Chapter Eight:

Previously from last chapter

- Arguments and bickering among the team caused their first loss of the season.

- Marcia's boyfriend David officially met the Brady's.

(Monday 4th November 1974)

After School

Westdale High School

"We need to discuss ways on how we are going to get back at those cheerleaders." said Marcia.

"Those cheerleaders are such snakes especially Lucy and Samantha." growls Michelle with venom.

"Man those cheerleaders cheese you off." says Marcia sympathetically.

"I'll teach them not to mess with me." said Michelle only to be overheard by one of the cheerleaders.

"Do you mean the stupid snobs Lucy and Samantha?" asks Tina angrily.

"Yes." said Michelle.

"Your not the only girls they've cheesed off." says Tina.

"Do tell." said Marcia.

"I used to have a boyfriend who adored me his name was Jake." says Tina.

"What drew you to him?" asks Michelle.

"He was always saying nice things to me and was always very helpful." said Tina.

"What happened?" says Marcia.

"I thought Lucy and Samantha were my really good friends but they back stabbed me by Samantha cracking on to Jake and Lucy didn't give a damn, she actually encouraged her." says Tina sadly.

"I'm sorry to hear that." said Marcia filled of sympathy.

"Some guys are so weak minded." says Michelle.

"Can I help you get back at them?" asks Tina.

"Sure a third person would be good." said Michelle.

"Thanks guys you will not regret this." says Tina. "Why do you want to get back at those snobs?"

"Cause they crossed the line trying to crack on to my sister's boyfriend." said Marcia.

"Oh yeah Jan, man she's so lucky that she has a guy so devoted to her." says Tina. "I wish I had that."

"You'll find a guy that will be so loyal to you one day." said Michelle.

"Ok girls ideas to take those skanks down." says Tina.

Gridiron Oval

The team's doing some training on the field like it's a practice match.

"That's good hustling guys making the tackles stick." says Coach Bateman.

"Let's go offense show what you can do."

Jay takes the snap and extends the play when the defence try to get to him in which he finds an open route for a deep pass in which Bruce catches and runs to the end zone.

"Good extending the play Lamb and very good getting open Chambers."

After practice has finished the coach calls the team for a chat.

"That was a good training session guys." said Coach Bateman in which Lucas raises his hand.

"What do you want to say Carter?"

"I want to apologize to you and the team for my behavior as of late, It was inexcusable, insensitive of me and I promise that I will work very hard to earn your trust back and get back in the team." said Lucas.

"Apology accepted, I'll hold you to your word." says Coach Bateman.

Next Day

(Tuesday 5th November 1974)


Westdale High School

Marcia, Michelle and their friends are eating lunch when Tina comes up to Marcia whispering "Can you and Michelle meet me in ten minutes at the bleachers, it's meeting time."

"See you then." whispers back Marcia.

"What was that about?" asks Jan.

"Nothing to worry about, Tina just wanted to discuss girls stuff." said Marcia.

Nearly close to ten minutes Michelle and Marcia say "We have to head out for a bit."

The Bleachers

"So came up with some ideas." said Tina.

"You could reveal one of Lucy and Samantha's embarrassing secrets." says Michelle.

"I happen to know some hidden secrets." said Tina.

"We could spread a rumor about Lucy when she's away." says Michelle.

"Guys I reckon I'm getting second thoughts about this, the experience happened to me and It wasn't pleasant." said Marcia worried where's it's going.

"What are you saying?" says Tina.

"I can't be part of this." said Marcia.

"She and Samantha deserve this for what they done." says Michelle.

"I know this will end badly and Jan will never go for it." said Marcia.

"C'mon after these bitches done the same thing to nearly every girl in this school." says Michelle only to be overheard by Jan and Jay.

"Marcia's right I'd never go for it c'mon girls you know your stooping to their level." says Jan.

"C'mon Jan we don't need to be a part of this." said Jay.

"Yeah I'm out of here too you girls need to rethink your plan." says Marcia.

After School

Tina's Place

"So much for plan a." says Tina annoyed.

"I'm sure there's something we can do to pay them back." says Michelle.

"Now put your thinking cap on Michelle." laughs Tina.

"Let's see if we get some of the cheerleaders on side and in one of the games there shall be some unfortunate little accident." said Michelle.

"I like how you think Michelle." says Tina deviously as they spend the evening plotting.

(At the same time)

4222 Clinton Way

The Attic

Marcia can't believe how far the other girls will go after experiencing it first hand.

"We know we want the other girls to suffer but this isn't the way to go about it." said Marcia.

"Do you think Michelle will let it go?" asks Jan. "She's got a bit of reputation for being devious."

"It's up to her now but if she gets in trouble it's not on us." says Marcia.

"Sounds like you really have learned a lesson from your experience, I'm glad your my sister." said Jan as she gives Marcia a hug.

"You too sis." says Marcia.

Next Day

(Wednesday 6th November 1974)

Westdale High School


Michelle and Tina are walking out of class after the bell sounds approaching Bella in the hallway.

"Can I have a chat with you alone?" asks Michelle.

"Ok what is it." questions Bella.

"You know how those cheerleading bitches gave you a hard time with Lucas." says Michelle.

"Well we think it's about time they get taken down a peg or two." smiles Tina.

"As much I would like to see those girls fall flat on their face but I'm happy where I am and I want nothing to do with them." said Bella.

"I advise you girls to do the same it can only bring you grief."

"C'mon after all they did to you." pleads Michelle.

"If I do that, I'll be no better than them." said Bella.

"Let's go Michelle." said Tina annoyed.

"This can't end well." sighs Bella to herself.


Michelle and Tina overhear Susie being berated and decide she might be a good one to get onside.

"Yeah she's always picking on her and her cheerleading skills." whispers Michelle to Tina.

"Yes we should try to get Elizabeth as well because Samantha picks on her all the time, I'm sure they'll both want to get some revenge." said Tina.

"Good thinking Tina, let's proceed." says Michelle as they approach Susie.

"Hey Sus had a rough day." says Tina concerned.

"I don't know what else I have to do to prove myself." said Susie sadly.

"She's probably jealous of you Susie and wants to keep you down." says Michelle.

"How would you and Elizabeth like to help us take those two down a peg?" asks Tina.

Susie and Elizabeth look at each other grinning mischeviously adding together "Yeah we're in."

The four of them grin together.

After School

4222 Clinton Way

Jan is talking to Jay worried about Michelle's plan to get revenge on Lucy and Samantha.

As Marcia and Peter walk in, Marcia says "Yeah as tempting as it is it could only backfire."

"What are you talking about?" asks Peter.

After hearing the story Peter says "Oh so that was why Michelle was busy tonight."

"Peter your gonna have to talk to her, she's going to be in so much trouble." says Marcia.

Next Day

(Thursday 7th November 1974)

After School

Peter and Michelle are walking out of school when he brings up the subject of her intentions about revenge.

"I'm a bit worried Michelle that this might be taking it too far." says Peter worriedly.

"Don't you see that those snobs have been bullying other girls and they need consequences for their actions." said Michelle.

"Standing up to them is one thing but nasty tricks is another." says Peter.

"It's just a harmless prank, no one's going to get hurt." said Michelle coyly.

Michelle starts kissing Peter to take his mind off the topic.

Next Day

(Friday 8th November 1974)


Westdale High School

Lucy and Samantha are talking when they are walking to their lockers.

"It'd be good to see Westdale clobber Fremont tomorrow." says Lucy.

As they open their lockers, Lucy and Samantha scream.

Students turn to witness them being smothered by white powder.

Silence turns to sudden laughter and sniggering.

"This is not funny." says Lucy angrily.

"Who did it?" demands Samantha.

Suddenly the hallway turns to silence.

"Fine but when we find out they will be so sorry that they messed with us." says Lucy.

Michelle and Tina smirk to themselves.

Later that afternoon

After School

4222 Clinton Way

Marcia, Jan and Peter are talking about their day went at school.

"We heard what happened today about those two cheerleaders getting pranked." says Marcia.

"Told you it was only a harmless prank." said Peter.

Marcia and Jan think to themselves "I hope it's the only prank that will occur."

Next Day

(Saturday 9th November 1974)

Fremont High School

Gridiron Oval

"It's second and nine at the Fremont 34, Lamb hands it off to Brady in which he flicks it back to him to throw into the end zone where finds Williams in open space for a touchdown." said Commentator 1.

"Was a good play that Westdale with a flea-flicker pass that resulted as a touchdown in addition the extra point is good which the score is Westdale 7, Fremont 0 as it's nearly quarter time." says Commentator 2.

Early Second Quarter

After Fremont punted, the Westdale offense came back on to the field as the away team cheer squad start doing their chants.

As they choose the person to go on top of the pyramid, Samantha snaps "Lucy why don't you go to the top, your the best."

"Course I will cause, I'm always the best." says Lucy.

"Yeah Lucy you are the best go on." says Elizabeth smugly.

As Lucy raises her arms triumphantly at the top of the stack, Tina calls out "Stop wriggling, I'm losing my footing."

"Shut up Tina." snaps Lucy.

As Elizabeth loosens her grip and Lucy goes down like a sack of potatoes causing the pyramid to crumble to a messy heap on the floor.

The crowd fall silent with shock as the staff run out to untangle the girls.

Lucy can be heard screaming in pain.

"Medic over here now." says Mrs. Warner.

Lucy gets stretchered off.

"What a shock to see one of the cheerleaders getting stretchered off, will it throw Westdale off their game." said Commentator 1.

Gridiron Oval

As the second quarter progresses on Westdale are struggling to move the ball, Fremont proceeds to lead the game fourteen to seven.

"C'mon guys we need to get that touchdown back." says Coach Bateman.

Couple of plays later a Westdale receiver ends up fumbling the ball which Fremont recovered.

"Half time couldn't have come quick enough for Westdale as they trail 14 to 7 at the break." says Commentator 2.

Visiting team locker rooms

"That was a lousy quarter filled of distractions and sloppiness." says Coach Bateman annoyed.

"We had too many penalties go against us this quarter."

"We know we can play better than this so let's show it in the second half."

Third Quarter

"Lamb takes the snap passes to Brady who is immediately tackled and the ball comes out which is recovered by Fremont at the Westdale 16 yard line." said Commentator 1.

"Fremont are just suffocating Westdale at the moment, someone will have to step up." says Commentator 2.

As the offense trudges off the field, Coach Bateman thinks to himself "We need a new tactic."

Couple of minutes later Fremont scored a touchdown to lead twenty-one to seven.

"Westdale start the drive at their own 37-yard line, Lamb fakes the hand-off, steps up escaping the sack throwing deep which is caught by Jackson making the Fremont cornerback slip over that has Jackson running all the way into the end zone for a touchdown." says Commentator 1.

"Sixty-three yards in a big play that was need in which they convert the extra point making it 21 to 14." said Commentator 2.

By the end of third quarter, Westdale added another touchdown to tie the game at twenty-one a piece.

"It's first and ten at the Fremont 31-yard line, Lamb takes the snap throws to find Jacobs for a 19 yard gain and a first down." said Commentator 1.

"Now the Westdale offense are stepping up with these kind of plays since Fremont made it 21 to 7 early in the third quarter."

says Commentator 2.

"Lamb takes the snap, pump fakes to the right then throws to the end zone where on the left side he finds the tight end Thomsen which he catches it for a touchdown." said Commentator 1.

"It's Bryce Thomsen's first receiving touchdown of his career that couldn't come at a better time to put Westdale in front 27 to 21 with the extra point to come." said Commentator 2.

"And the extra point is good which makes it Westdale having the lead 28 to 21 with 8:17 left to go." says Commentator 1.

"Suddenly the tables have turned with Westdale scoring 21 unanswered points since that stage in the third quarter." said Commentator 2.

Couple of minutes later

"There's 5:21 to go Fremont have the ball at their own 45-yard line, Kennedy takes the snap assesses his options throws the ball only to get picked off by Jake Sherman which he'll take it up to the Fremont 45 before he's tackled." said Commentator 1.

"That was a big play in where Sherman was looking at the quarterback in which he anticipated the throw in his direction." said Commentator 2.

"With 4:51 to go Lamb hands it off to Brady for a gain of 7 yards where he's tackled at the 38." said Commentator 1.

"There's 4:14 to go Lamb takes the snap passes to Chambers for a 13-yard gain which puts it at the 25-yard line where Fremont will use one of their timeouts." said Commentator 2.

"Lamb hands it off to Brady where he busts through tackles for a gain of 15 yards and a vital first down which makes Fremont burn their second timeout which stops the clock at 3:57." said Commentator 1.

"It's first and goal at the 10-yard line, Lamb takes the snap, he finds Jackson in the end zone for a touchdown in which Chris Jackson has had three receiving touchdowns for the game now has Westdale 34 to 21, extra point beckons." said Commentator 2.

"Lamb has five touchdown passes for the game in which four came in the second half." said Commentator 1.

"The final result is Westdale has defeated Fremont by a score of 35 to 21." said Commentator 2.

Next Day

(Sunday 10th November 1974)

4222 Clinton Way

"I'm glad you weren't cheerleading." says Cindy.

"Yeah me too." said Bobby giving Jan a hug.

"There's danger with all sports gotta take the good with the bad." says Jan.

"I'm glad we still won last night." said Bobby.

Next Day

(Monday 11th November 1974)

Westdale High School


As everyone is about to head into class for the first session the speaker can be heard.

"Everyone, may I have your attention, can you all make your way down to the assembly hall for an emergency assembly." says Mrs. Warner through the speaker. "Thank you."

"What was that all about?" asks one of the students.

Assembly Hall

"I got a couple of announcements to make on this emergency assembly, firstly the school's football team is doing well this season with another win on the board, keep up the good work guys." said Mrs. Warner.

The school claps at the announcement.

"But unfortunately I got some unpleasant news there was a incident during the game which hospitalized Lucy Cartwright, I'd like to let everyone know that she has just sustained a sprained ankle and will make a full recovery."

Michelle thinks to herself "Damn Lucy trying to get more attention."

Later that evening

Lucy's House

"Hi Lucy, how are you?" asks Mrs. Warner.

"Could be feeling better but my ankle will fully heal soon." said Lucy.

"Do you have any concerns that you want to talk about?" asks Mrs. Warner.

"Some cheerleaders sabotaged me on purpose at that game." said Lucy sadly.

"Lucy, surely it must've been an accident." says Mrs. Warner.

"No I swear those girls really wanted to hurt me on purpose." says Lucy.

"Ok, I'll investigate this matter." said Mrs. Warner.

Next Day

(Tuesday 12th November 1974)

Westdale High School


By nine o'clock rumors have already spread throughout the school that Lucy's accident was possibly deliberate.

"Yeah first it was the locker incident, a lot of strange things have happened to her this week." says one student.

"Can't say she deserves it, karma is a bitch." said another student as they both head to class laughing.



"What's got you in such a good mood today?" asks Peter.

"That I get to hang out with my boyfriend." said Michelle smiling to herself.

"I've arranged for us to meet Peter and Michelle today at Woodland Park." said Jan.

"Yeah let's see if Bruce and Bella are free too." says Jay.

As they are talking at their own table, some students are talking about a certain incident at another table.

"Wasn't Michelle involved in all of this, wasn't she pally with Elizabeth and Tina." says one student.

"Peter's not going to like that Michelle's involved." said the other student.

Two Days Later

(Thursday 14th November 1974)

Westdale High School

Principal's Office

Mrs. Warner is watching the video tape of the incident at the Fremont vs Westdale game.

Pausing at the moment the cheerleader's pyramid collapses, she discovers the truth.

"This was no accident." says Mrs. Warner to herself.



As everybody is stepping out of their classrooms a speaker can be heard.

"Can I have your attention please, can Tina Swanson and Elizabeth Finnegan come to my office?" says Mrs. Warner.

Principal's office

"Girls sit down." says Mrs. Warner sternly.

"Do you know why you two have been brought into my office?"

After some silence, Mrs. Warner explains the situation.

"Something was brought to my attention about what occured on Saturday night at the game do either one of you have anything to say about the incident."

"I don't know what happened miss, all I know Mrs. Warner that Elizabeth got the wriggles and knocked into me and I was glad I didn't get hurt as well." says TIna.

"Tina what are you saying miss that is not true."

As the girls start arguing between themselves, Mrs. Warner says "Girls I think you need to watch this video."

Mrs. Warner pauses the video at the moment the incident occurred which shows both letting go of Lucy's feet.

"What have you got to say for yourselves girls?" asks Mrs. Warner.

A knock can be heard from the door.

The school receptionist informs Mrs. Warner that the girls parents have arrived at reception.

"One moment girls take this time to consider telling me the truth."

As Mrs. Warner leaves the girls begin to argue.

"Hang on." calls Tina. "Let's blame Michelle as the mastermind and then we'll escape any serious punishment."

"Great idea." grins Elizabeth as they plot their answer.

After some time Mrs. Warner has come back into the office asking "Girls are you ready to give me an answer."

"Michelle was the mastermind in this whole plot." says Tina.

"Yeah she hated Lucy just as much as we did, she made us do it." said Elizabeth.

"Are you sure this is the truth?" questions Mrs. Warner.

"Yes it was all Michelle." said Tina as their parents enter the office at that moment.

"Thank you Mr. Swanson and Mrs. Finnegan for coming here, as I was discussing with your daughters about a serious matter that occurred." says Mrs. Warner.

"What were you thinking doing this stupid stunt, I'm ashamed of your behavior, you wait till we get home young lady." said Gene.

"I'll inform you of my decision after I investigated the new information." says Mrs. Warner.


Principal's Office

"I called you here because I have received startling information that you were the mastermind behind this plot." said Mrs. Warner.

"All right I might be behind the locker prank but I didn't think they would take it that far." says Michelle.

"So you admit that you were behind the locker prank but you didn't encourage them." asks Mrs. Warner.

"No, I just wanted to embarrass them." pleads Michelle.

"Lucy and Samantha were being bullies acting like they own the school and I was sick of it."

"Why didn't you tell earlier although it's not an excuse to take matters into your own hands." said Mrs. Warner.

"But I'm not the one who let Lucy fall." says Michelle.

"I know that but you are just as guilty by association and going along with it in making schemes with them." said Mrs. Warner continuing "You'll have to be punished as well as I take these matters very seriously."

"Michelle come back into my office at the end of the day and I'll discuss your punishment." said Mrs. Warner.

"What about Tina and Elizabeth?" said Michelle.

"They will also be attending." says Mrs. Warner.

After the meeting


Michelle heads back to find the gang at the lunch table.

"What went down in there?" asks Peter getting a bad feeling.

"I'm now in trouble because of what happened that led to the incident." said Michelle.

"Michelle what were you thinking?" says Peter annoyed.

"They had been such bullies to people at school." said Michelle justifying her actions.

"Doesn't mean you stoop to their level." argues Peter.

"I don't need this lecture, I'd thought you'd be on my side." said Michelle angrily as she storms out.

"This can't be good." says Jay to Jan.

"Peter you shouldn't be so harsh, I'm sure she's learnt her lesson." said Jan.

"Well it reflects badly on me Jan." snaps Peter.

"It's not always about you Peter." said Jan.

"Calm down it's over now." says Bella trying to calm everything down.

"Keep your fights to yourselves, don't drag us into it Peter." said Bruce.

After School

Principal's Office

"After the investigation and discussions with the board, your behavior was horrid and it's not on what you did." said Mrs. Warner.

"Tina your punishment will result in weekend detention for six weeks plus there have been discussions whether you should be allowed to continue cheerleading."

"We've decided that your position in cheerleading will be terminated."

"Elizabeth your punishment will be the same as Tina's because you deliberately set out to sabotage someone."

"Please you can't do this, cheerleading is my life." sobs Elizabeth.

"Should have thought of that before you decided to take it too far." says Mrs. Warner. "There are consequences of these kind of actions."

"Michelle your involvement in the beginning makes you guilty as well for which I was surprised at your actions."

"I've decided that for your punishment you'll receive three weeks of after school detention, I'll notify your parents about all this."

"What about Lucy and Samantha, why aren't they getting punished?" protests Michelle.

"I'll deal with those two separately, dismissed." scolds Mrs. Warner.

Next Day Mrs. Warner gives Lucy and Samantha a lecture about bullying and tells them she will be watching them adding she will be reassessing the cheer squad.

Three Days Later

(Monday 18th November 1974)

Westdale High School


As students walk out of class, Peter finds Michelle and asks "Can we talk in private?"

"Sure." says Michelle as she follows Peter.

The Bleachers

"We been having problems lately." said Peter.

"It's those cheerleaders that are getting between us." says Michelle.

"You've changed, you used to being fun to hang out with but lately you have displayed your nasty side which I don't like so I think it's best that we break up." said Peter.

"So your saying is that we can't get past this." says Michelle.

"It's for the best." said Peter leaving Michelle at the bleachers.