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Title:  All That's Good

Part 1:  New Acquaintances and Familiar Faces


Anessa Ramsey

         Spike stared at the red Victorian style manor in front of him.  It had been a long time since he'd been there last.  San Francisco had always been one of his favorite cities.  He could still remember the last time he was there, clear as day.  He'd missed her.  For a short time Patty was the only person he trusted.  He could only hope that she still lived in the house that he was looking at.  She was the only one who could help him.

         Gathering himself he strode to the front door and rapped on it loudly.  He was actually nervous.  Would she remember him?  And if she did would she still trust him?  He could hear voices inside and soon the door swung open to reveal a decidedly red haired young woman.  Not a Halliwell.  None of the Halliwells were red heads. 

         "I'm looking for Patty Halliwell.  Does she still live here?"

         Paige was stunned.  A gorgeous guy with nearly white hair was looking for her mother.  He was too young to have known her.  It took her a moment to regain her voice.  She was wary of him.  Fighting demons had taught her to be suspicious.  "She's not here.  Can I help you?"

         "Not likely, luv.  When will she be back?"

         Paige sighed.  British too.  Was there anything about him that wasn't absolutely gorgeous?  His eyes were so deep and blue she thought she could drown in them.  And those cheekbones…but she pushed those thoughts to the back of her mind.  "Just a second," she said, shutting the door.  She hurried into the living room.  "Piper, Phoebe, there's a situation."

         "Not a demon…please not a demon.  We've just gotten back to a somewhat normal routine.  The death of the Source and the Underworld leaders was supposed to give us a break," Piper said from where she sat next to Leo watching TV.

         "Not a demon.  There's a guy at the door who wants to see mom."

         "He doesn't know she's dead?" Phoebe asked.

         "He's too young to have known her at all."

         That got their attention and they followed her back to the door.  Paige opened it again and Piper stepped forward, taking in the black clothing, white hair, and pale skin.  Whoever he was, he had a problem getting a tan.  "You wanted to see Patty?"

         "Bloody hell, yes.  I don't have time to stand around all night while you waste my time making me wait.  Is she coming back soon or not?"

         "She's been dead for twenty three years.  She's not coming back."

         Spike closed his eyes momentarily.  She had died just a few years after they met.  She didn't deserve to die so young…especially with the little ones just starting to grow.  Little ones.  She had two daughters.  If he could just remember their names.  He started sorting through names starting with the letter P in his mind.  Penelope…no.  Portia…no.  Priscilla…no…Prudence….  Prudence!  But Patty called her Prue.   "Is Prue here?" he asked looking at them again.

         "She's dead too.  She died two years ago."

         Spike sighed.  "That's a shame.  She was going to be such a spitfire.  Full of sass and magic.  Even when she was four you could just tell…"

         "Whoa, okay.  Stop."  Piper threw up her hands and froze Spike.  This was not good.  He knew their mother and Prue when she was only four, yet he didn't look any older than twenty six himself.  "Who is this guy?  Any ideas Leo?"

         "He could be an immortal.  They exist, but I don't think he is.  Something's…off about him.  I don't think he's human but I don't think he plans to hurt you either.  At least not yet.  You could ask him in, find out what he wants while I go talk to the Elders."

         "You do that.  I want to know how he knew mom and Prue."

         Leo orbed out of the manor and Piper unfroze Spike.  He noticed that the guy who'd been standing at the back of the group was gone.  "I see your Whitelighter is gone.  Went to find out who I was did he?  Hope he tells the Elders that William says hello."

He looked at the woman in front of him.  She looked just like Patty.  "If Prue is gone then you must be Piper.  Your mum loved that name.  You were just a wee one when I first saw you.  Only one and a half years old."  He looked at the other two, taking in the dark haired one first.  "That makes you Phoebe.  You were still in your mum's stomach when I was here.  She had such hopes for you."  He glanced at the red head again.  "You I don't know.  You can't be a Halliwell.  Not with that red hair.  So who are you, luv?"

         "I am a Halliwell.  The name's Paige.  And don't tell me you've never heard of hair dye," she quipped, gesturing to his bleached locks.

         "Got me there, don't you."  He shoved his hands into his pockets.  "Are we just going to stand here all night or are you going to invite me in?"

         Piper stood back.  She didn't utter a word.  Spike stepped forward and walked into the house.  Patty never revoked the invite.  He smirked.  He'd taken a chance on that.  If he had walked into the barrier, they would have known immediately what he was. 

         Phoebe led everyone into the living room and Spike sat down across from them.  He could tell they were wary of him.  He knew they were witches like their mother.  They had a whitelighter in the house.  Of course they were witches.  Prue had shown signs of telekinesis and he couldn't help but wonder what powers her sisters had.  He was about to ask, but Piper beat him to the punch.

         "Who are you?"

         He chuckled sarcastically.  "That's a good question, luv.  Don't quite know the answer to that myself.  Used to be William…then Spike.  You can call me Spike."

         "How…interesting," Phoebe murmured. 

         "What are you?" Paige asked, wanting to get to the point instead of playing this little game of Get To Know Your Local Demon.

         He smirked.  Couldn't help it.  She was sassy, not like the other two who were more cautious.  "You are direct aren't you?  I like that in a woman."  He gazed at her and she couldn't break eye contact.  For a moment she felt as if her body was no longer hers.  She felt the same way she did when she was a vampire, except he was inside her, talking to her.  She could hear him say in her mind, "You know what I am, luv.  You've been one," he laughed, reading her thoughts. 

         Piper and Phoebe were starting to get concerned.  Paige wasn't moving and neither was Spike.  They were in some sort of trance.  Suddenly Paige gasped and practically jumped out of her chair to get away from Spike.  For several seconds she couldn't move.  "Vampire," she hissed when she could finally speak.

         Spike just watched her while Phoebe went to her side.  "That's impossible, sweetie.  He walked in without an invitation," she said, trying to soothe her sister.

         The truth hadn't dawned on her yet, but Piper knew.  "He didn't need an invite.  He already had one.  Mom…she invited you in."

         "Got it in one, luv."

         "What did you do to Paige?"

         "Not much.  Just a little thrall.  Don't do it often, but I couldn't resist.  She was one of us."

         "The Queen got to her not long ago."

         "That bloody bitch?  Hope you killed her good and proper.  A real disgrace to vamps, living as bats.  Just as bad as old Drac.  Totally different demon."

         "Dracula?  He exists?"

         "Sure.  Wanker owes me money."

         "How are the Queen and Dracula different demons?"

         Leo orbed back just as Piper asked the question and said, "I can answer that."  He paused and looked at Spike who nodded giving him the go ahead to tell the tale.  "Once upon a time there was the King of all vampires.  He created and ruled them all.  One night he turned the woman who was to be his Queen, only she was a good person.  The Elders tried to intervene, to have her keep her soul.  She did, but it meshed with the demon and the soul was destroyed.  She was a gypsy and when she and the demon converged it became something new.  A demon with all the powers of a gypsy.  The Elders inadvertently created a new type of vampire.  After a few hundred years the Queen killed the King and eventually taught one of his childer, a vampire named Joseph Heinrich Nest, her knowledge, thrall being part of that education.  He passed it on to his childer.  The Master, as he was later known by, was the leader of the Clan of Aurelius until his demise a few years ago.  You are his descendent." 

             Spike smirked.  "You must be the Whitelighter."  It wasn't a question.

         "Yeah.  My name's Leo.   And you're William the Bloody, also known as Spike, childe of Drusilla, grand-childe of Angelus, the Scourge of Europe.  They wouldn't tell me anything else about you.  Not yet anyways." 

         "I'm sure they wouldn't.  They never really inform their champions about what they're facing.  Never much good for anything are they?"

         Leo bristled but ignored the comment.  "Did he tell you why he was here or how he knew your mom?" he asked Piper.

         "Not yet."

         "The answer to the first question is easy, luv.  I wanted her to restore my soul." Silence reigned.  Had he honestly just said that?  They just stared at him as if he was some creature from another planet.  "Bloody hell, don't stare at me like I'm a circus freak.  It's annoying."

         "Sorry," Phoebe said.  "It's just…why?"

         Spike sighed.  This was the hard part.  He didn't want to rehash what had happened in Sunnyhell.  "Fell in love with a girl who called me an evil, soulless thing, even though I've been helping her fight demons for two years.  I can't feed cause of a chip in my head that won't allow me to hurt humans.  Long story short, she used me, I lashed out, made a big mistake and this is the only way to make things right.  Can't be an evil thing if I'm full of soul, now can I?"

         "I guess not," said Piper.  Phoebe finally convinced Paige to come sit back down.  They both watched Spike warily.  He really scared her, he realized. 

         "Sorry about the thrall, luv.  I didn't know about the Queen until I was already in your head.  Won't happen again."  Paige just nodded.

         "So how did you know mom?"

         "It was the Seventies and I just came here from New York.  Got my second Slayer and I was on a real high over that.  Anyway, I was on the outs with Dru and was looking for some action.  Took a bet with a Tular demon at a bar.  Played some pool and hussled the guy for a lot of dosh.  He wasn't happy about it and he cornered me in an alley just next to this diner.  A real greasy spoon.  He was about to kill me when the next thing I know this dark haired woman in a waitress uniform is there chanting some spell.  The demon exploded.  She mistook me for an innocent at first but as she was chanting she finally saw my fangs, but she didn't stop.  She saved my life."  He smiled.  "I knew she was powerful and she just saved my hide so I decided not to feed on her.  She invited me over if you can believe it, to bandage up my wounds.  The demon took a chunk out of my shoulder when he bit me."

         "She trusted you?"

         "She shouldn't have, but she did.  She was convinced that there was still good in me.  Anyway, a few days after she patched me up, I saved her from an assassin.  I remember him saying that she was going to give birth to the Charmed Ones and that it had to be stopped.  Took an arrow in the stomach for her.  I hung around for about three months and we became friends."

         "How do we know you're telling the truth?"

         "You don't.  The only person who does is your mum, and she's not here to tell you otherwise."

         Phoebe glanced at Piper and Paige and they both nodded.  "She's not here now but we can summon her."

         Spike's eyes widened slightly.  "Then why don't you do it.  I'd like to see her again."

         Paige led the way up to the attic and Spike followed the Charmed Ones.  When he walked through the door he was impressed by the set up they had going.  He watched as they prepared the ingredients and space for the spell.  Soon they were performing it and the room began to glow.  When the words stopped Patty was standing in the middle of the circle.  She looked right at him.  "I see you've returned.  I'm sorry I wasn't able to be here to greet you."

         "Death suits you.  You still glow," Spike said, smirking, making the other three in the room wonder if there was anything more to the relationship than friendship.  As if he knew what they were think he turned to look at them in turn.  "Get your minds out of the gutter.  Bloody hell…she's your mum.  'Sides, no matter how much I liked her, I never have gone for women that were carryin'."


         "She was pregnant when I met her," he said to Paige.

         Patty smiled.  Still brash as ever.  "You've come for your soul.  I told you there was still good in you."

         "You're still wrong about that.  Nothin' good or clean in this demon."

         "Yes, well, you always denied that rather vehemently, but I think the fact that you're searching out your soul says otherwise."

         "It's good to see you haven't changed a bit, luv.  Still as optimistic as ever."

         "And you're still brash and outspoken as you were back then.  Though I do miss the punk that saved me from an assassin.  What happened to the spiked hair, eyebrow piercing, and dark eye make-up?"

         "One must change with the times."

         "Oh and that look is just so twenty-first century," Paige said.

         "Hey!" he said offended.  "I'll have you know that for being dead I look pretty damn good."

         "How would you know?  You can't even see yourself in a mirror." She quipped.  "And god! Could that hair color be any worse?"

         His mouth opened slightly and he was about to respond when Patty spoke up.  "Don't get into it with my daughter, Spike.  She's just as stubborn as you, if not worse.  You won't win."  He growled and glared at Paige who glared right back.  Patty smiled.  There were worse choices in men that her daughter could make.  She glanced at Phoebe, knowing how much pain that she was in.  The loss of a husband, someone loved, no matter how evil, was a sad thing.  Phoebe was dealing with it as best she could.  Piper on the other hand was very tense.  Her mistrust of Spike was fueling that tension.  She shimmered and then spoke.  "I have to go now.  Help him.  He won't betray you.  He promised." 

         Spike's head shot up and he gazed at her disappearing figure.  She remembered and she was holding him to it.  Bloody hell.

         "What was that all about?" Paige asked, looking at Spike.

         "I don't know, but it didn't sound bad," Phoebe said.

         Piper just stared at the floor for a moment before looking at Spike.  "We'll help you.  Do you have the spell?"  He handed over the spell and the translation that he copied from Giles' computer. 

         "It needs to be changed.  Can't go losing it over a moment of perfect happiness, now can I?"

         "We can do it.  It will be hard but we should be able to do it."

         Leo looked at them apprehensively.  "Maybe you should wait.  The Elders are calling and I think something is up.  Wait until I get back before you go ahead with this."

         Piper glanced at Spike who nodded.  "Okay.  We'll wait."  Leo orbed out again.  "In the meantime, do you need anything to eat?"

         "Blood," he said, noting the disgusted looks that appeared on their faces.  He also noted that there was some worry in their eyes.  They didn't fully trust him.  "Got a butcher nearby?"