A/N: I simply enjoyed this way too much. I wrote it a month ago and then pondered it until tonight, unsure if it was ready to post. It's entire purpose is smut between my favourite characters, Reese (OC) and Kili. Throw in some Fili too. For those not familiar with Reese, you don't need to read any other story to enjoy this one, this one also does not contain any spoilers for the others. But if you want to get to know her better, she's featured in What the Future Brings. For those familiar with Reese, you'll notice some deliberate differences to her character because in this AU she is indeed a different version of herself. Enjoy! I did :D RP

This was originally posted as a one shot in Thundering Moments of Tenderness Rage collection. However, after getting some great prompts, I'm going to make it a continuing prompt driven story.

When Kili met Reese, Fili was buried balls deep in her, grunting as she rode him, and Kili spilled his own seed deep in her bowels before even getting a look at her face. When Kili returned to the castle from scouting, he received a message asking him to attend to his brother in his quarters. Kili knew exactly what this message meant as only one thing happened when he met his brother in his quarters.

"Brother, join us?" Fili grunted as Kili entered the room. Kili began to remove his clothing and felt his cock harden as he glanced at the bed. A petite brunette, possibly not dwarrow to Kili's surprise, was riding Fili, her back to Kili as she leaned forward over his brother, her long dark hair falling like a curtain around them. Fili's legs were splayed wide, his feet planted on the bed so he could thrust upwards vigorously, giving Kili an ample, not unpleasant, view of his brother's cock as it plunged up into the girl. Fili's balls jiggled above his ass crack as he thrust. The girl's ass was bright red and was beginning to bruise, separated by a large diamond between her ass cheeks that would be attached to an anal plug. He suspected Fili had inserted the anal plug before spanking her.

Kili's cocked twitched at the thought of the sensation of being spanked while wearing a plug, having experienced it personally several times at his brother's hands. It was one of his brother's favourite acts.

Kili was disappointed that he'd missed the events leading to the girl's red bottom though. He often participated in breaking in a new sub, even though the sub's dom was always Fili. However, Fili was not selfish and shared her willingly with Kili, and the entire company in fact, although Kili always got to have her first.

Since reclaiming Erebor, Fili always had a sub in attendance. They signed a contract to stay for three months. They were always willing and sought him out actively. He was notorious for the pleasure it brought those whose sexual needs were of the submissive, and to have been the crown prince's sub was a great honour.

Thorin always arranged for good marriages for Fili's subs to excellent doms who were a perfect match to one so well trained. Although several members of the company had been matched in such a way, Kili was never suggested as a potential mate for a sub, not because he was a prince, but because he wasn't a true dom, preferring just as often as not to be used, humiliated, and caused pain.

Having gotten his clothes off, Kili walked to the bed and kneeled between Fili's legs behind the girl. She moved to look at Kili, but before she could turn her head, Fili caught her chin. "Eyes forward," he commanded. The girl didn't move her head again as she continued to ride the golden prince.

Kili leaned into her, pressing his erection against her back as he bent to smell her hair. She had a heady delicious scent to her that Kili found intoxicating, feeling his cock harden even more. From this angle, he could see that she was definitely not a dwarf. He quirked a brow at Fili who only grinned at him darkly. Fili had never taken a non dwarrow sub before. This girl was was quite short. At first Kili thought she might be a hobbit, but a quick glance at her feet proved him wrong. Her ears were not of Elven shape either.

She was of the Race of Men then, and a very small one at that. He was surprised considering how many dwarrowdam petitioners Fili had to choose from.

Kili inhaled her scent again deeply and found it quite pleasing. He brought his hands to her neck and swept her long thick dark brown hair to the side, twisting the thick mane around his fisted hand and using it to pull her head to the side harshly, leaving her neck open to him. He brought his mouth to her neck and nipped it gently before trailing his tongue up to her ear. The girl gasped as Kili bit the shell of her ear.

Fili stilled and grabbed her jaw, forcing her to look at him. "I told you to be silent," he commanded. She did not speak but nodded once. He stared at her coldly for a moment. He spoke as he bucked his hips up into her. "This is the second time in the last five minutes that you have disobeyed my orders. As punishment, you are to touch yourself but do not climax. And do not disobey me again," he finished in a low voice.

Although Kili still hadn't seen her face he was sure she had a carefully schooled expression of submission. They always did. Even when Fili was setting them up intentionally for failure, as he was clearly doing right now.

She took a deep breath as her hand dropped obediently between her legs. She continued her rocking motion. Kili caught his brothers' eyes, who nodded at Kili. Kili grinned as he brought his mouth back to her ear, sucking the lobe lightly as his hand dropped to the gem nudged between her ass cheeks. The girl had no chance of being able to comply with Fili's orders.

Kili grasped the diamond between her cheeks and twisted it. He heard a sharp intake of breath, and the girls' back arched slightly. He glanced at Fili again who was grinning in anticipation. Kili took the plug, pulling it out of her slightly before sliding it back in. He began to fuck her with the plug.

He suspected he had no reason to be rough and that some gentle stimulation would be all that was required. He got the sense she wasn't really trying to withhold her orgasm as it was. Something about the way she bucked her hips back as though to invite more stimulation told him she had no intention of holding back, a true act of rebellion. All the others had been desperate to please and submit and would never have pulled a stunt like this. What was it about this girl?

He found he was right as after only a few thrusts from the plug she threw her head back and cried out, sobbing out her climax, not even trying to remain silent. Kili gazed for the first time at her lovely large breasts as she arched them forward before he looked at Fili again. His brother didn't look anymore surprised than he was, although he did look livid. As much as this was a game, Fili was a true sexual dom and always became angry when disrespected.

Kili supported the girl as she leaned back against him, her face turned away from him. He watched her heaving breasts hungrily as she recovered from her orgasm. Fili didn't give her time.

"I specifically told you not to disobey me again," Fili hissed. The girl snapped her head forward, and a tense silence descended on the room as she waited for what Fili was going to do.

"Kili," Fili said, looking at him briefly. Kili nodded. He moved away from the girl, gently pushing her forward into Fili's waiting arms, who held her tightly to his chest. She tensed as though unsure what to expect next.

Fili began to thrust up into her again as Kili considered her for a moment. He found himself again looking at her ass with the diamond gem prominent between the flaming cheeks. This was going to hurt her. He hoped she enjoyed it as much as he would if he were in her situation.

Kili's hand came down hard on her bottom, right over her cleft. He imagined the feeling of the plug being driven more deeply into her as a result of the blow. She hissed in pain and shock, struggling slightly against Fili's arms as he continued to thrust into her. Kili brought his hand to her skin, caressing it gently where his hand had left an imprint, before drawing his hand back and delivering a second blow. The second blow drew a cry from her as she squirmed as though trying to get away from his hand. Kili caressed her again before delivering three more blows in quick succession.

Without waiting any longer he took the oil from beside the bed and slicked himself quickly as he reached for the plug and drew it out of her. He groaned as he looked at her gaping hole, not large enough entirely to accommodate him without some pain, but enough that no damage would be done. He lined himself up with the hole and plunged into her quickly as he growled deeply.

She was tight, incredibly tight, when filled with both of their cocks. He was surprised to feel he was in danger of coming already just from entering into her. He must have been more aroused than he'd realized. Without hesitating, he began to match the rhythm his brother had set, simultaneously withdrawing and entering her again. She didn't even try to hold back her groans. Kili felt a flutter in her and could tell her orgasm was building again.

She pushed back into him as she came, and he wrapped one arm around her, pulling her up against his chest, cupping her breast tightly as he plunged into her spasming tightness. He only lasted a few thrusts before he groaned loudly as he spilled his seed deep into her.

Fili looked at him almost in annoyance for finishing so quickly before picking up his pace and following his brother to completion. Kili always thought his brother was beautiful when he came. It was stunning to see the future king's careful control come undone for a brief moment. Even in sleep, Fili looked cool and composed, always the model crown prince. Kili often wondered how Fili ended up so dominant considering how he had to live his life in cool detached composure. He thought he would have naturally become submissive sexually in order to balance himself with the constant pressure he was under as a future leader. Maybe it was just who he was, therefore making him the perfect future leader, or maybe it was a reaction to always being hovered over and controlled by Thorin. Who knew how these things worked or why peopled ended up liking what they did.

Kili could feel the girl's body sag forward but he didn't let her collapse, knowing what Fili would do next. They both withdrew from her, their seed gushing out of her over their legs and onto the bed.

"Now, I want you to go to the basin, get a cloth, and clean us before you clean yourself. And I want you to think about your behaviour here and the choices you made," Fili said in a low menacing tone. Kili almost laughed at Fili's words. He sounded slightly over dramatic, which sometimes happened during this whole process. He might only think so because he found himself fighting drowsiness, though, and Fili's tone was incongruent with what should be happening at this time, which would be for the three of them to tangle together and doze off in the post orgasmic afterglow. But that was the point of the exercise to begin with, for the girl to learn to go against her natural instincts until submitting and serving overruled those drives.

Kili collapsed on the bed, his arm draped over his eyes as he moaned happily. He lay there in silence as he began to doze, and was startled awake when he felt a cool cloth on his thighs, cleaning his seed from his skin. His eyes opened, and he lifted his head, seeing the girl's face for the first time.

She was lovely, although no more lovely than any of the other lasses he'd bedded with Fili. Fili had a taste for the fair, and a lovely face was something he always looked for in a bed partner.

It wasn't her fairness that stilled Kili though. He found her face interesting, and almost mesmerizing. She had strong but feminine brows, a strong attractive nose, and full lips. Although she was petite, there was an energetic and determined air about her. She had full breasts, and despite her small frame, her narrow waist gave way to wide hips. Just at that moment she flicked her eyes up to Kili, something he was aware she'd been told not to do, and he could have sworn she smirked at him. Kili was stunned, not by her lack of submission, but by the spirit that she conveyed through her warm, dark, burning gaze. This was no sub. He was surprised to feel his loins stir again as he gazed at her while she cleaned his cock, and she smirked even more as he began to harden again in her hand.

She withdrew the cloth and stood, suddenly playing to her role and keeping her head lowered as she waiting for Fili's instructions.

"There is a bath waiting for you in the next room," Fili said, sounding exasperated. He had not missed the exchange between the girl and Kili but appeared unwilling to take issue with it at this point. The girl had already received a great deal of correction for her first day. "Go and take rest. Someone will come to see to your needs, and I will send for you when I require you next."

She turned and left the room silently. Kili was sure he saw her lips twitch again as she went. Kili felt saddened by her departure. He collapsed back on the bed, no longer feeling tired after watching the girl leave the room.

"Where did you find this one?" he asked his brother, who sighed deeply in response.

"She's unusual, isn't she?" Fili laughed.

"Unusual for you," Kili said. "I must admit I'm a little confused how a woman of the Race of Men ended up here, and someone who is so clearly a terrible sub."

"She really is, isn't she?" Fili laughed again. "She's like you."

Kili raised his eyebrows. "What do you mean?"

"Well, she seems to have no desire to be a true sub, just like you aren't a true dom. You saw that trick of hers before she came the first time?" Fili asked. Kili nodded. "That wasn't the first time she pulled something like that. She creates a power struggle as a sub, although I think she's quite relaxed generally. I think she's just curious and wanted to try something different. She's like you in those ways."

Kili stared at the ceiling, pondering his brother's words. "So where did she come from then?"

"She's Futurian," Fili said. Kili turned to Fili in surprise.

"Futurian?" he asked. He'd never met one before. They were a race of people who had accidentally been transported to Middle Earth from the future and they were notorious for staying locked away in their secret castle in the north somewhere, avoiding interacting with any of the Middle Earth inhabitants. "What is she doing here then?"

Fili shrugged. "She's the first I've ever met, but I get the sense she's different from the others. She's travelled Middle Earth widely engaging in trade for her people. I think she's quite the adventurer."

Kili's thoughts travelled back to the girl. There was something different about her, and now he realized part of that difference was that even though she was of Men she was still different from Men of Middle Earth, set apart. Futurians were more a race of her own, really.

"Do you like her?" Fili asked as he rose from the bed and reached for his clothing. Kili looked at him in surprise. His brother had never asked him this before about anyone they'd bed together.

"Well, yes, I guess I do," Kili admitted. He would be lying to not admit he felt drawn to her and felt a deep urge to know her more.

"Good, because she's for you," Fili said simply.

Kili stared at Fili in shock and confusion. "What do you mean, brother?" he asked slowly.

"It's all been arranged. She will be your wife. She is the one for you," Fili straightened from pulling on his trousers and watched his brother, gauging his reaction.

Kili sputtered. "Has she agreed to this?"

"Yes," said Fili. "It was part of the agreement. As soon as I met her I knew she was the one for you. Uncle has agreed to it as well. It's all been arranged. The wedding will begin in one week, unless either of you decides to withdraw."

Kili stared at him, dumbstruck by his words, unsure what to say or even think. He'd always known that he'd enter into an arranged marriage when his uncle saw fit, but he was stunned by his uncle's and brother's choice. "Why would she agree to this?" he finally asked.

Fili shrugged. "People agree to arranged marriages all the time, and people rarely turn down a marriage to a prince."

"Yes, but that's not my understanding of how Futurians do things," Kili said.

"True, but then she's not the typical Futurian, is she?" Fili asked. He moved about the room, readying himself for dinner as his brother stared at him in silence.

"Why would uncle agree to my marrying someone who is not a dwarf?" Kili asked, still feeling shocked.

Fili shrugged. "Because he sees too that she is perfect for you, and I think we all realized a long time ago that you won't ever be one to settle with a dwarrow. Maybe he felt a Futurian was a better alternative to an elf." Fili winked at his brother, referring to the red headed elf who had not returned Kili's affection for her, preferring instead Thranduil's son, Legolas.

"Don't be too long, alright?" Fili asked as he readied to leave the room. Kili nodded silently. His brother pulled the door shut behind him, and Kili fell back on the bed, lost in thought.

He considered the events of the past hour and wondered if he should pinch himself to make sure he wasn't dreaming. What had begun as a routine bedding of one of his brother's subs had resulted in a surprising turn of events, which Kili realized he wasn't at all upset about. He paused for a moment as he considered his reaction. He was surprised, shocked, confused. But he wasn't upset. He realized that he in fact didn't feel upset at all by the plan that had been made for him by his brother and uncle.

Kili rose from the bed and went to the door the girl had disappeared through. He briefly considered knocking but decided against it, opening the door into the small adjoining chamber. The girl was still naked and was bending over the small bed in the room. A female servant stood behind her and was readying to apply a salve to the girl's reddened buttocks.

"Leave us," Kili said, startling the servant who turned to find the naked prince before her. The servant bowed, set the salve down, and quickly exited the room.

The girl straightened up and stood before Kili. She appeared slightly apprehensive but not overly nervous as she stood equally naked before him.

He stood for a moment in thought before moving to pick up the salve. "Please," he said, bowing his head as he gestured for her to return to the bed. She hesitated briefly before turning and presenting her buttocks to him, pulling her long hair over her shoulder to keep it out of the way.

He brought his hands to the reddened skin that had deep purple bruises forming, caressing the skin gently. She hissed at the contact. "Sorry," Kili said. "I was only regretting causing you harm. This is going to take time to heal."

"Don't worry," she said, glancing at him over her shoulder. "You did very little damage compared to what your brother did before you arrived."

Kili didn't respond. This was the first time he'd heard her voice in speech, and he liked it. She had an odd drawling accent that he hadn't heard before, and a husky voice that he found appealing. He opened the jar of salve and scooped a generous amount into his hand. "This will sting, but it will help," he murmured.

She gasped as he applied the salve, coating her skin thickly with it. He glanced up her back, noting the beautiful fine boning in her ribs leading to strong shoulders and a delicate neck. Her head was turned towards him, but her eyes were shut from the stinging of her skin, her dark lashes pressed against her cheeks. His cock began to harden as he gazed upon her.

He replaced the jar lid and set it again. "There we go," he said. She turned towards him, clearly wondering if she needed to wait instruction from him.

"I'm not a dom," he assured her, "Although I expect you may have been told that already."

She smiled as she nodded, and he liked the way her eyes crinkled as she smiled. There was something playful about her that he found adorable. It was as though there was an unsaid joke, and he wanted to laugh just from being in her presence.

"I would invite you to sit," he grinned, "but I expect you would be more comfortable if we remained standing."

She laughed at his words. "Indeed, you are correct, my lord," she said, smiling up at him.

"Please, call me Kili," he said. Then he hesitated and flushed in embarrassment. "I just realized that I don't know your name."

She laughed loudly at this. "Oh dear, does that happen to you often?" He liked how relaxed she was. She really did seem ready for a joke at anytime. "My name, Kili, is Reese Jacobsen. It does seem like an afterthought to be having introductions, doesn't it?" Her brown eyes twinkled at his playfully, and he found himself feeling at ease and beginning to laugh again.

He glanced down at her hands, held comfortably at her side, and reached to take one in his large palm. She willingly allowed him to. He felt at a loss of words suddenly but began to speak in hopes that he would find his direction. "I understand that there has been an arrangement put in place, for our marriage." He flushed deeply, feeling awkward broaching the topic in this way. He glanced up at her and noticed she was also blushing.

He caressed her hand with his thumb thoughtfully. "I must apologize," he said. "I wasn't aware of this arrangement until only a moment ago. I'm not sure if I had that I would have chosen for this to be the manner of our first meeting."

They laughed together at his words before she spoke. "Well, my lord, I clearly enjoyed it, and perhaps I can return the favour ... soon," she widened her eyes at him as she added the last word as an afterthought.

Kili felt his heart lurch at her implication, and his breath was slightly more rapidly as his cock sprang fully to life almost instantly. He felt need and hope flare within him at such a promise, and he couldn't help staring at her hungrily, suddenly feeling there was far too much distance between them.

"Or I could return it now, if you wish," she murmured, glancing meaningfully at his now hard cock. She stepped towards him, her burning gaze locked with his. Reaching up, she drew his head to hers, capturing his lips in a searing kiss. He realized this was the first time they had kissed. They seemed to be doing everything backwards, although he didn't care..

His whimpered as she kissed him. He submitted to her fully as she dominated the kiss, plunging her tongue deeply into his mouth. She tangled her hand in his hair, holding him to her, not that he would try to pull away. She turned them so that his back was to the bed and pushed him so that he fell backwards onto the blankets.

She stood over him, her gaze roaming over his naked body, her dark eyes strong and fierce as she considered him. Bringing a hand to his hip, she scraped his skin with her nail, leaving a red trail down to his knee. He whimpered again at the slight stinging sensation, loving the feeling of the pain in his aroused body.

"Wait here," she said. He nodded compliantly as she suddenly turned away from him and move to a sack in the corner. He thought this must be her travelling bag and noted a neatly folded pile of leather clothing beside the bag. She pulled a leather thong from the bag and turned back to him.

"I normally use this to tie my hair back," she said, although she failed to explain why she needed it now. It was too short to bind his hands or feet with. Kili considered another possible use for this short strap.

She moved to stand between his legs and brought her hands to him, lightly stroking his length before wrapping her fingers around his base tightly, almost painfully. He arched and groaned at the touch. She then brought the thong to his base and wrapped it around three times before tying it tightly with a slip knot that could be pulled loose easily but would not loosen on its own.

She stood before him, gazing down at her handiwork. He looked up at her, waiting in eager anticipation for what she was planning. She brought her eyes to his. "Are you ready?" she asked. He nodded eagerly.

"It is so much easier to delay a man's orgasm, isn't it?" she murmured as she climbed onto the bed, bringing herself to straddle him. He gasped as he stared at her. Although she was calm and in control, he could see that she was as aroused as he was by his display. Her eyes roved his body hungrily before she grasped him again, moving him to her center.

"Your job is to keep yourself from orgasming until I say you can." She looked at him seriously. "Do you understand?" she asked in a commanding tone.

"Yes," he whispered, his voice shaking.

Instead of lowering herself onto him, she trailed his head teasingly between her folds, her eyes never leaving his face as she watched the effect she was having on him. He was painfully hard, and his cock was already beginning to throb from the restriction of blood flow from the thong.

He bucked his hips up to her, whining slightly as he begged her with his eyes. She laughed down at him. "So impatient already?" she asked. He only nodded at her, feeling already as though he was going to explode from need and desire. There was something about this girl that had him acting like a raging youngling with no self-control.

She tut-tutted as she continued to drag his head between her folds, grinning down at him. Another whine erupted from deep within him, this one much louder. He felt he was going to lose control and would force her down onto him any moment. She seemed to sense this and sighed dramatically as though he was inconveniencing her. She slowly lowered herself down onto his length, and they both groaned deeply at the sensation of her being filled by his thick already engorged cock.

Kili closed his eyes and breathed deeply, already feeling relief just from being buried deep inside of her again. He felt oddly complete, despite the growing pressure caused by the tight thong. Opening his eyes, he looked up at Reese who also had her eyes tightly shut as she bit her bottom lip. He reached up and drew her down onto his chest, holding her to him as he bucked his hips upwards.

They both moaned as they rocked together. Kili already felt pressure of his orgasm building within him, but she climaxed first, crying out as her muscles clenched him tightly. The additional sensation pushed him close to the edge, and he stilled completely as he nearly fell over the peak, breathing deeply as he coaxed himself away from completion.

Reese paused for a moment as Kili gasped for breath, remaining rock hard inside of her. Then she began to move again, and he hissed as his now slightly over sensitive skin was stimulated painfully. She laughed as she brought her lips to his, flicking her tongue over them before kissing him deeply as she moved over him. He clenched his eyes shut tightly as he couldn't help planting his feet on the bed and pushing up into her, seeking his release despite her instructions. Kili found himself again approaching orgasm. He forced himself to still, again denied his release, aided by the tight leather thong. He whimpered and gritted his teeth, concentrating hard on not losing control.

He wasn't given any time to recuperate as Reese pulled off him, making him gasp as the cold air touched his oversensitive skin.

"On your knees," she commanded. She pulled him up, moving to the head of the bed where she braced her hands against the wall. He came to kneel behind her, knowing what was expected of him as he plunged back into her, sobbing in pain and delight as she clenched her muscle around him intentionally.

"Quickly now," she gasped, not even allowing him to set a slow pace in order to delay the climax he continued to rush towards.

He did as he was told, hissing as he set a ruthless pace. Her cries mingled with his as she pushed back into him, making his hips slam against her already sensitive buttocks. He didn't care if he was hurting her. She was in charge, and regardless he was consumed only by the pleasure pain that overwhelmed him.

Reese wailed as she orgasmed again. Kili grit his teeth as her muscles clenched him, feeling tears prick his eyes as he denied himself the release he desired. His body screamed in protest as he again clenched the muscles around his cock, denying himself what he desired. "Please," he gasped, begging her to allow him to cum. "Please Reese, I'm begging you."

"No," she gasped as she continued to rock her hips back into his. "How many times did you spank me?" she added.

He gritted his teeth, hearing himself make a noise that sounded like something a wounded animal would make. "Five," he gasped, as he collapsed over her. "But it wasn't nearly as bad as this, please."

"Keep going," was her only reply. Kili sobbed as he thrust into her again but had to stop. The sensation was too overwhelming, and he didn't think he could keep going. He closed his eyes and rested his head against the back of hers, gasping for breath and shuddering from the pain and exhaustion in his muscles. He tried to will himself to continue, drawing his hips back but stopping again, crying out as his painfully hard erection pressed his overly sensitive skin into hers. He felt tears prick his eyes again as he bit back a sob, shaking his head silently as he was unable to force himself to continue, despite his desperation for at least some form of release that the near orgasms offered.

Reese turned her head so that his forehead was pressed against her temple. He turned his face away, almost feeling shame at the weakness he was showing. She brought her hand up over her shoulder, searching for his cheek and stroking his stubble gently when she found it. "Shhhh," she said. "You can do it, my darling," she said, coaxingly. Kili registered through the haze of his exquisite agony how much he liked the endearment. He shook his head.

"I can't," he whispered shakily. "I can't keep going without ... I need … I need you to let me come, please," he gasped.

"Shhh," Reese said again, stroking his cheek lovingly. "It's okay. Take a moment to breath. You only have one more to get through and then I'll let you come, I promise."

Kili nodded, squeezing his eyes tightly shut, feeling his mouth pull into a grimace. He took a deep breath followed by another. He focused on needing to get through one more agonizing denial before he could truly find his release. He cried out as he stuttered his hips forward, and he picked up his pace again.

He had to pull out if her completely this time, collapsing on the bed on his hands and knees so that he could concentrate on not spilling his seed. He looked down at his cock hanging heavy and purple between his legs. He was dripping precum onto the bed as he desperately clenched the muscles around his painfully engorged cock, determined not to disappoint his future wife.

Reese pulled him upright and brought her mouth to his as she trailed her hand over his now painful erection, pulling the thong from him. He whimpered in pain as the blood flow was renewed. "You did wonderfully," she purred, pressing against him and trapping his cock between their stomachs. "You have so much stamina," she added, lying back and pulling him down to lie between her legs, aligning his hips with hers.

"Are you ready?" she asked, their brown gazes meeting each other. She caressed his beard lovingly.

He nodded as he drove into her, both crying out at the renewed contact. He couldn't have slowed his pace if he tried. He slammed his hips into hers almost angrily, his loud groans mingled with her cries that sounded slightly pained as he pounded his hips against hers. As he reached his final orgasm, he moaned loudly, losing all sense of himself as his body was gripped by the most exquisite orgasm he'd had before he collapsed on the bed beside her, aware enough to know he didn't wish to crush her with his weight.

They lay beside each other, gasping for breath. Kili's body hurt from exhaustion and use in ways he'd not thought possible. It was divine. She curled into his side, bringing her head to rest on his shoulder.

"Are you alright?" she asked, slight concern in her voice.

"Oh Mahal yes," he gasped, his arm still flung over his eyes. "Thank you so much," he added.

She laughed at his thanks. "Well, you're welcome, I guess."

They lay in silence for awhile longer before she rose up, pulling her waist long dark hair over one shoulder. She began to weave it into a thick braid, tying the end with the thong that Kili no longer wore, as she considered him.

"What are dwarrow weddings like?" she asked. He withdrew his arm from over his eyes to look at her.

"Long," he said. "The celebrations and ceremonies take over a month. And at the end," he paused, "we are required to have witnesses when we consummate, representing contractual agreement, because I am royal." He watched her face trying to read her thoughts as he delivered this news.

She appeared slightly shocked and was silent for a moment. "Who are the witnesses?" she asked carefully. "Is it the entire court?"

"Gods, no," Kili said, his eyes widening in equal horror. "It would be my uncle the King, Fili, and five members of the council." He thought for a moment before adding, "All male, of course."

"Of course," she said quietly, clearly lost in thought. Kili watched her, feeling worried about her discomfort with this ritual, before she raised her eyes to him. She grinned playfully again before asking, "Well, I guess I'm going to need practice before I have to put on such a performance."

He raised his eyebrows in surprise before laughing as she brought her body to lie upon his. "I guess so," he chuckled, his voice cut off by her kiss.

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