Chapter 33

Voldemort turned to the three Marauders standing at the top of the tower with him and his son speaking, "Your allegiance does not have to lie with me. I am a merciful lord, and understanding along with sympathetic to your causes. However if you wish to walk out of his tower alive tonight you will swear an oath of loyalty to my son, or I will kill you all where you stand."

The men all seemed to freeze a bit at the threat, but Harry knew it would come to this. He was not afraid, and if the men were unwilling to swear it to them he would understand if his father had to do what had to be done. No man did anything for a moment, but then Remus took a step forward and knelt before Harry, "I Remus John Lupin swear an oath of undying loyalty to Harry James Riddle, the last Marauder, the Dark Prince, and the son of Lily and James Potter."

Sirius followed suit, "I Sirius Orion Black swear an oath of undying loyalty to Harry James Riddle, the last Marauder, the Dark Prince, and the son of Lily and James Potter."

With Peter following the oath it was done. Voldemort nodded his head, "Harry they are your responsibility now. I understand who they are to you, and who they were to your family, but keep them in line or I will know."

"Yes father. Thank you." The boy said gratefully.

The man nodded, and Voldemort spoke, "I will be Temporary Headmaster of Hogwarts while everything blows over. I want all the students down in the great hall where I will await them. Harry please go to your inner circle, and gather the students. Myself and what is left of the Death Eaters will greet you there."

Harry gave a slight bow to his father as the man launched himself off the astronomy tower and made his way to the great hall. Harry sighed and then smiled. IT was over. Turning to each man Harry spoke, "Things are going to change from this day forward, and I hope you three will adapt to survive. Perhaps you may find that you even like some of the changes."

Sirius put an arm around the boy, "We will do our best pup. We are Marauders after all its what we do best. Let's go greet my heathen little brother so I can thank him for the great job he did in my place as Godfather. If he is nice I may even let him keep the position. As long as I get to me an honorary uncle or something."

Harry smiled at the man, "You will always be Uncle Padfoot…Uncle Mooney…and Uncle Wormtail to me."

This caused the three men to smile, and follow the young prince out of the astronomy tower. They started with Ravenclaw as it was closest, Harry stepped in explained what had happened, and what was to come. Harry promised no harm to anyone as long as they did not fight, and this was greeted with nods of fear but confirmation.

Gryffindor was of course the largest shock and awe, but Harry had been more careful with his words. Explaining that a great battle had just taken place at the entrance to the school and many on both sides were killed. He explained that the rest of the Death Eaters will by now have taken over what was left of the Ministry, and that everyone would be safe if the fighting did not resume. He assured them that he and his father were still both completely in fighting function, and that Dumbledore had fallen at his wand.

The shock of the night was still ahead when he reached the Hufflepuff common room and found a dead Severus Snape, and Augustus Rookwood waiting for him. Harry gasped at the site, and saw the common room was deserted except for Susan Bones who was staring at the bodies murderously, but also with a bit of fear. Harry stopped the Marauders from coming in when he saw the bodies, and told them to wait outside the common room while Harry approached Susan, "Sue, what the bloody hell happened here?"

The girl sobbed at the site of Harry and embraced him quickly, "I screwed up Harry… I impressed your father, and then I killed one of his inner circle members he is going to kill me."

Harry wrapped his arms around the girl carefully looking at the dead body of a man he looked up to for a long time, "Its okay Susan…shhh its okay."

"How can you say that Harry? I killed a man. A man you admired and looked up to, someone who was almost a part of your family, but Harry he betrayed you all. He told Dumbledore about the attack tonight." She said hysterically.

Harry stared at the girl in surprise, "What?"

The girl sobbed out, "He killed Professor Rookwood when he found out. Snape and Rookwood were talking as they had come to check on the state of Hufflepuff house. They had to stun Diggory and a few seventh years who were trying to get out, but thankfully no one got hurt. I didn't hear what they were talking about but suddenly Professor Rookwood got really angry and started screaming about how Snape had betrayed them all, and gotten so many of their friends killed, but Snape just smiled and said that he had done it kill the Dark Lord, and Dumbledore at the same time, that he was responsible for the Death of the only person he ever loved, and he wanted them both to die."

Harry stared at the dead body of Severus Snape a traitor, and comprehension began to fall upon him. It had been little things over the past few months even the past few years. Snape never liked dealing with Voldemort in fact he usually always just came to see or visit, or help Harry when he was around. He was doing it all for his mum whom he had confessed to have been in love with at several points in Harry's life. After a moment of bitterness at the fact that Snape betrayed them in the end and cost of the lives of so many he said, "You did him a favor Sue." He said honestly causing the girl to still and look up at him in confusion, "Severus Snape was a miserable human being. His only joys in life were myself and Draco. He had yearned for the day that he would die, and join my mother in the afterlife. His best friend and the only women he ever loved."

The girl looked at the boy in shock, "I don't understand…Your mum died years ago do you mean after all this time-"

"Always." Harry said to the girl with an even face. He knew that the only reason Severus Snape did not turn on Voldemort after all these years was because he killed Lily Potter, but it turns out Snape wanted to kill Voldemort possibly as much as he wanted to kill Dumbledore. This explained how Dumbledore had found out about so many of his father's Horcruxes. IT explained so much. The battle at the safety houses when they were hunting the werewolves, and so many other carefully construed plans that were ruined. They always expected a spy, and it should have been obvious that Snape was Lily Potter's man through and through, which is also why he always helped Harry at every turn.

"I don't appreciate the fact that you killed the man with what I am guessing was a sneak attack, but I understood why you did it. You did the right thing, and I don't think you could've defeated the man straight up, even with his magical core down from fighting all night. With Dumbledore dead, and Snape gone that means your parents have been completely avenged. I understand your reasoning, but I must warn you to let me explain what happened to my father, and to remain completely ignorant of it all until then. I do not want him to kill you before I tell him the story. Forgive me for asking, but I need to see it. I can't risk my own life, and there be any lies in the story. That will see all of us leading shorter lives than previously planned."

Susan looked at the boy, and then nodded taking a deep breath, and a heavy sniffle, "Okay Harry. Do what you have to do."

She looked the boy in the eye at that moment, and Harry carefully casted Legillmency seeing it all unfold right before him just as she said. When he pulled from the girls mind he brought her into a tight hug, "It's over Susan. Both of our parents have been avenged tonight. We need to get to the great hall, and I need to explain to my father what has happened."

She nodded taking the boys hand as he guided her out to where the Marauders were waiting with concern. Harry spoke calmly, "Snape and Rookwood are both dead. It seems there has been a betrayal. We must not speak any further on this until my father has been made aware. He should be waiting in the Great Hall."

With that everyone followed the Dark Heir's lead down the nearly deserted halls of Hogwarts. It was so strange there was hardly any sign of a battle inside the halls. When they reached the entrance hall and standing ovation went up immediately from over half the school. The applause was deaftening from Slytherin, mild form Ravenclaw, and nearly silent in Hufflepuff and Gryffindor. Harry marched down the hall seeing some of the Inner Circle standing among his father with a few professors that had been spared like Professor Babling, Vector, and very few others. When Harry reached his father the man smiled at the boy, "Well done my son. It seems it is over. I have gotten word from Lucius and Nott that the Ministry has fallen. We have won the country."

Harry smiled at his father lightly, "And next the world."

"Address your peers son. Tell them of the future. Assure them, and guide them."

Harry nodded, "Of course father."

He then turned to see hundreds of eyes on him, "Today is a tragic day in Hogwarts History. A great battle has just unfolded at the front of this historic school. Many are dead from all sides of the war and world. However with great sacrifice comes great reward, for while it is a sad day for Hogwarts History it is a triumphant day for the Wizarding World."

This caused some slight murmurs of disbelief, but Harry did not let them go on for long, "My name is Harry James Riddle, and I for the last 14 years have been raised by Lord Voldemort who now sits behind me."

This caused silence in the hall, "I know what some of you may be thinking out there. That Voldemort killed my parents. That he fed me lies, or that he manipulated me, but ladies and gentlemen I can promise you this is not that case."

Harry went on to reveal the truth about happened in Hogwarts of 1981, and the Marauders behind him voice their approval of the true events that took place. Harry continued, "Hermione Granger please come forward."

Harry spoke to his father in parseltongue for a brief second, "Just as we discussed father."

The man barely gave a visible nod as Hermione approached the Death Eaters and Dark Prince with a bit of nerves clear in her eyes. When she reached him Harry brought the girl in for a hug, and kept an arm around her as they separated, "For those who don't know this Hermione Granger. One of the most brilliant girls to walk Hogwarts since my mother. Like my mother however Hermione is a muggleborn, and to those of you who share her blood status I want you all to witness this historical moment, and ease your fears."

Hermione looked at the boy in confusion, but Voldemort was now standing and gave the girl a smile as she looked at the man who was Harry's father, and he held out a hand, "Ms. Granger I you a bit of a debt. You have stood at my sons side for three years and watched him grow into a capable young leader, and even when you found who I was, and what I was to him you did not run, but instead trusted the boy you had befriended something that is certainly not misplaced. I personally assure you with your intelligence, and current grades which if I am to understand are nearly perfect." He raised an eyebrow at his son who nodded, and then back at the girl who blushed, "There is no reason that you cannot one day ascend to Minister of Magic if it is your desire and you can the people other than myself to back you. You have done well Ms. Granger, and I thank you for your loyalty to my son in the face of adversity."

With that his hand was stretched to the girl who quickly shook it blushing madly at all the eyes on her, "Thank you My Lord."

The man gave her a nod and tapped the back of her hand with his other hand, and Harry whispered in her ear, "You can breathe and go sit down Mione."

With that the girl walked off with the great hall watching in shock, "That my friends was the future. My father as the new leader of Britain's Magical Community recognized talent, hard work, and loyalty. He does not care for blood status. He does not care for anything, but power, and those strong enough to persue it. That is the future right there. Please do not fear because of who your family is, or what your blood status might be. In the world we are going to shape before you only your intelligence, power, and determination will be judged. You will all be sent him in a few days for a short break until the holidays. During that time my father and myself along with the Hogwarts Governors or going to search the world for the brightest professors money can buy, and we are going to restore Hogwarts to its former glory. We will also be willing to fund any student who may have lost their families in the war to attend school, and ensure that we did not take their futures away. Don't stand against us. I beg all of you. Tonight we took down the supposed most powerful Wizard in a Century, and we did it together." Looking at his father confidently he spoke, "And I truly believe as long as we are together we can accomplish anything. The future is bright, and will carve it in our image, because we are the heirs to Godric Gryffindor and Salazaar Slytherin two of the greatest wizards to ever walk British soils, and we are going to take this country as far forward as they did when they were around."

When the speech finish applause began lightly once again at the Slytherin table, but then it swept across the hall. Many applauded, but of course some didn't. Harry and his father both took note of who those people were in case new threats came from these blank or angry faces, but the young prince knew from this day forward the world would never be the same.