A Yu-Gi-Oh/Pokemon crossover fic!

Chapter 1 The Alliance

Important Note: (7/28/03) I've gone back and edited certain parts of certain chapters so many times, so at times if you read the author notes before a chapter, something in the author notes will contradict something in the chapter. If that happens, just go with what's in the chapter, and ignore whatever the author notes say.

Disclaimer Note: I own nothing except this computer and Kaya and any other characters you don't recognize. And I made up a few Duel Monsters Cards, which are in later chapters. And this is the only disclaimer note of the story.

Bashing Note: The following people will be bashed a lot: Pegasus (he just scares me-the hair is too much) and Brock (he's just perverted). The following person will be bashed occasionally: Ash (he's kinda brainless). If you are attached to these people, I suggest you exit the fic using the nearest "Back" button.

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I Might Change Some Stuff Note: A good portion of this stuff is incorrect, according to the show. Like, Pegasus doesn't really own the Millennium Eye anymore, and Malik is good. But, uh, can we ignore that?

Fruitcake Note: A lot of references will be made to this fruitcake joke I read on www.pojo.com (I don't own it!) where they say that the Pokemon characters are as dumb as fruitcakes. The fruitcake joke is not a sexual thing.

Stuff I Know Note: I just very recently got into Yu-Gi-Oh, and therefore, I don't know much about the show. (I've seen, like, three episodes.) So, the following is what I know about Yu-Gi-Oh! If anything is incorrect, or something needs to be added, do not hesitate to tell me in a review! (But don't flame me; flaming and giving me constructive criticism are two different things.)

Ok, here I go: There once was this nerdy kid named Yugi who gets this puzzle thingy from his grandpa and he beats it and it forms this weird pyramid thingy that is called the Millennium Puzzle. It makes him get taller, older, and more powerful whenever he or a friend of his is threatened. Yami is this soul person who is NOT evil and he lives in the Millennium Puzzle and sort of 'merges' with Yugi when they play this card game called Duel Monsters that a guy named Maxmillion Pegasus created. When they 'merge' Yugi becomes Yami Yugi. (That's appropriate) Yami used to be this pharaoh guy who trapped the baaaad evil magic of the Shadow Games into 7 Millennium Items, but accidentally got his soul trapped in the Millennium Puzzle. Some guys using this Millennium Eye thing that is really powerful captured Yugi's grandpa, and Pegasus has the eye as an eye. Kaiba was really evil and undefeated, and took his grandpa, so Yugi fought him and won, and Kaiba confidence was all screwed. Kaiba has a brother, Mokuba, whose soul was trapped in a card by that Pegasus guy, and Kaiba goes to save him, and Pegasus says Kaiba can duel him only if Kaiba embarrasses Yugi by beating him. So he does, and Yugi loses all of his star chips that would let him into this castle place to save his grandpa. And the Millennium Items are really powerful, too. Somewhere along the line, Kaiba's soul was trapped, too. Kaiba has three cards called Blue Eyes White Dragons, and discovered that Yugi's grandpa had the fourth. Kaiba wins it in a duel and rips it up. (Why the moo did he do that?!) But Yami beats Pegasus and frees his grandpa, Kaiba, and Mokuba. (Yugi was sort of dead so it was all Yami!!!!!!!! ^_^) With that said, let's get on with the story!

He sat down in the dark office, unable to see the man at the desk. The man at the desk was stroking a large cat, but it was unlike any cat he had ever seen.

"Maxmillion Pegasus, is it?" the man at the desk asked.

"That's my name," said the silver-haired man in a chair in front of the desk. He looked toward the two people in the corner, and the cat that was much like the cat on the desk, only smaller. "Who are they?" Pegasus asked. "What I'm about to tell you is top secret information, you know."

"I'm very aware of this situation," the man at the desk. "These two are the top agents we've got, and they've got my utmost confidence. Of course, if they "spill the beans", you have my assurance that they will be severely punished."

Pegasus turned and watched the agents. The male seemed to be nervous, but the female was eyeing Pegasus with a sort of hungry look. Pegasus shivered. She was scary. It took a lot to scare Pegasus, too. "What are those?" he asked, gesturing to the two cats.

The man at the desk chuckled darkly. "I forgot how much you know about Kanto and Johto," he chortled. "These two are Pokemon. That one is Meowth," he said, jerking his head toward the smaller cat. "And this one is Persian," he finished, stroking the larger Pokemon. "A Meowth will evolve into a Persian, which is why look so much alike. Now, to business. I understand that you posses the Millennium Eye. The Millennium Eye has the power to trap souls. But there are other Millennium Items, correct?"

"Correct," Pegasus replied. "There are seven, and two of them are owned by two children I have unfortunately come across. A boy named Bakura Ryou owns the Millennium Ring. Like my Millennium Eye, the Millennium Ring can trap souls. Yugi Mutou, however, owns the Millennium Puzzle. The Millennium Eye was given to me by stranger during one of my travels to Egypt. I trapped Yugi's grandfather's soul in a Duel Monsters card." He paused. "I've also once trapped Seto Kaiba and his brother, Mokuba," he added, boastingly. With a flourish, Pegasus whipped out three blank soul card thingies. "They were here."

"Impressive, very impressive," said the man at the desk. Pegasus grinned evilly.

"That's just creepy, just plain creepy," muttered the Meowth in the corner.

"Shh," hissed the female top agent.

"Sir, may I ask why the Millennium Items are of such high interest to you?" Pegasus inquired.

"Ah. I wondered when you would ask," the man replied. "The employees here have been doing top secret research. They have discovered that the power of Millennium Items makes a Pokemon nearly 50x stronger. The reason I called you here, Pegasus, is that I want to harness the power of your Millennium Eye. Your power and my Pokemon would make a very powerful army, Mr. Pegasus. You would still have your eye, of course, but we would harness a lot of power. But in return, you would get a seat on my throne, and you and I together we would rule the world! What do you say?" He held out his hand.

Pegasus took it, and they shook.

"I know you will not regret aiding Rocket Corp." the man told Pegasus. "That is all I need for now. Would you like to go your room?" Without waiting for an answer, the man pressed a button on his desk and moments later, a guard escorted Pegasus out.

"I sure hope we can trust him," the male top agent mused allowed.

"Of course we can trust him, James!" snapped the female. "The Boss wouldn't have picked him if he can't be trusted, right, Boss?"

The man at the desk nodded. "Jesse is right, James. Pegasus is trustworthy." He waved his hands, and they left the room. "Remember," he began. "You tell anyone about this.."

"We won't tell, boss, don't ya worry," said Meowth.

The man at the desk stood up and looked out the window of his office. "I wonder if those kids will be a problem.." he mused.

Giovanni shook his head. Why was he worrying? What could possibly go wrong?