The kids continue to hold back the ghosts.

"I wonder if Pac stopped the signal yet." Baljeet said.

"I hope so, 'cause these ghosts are giving us a hard time." Ginger said.

"You bet we did." Pac's voice said.

Pac chase after ghosts, eating them upon closing in.

"Alright, Pac!" Isabella said.

"You guys helped me enough today, so you should sit this one out." Pac said.

"Great, 'cause I'm burnt out." Fire Phineas says as he returns normal.

"I need to chill." Ice Katie says as she returns normal.

Chameleon Ferb, Wizard Buford, and Titanium Irving returns normal.

Pac eats a glowing yellow berry, and his legs are replaced with a fast spinning drill and he becomes Spin Pac-Man.

Spin Pac-Man proceeds to use his super speed to gobble up every ghosts he can find.

Spin Pac-Man returns normal and burps out the ghosts' eyes, they retreat back through the portal.

"We did it! We saved Pac-World and Earth!" Spiral said.

President Spheros comes out of the portal.

"All of you, congratulations, you didn't just save Pac-World today, you also saved Earth, and so I would like to honor you with the medals of bravery." President Spheros said.

The heroes salute as President Spheros award them with their medals.

"Pac-Man, Cylindria, Spiral, Phineas, Ferb, Isabella, Katie, Adyson, Holly, Gretchen, Ginger, Milly, Baljeet, Buford, and Irving, you have demonstrated true courage, both planets owe you a debt of gratitude." President Spheros said.

"Yeah, thanks for helping us out, we really appreciate it." Pac said. "But I guess this is goodbye."

The kids and the Pac-Worlders wave goodbye as the Pac-Worlders enter the portal, and the portal disappear.

Pac and his friends made it back and finished off Betrayus's minions. And the heroes were awarded by President Spheros for their bravery. After saying goodbye, the Pac-Worlders head back to Pac-World. The End