her home on the night that they met. As the minutes dragged by the hothead found himself constantly repeating in his mind:

I can do this. I can do this. I can do this. I can do this. I can do this. I can do this.

"Hey Raph. What's up?"

Raph whirled around to come face-to-beak with Midori. His cheeks grew bright red, and he jumped a little from the surprise. I can't do this! His inner voice screamed as she saw her glancing at him expectantly.

"D-Do you…uh…do you…do you…"

Midori rolled her eyes, her face tinged with a hint of amusement. "I'm gonna need a little more than that, Raph."

Raph scoffed and turned his back to her. "Do you…remember this place?"

Midori frowned and glanced down at the alley below. "I remember that place. That's where those punk-robots attacked me." Her face softened and she walked over and wrapped her hands around his neck to lean in and whisper in his ear. "Before you saved me."

She kissed the side of his face softly and smirked as she realized he was blushing.

Raphael gently removed Midori's arms from around him and turned to face her slowly. "Midori…I—I love you."

Her eyebrows furrowed in confusion. "Yeah…I love you too. Raph, what's going on?" Midori asked, her eyes glowing with concern.

"Will you…that is…will you…?"

She raised an eyebrow and prompted him "Will I…?"

Raph fell down on his knees, grabbed her hand and stared up into her eyes. "Will you m-marry me?" Dammit! Why did I have to stutter?! Now she'll laugh at me!

But surprisingly, Midori did not laugh. In fact she did not do much of anything. She just stared at Raphael in shock. Did he just ask me to…?

Raph took one look at Midori's expression and his heart turned to water. He bowed his head and stood slowly, taking Midori's inaction as a refusal. The emerald green turtle had to turn away to hide the tears running down his cheeks. I knew it was too soon.

Just as the hothead turned away Midori realized that she'd made a grave mistake and that Raph had taken her hesitation the wrong way. "Yes!"

The emerald green turtle went stock-still. Am I hearing things? "What?! You actually want to?!"

Midori smiled and as soon as he turned back around she pulled herself flush against him. "Don't sell yourself short, lover." She purred enticingly, kissing him passionately.

Raph did a mental victory dance and pulled away briefly so that he could twirl her around and dip her down in a very dance-like fashion. Midori smiled into the kiss and wrapped her arms tightly around his neck.

When Raphael pulled away there was a freshly-kindled, fiery passion burning in his eyes. Midori blushed madly.

Then Raph swept her up onto her feet yet again and kneeled in front of her. "Let's do this right." He murmured before asking again, with renewed confidence, "Midori Yamamoto, will you marry me?"

Midori giggled giddily. "Yes, Raphael Hamato, I will marry you. I will be your wife."

The turtle's face lit up with happiness as he opened the pocket of his belt and removed a small box, opened it, and showed it to her. Her breath hitched. It was gorgeous.

The ring itself was silver. A large, dark red ruby sparkled in the moonlight, accompanied by two small leaf-shaped emeralds. She stared down at the turtle in shock.

Raphael shrugged. "You once said you loved roses. I thought this would be perfect."

Midori reached down and stroked the side of his face lovingly. "It is perfect, but you didn't have to spend—"

Raph cut her off. "I didn't buy it."

She raised an eye-ridge.

Raph took her hand in his and slid the ring delicately onto her finger. "I made it for you. Well, er, I made the ring. Donnie had to help me set the stones."

Her lips pulled back into a beatific smile and she said softly, "Raphael, I wouldn't have cared if it was made of plastic. I love you. I don't need material possessions to prove it."

His lips pressed together into a thin line as he stood and took her hand in his. Bright, neon green eyes stared lovingly into hers as Raphael whispered. "You deserve the best." He kissed her deeply, silencing any objections she might have had.

When he pulled away, Midori sighed dreamily.

The two of them sat side by side on the rooftop and gazed out at the city.

"…So when do you want to get married?"

Raphael smiled.

In the end, both Raph and Midori decided to wait until they were eighteen to get married. So a year came and went. They had their ups and downs, like every couple, but the idea of marriage never faded and finally, when Midori turned eighteen, plans began to unfold.

"So, so far we've got September, January and February." the turtle said with a frown looking down at a calendar.

"I already said February's hectic enough with Valentine's day. I don't want to get married in February." Midori whined.

"Alright, then what about September or January?"

"January 15th."

"Huh?" Raph asked, a little stunned.

"I wanna get married on January 15th! We could have a white wedding!" She said excitedly, literally bouncing up and down as she waited for Raph's verdict. After all, it was his wedding too.

"Freakin' cold wedding." He grumbled.

Midori rolled her eyes. "Oh don't be such a baby, you'll be wearing a tux."

"What?! Who the shell said I'd have to wear clothes?!" Raph asked wide-eyed.

A sigh came from Midori. "It's your wedding, Reptile, and you're the groom, and the groom wears a tux!"

Raph crossed his arms over his chest. "No way."

Midori frowned, but her frown quickly turned into a smirk. She climbed onto Raphael's lap and kissed him deeply. The kiss was long and passionate and when she finally drew away Raph was left dazed.

"Hmmmm...What were we talking about again?"

Midori smirked, "About how you're going to wear a tux to the wedding."

"Oh yeah, right." He answered with a nod.

Finally, after many months of waiting, the big day arrived. And Raph was nervous as shell. Leonardo smiled as he watched his brother running about from place to place as though his life depended on it. The eldest turtle had never, in their eighteen years, seen Raphael so completely unnerved. "Relax Raph, everything's gonna be fine!"

Raph stomped out and threw his arms up in the air. "Don't say that! You're gonna jinx it! Shell, you just jinxed it!" Neon green eyes dealt Leonardo a nasty glare and poked him in the chest. "If something destroys my wedding it's gonna be your fault!"

Leo rolled his eyes. Since Mikey was taking care of the food and the cake and Donnie was doing all the tech like the mics and music, Leo was stuck with babysitting Raph until his best man came along. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, Casey hadn't shown up yet.

Raphael continued running about the room he was currently using as a dressing room. Leonardo raised an eye-ridge. "Raph, what are you looking for?"

"My tie, stupid!" Raph yelled, losing control of his frustration.

Leo chuckled and held up the two bow ties that lay on the desk beside him.

Raph grumbled something about Leo hiding them from him when the door suddenly burst open.

Casey was grinning from ear-to-ear. "Hey Raph, ready to get hitched?" He asked innocently, only to get smacked in the head by his supposed 'best bud'.

"Where the shell were you Casey?! You should have been here thirty minutes ago!"

Casey held up his hands. "Sorry man, the traffic was bad and my game ran later than I expected. I figured you'd want me to clean up a little before I came on out, so there you are. Now what about you, how you feelin?" The human asked earnestly, putting a hand on Raph's shoulder.

Raph sighed. "I feel like I'm gonna explode! And I'm nervous as shell! Look at this!" Raph thrust his hand out in front of Casey's face. It was shaking. "I'm so terrified I can't even think straight!"

Leonardo stared. He'd never seen Raph open up like that to anybody before.

The hothead was about to start pacing nervously when Casey Jones grabbed him by the collar of his tux and shoved him back against the wall. The human took a tie off the desk and forced Raph to keep still as he tied it. Once the tie was taken care of Casey spoke slowly. "Take a chill pill Raph. Come on, dude. Deep breaths."

It took a few moments for the turtle to actually do as Casey said. But after a few deep breaths, feeling much calmer, the emerald green turtle put a grateful hand on his friend's shoulder. "Thanks Case."

Casey smiled. "Anytime Raph."

Meanwhile with the bride…

Midori was struggling to keep calm. She had never really liked the way she looked in white, and she had confided as much in her fiancé, but Raphael had insisted that if he had to wear a tux, she had to wear a wedding dress. Thing is, Raph hadn't seen the dress she picked out.

In fact, she had sent a letter to the woman that had sewn her mother's wedding dress in Japan and asked to have one made with her measurements. She had never seen a more beautiful dress in her entire life. It was very much like a kimono with long sleeves, but the shoulders were open. The bodice of the dress was red, with a white sash tied around the waist, and the skirt and sleeves were white. Midori stepped nervously out of the closet after getting dressed, wondering what April's reaction would be.

"You can come in now." She yelled, knowing that April would hear.

So far she was the only one who knew what the dress looked like, so she was a little nervous as to what April would think. April, Midori's maid of honor, was wearing an opaque yellow sleeveless gown and carrying a matching bag. As soon as the redhead stepped into the room her eyes widened.

Midori's head slowly came up to look April in the eyes and she blushed. "Well, what do you think?"

A smile spread across April's face. "Raph is going to faint when he sees how beautiful you look."

Midori grimaced. "God, I hope not."

April laughed. "Come on, let me do your hair!" April exclaimed, shoving Midori down onto a chair and immediately starting to pin the long, black hair up attractively.

It was time. Raphael could hear oohs and aahs behind him as the music began to play. He didn't turn around. He knew that if he did he wouldn't be able to stop himself from sweeping Midori up in his arms and kissing the life out of her.

As soon as she entered the room, Midori could hear oohs and aahs from everyone on either side of the aisle and she couldn't help but blush. But she couldn't take her eyes off of Raphael's form. He sure did look handsome in a tux.

She took Master Splinter's hand and he began to walk her down the aisle. When Midori had asked him to give her away in honor of her father, Master Splinter could not refuse. Not that he had wanted to anyway. He felt that such an action would be fitting, considering that Midori's mother was his greatest and most beloved friend. Upon seeing her dress, the old rat was reminded of the day he walked Hikari down the aisle in much the same manner and tears came to his eyes. Ah Hikari, I am sure that seeing this has you filled with pride.

Finally, as she reached the altar, Raph turned and his mouth dropped open. She was…she was…Raph shook his head to stop himself from fainting. He gripped her hand in his softly and looked her in the eyes. "I—I—you…You look beautiful."

Midori blushed and the two of them turned to face Mr. Murakami. Yep. That's right. The guy who made them pizza gyoza was going to be their moderator. Turns out Murakami had been a pastor before he decided to start a restaurant. Even better for them, his license was still in order so they would be actually, legally married. Of course, Raphael wasn't technically a legal citizen, so that didn't really matter, but still. It was nice.

"Do you, Raphael Hamato, take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife?"

Raph stared deep into Midori's gleaming golden eyes. "With all my heart, I do."

"Do you, Midori Yamamoto, take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband?"

Midori squeezed Raph's hand tightly. "I do."

"May we have the ring please?" Murakami said.

Michelangelo stepped forward trying his best not to squeal at the cuteness of this moment. He held the little pillow with the ring on it out to Raph and Raph took it slowly. The emerald green turtle took a deep breath before beginning his vows. They weren't exactly the traditional vows, but he had decided that he didn't want this to be a traditional wedding. "Midori…"

She looked up at him questioningly, internally dreading that something was wrong. But at Raph's soft, delicate smile she relaxed a little.

Raph took another deep breath and knelt slowly. He spoke loud and clear. "With this ring, I give you my heart, I promise you from this day forward, you shall not walk alone, may my heart be your shelter, and my arms be your home."

Midori stared at her fian—er—almost-husband in disbelief. That wasn't the vow she had been expecting. Slowly, after Raph stood, she took the plain wedding ring from Leo and turned back to Raph. "Raphael Hamato. I promise to love you without condition, to honor you each and every day, to laugh when you're happy, to support you when you're sad, to guide you when you ask for direction, to challenge you to be a better person and to allow you do the same for me, to be your biggest fan and your ever present listening audience. I will love you today, I will love you tomorrow, and I will love you forever."

Raphael had to blink back the tears from his eyes. After she put the ring on his oversized finger he grabbed both of her hands and held them tightly.

"I love you." Raph whispered. Midori smiled.

"I now pronounce you…husband and wife. You may kiss the bride."

Midori smirked. "Is it alright if I kiss the bridegroom?" She asked before pulling her handsome husband into a warm, chaste kiss. She never wanted to let go.

Raphael pulled her close and kissed her vigorously before regretfully pulling away. It was now time for cake and celebration, which basically translated to: no alone time. As they exited the barn under a hail of rice, Raph turned to his wife and smiled. "You look radiant, love."

She smiled and stopped to pull him into another kiss. When she pulled she smirked and tugged on his tie. "I feel radiant when I'm with you, husband."

Raphael smiled.

Later they fed each other cake, but it quickly turned into an all-out food war as Raph started throwing cupcakes at his brothers. Pretty soon April and Casey were participating, and eventually even the Mighty Mutanimals and Master Splinter joined in.

Once everyone had calmed down a little, it was time for dancing and socializing. And both Raph and Midori were practically run off their feet. Still, they danced the night away with smiles on their faces.

Finally, when everything had died down, it was time for the guests, and the family to leave. Casey had kindly offered to allow Raph and Midori to spend the rest of their 'honeymoon' at the Farmhouse…just the two of them. And of course they had eagerly accepted.

So now, before everybody left, it was time for Midori to throw the bouquet. She closed her eyes, turned around and threw it over her shoulder. Silence followed by laughter shook the crowd as Leonardo blushed blood red.

Everyone said their goodbyes and pretty soon Raph and Midori were finally alone. They both changed out of their wedding clothes and collapsed on the bed in a tired heap. Raphael wrapped his arms around her, lovingly, and nuzzled her neck with his beak. She 'mmmed' softly and murmured, "I love you Raph."

The hothead chuckled. "I love you too."


Well? How was it?