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"Run Mikan RUN."

Suddenly, I felt a hand grip my shoulders. I stiffened, feeling the sharp nails digging into my shoulder blade.

"Mikan, it's me." A voice whispered into my ears.

"Dad, I'm scared." I sobbed.

"I'm sorry Mikan. But you have to run." My dad, Izumi Yukihara said.

"But- but- but-" I stuttered.

"Just remember, Mommy and I love you."


Nine years later...

"Mikan! Up Up UP!" Yelled Grandpa.


"Happy birthday Mikan! Now that you're 16, I can make you do more chores!" He said gleefully.

" ."

"Mikan. You can''t hide in the countryside forever dear. Here, take a look at this."

He slid a pamphlet towards me.

Alice Academy...