A/N: Welcome to Puzzle and Dragons World. I would first like to thank all you readers out there who have taken the time to explore this new world I have created. Those of you who have played the original Puzzle and Dragons will be familiar with some of the monsters described and game mechanics mentioned. For those of you not familiar...do not fret. There is plenty for everyone to discover since the original game has no actual story. The original game has characters with only images and stats. My goal is to bring these characters to life and to give them their own lives and personalities. It is to give them a purpose much more personal to call their own.

This is the story of two worlds. One world is real while the other is virtual. But, let us explore the question, "What is reality to you?"

Let's begin their story...

"I am Lo. I am the overseer of this world as it comes to fruition. I am the caretaker upon its birth. I am the authority over its inhabitants. My laws are absolute and bound with consequence. So why should I bow to you?" -Lo (Lady Overlook)


...This was my discovery: a code that is of our world. It is not born or created from one of our technological achievements. It is the code that comprises the world itself.

I told you once of my crowning achievement, and my greatest mistake. It is the creation of a brand new world with a universal code that allows it to function independently from outside sources.

The denizens of this world have free will: humans, monsters, animals, all of them. I am telling you, they feel. They experience hatred, love, happiness, and sadness just like us.

The monsters from the original Puzzle and Dragons...I chose them because of the love that so many people have for them. I chose them so that I could bring them to life and give them a purpose beyond what they had. I was so blinded by my ambitions that I did not foresee the consequences that would result from using a code derived from our own world. I never anticipated the capacity of our technology to tamper with potential realities.

They are also absorbed in a conflict that threatens to erupt into war. It is inevitable that we will soon be dragged into it.

I believe the people after me are aware of this as well. The reasons cannot be good. There is malicious intent, and I cannot allow anyone to find the universal code.

I cannot go to the authorities, the government, nobody. The corporations of the world have become too powerful. Governments are merely puppets with restrained or even non-existent power at this point.

Here is where I ask for your help. For the sake of our humanity and our existence, I implore you. I know everything I have written so far seems absolutely insane, but it is all true. I have never lied to you.

The code being implemented now in the virtual world is useless to those who pursue me. It is constantly evolving as the virtual world continues to function.

The original universal code is in safe hands for the time being. I wanted to simply delete it, erase it from the world altogether, but I had no idea what effect this might have on our own world.

There are monsters in the other world that you can trust. Their names and profiles are at the secret place. You know where it is.

I am truly sorry. I am sorry that I surrendered to the temptations that man is so susceptible to. And I am so sorry for involving you and anyone else who is potentially in danger for my mistakes.

Please, extend my deepest apologies to the monsters of the other world if that ever becomes at all possible.

Thank you so much for everything you have done for me up until now. Thank you. Godspeed my friend.

...End of file...

A man sat in the darkness. The only light in the room was from the small lamp on his desk that illuminated the copy of the letter from the man known as Shinji Takamura.

This was the third time he read the letter. Much of it seemed to be absolute nonsense, the ramblings of a man who had become too engrossed in a world that was not his own.

But the fact that the code was currently out of reach was disconcerting.

After a long pause he pulled open the filing cabinet next to his desk and returned the letter to its proper folder.

He laced his fingers together on the desk and heaved a heavy sigh of exasperation. "Shinji Takamura, even in death, you still get in my way."

Pirugan Continent: Caramoc Cove
May 23, 2020
1:37 AM
2 Days before launch of PADW

Pandora knelt before the large chest that lay open before her. Its encroaching chains whipped violently through the air like crazed serpents. However, their restless movements were not without purpose. A dark fog crept over the sides of the chest and settled around Pandora's legs as she spoke inaudible words. Her hands traced the intricate designs along its base, all the way up to the edge of its maw containing an infinite abyss.

Beads of sweat broke out on her forehead as her unheard incantation began to take effect on the once dormant powers that rested within the chest. The dark fog that had begun to spread throughout the cove now retracted slowly as the abyss proceeded to draw back its intangible form.

A sudden quake of the earth momentarily interrupted her in the midst of the enchantment. She clasped her hands and allowed the fog to roll over her as it returned to its resting place. Her disheveled, yet luminous, green hair blew forward as a terrifying roar emerged from the tunnel behind her. The chains grew even more frantic and began batting each other side to side as though they sensed her growing desperation.

She took a moment to cut off the incantation so she could focus on the direction of her approaching adversary. Even though she was fairly certain of who it was, it helped to be able to discern the distance of the quakes so she could at least give herself a moment of relief.

The relief was not forthcoming.

He is here.

She finished her work and sealed the chest as soon as the last of the darkness had receded. Next to the chest she grabbed a small backpack and dumped the contents in front of her. Small gemstones, about the size of the palm of one's hand, clattered to the ground and shimmered in the moonlight. The magic stones were used for nearly everything in this world, and she had been saving them for just this occasion. One by one she inserted the stones in the three slots that were engraved in the front of the chest. The stones melded into the ironwork and disappeared from sight as she inserted them.

The rumbling drew closer and Pandora hastened to get the last dozen or so stones placed. She had already imbedded a large amount, but with the Players arriving, she didn't know how long only a few stones would last. She had to be certain, even if it meant wasting stones that could have been used elsewhere. There was no room for error at this point.

She heaved a sigh of relief as the last stone vanished. After a few moments of inactivity passed, the chains, which were now forming spirals around her, stiffened in place and coiled themselves around the chest and each other. They visibly tightened and the chest was sealed.

Pandora rose and stared at the now-silent box. The quakes were stronger now, and it was readily apparent that she wouldn't be making the swift escape that she had originally planned. She turned to the mouth of the cave she had recently emerged from and in moments a massive form appeared. Even in the darkness Pandora's ruby eyes could still see the black masses that charged forward by the behemoth's feet.

Pandora stood straight with her head raised in defiance as the giant halted a few yards away. She now noticed that the creatures at its feet were knights clad in black armor, brandishing finely crafted broadswords and pearlescent shields.

The large figure leaned forward and his six arms were now visible. His form had been shrouded by massive wings that blocked out a considerable portion of the sky when fully extended outwards. A black staff with lines of gold was held in one of its six hands and another held an impressive broadsword of superior craftsmanship. Four horns protruded from its forehead. Two more, one on each side of its head where the ears should have been, thrust straight outwards like sharp daggers. The shape of a helmet was laid around the horns and a red mask covered the mouth.

The monstrosity stepped forward slowly and knelt down on one knee. It rested an arm on its bent leg in a carefree manner. A hint of a grin was discernible from beneath the mask.

The behemoth spoke in a deep, powerful voice, "Mistress of the Bleak Night, Pandora, you have been quite a thorn in my side these past few days."

Pandora managed to still her shaking hands and allowed herself a smirk. "Oh Satan, you know how I just love playing hard to get." With those words she felt her fear slipping away, replaced by a mix of determination and frustration.

The one known as Satan visibly frowned at her lack of fear. "I don't intend to play word games with you." He extended his hand. "Give me the box and I guarantee you and the others will at least survive until the Players have had their entry."

Pandora pretended to consider his offer for a moment and placed a finger to her lips thoughtfully. "Ohhhhhh, so very very tempting. Why is it that you dark, evil guys always attempt to entice your victims with mercy, when clearly we can dismiss such a notion before you even utter it? It's tiresome, but it does buy me some time without me having to put forth any effort." She grinned.

Satan's eyes narrowed. "What do you me-" he was cut off as a heavy blow drove into the side of his head. It was a well-placed attack that successfully connected just outside of Satan's peripheral vision. The curved blade of the striking weapon cut across his vision as it scraped alongside his helmet. The wielder of the weapon twisted her wrist and drove the flat of the blade straight into Satan's face, sending him reeling backwards. The knights at his feet scattered desperately to avoid being crushed by his massive body. He landed in a brief daze, but managed to quickly reorient himself just as a swift kick landed cleanly on his other blind side and sent him careening into the cliff overlooking the cove. He let out a forced gasp that mixed with the faint taste of blood.

Satan rose slowly and uttered a stream of curses as his assailant landed gracefully a few feet in front of the still-grinning Pandora.

Pandora's comrade stood straight and brandished her weapon, a halberd with an axe blade curved into a shape akin to a scimitar. Its length was nearly double her size. As she readjusted her grip, a pair of armored, rainbow wings extended on her back. The female warrior threw her ponytail over her shoulder and allowed it to hang its full length to her waist.

She parted her hair that hung over one eye and sized up her opponent as he took an offensive stance, her expression remaining neutral despite the powerful aura that exuded from her foe.

"It's good to see you Leilan," Pandora greeted her casually. "Though you are just a tad bit late."

Leilan addressed her calmly as she checked her red and gold Chinese dress for tears, "Metatron had some last-minute adjustments that needed seeing to."

Pandora shrugged. "I guess she is known for taking her sweet time."

Leilan was only half-listening at this point. Satan had once again risen to his full height and glared at the duo. Large azure, translucent rings began to form in his hands with a display of strange archaic symbols. Blue sparks showered around him and the surge of energy lifted his spirits.

"What lousy timing. Chinese gods are always so irritating." He drew his arms back with the rings whirring loudly like buzz saws. "Time to tear your wings off little fire bird," he growled.

Leilan steadied herself. "Here we go," she breathed.

Just as Satan was about to release the deadly rings he became distracted by a strange, white light in the sky. A low hum emitted from the pale glow and echoed throughout the cove as it pulsated like a beating heart. It streaked across the sky in a straight line with a clear purpose. Even Leilan and Pandora could not help gazing at its brilliance. The light took the form of a sphere and settled its image over one of the moons. It halted as its form began to glow with specs of yellow light, consuming the moon's massive body.

Satan pushed aside the distraction and glared at the two females. "It seems we are running out of time," he muttered.

Leilan turned to Pandora who nodded her assent. "The Players are almost here."