Author Note: aryousavvy requested more and I caved because I am WEAK. Side note, I'm keeping this listed as complete but there is a good chance I'll add a third (and final, honest) chapter as it's kind of mean... and rude, to leave it where I have. Sooo, no complaining?

Neither keep track of how long the two of them stand there like that, wrapped in each other's embrace. It starts to feel good, natural—as though it is something they should have done a long time ago and maybe, just maybe their history wouldn't have been filled with the hostility and misunderstandings that it is.

Regina feels genuine care radiating from the blonde, and it has been so long that she can't even remember the last time she'd felt so safe within another person's presence let alone their arms.

Emma is happy, unnaturally so and there is warmth seeping into every fibre of her being the longer Regina holds on. It started as something loose, tentative but as the minutes passed, arms tightened their hold and hands fisted in her jacket.

When she pulls back, she refuses to break away completely and there's a small smile dancing at the edge of dark lips that seems to just—erase all the bad things between them and she can't help but stare at it. It's beautiful, it's tempting and oh.

Oh, she wants to lean in and capture it, and so she does, their lips meeting in the softest of kisses.

Even as her mind registers what she's doing, she doesn't stop. Instead, she presses harder and her hands somehow slip beneath clothes, gliding around hips as she pulls Regina against her. Her fingers tingle with the heat of the flesh beneath them and there isn't a single feeling in the universe she can imagine loving more than when Regina responds.

It is something tender, something sweet and amazing and—everything Emma thinks a kiss should be, lips moving in tandem, fitting perfectly against one another, intent and comfort and—just everything she needs.

The thought that crosses her mind is belated, quiet, but hopeful that it is everything Regina needs too in that one, too brief moment of simply being.

Like all good things, however, it has to end and when it does, all she wants to do is start all over again, but then she makes the mistake of looking into those eyes and she knows she can't. She won't, not until Regina tells her why she is looking at her the way that she is.

There is emotion she doesn't recognise within those dark depths. It isn't fear, and it isn't happiness.

"What are you doing?"

Regina murmurs and wow, Emma thinks, the sound of her voice right now should be illegal and—oh yes, she does recognise that look after all. She licks her lips, barely resisting the moan of tasting Regina still on her mouth.

Her own voice has taken on a similar timber, stomach flipping with undeniable want as she replies, "Seeing you, appreciating you, wanting you..."

Loving you, she wants to continue but Regina has already come to a decision and they're kissing again. There are hands in her hair and she sighs, a tongue seeking entrance to her mouth that she readily grants, parting her lips as she closes her eyes and surrenders to the sensations of Regina invading her senses.

That weighted feeling has travelled north, settling in her mind, clouding her thoughts and she feels nothing, nothing but the hungry devouring of lips and the nails scratching through her hair. She moans and Regina responds, one hand slipping down, curling around her jaw, holding her in place as their hips press together.

Emma grinds against her and Regina breaks the kiss with a pleasured gasp as she throws her head back. Lips trail kisses along her throat, tongue licking a path to the quickening pulse before Emma latches on, sucking and drawing the most exquisite sounds into the air.

Running her hands down Emma's body, Regina grabs the firm mounds of the blonde's ass and tries to pull her closer, needing to feel more of her and Emma groans against her neck, sending vibrations throughout her body.

She can feel herself slickening with undeniable need, the want for this woman overwhelming the realisation she has that this—this is the reason it hurt so much, why the pain had cut so deep, so thorough and final it had seemed.

"Emma," she tries to halt them.

The fact they are standing outside, barely twenty feet from the diner doesn't escape her and, if things are going to progress any further, she doesn't want a good portion of the town stumbling across them in the process.

"Emma… stop."

She does and god Regina hates herself for it because not only does Emma stop, but she also releases the hold she has on her and all Regina wants is the warmth back as Emma retreats a step.

"Sorry, I—"

Regina shakes her head, closing that unwanted space between them and silencing her words with the soft press of lips. "No more," she murmurs against her mouth.

No more talking, no more apologies.

It is presumptuous, impulsive and entirely unlike Regina to assume what is about to happen—and it sounds an awful lot like something Emma would do but she doesn't care as she deepens the kiss, and in a swirl of smoke, she transports them to the mansion.

Emma pulls back to look around, eyebrows almost disappearing into her hairline before she grins, amused but knowing as their eyes meet once again. She leans in; her opinion clear as she reconnects their lips and Regina melts in acceptance of the desire she feels returned to her.

Hands slip beneath clothes, pushing and pulling, releasing buttons and lowering zips until they're both stood clad in nothing more than their underwear.

Eyes roam appreciatively, slowly over one another. Emma in her low-cut, blood red boy shorts and matching sports bra. Regina in her black lace panties and a bra that perfectly sculpts her cleavage, supple olive flesh ripe for Emma's mouth which waters at the sight.

"Dear god," she breathes, dark emerald eyes flicking to chestnut pools filled with unrestrained want. "How are you even real?"

Regina smirks, taking her by the hand and dragging her towards the stairs. The second she pulled Emma's shirt over her head to take in the view of those defined abdominals, all she could think about is running her tongue along the muscles and seeing which sounds would spill from pale pink lips.

The moment she hits the second-floor landing, Emma's submission ends and she tugs the hand in hers, spinning Regina and pulling her in as she claims her lips. She walks the brunette backwards as her tongue slips inside a hot, greedy mouth and pushes her up against the wall.

This isn't the way she imagined her night ending, but damn is she glad she took her head out of her ass long enough to chase after this woman.