"Speech" (thoughts)

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It was a late and dark night as Kari and T.K. walked through the park as they talked. To add to the darkness was fear, They had just come from horror movie marathon. " I'm scared T.K. . What if there is someone out there waiting for somebody like us to attack us."said 14 year old Kari. T.K. could not think of anything to say to her, because even he was thinking about the same thing.

T.K. and Kari stopped suddenly as they heard some rustling in the trees above them. "It's probably just a squirrel or chipmunk running around in the tree." T.K. said to Kari as they continued walking and tried to ignore the rustling in the trees. Suddenly T.K. is thrown to the ground and is knocked out by the impact. Kari started to run to T.K. , but is also thrown to the ground and is knocked out. T.K. temporarily regains conscious to hear two guys fighting. "Time to go back to the hell you came from." said one of the voices as T.K. passed out again.

When T.K. had regain conscious again, he found himself laying in a hospital room with Matt sleeping in a chair beside the bed . " Kari! Where's Kari??" T.K. said as he woke Matt up. "She was too badly hurt T.K. , she didn't even make it to the hospital." Matt grimly told T.K.

A few days later Kari had been put to rest. It was a sunny afternoon and T.K. was still in shock of what had happened. According to Matt, T.K. had barely spoke or moved since he found out what had happened to Kari. Nobody had noticed that a figure was sitting in a tree nearby listening to the service.

After about an hour everyone had left, leaving a coffin sitting by an open grave. (The gravediggers will be here in a few minutes.) The stranger had thought to himself as he slid out of the tree. "Knock Knock, time to get up Kari." Said the stranger as he opened the coffin(A/N: For those who are wondering how he knows her name, remember he was sitting in the tree listening). "Just ten more minutes, Mom." responded the coffin. "We don't have ten minutes!" He said as he picks Kari up out of the coffin. "Who are you?" Kari asked the stranger. "My name is Blake." He told Kari.

"What was I doing in a coffin?" Kari asked Blake. "You're dead. Um...actually you're a vampire." Blake said. "A vampire!? It's daytime and I thought vampires only came out at night." said Kari. "I'll explain later." Blake said to her. "How do you know my name?" she asked Blake. "I was listening to the funeral." he said as he pointed to the tree nearby. "Now what do I do?" she asked Blake. "Well, pretty much anything except return to your old life. I travel the world, been to America, England, France, and I'm sometime soon going to go back to Russia." Blake said. "Wow! Why are you going to go back to Russia? Have you been there before?" Kari asked him. "Not since 1914, I haven't been to Russia since then. I've been to lazy to go there since the Soviet Union collapsed."he said (A/N: In case if worded wrong, He means that since the Soviet Union collapsed he hasn't felt the need to really go.).

Kari just stood there listening as Blake continued to ramble off the places he been and hasn't been since. She was amazed at the years he had last visited the places. "On my way to Russia I might take a little detour through China, might go see the Great Wall." Blake said as he ended his rambling. "So where have you been in the last 20 years?" Kari asked him. "I bounced between Japan and America. Back in the 80's I had heard through the vampire grape line that there was a really interesting show called Dragon Ball. So, I came and saw it and was interested by anime and manga. I decided to stay here so that I could learn more about it. Now it would be time to make my way back to America to sell some of the anime and manga I've collected." Blake said.

"Do you think I could come with you?" Kari asked him. "I guess you could. It would be nice to have someone I could always talk to when travelling." Blake said. "It's getting dark, maybe we should go somewhere else." Kari said as they walked around the cemetery. "I guess I could go home. You are going to come with me, right?" Blake said to Kari. "Yeah, I am coming. Lead the way to your place, because I don't plan on staying outside tonight." Kari said bitterly.

As they left, Blake decided to take one last glance at the grave meant for Kari and noticed someone by the grave. (So long Gatomon, don't be sad. Kari is in good hands now.) Blake thought to himself. Later that night Kari and Blake had eventually got home to Blake's apartment. Kari stood looking out a big window watching the thunderstorm that had just came out of nowhere. Blake sat across the room and silently noted to himself on how the storm reflected Kari's emotions at the moment.

"So, tell me more about the modern vampire." Kari growled at him. Blake slowly moved out of his chair and moved towards the door so that he could run if Kari exploded with anger. "Well, vampires are just as old as civilization. Vampires never followed the same course as mortals. While mortals were plunged into the Dark Ages and had lost knowledge of previous technology. Vampires continued on with science and knowledge of the past." Blake said. "So where does the difference between the Dracula type vampire and the modern vampire begin." Kari interrupted . "As I was going to say, back then vampires were still creatures of the night and required blood a lot more then today's vampire. As time went on, vampires slowly evolved through the help of science. Today we only need to feed on blood every few days and are able to integrate with mortal society."Blake said.

Kari just stared at him, giving him a look so full of hate and anger that Blake ran off. Blake left Kari alone in the apartment for the rest of the night. When Blake returned the next morning Kari was in a less, but still, foul mood. "Hi Kari, um... I'm going to go to China now." Blake said. "What!!! I thought I was going to go with you!" she yelled at him. "You are, it's just that I think you might need some time to yourself to sort this out. When you're ready, you can contact me by e-mail and I'll wait wherever I am for you." Blake as he wrote down the e-mail address.

"You might want to get an address from here too." Blake said to her. Kari looked at the address. "Blake@ vampmail.com ? What kinda of address is that?" Kari asked. "A simple one, sometimes I get around a lot and all people have to do is remember my name to contact me.)" Blake stated. Blake left Kari alone in the apartment for whenever she would come to him or he came back home.

Spirit Hawk: How does Blake know Gatomon? Will Kari ever cool down so that she can see Blake again or so Blake can come back to his apartment in Japan? Check out the next chapter "Russian Rumble" as Blake makes it to Russia and ends up in a brawl with someone he least expected.