Storyline Continuation 1

February 1997 (18 Months After the Battle at Hogwarts)

"We warned you. We told you no one would stand in our way to domination. Stand down and help us bring peace back into your country under new leadership. Enough blood has been spilt tonight." Harry said calmly to the large man in front of him.

"You have butchered my people, and destroyed a very way of life, and you think I will bow to you. Your arrogance has no end Lord Peverell." The man spat.

Harry grinned at the title. Many across the World were now referring to him as the Dark Lord Peverell, and he had earned that title over the past year as he led Death Eaters into battle after battle nearly laying waste to every witch or wizard he came into contact with, "Your country was the last that stood in the way of conquering the continent. Even the Chinese Foreign Ministry is ending their 1,000 year war with Japan to prepare for the inevitable invasion. Yet you were foolish enough to turn down the alliances of falling nations, and the last few defenses across the world. You are a fool, and if you don't drop your wand you will be a dead fool."

The man growled and waved his wand in an intricate pattern, but before the words could even leave his mouth a green light smashed into the man taking him out of the fight forever. Harry looked at the body of the man in slight annoyance and turned to his fiancé, "Susan, how many times have I asked you not to kill them before I try to convince them a little more of my way?"

The girl shrugged stepping over many dead bodies to approach him, "You were taking too long, and your father reminded me that I should not let you play with your food on our path to victory."

The young man sighed bringing the girl into a hug glad that she had once again made it through the battle unscathed, "How were your losses?"

The girl shrugged, "A couple of foreigners. No one from our core group and no one from home. We mostly just followed your path of destruction and took out the strays that survived."

Harry nodded quickly, "Then it was successful, have someone raise our flag above the building, Russia has fallen."

This made the girl smile. For the first time in the history of the world the continent of Europe had been completely captured. The path to World Domination seemed to be a downhill battle from here, except the Americans who were constantly being a thorn in their sides. Susan became shouting orders as Harry surveyed the scene around him. Dead bodies littered the floor of the Russian Ministry of Magic Atrium. They had sent a patronus to the dead man in front of him three days ago that there would be an invasion and unless total surrender terms were met they would come in as extermination squad, and not a liberation front.

Russia had been the largest problem for Voldemort and his followers. Some nations like Belgium, Germany, Sweden, and Switzerland immediately bowed down to the fierce power of the two Dark Lords charging across the continent, but others thought it would be wise to stand and fight. Harry had fought some good battles in the past year. When they reached the borders of France a legendary duel broke out where Harry single handedly killed over fifty of France's finest fighters. The boy was a powerhouse that could only be matched by his father. With the Elder wand in his hands, and the Cloak of Invisbility that was a gift from his birth father, and the resurrection stone from Voldemort he was the master of Death, and he was very much feared as Lord Peverell across the land.

Harry smirked as he heard a low whistle, "And here I thought this would last for hours. I should have told Hermione I would be home for Dinner."

Draco Malfoy was standing there kicking the foot of a dead Russian Wizard marching his way over towards his long time best friend, "I told you that you could stay home. After Viktor and Zorch killed the Prime Minister of Russia a few months back there was not even a good fight left here."

The blonde boy merely shrugged, "This is history Harry. No one in any civilization has ever done what you just did. OR I guess what Susan just did."

This caused both boys to laugh realizing when Susan killed the interim Prime Minister she conquered Russia, "Maybe Father will give the country to her as our wedding gift."

"Now I think you are being a bit presumptuous." Another voice said appearing at the boys side.

There standing a little taller than normal with pride and the help of the elixir of life Voldemort said, "Dreams as a boy of conquering the world are actually looking like they are coming to fruition. It is true that the Asian countries of the world will throw up a fight, and a lot of dead bodies the next three continents we capture should be done with high body counts, but almost certain victory."

Harry grinned at the man, "Typical father showing up after I have done all the work."

"You are the only person on this planet that can match my magical prowess if I wanted a good fight I would simply toss you in the ring, and remind you of my 60 years of magical experience on you." The Dark Lord said looking at the flag that was currently being raised by Susan with magic.

Draco asked his godfather, "Who will begin to run the Ministry?"

The man continued to stare at the flag being raised saying, "The Krums will sit in as the top seats on the government, but Dolohov will help oversee operations as our representative. I believe Viktor will likely take the place on the ICW who is getting more annoyed with us with every country that falls."

Susan who finished raising the flag and entered the conversation said, "It must be very frustrating to MACUSA that every time they are about pass legislation against us we take over a few countries and then overturn the vote in the chambers completely legally."

"Yes it has aggravated your Aunt quite a bit." The Dark Lord said evenly.

The red headed girl sighed, "I wrote her a letter after Harry asked me to marry him, but the only response I got back was that she wished me lasting happiness and lots of children. She did not comment on the reputation I have received or the rumors I am sure she has heard."

Harry took the girls hand gently rubbing his across the back trying to sooth the distressed girl, "We still have at least another year before we turn our sights on MACUSA. Your aunt is safe for now."

Susan nodded smiling at him, and Voldemort said, "Some bridges are best crossed once approached. As for now. Europe is ours. I say we return home and prepare our weeks rest, and celebrations, before contacting the Chinese and Indian Ministries and warn them of what is to come. Harry make sure Mr. Creevy arrives here in the next few hours to take a picture of the day…destruction you left here today. I know we will probably have to take every Asian Nation by force, but it would be nice if at least some of them surrendered."

With that the man pulled out his international portkey to Gaunt Manor and disappeared in the blink of an eye. Draco sighed, "I better go round up the troops and disperse them out, and send some home. I will make sure the Krum's are here within the hour to be sworn into office, and then I am going to have dinner with Hermione before she skins me alive for being gone for so long without writing."

The boy cringed at that before saying, "Harry you better go visit Daphne. The women is completely mental right now."

Susan chuckled at the statement, "Well Draco you better get used to it. Hermione is uptight as it is, Merlin I cannot imagine what she will be like when she is pregnant."

Both boys cringed violently at this, but Susan gave them both exasperated looks. Harry gave the girl a soft smile though, and fondly remembered the last conversation he had with the girl about having children with him.

Laying in bed together the two were heaving for breath and Harry turned to the girl sucking on her neck gently, and being very affectionate. The girl moaned quietly saying, "Haven't you had enough Harry? Its been like 3 hours!"

Harry grinned at the girl slowly kissing her, "Enough? I was just getting started. Besides I think its time you join Daphne in helping the family grow."

Susan looked at the boy crossly, "I will do no such thing!"

The boy looked at the furious looking red head in surprise pulling away quickly, "Do you not want children with me anymore?"

The girl softened at the young man's hurt look, and put a small hand on his face, "It's not that Harry…It's just that…I am valuable to you in battle still. Daphne was never the greatest dueler among us, while she can certainly defend herself she does not carry the same command or respect among the Death Eaters that I do. We have our whole lives to lie down and make children, but I don't want that to happen until we are done conquering. There are so many reasons I don't even want to tell you all of them."

Harry looked at the girl still in a bit of surprise, "Will you share some of them with me at least?"

The girl turned to her side to face the young man completely saying, "Okay. Well let's talk scenarios. You Harry are possibly one of the most powerful wizards alive right now despite your age. Regardless though tomorrow when we storm the Spanish Ministry someone could get a lucky shot in at you and my child would fatherless. Daphne is already pregnant though so the Potter, Peverell, Gryffindor line would survive, and Daphne I would both have plenty of time to seek out future suitors to continue our own line. For Daphne its not as big of a deal though, because she has Astoria to help while I have no one."

Harry seemed to understand the girls line of thinking, "But that could be true at any point in our lives that someone can slip a lucky shot in at us."

The girl shook her head, "No I don't think so. I think your level of magical aptitude, and your senses for dark curses are too powerful. In a crowd that wasn't a battlefield I almost positive if someone threw a lethal curse of any kind at you or me we would be able to stop it from ever reaching you, and probably without a wand."

Seeing the girls logic he nodded, "Okay what else?"

"Well Harry my biggest thing should be obvious. I just turned seventeen a few weeks ago, and while I very much look forward to having a family with you, and having my kids play with Daphne's I still want to grow. I still want achieve, and travel, and duel. I want to be able to live my life a little longer before I start having children. If I am going to carry on the Peverell and Bones lines I really need to have at least four children. Two for Peverell and Two for Bones. Preferably as many boys as we can manage so the line can carry forward. Thankfully Daphne can focus on Potter, and Gryffindor. While Gryffindor also only needs one heir because it's been extinct for so long. So she can help the Potter family take back its size over time, but Harry there is so much left I want to do with my life before I have children."

Harry finally nodded holding his hands up in surrender, "Alright Sue I respect your wishes. Its not a big deal as long as you never forget one day I want a big family. Once father and I have conquered the world I expect you to marry me. We still don't have to have kids right away, but you know I want it to be in the conversation."

The girl smiled widely and kissed him soundly climbing over on top of him and showing him just how much she appreciated the sentiment on the matter.

Harry quickly snapped out of the memory as Susan prodded him gently on the side, "Are you ready to go face the Daphne Potter wrath?"

Harry smiled at hearing his wife last night. It had been a weird agreement between him and his father that in the interest of Pureblood lineage he would take his parents last name, and the funny part of it all was it was actually Voldemort that suggested it, but it had been on Harry's mind for months.

"You've got to tell him Harry. You can't very well wait to the day of the wedding, and then be like, oh hey dad by the way Daphne is going to be Lady Potter and not Lady Riddle!" the girl said frustratingly to her fiancé.

Harry groaned, "I know it's just such an awkward conversation. I don't want him to think I am trying to forsake my culture and him. I just want to make sure our line continuations work right. I know he doesn't care about the Riddle family line since it's his fathers, but still it's just so uncomfortable. I have been Harry Riddle for so long and now I am going back to Harry Potter Peverell."

The beautiful blonde girl wanted to laugh at the boy's discomfort. She had never seen him this way before. Of all the obstacles he has faced over the years this was definitely the one that seems to have him the most unnerved. She watched as the man paced back and forth across their bedroom, and she couldn't quite figure out how to help him. Suddenly a snake came slithering into the room and Daphne did her best not to scream at the site. No matter how many times she has met Nagini it never became less terrifying.

Harry noticed the snake immediately and said, "Nagini, what is it?"

"Your father wishes to speak with you hatchling. In his office at your soonest convenience." The snake hissed back.

Harry sighed slowly thanking the snake and turning to Daphne who looked a few shades paler than usual, "Still not used to Nagini huh?"

The girl shivered slightly as the snake left the room, "I don't think I can ever get used to a snake that size going around the house. Thankfully she doesn't come up here very much anymore."

Harry nodded and spoke softly, "I better go see my father."

"Tell him Harry. You need to get it over with. We are getting married in a week! I'm begging you. If you don't I swear to Merlin you will sleep by yourself until the wedding night, and maybe even then depending on how things explode if you don't tell him sooner!"

The boy shook his head sadly knowing that it was time to face the music, as he left his room feeling downtrodden, but trying to get his game face on to face his father.

Arriving at the office doors in a few short moments he knocked and was instantly greeted by the doors opening, and his father sitting in his chair looking at reports that undoubtedly were coming from across the channel, "Good evening father. Nagini says you wished to speak with me."

The man did not even look up at his son which he found rather odd, but said nothing when his father spoke, "Yes I believe we have an important issue that needs to be discussed rather delicately."

Harry tensed a bit. His father never discussed issues delicately with him. It was always very blatant, and sometimes even a little excessive. The fact that the man was thinking a situation needed to be carefully handled made the boy nervous, "Yes Father. What is it?"

The man still not looking up said, "You're getting married in a week."

Harry looked at the man bewildered, "Are you just now realizing this?"

Now the man looked up with a slight annoyed look on his face, "No…However it has been brought to my attention by Bella that Daphne will become Lady Riddle next week."

Harry felt his stomach clamp at this, and was preparing to say something, but Voldemort kept going, "Son please do not take this the wrong way, but you need renounce your name on the Riddle family, and go back to being a Potter."

The boy stared at his father in shock, and Harry could see the man looked slightly downtrodden by this, but Harry spoke, "I understand father. You actually may not believe me, but Daphne and I were just having this conversation. She is quite agitated with me that I waited this long for the issue to come up. It's a matter of Pureblood heritage though, not who your family really is."

The man nodded his head giving his son a smile, "Yes precisely. Very good. I am glad we are in understanding about this. You can go back to bed then and get some rest. Goodnight son."

It was a clear it was a quick dismissal, but Harry took it and began returning to his room before turning to his father saying, "I will always be a Riddle dad. I will always be your son. I don't care what my last name is…Goodnight."

Harry didn't see the satisfied smile cross the man's face as he left the room, but it was known that the Dark Lord was in quite an unusually good mood over the next few days.

Arriving at Potter Manor Harry and Susan approached the home hand in hand entering the building, and immediately going up to the bedroom to find Daphne and Astoria reading magazines, and talking casually. When the two walked in Daphne lit up at the site of them, "Harry! Susan! How did it go in Russia."

Harry smiled at his wife coming to scoop the women up into a hug. She was still barely showing at 5 months pregnant, and wondered when she would become the balloon that Alexa Rodgers currently was with Marcus' Flint's baby, "Hey love. It went really well. No causalities on the British side of things, and no major injuries from our circle."

This made the women's smile brighten, "That's great. Astoria came over earlier to keep my company I was feeling a little restless when Mandy started kicking."

Leaning over to the girls stomach he spoke softly, "I think my girl is ready to be held by her father, and is wanting out a little too early."

All the girls smiled at this, but none of them said anything, "I think she is going to be as beautiful as her mother, and as kind as her namesake. If only the world were to be so lucky. Our little Mandy Lilith Potter."

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