Hey ya'll.

Sorry, guys, but this…has been a long time in coming. I'm discontinuing this story. I've been out of Yu-Gi-Oh for…almost ten years now, and stopped writing fic about eight years ago. I'm sorry I got hopes up back in 2004 by posting a chapter thing, but my attempt to at least toss a little more of the planned story out there for you all met head-to-head with my general apathy towards the story.

In short, I've given up writing terrible fanfiction, and have been writing terrible original fiction for almost the last eight years.

I am sorry to all the folks who have been waiting so long for this to continue – I salute your perseverance. But the failing is with me; I just have no interest in continuing or reworking this fic at this junction.

That said, I am willing to put it up for adoption. Heck, I'll adopt it out to several people if they want – if you feel inclined, treat it as a prologue and take off from this point on your own Yu-Gi-Oh adventures. I'd be willing to maintain a list of spin offs if people are interested – just let me know and I'll figure out a system.

I'll keep up what I have, since I know some people do enjoy this fic, partial that it is, and I'll even toss in a little treat – what notes I scavenged on the path of the story:

~ Chaos as Malik joins up with Bakura and Yugi to be pranksters in the mall. He also went though anger management, and is also on meds to help deal with some of those world-domination urges. He's turned out pretty chill, interesting in the Chinese zither, and with occasional outbursts of homicidal megalomania. Accordingly, he managed to get a job in upper management for a small business.

~ Yugi was going to start spontaneously manifesting the ability to use the Shadow Realm (gets pretty badly mugged, accidentally banishes the attackers to the Shadow Realm); which would require an escape from the city in order to engage in an awesome training montage. There would have been, of course, no warnings for anyone outside the trio there that they were going to disappear for a few weeks.

~ They would have gotten stuck in the Shadow Realm at some point, and the shadowy figures would have made a kidnapping attempt on Yugi; the rescue has the notes "Hilarious antics when Malik goes off his medications".

~ Yugi's being overlooked by everyone was not intentional. The shadowy figures were actually attempting to have Yami step into his place in everyone else's memories – the ignoring him thing is the "we don't really know him well except as like…Yami's brother" stage of things; but after the training trip disappearance, they start to remember the way things should be because Malik and Bakura broke stuff when rescuing Yugi.

~ Same with Bakura and Malik's falling outs with their respective partners, though they did have a lot of megalomania and general villain-ness in there making things easy. So the rest of the group begins looking for the main trio, who are stuck in some sort of backwards nightmare world of all the creepy-pasta I could find on the internet. Yugi learns to blow things up with magic and walk away from explosions while looking awesome.

~ Eventually, it would be revealed that the shadowy figures are after Yugi because he is more or less a key capable of screwing with all the Millennium items – which turn out to be condensed spirit energy and magic. Very dense. The plan is to force Yugi to revert the items to pure power and fuel a device built to rip a hole in the multiverse, letting the shadowy figures escape to an alternate world where someone important to the big bad didn't die. Yugi would have gotten dragged along though the hole and almost killed, so it would have been epic alternate worlds rescue attempt; this time with the people in the alternate world trying to deal with the fallout of having a bloody huge hole ripped in reality.

And that's all I've got.

Thank you all for staying with me so long; I'm just sorry that this is the rewards for your faithfulness.