Full Summary: Lily has always been the pretty face. No one ever sees past the flawless face, thick and majestic red hair, and those expressive green eyes. When the Hogwarts letter arrived, it was what Lily had been waiting for. No one would know of her past: of being on magazine covers or a face on commercials. She can start out as a normal student and focus on academics. That plan had worked, until a teen magazine for the wizarding world found her. She didn't even know such a magazine existed in her new surroundings.

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Chapter One: Memories

Hogwarts had a sunny weekend. Most people were outside, but a quiet girl sat by herself in a secluded corner of the library. Five thick volumes of history and potions references were spread on top of the table. Parchments of notes were color coded and organized to fit the girl's needs. She had been studying for three hours now in the quiet library without any distractions.

A giggle erupted from the entrance of the library, though that didn't bother the girl. It was when she was getting another book did the intrusion really strike an off chord.

Lily walked to the bookshelf whose books were covered in a light coat of dust to return one of her references. However, as she approached the neighboring shelf to choose another text, she walked in upon a (what should be private) scene.

"Oh James, really . . ." the flirtatious voice was stopped by, what sounded like, kissing. Lily sighed disgustedly. Can't people do this in a less public place?

Turning back, Lily went to gather her notes and return to her common room. She waved goodbye to Madame Pierce, perhaps one of the few who interacted with Lily. The middle-aged newly hired librarian admired the girl for her studious nature; however, she encouraged Lily endlessly to be more social, like going to Hogsmeade to shop with fellow students instead of just going to the Three Broomsticks to read a book.

As Lily got older, the vow she kept at age of ten was becoming more difficult to keep. Being fifteen meant she wanted to be more social and a bit more open to her peers. It seemed that the rebellious tendencies of being a teenager that Lily had been fighting off were beginning to overcome her. Sometimes she would want to try something new, crazy. There were times Lily wanted to try out for her house's quidditch team but the thought of being among popular, loud athletes discouraged the girl from pursuing the idea.

The pretty redhead wasn't a social recluse. She had friends. They just did not attend the same school. Being a member of the Ravenclaw house also posed as an obstacle to get friends. Most of the members of the house befriended each other during group study sessions. Lily, on the other hand, preferred to study alone, so she subconsciously separated herself from her housemates.

The idea of not having a close friend truly disturbed Lily. Everywhere she looked, there were people in a group with their friends laughing. There was a point in time when she did have a large group of friends. But those friends were not the type to keep for life. Most people in Hogwarts already have people in close knit relationships where the friends are more like brothers and sisters.

Oh I wish I had friends like that. Perhaps it was wrong of me to be so dedicated to my studies. It certainly it is nice to be good in my studies . . . I mean I am a prefect and it gives me a good chance of getting internships after Hogwarts.

Lily sighed once more. Instead of going to the common room, she found herself walking to her favorite place by the lake. She always went there to get away from the stress of school and think of random things.

Her little refuge had a large tree that had roots protruding from the ground, providing seats. On this particular day, the leaves provided a shade from the sun and also made an enchanting illumination of the surrounding area. Little ways of sunlight penetrated the leafy covering to make it seem like a little piece of heaven.

Why did I come here? It is Saturday and couples are most likely on a mini-date nearby.

That thought came too late. Lily was already at her sanctuary and found a couple kissing. Lily turned her heels once more. Maybe this time she would actually get to her common room.

"Lily!" called a handsome boy sitting in the Ravenclaw common room as the redhead entered. He stopped his studying and motioned for Lily to sit next to him. He was the head boy and also one of the few that knew the Lily behind her shell.

"Hello Jonathan," Lily answered quietly.

"I just wanted to remind you about the prefects' meeting tonight. Aleia wanted to do something different this year. She mentioned something about our school being too boring. I guess her exchange student year at America gave her new ideas," Jonathan continued with excitement. Lily couldn't help but laugh at the goofy grin on the boy's face when he mentioned Aleia. Aleia Potter was the seventh year Gryffindor prefect. She had refused to take the head girl title stating that Eloise, the Hufflepuff girl, should be the head girl because Eloise followed the rules more than she did. Although Lily thought the Gryffindor girl objected because she didn't want to handle the responsibility of sending James Potter, her highly mischievous brother, and his three other friends to numerous detentions.

"Jon, do you think Aleia is pretty?" teased Lily. The head boy's face turned into a tomato. It had been obvious Jonathan had been trying to get Aleia's attention. That was difficult since one, her group of friends always surrounded Aleia; two, She was the prettiest girl in school (by popular vote); andthree, Jon was a Ravenclaw and the only time he ever spent with Aleia was during school assignments. "You know, if you want her attention, ask her to go to Hogsmead with you. The answer is either a yes or no and it would definitely answer any or all of your doubts."

Jonathan's face turned ghastly white. "It is not my personality. I am not so forward. Besides, it is not only a matter of yes or no."

Lily shook her head at her brother figure at school.

"Right, it is a matter of life and death," Lily remarked sarcastically. "Well one of you is going to have to be forward. And I warn you: the said person is usually the boy."

"I cannot believe I am being lectured on dating by a fifteen-year-old," Jonathan said with a smile while shaking his head. "Since when did you become an expert on such thing? From what I know, you have had no experience in this section of life."

"I would prefer 'a sixth year student' more than being called a fifteen-year-old," mumbled Lily deftly dodging the question. She really didn't want Jonathan to know she actually analyzed popular couples, learned lessons on their mistakes, and gathered little rules according to her observations. Her interest in being a psychoanalyst before receiving the invitation to a new world was advantageous in this topic. For example, James Potter has a hard time committing to a certain girl. That is his relationships didn't last more than two months. Aleia Potter on the other hand, had only three boyfriends in her seven years of Hogwarts, even though she has many suitors. Adhering to Lily's psychoanalysis, Jonathan and Aleia would be good if not perfect for each other. Both were smart and athletic. Not to mention the more liberal nature of Aleia would even out the less radical ideas of Jon.

"Whatever Lily. I have to get the team together for a quick session on quidditch tactics." Jonathan left for the boys' dorms to usher his team out. Lily was alone once again and her thoughts drifted back to the miserable aspects of her current life.

From what I know, you have had no experience in this section of life . . . that sentence echoed in Lily's mind. She knew Jon didn't mean to insult her but somehow this had touched a nerve. Should she have a boyfriend right now? Almost everyone at school had dated. The only ones that had not were people who were really clumsy or grotesque to look at. Her parents had also teased her endlessly about James since he was often the subject of Lily's conversations with her parents. After all, when one was asked how school was, the Marauders were usually in the answer. That group of boys provided most of the entertainment in the middle of the term, when time seemed to go too slowly.

Ah yes, James Potter – the star chaser, the most delectable boy in Hogwarts, also the three-time rich and glamorous member of many magazines. Lily had to admit she was jealous of him. He was handsome but people looked beyond it. The articles featuring Potter never left out comments about his charm and intelligence. Yet for Lily, whatever people see was only her physicality. Her pictures did not say she has a high IQ or any of those things. The most painful memory of her struggle, and perhaps the main reason why Lily vowed to be smart, intelligent and sophisticated happened because there were no words next to her picture.

Lily's face was on another cover of a catalogue. The entire school was buzzing about it. Girls who worshipped Barbie flocked to Lily telling her how lucky she was. But none of the people whom Lily admired talked to her. Well, one did say something that was quite hurtful.

"You would never amount to anything other than a pretty face. When you grow up, you will only be a model. But the setback is that your looks won't last forever. The wrinkles will come and you won't be on covers anymore!"

That had been most distressing for the ten-year-old girl. She had locked herself in her room for the rest of the day and cried. It wasn't that she wanted to be a model. This was just a hobby she had. She had liked playing dress-up . . . but that didn't mean she would be stuck as a model would it? He dream was to be a doctor, so she could help people.

The next day, the taunting didn't stop. It got worse. Her red and puffy eyes betrayed her crying.

"Now you don't look so glamorous any more do you?" Lily was about to cry again. The tears burned her eyes. Seeing no reaction from Lily, the child who had taunted Lily left, not knowing one single solitary tear that Lily shed and vowed upon. Holding the little tear with her index finger, Lily promised herself.

"I will show them that I too have a brain." From that day on, Lily worked hard on her studies. The reward of keeping herself from children her age was being accepted by a respected secondary school.

Lily decided to take another walk around the grounds. She had many sanctuaries and she was bound to find at least one that wasn't intruded upon. Her next stop was the Hogwarts library. She needed a book to read – one that was not so full of facts.

There was already someone talking to Madame Pierce. The "someone" was Aleia. Lily stood a few meters away from the two to give them privacy.

"Hello Lily," said Aleia good-naturedly when she finished asking Madame Pierce for help on locating a book. That had taken Lily by surprise. How did Aleia Potter even know her name? Last year was the first time Lily interacted with students from other houses because of her prefect duties, but last year was also the year Aleia was in America.

"Hello," Lily answered unsure of what to expect.

"Have you seen Jon? I need to tell him more about the subject of tonight's meeting."

"Uh, he said he was going to get the team together for a quick discussion of tactics. But that was twenty minutes ago. They might be done." Aleia gave Lily a sympathetic smile.

"Boys would never be finished talking about quidditch in a measly ten minutes. Take James for example . . ." Aleia was interrupted by no one else but James.

"Hi Alee!" Aleia rolled her eyes at the nickname.

"Hey little brother. Aren't you supposed to be at quidditch practice? Or at least have a girl hanging on you?" the older girl replied teasing her brother. James shrugged off the provocation.

"Ravenclaws are using the pitch right now. They have another fifteen minutes."

Aleia's face brightened. "Lily, would you like to accompany me to the pitch? I would like your opinions on some things as well."

Lily nodded with a blank mind. What was going on? What made Aleia Potter act so friendly and informal (well, less formal than strangers) to her?

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