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1. She's so clumsy. How many ingredients has she wasted while tripping onto her face in such a endeari- ugly manner?! She's such an idiot. I couldn't actually believe it when she tripped on a damn banana peel! Not only that, she dropped the chocolate cake on the floor. It took us two hours to make it! Obviously, I- we, couldn't scold her because of her crying.

2. She's a pig. Man, do you see how much she eats? She can eat 10 cakes in a day. I'm a witness of this fact. After eating 3 roll cakes, 2 chocolate cakes, 4 strawberry shortcakes and 1 angel cake, she ate a full course meal at a buffet! It's a miracle her family can pay for the expenses of feeding her. I was nearly broke after taking her out on a date... to show how much of a pig she was! That was the only reason why I took her out, of course.

3. She gets jealous so easily! After watching her sister being showered by compliments for a perforation which wasn't even that great, Amano had this weird look in her eyes and entered a cake baking contest. She won, with the help I gave her. What's even there to be jealous of? I'd prefer someone who could bake than play a piano- theoretically of course.

4. Her appearance is so distracting. Doesn't she know anything about not attracting stares from other males?! That time I took her out, everyone was looking at her. I could understand, but seriously. It's not easy to eat when you're eating with a cute girl- not that I would think she's cute. But other people obviously thought that.

5. She's so naive. She's so naive and innocent to the point that she would probably be the prey of other people if not for me...and Hanabusa and Andou. Her innocence is the main reason why people are attracted to her. It's refreshing to see such a beautiful - wait did I say beautiful? - smile.

6. She cries way too easily. I swear, she cries both when she's happy and sad. It's so annoying to have to wipe tears off her face. When I scold her a little bit, and she starts crying I have to fix it. Do you know how irritating it is to hug that warm, small body of hers? Then she somehow falls asleep in my arms. Speaking of that-

7. She sleeps way too much. She and I were in the middle of practicing our parts for a cake competition. Hanabusa and Andou had gone out to buy some food and ingredients that weren't at the school. Suddenly, I hear a thud and she's sleeping on the counter. I had to carry her back to her room, where Rumi took her. My back hurt from carrying her...but she was pretty light.

8. She's too generous with her smiles. Dammit, she should only show that to her family...and me. On second thought, Hanabusa and Andou too...even though I'm not a fan of sharing her smiles. Does she know how attractive that smile of hers is? One day, she's going to be taken away by some foreign rich guy after she charms him with that idiotic smile of hers.

9. Did I mention her hair? Those brown locks are such a nuisance sometimes. I see her with her hair out, and I want to comb my fingers through her hair. How embarrassing would that be? Who's fault would it be? Hers!

10. Her designs annoy me. They're always innocent and cute. Like her! I knew that girl loved herself... She's as much of a narcissist as Hanabusa is! Gosh, why didn't I notice it before?