Chapter 13
The Party
Mojobubbles and Kamilah: *_*

Yami: What happened?

Malik: *pokes them* They're in shock.

Yami: Why?

Malik: Because-

Mojobubbles: IT'S THE LAST CHAPTER!!!!!!!!!!!! *sobs uncontrollably, then goes back into shock*

Yami: *hugs her* Gomen, I forgot.

Y. Bakura: I guess no author's notes this time, folks...........just remember to check out the end of the story, where they have an exclusive preview of the next part of the Pokeduelsmon trilogy. And, yes, Ash and Misty are leaving, and no, they are not coming back. No more Pokemon-ness. Hey, pharaoh, you and me, and Ishtar over there have to do the review responses.

Review responses:

Dman22232 - Y. Bakura: Cool, another Pegasus-hater. ^_^

Ruby*Luna - Yami: Ugh, Luna, I feel your pain. When Mojobubbles gets hyper..............*shudder*

Seto: I AM NOT GOING SOFT!!!! *goes and sulks in the corner*

Malik: Hey, don't they have over 40 reviews now?

Y. Bakura: SHHHHHH! If they hear that, they're gonna freak!

Malik: 0_0 Good point.

Karela gilbert - Malik: Wow. I bet if they weren't stunned, they would be bouncing around being honored that you like the story that much. About the question, I think they think that it would be better as a Yu-Gi-Oh thing, because there's not much Pokemon stuff in it.

FelinaofL2 - Yami: No Kaiba bashing, sadly. -_- But in the second part of Pokeduelsmon (it's a trilogy, remember?) really sad things happen to him. And other people. Uh.............the preview is at the end, you'll see.

Blue Mystic Moon Warrior - Malik: Hi Kirstie. ^_^ *waves* I guess we'll give out presents. *shrugs* Shogo, you get a lollypop.

Shogo: Is it cherry flavored?

Malik: *checks wrapper* Yep.

Shogo: ^_^ *sucks lollypop*

Yami: I get a.........cow?! Well I can't take care of it for a week really, because this is that last chapter of the story. Ok, how about if I keep it alive until the first chapter of part 2? Ok, good. Next, for Kaiba, is more mental help.

Kaiba: I hate BMMW.

Anyone BMMW has ever insulted: Welcome to the club.


Duke: O_o?

Y. Bakura: What? That's your present. Espa Roba, you get physic abilities.

Espa: "Physic"? What's that?

Y. Bakura: Apparently, you are really good at sports. Or at physics. Take your pick.

Espa: *blinks*

Malik: Umkay, Kaya gets mental help.

Kaya: WHEE! *takes the mental help* Thanks, pal!

Yami: *shakes head* She's been hanging around Mojobubbles too long...........I'm afraid the damage is permanent. Everyone else gets.......whatever.

Malik: What do I get? *looks* O_O Oh's a chibi potion................

Yami: You have to take it Malik................

Malik: *gulp* I know...................*drinks potion* *shrinks* WOW! I IS A CHIBI!


C. Malik: WHEE! *throws papers in the air* These are for you guys! *gives them to random cast members*

Shogo: Mine says, "YOU'RE KAWAII!"

Tea: Mine says, "You're gay". She's right! I am happy! ^_^

Kaiba: Poor deluded Tea. Mine says, "Go suck a briefcase, money but." Well that's really mature, she didn't even use the right "but".

Joey: *sniggers*

Kaiba: What does yours say, mutt?

Joey: It says, "DON'T YELL AT SHOGO!" -_-

Tristan: Mine says, "DON'T YELL AT BAKURA!"

C. Malik: I gotted: "YOU ARE THE HOTTEST CHARACTER EVER!" Tank you, BMMW! ^_^

Kaya: Mine says, "Get well soon." How sweet! Wait, it says, "Get well soon.............not." -_-

Yami: How the hell am I supposed to become a cow?!

Kaya: Huh?

Yami: Mine says, "You should become a cow and then see how it feels to wear yourself."

Isis: I've got, "be nice to your brother!" Hey, I'm nice to Malik! But when he's a hyperactive chibi...................

Yugi: I got, "You have cute eyes!" *sniff* Wow, that's the first nice thing BMMW has ever said about me...............

Yami: Ugh, Kamilah's is from Meht-urt, BMMW's yami, and it's "YOU SUCK YOU SUCK YOU SUCK!"

Tsukasa: I think I've got the weirdest one. It's, "Welcome to hell because you now live with Lisa and my yami wants to kill you for no apparent reason!"

All: O_O

Daricio - Yami: Hey, look, it's a review from Daricio. Mojobubbles, lookies! It's a review from Daricio!

Mojobubbles: *blinks* *realizes what Yami just said* HI DARICIO! *waves* Erm, I don't know where the Poke- part went either. ^_^U How pitiful is that? And I already know about what happens to Joey. The poor guy dies twice in Battle City, but somehow lives both times. Go figure. And I know what happens to Kura. I've seen screenshots of him on the ground clutching his arm. ;_; Anyway, thankies for reviewing! Hey guys, guess what? You also get gifts from Daricio. Okies, Yugi gets one of those spinny Shadow Realm disks to send people to the Shadow Realm when they bug you. (Wish I had one for my sister.....)


All: *blink*

Mojobubbles: Ok, Yami, you get a key to your Soul Room, so people don't bug you when you're trying to find your memories.

Yami: *stares at key for about 5 minutes*

Mojobubbles: Yami? You in there?

Yami: *runs and locks himself into his Soul Room*

Mojobubbles: Ok, Kura, you get a magic gem that does whatever you want!

Kura: Ok......then I could use it to keep you from torturing us all in part 2, right?

Mojobubbles: Um........

Kura: YAY!

Mojobubbles: Damn. -_- Hey look, it's a present for Roo!


Mojobubbles: And if you don't know who Roo is, then tough cookie! You have to go read Daricio's story "Where's Yugi?" Ok, Roo gets a book.

Roo: "How to Shadow Duel w/o getting your behind kicked every time".......AWESOME! *reads it*

Kaya: Do I get a present?

Mojobubbles: Nope. But Daricio does have a point, because you get a bunch of presents in this chapter.

Kaya: Yay! ^_^


At Yugi's house, it was chaos. He was trying to hang up crepe streamer things, but his height made that very difficult, even though he was on a stool. Yami was tangled in the balloons, and Shogo was trying to put out the food.

"Would you four help!?" Yugi angrily asked Malik, Yami B, Isis, and Bakura. They sweatdropped and went over to hang up a banner.

Just then, Yugi lost his balance and fell, taking down the streamer things with him.

Bakura went over and dug his friend out of the pile. "This better be worth it......." Yugi moaned, as Bakura pulled him to his feet.

"I'm sure it will, Yugi," Bakura said soothingly. "How about if me and my yami go pick up the cake? That's one less thing you have to do, and Isis and Malik can pick up Kaya without me."

"I don't trust him to bring that cake home in one piece," Yami said simply, nodding at Yami B, who grinned but looked slightly hurt.

"Ra, pharaoh, not everything revolves around you," he said, folding his arms.

"Fine!" Yugi said, throwing up his arms. "We only have 30 minutes anyway!"

Bakura grabbed his yami, who was having an intense staring contest with Yugi's yami, and pulled him out the door.


At the cake store, Bakura realized something. He had no idea what name the cake was under. "Um..............Mokuba Kaiba?" he guessed.


"Alright, Misty Waterflower?"


"How about Ash Ketchum?"


"Try Yugi Moto, you idiot," Yami B whispered.

"Yugi Moto?"


Yami B took the cake and Bakura followed.

"Don't drop it-"

"I won't!! Ra, why is everyone so sure I'm out to ruin this party!?" Yami B snarled.

Bakura blinked at his yami. Then something dawned on him. "You care about her, don't you?"

"No!" Yami B looked both shocked and outraged. "She's just a.............she's my friend," he finished finally.

Bakura stared at his yami.

"If you just stand there gaping at me, then we're going to miss the buss and Yugi'll have our heads," Yami B stated matter-of-factly. Bakura nodded, and brought himself back to the real world.


"Hey Malik! Hey Isis!"

"Ready to go, Ky?"

"Yeah, but Malik?"


"Why do you keep bouncing around?"


Isis shook her head and turned to the doctor. "Just make sure she rests a lot, and she'll be fine," he told Isis, who nodded.

They walked to the parking lot, Malik still bouncing around.

"Gee, Malik, you're not out acting out of the ordinary at all," Kaya said sarcastically.

"I know I'm not," Malik said proudly, "so you won't find out about the-"

Isis clamped her hand over his mouth.

"I have licking powers, and I'm not afraid to use them*," Malik threatened, his voice muffled. Isis yanked her hand away, looking disgusted. (*My sister says that to me all the time.........whenever I put my hand over her mouth she says that.)

"What?" Kaya asked suspiciously. "What am I not supposed to find out about?"

Isis sent Malik a oh-great-now-you've-done-it look. "It's nothing, Kaya," she said, turning to Kaya. "Malik was just being odd."

"Uh-huh, sure," Kaya said doubtfully, but she didn't pursue the matter any further. And she was distracted by their mode of transportation. "Holy shit- Isis, you have a car?!"

Isis nodded. "/Malik/ wanted to bring his /motorcycle/ here," she said dryly.

"Hey, don't insult my baby!" Malik said hotly. (Hm, for some reason, I've got Isis being really sardonic. What's up with that?) They all climbed in, and Kaya smiled at Malik and Isis, who were still bickering in the front seats. They had their fair amount of sibling rivalry moments, but Kaya knew they really cared deeply about each other. (Now I'm being SAPPY!) She knew that Isis had risked her life for Malik in the Battle City finals, and how Malik hadn't ever dreamed of hurting Isis on his lil quest for revenge. (Oh, the sappiness!)

Speaking of siblings, Kaya's thoughts drifted to Yami. She rolled up the sleeve of her right arm and scowled down at the scars. She knew the doctors had found them, and had probably figured out what had caused them, too. Her mind spinning, Kaya leaned her head against the window and watched the scenery pass.


Everyone had assembled in Yugi's house. Yugi was anxiously peering out the window, and Yami was still getting over the shock that Yami B hadn't mutilated the cake. (Wow, he really doesn't trust that guy, does he? LOL.)

"Holy shit, they're here!" Yugi shouted. (Yes, Yugi did curse.......bad Yugi!)

The others dived to their hiding spots, slightly amazed that Yugi had cursed.

At the door, Malik was absolutely dying to get inside. When they knocked, no one answered. Kaya turned the doorknob, and was surprised to find the door unlocked. She pushed it open and-


"OHMYRA!" Kaya squealed, running in and jumping on Yami, hugging the crap out of him. Then she jumped off and began hugging random people. Yeah. She's hyper.

Bakura could feel how anxious his yami was. So he let him out. Kaya stopped jumping on people like a fierce mule. (*shrugs* Kirstie calls her that...........don't ask, people.)

Kaya stood there, staring straight ahead and Yami B, her eyes wide.


('Tis not really his name. I've read Yami B's true name is Afifa. *snigger* "Bakari" comes from trusty and I chose it cuz it means "noble oath". And because it sounds like "Bakura". ^_^U)

"It's me," Yami B said, smiling.

"Oh my Ra," Kaya whispered. "You've been in the ring the whole time? You're Bakura's yami?"

He nodded. "Look, everybody!" Kaya said, laughing. "He's been in the ring the whole time! He's been in the ring!" She ran forward and hugged him. He looked surprised, but hugged her back.

Yami began twitching uncontrollably. "Calm down, Yami," Yugi said, his voice thick with amusement, as he put an arm around the pissed off spirit.


Shogo kept drifting over to the present table, looking very pointedly at Kaya.

"Ok," she laughed, "we can do presents now!" She picked up the one from Shogo first. He was hopping from foot to foot, his face bright with anticipation. ( kawaii!)

"Oh, cool!" Kaya said. "It's a Duel Monsters wallet, just like yours, right?" Shogo nodded, beaming as Kaya transferred her deck into the wallet. Mai had given her a seriously cool shirt. It was black, and in jagged letters it said, "La, la, la, I can't hear you, la, la, la!" (Heh......I have a shirt just like that.) Joey and Tristan both leaped forward, thrusting two square packages in her face. They turned out to be CD's.

"How did you know I like Every Little Thing, Joey?" she asked. (Went online and with Google, found some J-Pop groups and it said Every Little Thing's a pop/rock group, and that's what I like, so.......)

Tristan had gotten her an import Lifehouse CD. She grinned. "These are so hard to find! Thanks!" (Hm, Kaya likes Lifehouse. So do I......coincidence?) From Tea, there was a Hello Kitty notepad. Kaya didn't really like Hello Kitty, but didn't exactly have the heart to tell Tea. Duke promised to teach her Dungeon Dice Monsters, and had given her a starter set.

"Hey, no fair! He got his for free!" Joey pouted. Duke stuck out his tongue at Joey.

Ash and Misty had both gotten a bunch of Pokemon stuff, like plushies and stickers. Yugi had gone to the toy store, and had a bunch of plushies, including an adorable raccoon. (Just like my know, my beanie baby raccoon?) Mokuba grinned and handed over a Duel Disk System.

"Wow! Mokuba, aren't these things really expensive?" Kaya exclaimed.

"Not when your big brother owns the company that makes 'em," Mokuba said mischievously. Yami made a face at the Duel Disk System.

"I wanted one of those," he pouted. Yugi patted his arm.

"I'm sure Kaya will share it with you, Yami," Yugi said, trying not to laugh at his yami's behavior.

Serenity had a "Fellowship of the Ring" DVD. "I like Legolas too," she said, grinning shyly.

"Alright!" Kaya laughed, hi-fiving Serenity. Bakura shyly handed Kaya a long package, which turned out to be a suncatcher.

Then Malik handed her a small package. Inside was a charm bracelet, only there were no charms on it.

"See?" he said. "You can put the other charm I gave you on it." Kaya nodded and dug the charm out of her pocket and fastened it securely on. (That bracelet's gonna be important for the second part of the trilogy, keep that in mind.)

"Thanks, Malik," she said, smiling at him. Isis had given her a whole bunch of charms, and the bracelet was soon nearly filled.

Then Yami took out his present.

"Yugi!" Kaya shouted when she saw it. "Did you let Yami go in a leather store!?"

Yugi nodded sheepishly. "Sorry," he said. Kaya sighed, but she was grinning, and the others were trying hard not to laugh.

Yami had gotten her one of those spiky leather bracelet things. And a leather belt. And a leather choker.

"Yami!!!" Kaya laughed, but she shut up when she saw the last thing.

It was a gold armband, with hieroglyphics that spelled out Kaya's name. Tiny amethysts were embedded in it, and they sparkled whenever it was turned.

"Wow," someone said, which pretty much summed it up.

Just then there was a knock on the door, and Yugi went to answer it, a puzzled look on his face. "Kaiba?" came Yugi's startled voice from the doorway. "Big brother!" Mokuba cried, jumping off the couch and running into the entry hall with Yugi.

"Hey kid," Kaiba said, ruffling Mokuba's hair. "I came by to pick you up."

"Aw, do I have to go now, Seto?" Mokuba pouted, sticking out his lower lip and making wide chibi eyes.

"Mokuba......not the puppy face," Kaiba warned. "You can come back sometime soon, ok?"

Mokuba brightened considerably. "Ok!" he agreed, than hopped off to say goodbye, dragging his brother along by the hand.

"Hey Kaiba!" Kaya said brightly, but the others looked less than pleased. "I've got your laptop," she said, holding out said item.

"Um, I got something for you, too," Kaiba said, handing her a small square package.

"'Princess Mononoke' on DVD! Thanks, Kaiba!"

Yami glared at Kaiba.



A few hours later, everyone was gone. Mokuba and Kaiba had left first, of course, then everyone had watched 'Princess Mononoke'. Although Shogo got pretty irked when they kept telling him to leave during all the particularly violent parts.

Then it was time for Misty and Ash to leave.

"Are you sure you don't want to come with us, Kaya?" Ash asked.

"I'm sure," Kaya said. "I don't have anything left in Johto." She stepped backward, and with Yami's help, tapped into the power of her necklace. There was a bright flash of light, and Ash and Misty were gone.

Everyone filtered out after they were sent back, however, and soon it was just Yugi, Yami, and Kaya.

"Good thing grandpa isn't here to see this mess, or he would flip," Yugi commented warily, flopping down on the couch with the other two. "I guess I'll clean a little bit of it......."

"I'll help," Kaya said sleepily, starting to get back up; but Yami just reached out and pushed her back onto the couch.

"No," he said, folding his arms and giving her the Yami Yugi look. "If you do anything too strenuous, you're going to end up right back in the hospital."

Most people would have flinched under that stern gaze, but not Kaya, as she was used to it. "Fine," she pouted, folding her arms.

Yami went over to Yugi and helped him clear away some of the trash.

"Aw, forget it," Yugi said tiredly.

"We can finish it tomorrow, aibou," Yami assured him.

"Yeah," Yugi said, slumping onto the couch. Yami sat down on his other side, Kaya next to Yami. She leaned into him.

"Why is it so cold in here?" she asked.

"The heater is broken, and we haven't gotten around to fixing it," Yugi replied, his eyes closed. (Man he's tired......)

Kaya shivered slightly. Which isn't surprising, since she was wearing a short sleeved shirt. She leaned closer to Yami.

"I'm so cold, big brother."


(Whee, these are so fun!)

"When is mother and father going to get back?" asked four-year-old Kaya, looking up at her big brother.

"I don't know, Ky," Yami replied, then eight. "It takes a really long time to fight wars."

"I wish there wasn't a war," Kaya said wistfully. "Then we wouldn't have to be hiding in the dungeon so no bad people would find us."

"But this way, we're safe," Yami told her.

"I'm so cold, big brother," Kaya said, shivering in her thin dress. Yami reached around and took off his cape, and wrapped it around his sister.

"Is that better?" he asked. She nodded, and snuggled next to him, her eyelids drooping. "Go to sleep, Kaya. I will protect you," Yami whispered.

~*~End flashback~*~

Yami reached around and shrugged off his jacket. He wrapped it around his sister.

"Is that better?" he asked. She nodded, and snuggled next to him, her eyelids drooping. "Go to sleep, Kaya. I will protect you," Yami whispered.

"Aishiteru, ani.*" (*I love you, older brother.)

The end.



Mojobubbles: OHMYRA IT'S OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *cries*

Kamilah: @_@

Y. Bakura: *sigh* *hugs Kamilah*

Yami: *hugs Mojobubbles*

Mojobubbles: *is still crying*

Yami: *anime mushroom cloud sigh* *snaps fingers*

Inuyasha: *appears in a big poof of smoke* Where the hell am I?

Mojobubbles: SQUEE!!!! INUYASHA!!!!!!!!!! *glomps him*


Mojobubbles: But I have Ramen!

Inuyasha: You do?

Mojobubbles: Yep! ^_^ Seriously, I do. I'm like the only one in my group of friends who can say Ramen, let alone ever eaten.

Inuyasha: How is Ramen a hard word to say?

Mojobubbles: They say it "Ray-men". But it's "Rah-men".

Kamilah: Anyway.......well we promised it, and here it is: the exclusive preview of "Tatakai Yuki", which is Japanese for "Fighting Spirit"!

Mojobubbles: We have a scene from Tatakai Yuki, which pretty much summarizes the whole thing. I've played out this scene in my head a zillion times, so I think it's pretty good. ^_^U

Kaya looked pointedly at Yami and Yugi. They didn't go anywhere. She cleared her throat. Yugi blinked, then realization dawned on him. "Sorry!" he apologized, grabbing Yami's wrist and yanking him off. Kaya smiled to herself, then turned around. Everyone, especially Yami, probably thought she was crazy for wanting to go there. She just couldn't explain it - when she was there, it just felt like he was there with her. The same feeling washed over her, and she sat down on the grass. "Yami's funny, sometimes," she said aloud. "When he doesn't know what to do, he kind of freaks." She could feel him nodding in reply. "I got so pissed off today in school," she continued, "'cause a bunch of preps started saying you were a freak and stuff. I totally would've kicked their asses, but it was school so I couldn't."

"But everyone, our group of friends I mean, came to my rescue and joined me in yelling at the preps. Those guys are the best friends I've ever had." Kaya turned serious. "You know, we would've helped you, but we didn't know anything was wrong. I wish you coulda told us, but you're gone now, and there's really nothing anyone can do." She didn't cry; she had spent all her tears on sleepless nights.

"I hope you know we're all thinking about you." She stopped, and corrected herself. "Well, Kaiba isn't, but we can't blame him. He's got a lot to worry about, what with this custody battle over his little brother." Kaya got up. She began to walk away. She turned back one more time and gazed at the grave.

"I really miss you, Malik."

******************************* Mojobubbles: So there ya have it. Malik's dead, and Kaiba may lose custody over Mokuba.

Inuyasha: Sounds like a cheery story......

Mojobubbles: Oh, it is.......*evil grin*

Kamilah: Sayonara, and thank you for reading!!!!!!!!!