Ridla, daughter of Torak, kneeled outside the door of Prince Kili's bedroom, her eye pressed to a crack that gave her a narrow view of his bedchambers. Luckily, she was able to see the foot of the bed where the royal couple and old Balin had just come into view. She was well aware that women were not allowed to be in attendance at the royal bedding ceremony. If they were, she surely would have been present as a daughter of Durin. Once she and her companions had finished preparing the princess they'd shut the door behind them and had dropped to their knees before the crack, determined to miss nothing.

She chewed her thumb nail as she gazed upon the naked bodies of the royal couple. The princess had her back to Ridla, not that Ridla minded. She had one of the most glorious backsides Ridla had ever seen, and how Ridla hungered to taste it. She had never seen another non dwarf naked, although she'd had her fair share of those, and she was absolutely fascinated by the Futurian.

Ridla's breath caught as the prince grasped the princess' bottom, gripping one cheek and spreading it. How she'd love to thrust her tongue against that puckered hole, presenting the Futurian to the prince, holding her wide as he pushed himself into her, past the tight band of muscle, soothingly applying pressure to the princess' clit, maybe inserting a finger or two herself. How she longed to rub herself against Reese's glorious smooth skin, possibly between them as their bodies moved as one over hers.

Ridla felt renewed wetness between her legs. She was often this way, ready to be taken at a moment's notice by anyone who caught her interest, always ready and willing for those she deemed worthy. She had high standards of course. She was of the line of Durin afterall.

She'd never bed Kili, however, having only arrived in Erebor from the Grey Mountains with her parents and brother two months ago, but he was more appealing than any other dwarf at court. When the Futurian has arrived, though, Ridla became obsessed. They were beautiful together. Mesmerizing. Ridla had never wanted another person this much.

She groaned quietly as Kili's glorious cock came into view as he set the Futurian onto the bed. It was even more beautiful than she'd imagined. How she longed to wrap her lips around it and plunge it deep into her throat. She was itching to touch him. Maybe it was better that she hadn't been in the room. She wasn't sure if she could have controlled herself.

She held her breath as Kili climbed between the Futurian's legs. The princess seemed nervous. Ridla wouldn't have been nervous at all. She would have loved the opportunity for those seven dwarves to watch her be taken by the prince, their soul purpose to bear witness to her body being gloriously filled with his seed. But she understood that dwarrow customs were different from Futurian, that public fornication was not a common practice.

And Ridla hoped to play a central role in the new princess' education of dwarrow way. She swore by the end of the month she would join the royal couple in their bed. She was sure they were already drawn to her having caught both of their eyes hungrily eyeing her ample breasts nearly spilling over her tight velvet bodice, so low cut her nipples were almost visible. Everyone admired Ridla's breasts, of course.

Her mind wandered back to her determination to bed them, to possess them, and her eyes fluttered as she considered the things she'd do to the beautiful dark pair, have them do to her, watch them do to each other, if she had them at her mercy. They really were perfectly matched, the two, with their dark eyes and long wild dark hair. Reese was the same height as Kili, and Ridla dreamed of Reese's towering over her, her dark eyes piercing Ridla's before capturing her lips in a kiss.

She squirmed, forcing her soaked petticoat to rub against her clit. Her companions wouldn't mind at all if she were to slip her hand beneath her skirt. Chances were if they saw what she was seeing they'd relieve her themselves in exchange for her returning the favour.

"Ridla!" Bahra hissed. "You're hogging it. Let me see!"

Ridla sighed as she switched places with her friend. She truly had had more than her share. Bahra pressed her eye to the crack, inhaling sharply as she gazed upon the room. "Oh," she breathed softly. "He is so gorgeous!"

Ridla imagined the two tangled together as Kili plunged his gorgeous cock deep into the Futurian. She wondered if he'd be rough or loving, quick or slow. She'd bet on loving and quick, helping his future wife feel at ease but not prolonging her nervousness.

She began to hear the couples cries and moans. "You should see what he's doing!" Bahra moaned quietly. "He is so glorious."

"What are they doing?" their third companion asked. "No wait, don't tell me. I shouldn't." Ridla raised her eyes to the dwarrowmaid standing across the corridor, surveying her interestedly. The Lady Yuanir Strongleg of the Iron Hills, Ridla's cousin, was the newest of Prince Fili's consorts, and possibly the last if Ridla read their behaviour toward each other correctly. Prince Fili seemed to have found his mate in Yuanir, and Ridla anticipated another royal bedding would be taking place soon. Durins didn't waste time, it appeared.

Fili was one dwarf she had no desire to bed. She valued her freedom too much, preferred to be the one in charge when it came to it, but Yuanir seemed to thrive in the arrangement. She had moments like this when she was tempted and anxious, but she was always reigned in by her duty to her prince. She stood now with her back pressed to the wall, hands clasped behind her back. Ridla wondered what devices of punishment the girl wore beneath her gown but didn't ask.

Turning back, she glanced at Bahra, who she saw was now quite obviously rocking her hips against her hand over her skirt. Ridla's lips twitched at her friend, so like herself in so many ways. Kneeling next to her she glanced coyly at Yuanir before leaning to whisper in Bahra's ear. "Want to have some fun?"

Bahra glanced at her. Ridla pointed her eyes towards Yuanir, and Bahra's eyes wrinkled ever so slightly in a smile. There was no way Yuanir was allowed to watch or engage in any public fornication, but Ridla knew Yuanir's tastes, and couldn't help antagonizing Yuanir slightly.

Glancing down the hallway, Ridla knew no one would interrupt them. All knew to stay away from the royal chambers this evening. Kneeling behind Bahra, Ridla began to draw her friend's gown up, revealing pretty drawers covering what she knew was an even prettier backside.

"What are you doing?" Yuanir hissed, although Ridla heard a tone of excitement in her voice.

"Caring for my friend," Ridla answered as Bahra giggled. Ridla slowly drew the drawers down Bahra's legs and heard Yuanir's gasp. She laughed when Bahra glanced over her shoulder at Yuanir and wiggled her bum, arching her back so that her swollen quim was displayed beautifully.

"Oh, come now Yuanir, I'm sure Prince Fili won't mind your having just one taste," Bahra breathed. They both smirked at Yuanir's sharp intake of breath when Ridla ran her fingers between Bahra's slick folds. She was gratified when Bahra raised her own hand to cover her mouth.

Ridla didn't stop watching Yuanir, the latter gazing hungrily at Ridla's hand. "She has such a pretty quim, does she not?" Ridla asked, not getting an answer.

She began to run Bahra's clit between two fingers, humming quietly in response to Bahra's muffled whimper. Then Ridla pushed her fingers into Bahra, who arched her back even more. Ridla began to move her fingers, crooking them slightly to push against the almond shaped spot that Ridla was so familiar with in Bahra, never stopping watching Yuanir. Bahra began to meet Ridla's movements, grinding down on Ridla's hand, and suddenly suddenly tensed, dropping her head to her hands as her body shook with her climax.

Withdrawing her fingers and rising to her feet, she moved beside Yuanir, leaning to whisper in her ear. "Would you like a taste? It's been so long, you must forget what she tastes like." She offered Yuanir her hand, and Yuanir did not answer. "No, then?" Ridla asked, bringing her hand to her own mouth and darting out her tongue to swirl around her fingers, Yuanir's eyes glued to what she was doing. Ridla glanced down at Bahra, who had turned to watch them while leaning back on her elbows, with her quim on display as she breathed heavily. She caught Ridla's eye and wiggled her hips playfully, inviting her and Yuanir for more.

"Mmmmmm, delicious," Ridla breathed, glancing at Yuanir, who wore a stony expression. "He really does have you trained then." Ridla sucked thoughtfully on her finger as her eyes travelled down Yuanir's modest gown. "I bet he has you trussed up like a bird under there. Mind if I have a peak? I would hate to leave you out when Bahra has had so much pleasure already."

Yuanir didn't move or speak as Ridla reached to pull up her skirt. "Please, stop me anytime," Ridla added. Ridla glanced at Bahra again, who grinned and winked at her. Still sucking her own finger lazily, Ridla slowly drew Yuanir's skirt up to her waist, removing her hand from her mouth to pushed down Yuanir's lacy drawers. "These are very nice. Perfect to please our prince."

Ridla smiled as she found what she sought when Yuanir's drawers slipped to her knees. Between Yuanir's legs poked a glint of metal, much as Ridla expected. Ridla dropped her hand to capture the jewelled clamp she found there, fingering it gently. Yuani breathed in sharply, but did not stop her.

"Will I find another prize back here?" Ridla breathed, earning a quiet laugh from Bahra, as Ridla began to trail her hand back over Yuanir's hip. Just then she heard a make shout from the room, followed by a curse from Bahra who quickly scrambled to her knees, pulling her drawers up. Yuanir, broken from her trance that Ridla had created, did the same.

Ridla blinked for a moment and then glanced at Yuanir, noting her flushed cheeks in contrast to her own and Bahra's. Although she wished to spoil Prince Fili's prize, she did not wish to cause trouble for her friend and was immediately concerned that if Fili saw Yuanir's rosy glow he would suspect what she had been doing, what she had not put a stop to.

Ridla quickly pinched her own cheeks, hoping to create a flush, so that Yuanir did not appear different from her and would not draw attention. They lined up beside each other against the wall just as the door opened and the king came through.

"The princess no longer requires your services," he said, always grumpy, seeing them waiting outside the chapter. The three dropped into deep curtsies as he passed, lost in conversation with old Balin. They straightened again after the king passed, and Ridla was able to capture one final glimpse of the royal couple on the bed. They were so beautiful, tangled together, exchanging whispers. So incredibly lovely. The seconds ticked by as she stared, all thought of her previous actions gone, before Óin pulled the door closed behind him.

"My lady," she heard Dwalin's voice beside her and looked up to see him addressing Bahra.

"My lord," she said, her voice low, lashes fluttering. This was a romance Ridla had been watching bloom.

"Would you care to accompany me?" He held his arm to Bahra, who took it, as the began to walk behind Fili and a demure Yuanir. Ridla fell in behind Dwalin and and Bahra smiling as Dwalin's hand came to rest on Bahra's delicious bottom. She anticipated a lovely evening before them. She might even join her friend and Dwalin, as she had in the past. She knew Dwalin would delight in hearing of their antics during the bedding. And Ridla had plenty of images to fuel her desire.

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